What to Say on the Phone to Set Appointments and Sell More Cars

So, what’s going on we’re gon na be real brief in here today on today’s video, what we’re gon na be covering really it’s simple: how do you use the telephone to be able to sell more cars by prospecting and setting solid appointments? Now, knowing when I start these live videos, especially on YouTube, you know it sends it out lets everybody know we own here.

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But we’re gon na be discussing how to use how to sell more cars by using the phone to the several appointments.

I get a lot of people that send me messages and say you know: they’re real good, we’re dealing with that person in the dealership that sitting down building rapport, but when it comes time to jump on that fall, there’s an issue what’s up days, Yark days k32.
What’s happening, how are you doing alright, so we gon na be talking about that now.
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How do you sell more cars by prospecting and setting appointments? Hey Pete? What’s going on man, I got your message: Pete’s automotive solutions, my man, so one of the biggest mistakes that people make is that when they make the phone call a customer number one, the mentality is not there.
Let’s face it.

I’ve been in those shoes, you know what it’s like, the dealership want you to get those dials up and you ever been making those phone calls and you’re, hoping that the voicemail picks up you’re, hoping that nobody actually answers and then because then you can get to Your dials you’re done you go out on the floor or heaven be.
If somebody does answer – and it’s like – oh my god, what do I say, somebody actually has to fall.
I know I used to hope and pray for a voicemail.

Now, here’s a mistake that a lot of salespeople make and these tips that I’m giving you up helped sales people make thousands more dollars just by learning how to give good phone.
So when we call people telling me say hey, I speak to John hey John.
This is brian from ABC dealership mistake.

Number one mistake, number one is that we call it and we immediately say what dealership we’re calling it from, which means the next time they see that number on the caller ID they’ll, never answer it think about yourself, one.
How often do you answer numbers that you don’t know many times? People don’t do that to avoid bill collectors, and if you in here y’all hit the like button and share with me who you are, I just posted a link I got ta.
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So we make the phone call and we say: hey we’re ABC dealership.
Now they know the number.
They don’t a name, guess they’re, never gon na answer again.

So one of the very first things you want to do when you make a phone call to somebody, people love to give help, and you also want to confirm you’re talking to the right person.

So a good word: try again ring ring, amen, speak to John this John hey John.
This is Brian John, I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Some information just came across my desk that John Williams is looking for information on the 2019 Toyota Camry.

Is this the right John now, what we’re doing we’re confirming eight it was speaking to the right person B, we’re letting them know why we’re calling us some information.
Just came across my desk that John Williams was looking for some information on a 2019 Toyota Camry.

Is this the right John now once they say yes boom, we got ta confirm with John.
My name is Brian, and the only reason I’m calling is to make sure that any questions that you may have get answered and any information that you’re looking for I’ll be able to provide that to you so John.
What questions do you have for me? So, as you see this place that have called them with a prospecting, word track like this.

It makes the call all about them, rather than all about us trying to crawl that cell first thing, we did, we called them.
We asked for the.
We only use the first name because think about it.

How many people call a friend and use the first and the last name? That’s an immediate indicator that you have no idea who this person is, so you call ring ring hey.
May I speak to John this John John.
This is Brian John I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Some information just came across my desk that John Williams is looking for some info on a 2019 Toyota Camry.
I just want to make sure I’m talking to the right.

John Williams.

Is that you? Yes, it is awesome.
Okay, John was letting you know again, I’m Brian and the only reason I’m calling is to make sure any questions that you have get answered and any extra information that you’re looking for.

I can get that for you, so John.

What questions or information would you like me to help you with make sure y’all hit that like button now, if you think about it, everything about the initial part of that call is all about what I can do for you, John, and the reason for my call Is because some information came across my desk number one when we calling up we’re a stranger to these people, so we want to make sure 80 were talking to the right person.

The second thing we introduced ourselves without fur, last name but hey.
This is Brian and I’m looking for a little bit of help.

The reason why I saying you’re looking for help is so critical because human beings, it is ingrained in us that we want to help our fellow brother, our fellow sister, any opportunity that we get okay and whenever we ask somebody for help.
As long as it doesn’t risk them any physical harm, any danger their life isn’t at risk, or at stake.
They’re mourning willing to help you and think about how it reverses your typical sales call.

The average sales person calls says: hey.
I speak to John Mathis.
They pick up and then they just go into this drawn-out sales pitch.

What’s up 8b fleet, I hope you got your stuff man that you’re going to this sales pitch and the customers sitting there saying.
Oh, my god, you know what’s going on yadda yadda, yadda, okay and they have no idea.
So you want a first off call and ask me to John.

It is John John.
My name is Brian and John.
I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Okay, some information just came across my desk that John Williams is looking for info for a 2019 Toyota Camry.

