Brian maxwell checking in out here premier, honda and if sales reps are still nervous about what a customer is going to say if they serious about buying when they’re coming into their dealership, you’re focused on the wrong thing.

If this had been february or 2020, was it likely that somebody will pop in on a saturday afternoon, with their family after going to flea markets or going to garage sales just to stop in and see what’s going on, yeah would a person pop in on their Lunch break just to see what’s going on, it was highly likely, but right now in a post cover world, you have to know, what’s going on, for a person be willing to put on their mass practice social distancing and come into a building and engage with individuals Where there’s 30 40 50 60 people that all because they’re interested in their transportation or in a vehicle they’re not playing when a customer comes into a dealership, they’re no longer in shopping mode, or i want to think about it mode.
You have to know they’re in action mode now it’s up to us to make sure that we give them a good enough reason to do business with us at our store.

How do we go about that? First, it starts off with being able to sit somebody down and qualify them in a manner that doesn’t come across as an interrogation.

It actually comes across as you’re somebody that’s trying to learn and understand, what’s important to them.
What’s going on with them, uh who’s to be involved, riding in the vehicle, doing things with it with them, and how a particular option that you may have on your lot will help them solve a specific problem or specific problems.

Now, let’s get into what this video is really about, how do you handle objections? Understand something a customer’s responsibility when they come into your store is to leave out coming out with as much as they can, but coming off of as little as they can.

So we’re still shocked that a customer comes in and the vehicle has a specific price and then they’re on the seat, how much they can get it down, how much they can get it reduced.
That’s what they’re supposed to do as a matter of fact, that’s what we all do, but it’s our responsibility to build enough value and the product itself and in the experience to give them a good enough reason and to make it easy for them to do business With us at our at our store, so let’s think about it.
If the person says that the price is too high number one, if you’re still afraid of the price, you have to realize something when the guest shows up they’re no longer in shopping mode, they’re, no longer going to think about it more they’re in action mode.

You realize most people don’t even go to a restaurant to eat without looking at the reviews and checking out what’s going on with the restaurant.
So you believe, a person is coming out of their house getting massed up to show up to a dealership and they have no idea what that particular vehicle.
Um investment cost is you’re, sadly mistaken.

They know but remember our responsibility as customers to try to get as much as we can coming off as little as we can.
The price objection price will always be on the table always, but when the value built in the product or the service and the experience with the individual exceeds the price price becomes a little bit less relevant.

But let’s just say that they still feel that the price is too high.

Okay, there’s a number of reasons why they feel that way.

Number one, the sales rep didn’t, do a good enough job as far as when they were qualifying to identify what the problems were.

What the pain is or what goals the individual is trying to achieve, or they did a bad job on putting them on the right vehicle, because, if you’ve done a good job qualifying identifying what the issues are, what the concerns are, what the problems are that brought Them in and you’ve done a good job of putting them on the right vehicle.

Based on that situation, it should be easy for you to point out how the features in this particular vehicle can help them.
Uh solve a particular problem or achieve and accomplish a certain goal, and so it all boils down to asking the right questions.

Remember in good sales, people practice what to say great ones practice what to ask.
So when guests tell you that the price is too high in a particular product, one of the ways you want to answer it or you could answer it – is this and there’s more than one way to skin a cat, but i’m going to share with you something That works for myself and for people i work with somebody says the price too high you, let no hey.

I hear exactly what you’re saying and you know what.
Typically, when somebody tells me that that the price is too high, it boils down to one or two things: either they’re really not interested or they are interested, but they’re just nervous on pulling the trigger, which one of those isn’t for you.
Well, you know i’m interested, but uh.

You know i’m just kind of nervous on pulling the trigger okay.
Now, when i hear that you’re interested and you’re just nervous on pulling the trigger, it boils down to one of three things: it’s either not the right fit, not the right features or it boils down to the finances.
So, let’s find out which one of those it is for you now as far as the vehicle, this particular suv, or this minivan or this vehicle.

Would you agree that this seems like it is the right fit for your family, based on everything you’ve seen and the way it looks and the way it drove do you feel like this? Is the right fit? Okay, well, yeah! Okay! Now, as far as the features the bluetooth on it um the uh, the adaptive cruise control um the different features that come on it.

Do you feel like these features, help you solve the right problem? Well, yes, so it boils down to all about the money.
Yes, money: well, let me ask you: what exactly is it about the finances that makes you feel as if you’re unable to move forward with this, and it goes down into identifying because sometimes they’ll say the price is too high, and it’s not really that the price Is too high? It’s just that we haven’t built enough value in the features or it’s not that the price too high – it’s just not not the right vehicle that they feel will solve a problem and they’re too polite to tell you that you were wrong.

Okay, they don’t want to hurt your feelings and whatnot, so it boils down to being able to ask the right questions so as hey, listen, it’s easier that you’re not interested or you are interested but you’re, just not quite sure if you’re ready to pull the trigger And what you’ll find is if the person is sitting there with you, they’ve gone back and forth.
They spent time with you, they’ve gone on a demo drive.

We know that they’re interested, but we take the load off of their shoulders by putting it out at them.

As hey, listen, you are interested but you’re, not quite sure, if you’re ready to move forward, okay, yeah well, when people typically tell me that they are interested, but not quite sure if they want to pull um, pull the trigger and move forward.
It boils down to what i call the three f’s: either: not the right fit, not the right features or as the finances.
So what you want to do is isolate whether it is the right vehicle isolate whether it is the right features, isolate whether it is the finances because remember even though they said the price is too high many times, that’s a blanket for many other problems, but most Salespeople are not i mean most customers aren’t accustomed to our use, to a salesperson being willing to dig deeper, to identify, what’s going on or to take that load off their shoulders by giving them the opportunity of saying hey.

You are interested, but not quite ready to move forward.
It could be a number of things with that, but you want to isolate what the problem is what’s going on in that customer’s mind, that could be holding them back.

Now this response – and this is just one of many okay and like i said, there’s many ways to skin a cat.

But you want to get into the habit of being prepared or having in your arsenal, different responses and when i say responses, not necessarily statement responses.
But questions remember good salespeople practice, what to say great ones with practice.

What to ask the better questions you ask and the more information you get the more you learn about this individual, the easier it is for you to give them a good reason to do business with you at your store.
So remember when somebody tells you that the price, why a matter of fact, there’s only five objections? That’s the price too high.

They want more for the trade they want to shop around, they want to think about it and they want to talk to their spouse.

Typically, any other objections fall up under the subcategory of one of those five.
So it’s up to us to dig within it.
If we’re expecting the guests to give us the deep down root, reason of what’s holding them back, we’re sadly mistaken.

Why wouldn’t they want to do that? Because why would they arm us with the tools to help them make a decision that they may be on the fence about and remember people hate to be pressured pressure plus pipes, so there’s a difference between pressure and persistence? Okay, the right applied pressure also creates diamonds, so pressure plus pipes, but the right apply.
Pressure makes diamonds, so good sales people practice what to say great.
What’s practical with the ass, don’t just give up when you hear that dig deep to try to get to the root cause of what’s really going on because many times the first objection is nothing more than a smoke screen, and you have to know that and if You’re looking for responses or rebuttals, not just one, not just two but three four and five to have in your arsenal for each and every one of these five common objections.

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I’m sure you you’ll be happy that you did i’m brian maxwell and i look forward to seeing you at the dealership checking out from premier honda in new orleans.

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