Am i speaking to the right job? Yes, this is he also with John? I just want to know what questions or information can I help you with this to any other? Now you want to go through your typical standardized, asking questions and whatnot and getting that information from okay, and once you once you uh once you start getting that information you want to.
Let them know what listen hey, John! If you’re, like most people, most people that come in, they at least want to put their eyes on it and put their hands on it, it kind of get a feel for it.

So you know, what’s the best day in time for you to come in, I have an available time this afternoon at two a one tomorrow morning at eleven which one of those work best for you.
Okay, so, as you see you call in, you want to ask and confirm you got the right person.

Secondly, you want to let them know the reason for your calls, because information just came across your desk.

Thirdly, what you want to do is make sure.
Is there any questions or information that they’re looking for and then, lastly make sure if you get those questions they listen based on the information you gave me, I believe we got exactly what you’re looking for now most people they want to put their eyes on it And get their hands to touch it if possible.
So I have an available time this afternoon, the two a one tomorrow morning at 11, which one of those work best for you now the reason why you want to give them the time options because you’re busy, you know the mistake that people make is the person Say well, yeah I’ll come in tomorrow.

They say awesome morning afternoon afternoon time they don’t know what time they don’t know when and they never did this one thing which is solidly confirming up the appointment once they’ve established the time.
If you give them, you say: hey, I got one tomorrow this afternoon, one tomorrow at 11:00, which one works best for you.
If neither one of those work best, guess what they’ll do they’ll make a suggestion, okay, and when they make the suggestion of the time.

You know make sure you check your availability, you know what it looks like I’ll be available, we’ll lock it in now.
Here’s where the rubber meets the road.
You want to make sure that you confirm that appointment.

You can firm it up by saying: hey, John, listen! Other than a natural disaster are you confident that you’ll be able to make our appointment this afternoon or tomorrow you may laugh, but guess what? How many times have you spoke to a customer about them coming in having an appointment and they didn’t show, and so what? I want to do I’m going to confirm it with you other than a natural disaster.
Are you confident that you’re going to make our appointment and guess what I would get out of them again? Yes and if they’re not confident, guess what this is an excellent opportunity for them to be able to tell me something else, that’s going on! So when you crawl in hey, I speak to John hey John.
This is Brian and John.

I’m looking for a little bit of help.
John some information came across my desk that John Williams was looking for information on the 2019 Toyota Camry.

I just want to make sure I’m speaking to the right person.

Are you John Williams, John’s Mathis? Yes, yeah, awesome! Well, John again, I’m Brian, and the only reason for my car is to make sure that any questions you may have or any other information that you’re looking for you know I can get that for you.
What questions or what pieces of information can I help you with job, and this is where you want to go into your spill, asking them, what they’re looking for blah blah blah, how long they’ve been looking whatever your typical qualifying short clarifying process is the next thing We want to do is to set the appointment, and we do that by saying John, listen based on the information you share with me.
I believe we have exactly what you’re looking for now, if you’re, like most people, they’d like to put their eyes on it and put the so, I have an available time this afternoon, at 2:00 or 1:00 tomorrow morning at 12:00, which one of these work best for You to come on in tomorrow, 12:00 awesome.

Do me this favor John grab a pen and a piece of paper.
I want you to write this down.
Okay and then you verbally give them the address.

Doesn’t matter if they’ve been there 50 times, doesn’t matter if they’re online? What you’re doing is getting them to write out the address, they’ve heard it they’ll see it, and now they write it.
The likelihood of it sticking and retaining goes way up could be using all three avenues of retaining information.
Some are visual, some, the auditory, others are hands-on.

So, but I’m writing it that’s hands-on and never be afraid to ask them other than a natural disaster.
Are you confident you’ll make our appointment, okay and let them confirm it up with you.

So when you make it your phone calls don’t be afraid matter of fact, you should expect and hope somebody answers and if you’ve never been given the word tried.

So the things are say on the phone.
I highly encourage you like.
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I would never, but that’s okay, I sent it to you even though your payment was still pending.

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Thank You Brandon for clearing that up.

So everybody sees so reckless underscore civic.
He received his information.
It was in his uh.

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That’s really helping change lives, and so, if you want me to come to Arlington Texas with definitely benefit from your service, not a regular Civic would always tell people put a general manager getting my information and I’ll make it happen, but more than anything else, you’re.

The issue that people have cuz, they look at the next person and they’ll base their possible experiences on theirs.
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As a matter of fact, I met a gentleman by the name of John Graves was 82 years old and I said John, what some information you could share with a young guy.
Like me, he said Brian.

If I could go back, I would have took more risk.
He was in the military, he worked for the same manufacturing company for 35 years and six months before his retirement they fired, and he and his wife are on Medicaid or Medicare, whichever one it is for elderly people and she’s allergic to the medication.
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For you see the number one killer of progress and success is not fear its comfort.

Well, everything is okay right now I got a little bit money right now.
Everything is always okay until it’s not and if you wait until it’s not okay, guess what it’s too late, and so you may be somebody that says.
Oh man, I don’t spend any money.

Oh man, I’m not invested in that.
Oh man, I’m not! Oh man, I’m not you know what, when we have that type of mentality, we have zero right to complain when life comes in with that stick and commence whooping that ass, because it’s gon na happen, because it’s not the skill of the man.

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How did you learn how to walk through constant practice? How did he teach our children, how to talk, do conquer the practice and repetition? That’s exactly how you become successful.

There is a true formula for success and it’s when preparation and opportunity meet that equals success.
So if you believe that by our own Wilms by our own way of thinking that this is what’s going to get us to, the next level is not because if it could, it would have already gotten us there.
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How can I get someone that I work with me on a regular basis to help me improve my skills? That’s in there, because you don’t just get all of those materials.

You get me with it and it’s a simple download to your computer or to your phone.
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It’s called the Bible and it said, is better to give than to receive, and that is not just a bumper sticker y’all.
It’s not when you give up your time when you give up your resources.
When you give up your love, it gives you back so imagine for that small investment.

You makes a day.
The ball gives yearning and that power that a watch you’ll protected.
You your whole life.

Is it just gon na leave you by the wayside? As a matter of fact, the fact that you jumped out there and you’re making a decision on faith and belief in yourself and in your future watch how the door is open up and watch what will happen for you.
But it’s simply just a click.
All right and so click that link in the description go over and check it out and if I seem adamant about it, I am because I see good men and women every day that are struggling just to make money to take care of their families when, in Reality, the game is chess, not checkers, and it’s much easier than what we think and Sir Isaac Newton said it best.

If I see further than others is because I stood on the shoulders of giants and there’s an old African proverb that says, only a fool will learn from their own experiences.
I prefer to learn from the experience of others.
So take my 20 years of trial and error.

Take my 20 years of investing thousands of dollars into my skill set.
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Take my years of traveling all around the United States, training, men and women to make a hundred thousand dollars a year to make seventy thousand dollars a year.

I got people that are 20 and 21, making more money than their parents, and I’ve got older folks and a 60s 70s that are making six seven thousand dollars a month, it’s possible, but the one thing they all have in common.
They made a choice.
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It’s far more important than me going out to eat every day this week.
Maybe I need to bring me some sandwiches, maybe I’ll pack, some leftovers, because it’s only one investment, one which comes out to something.
If we talk about a 30-day period which all my something like $ 2 a day that you invest to get information, that will give you back for the rest of your life, but not only information.

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I might not ever be at your dealership, but guess what you get a chance to have me at your dealership just by clicking the link and going over and just getting started.
Okay, make sure all right make sure you do that ap Pete shoot me um, shoot me an e-mail, Pete and uh.

I get your take care because my back, I saw your information, okay yeah, because it’s just a redirect page right after and if somebody has a panicked engine, why don’t you download and it read once you pay it redirects you to the download page so be prepared.

It’ll redirect you to the download page for you to download everything, but please shoot me alone.
Shoot me a message.

As a matter of fact, let me put my email up there and just shoot me a message and I get you taken care of rather but uh other than that folks click.
The link in the description go on over I’ll check it out on whatever that.
What questions y’all got before I get up out of here: let’s have some fun hit me with some questions that y’all got going on.

But if you are you never review a beginning, any training.
You want to know the road to the cell, not just the steps, but the saikhan I’ll.
Let you buy.

If you want to know, you know how you can help close more deals, how to prospect better.
How to do all of these things.
Make sure that you just jump right on it? Okay, make sure that you jump right on it, make sure that you jump right on it, click the link in the description and, let’s get started other than that um shoot me a message with your guys.

Thanks again, Brandon a man, my pleasure brother you’re, looking it over right now and Brandon any question that you out shoot me a message: that’s what I’m here for, if Pete shoot me an email, okay and I’ll, make sure that I get everything over there to you, But other than that, y’all click, the link in the description.

As you can see, we got people that have already been going on downloading it.
While we’ve been talking right now, why? Because they know it works and when is the next time you’re gon na get access to a thousand dollars worth of information for pennies on the dollar.

That’s literally what a ninety four percent discount man, you know if I could give it away, I would my account – will go crazy, but at the end of the day, get started, make the decision.
Let’s work together, it is possible for you to make 70 80 90 thousand dollars a year doing, but it will require effort on your part and you don’t need to be in front of 3040 people a day.
You don’t need to be at the dealership.

That’s just doing eight nine hundred units a month as a matter of fact it’s not even the quantity, is the quality and guess what else the national closing average if you go out and you take loud ups – is about twenty five percent, but when you have people Coming in asking for you guess what that goes up to sixty percent, and so, if you leverage the facebook leads portion alone, guess what you have a 60 % chance six out of ten people doing business and buying from you.

What will I do for your bank? Account do you think your managers would care if you need to take a day off a little bit a little bit earlier.
You southern 17 20 units a month, you’re pulling in eight nine ten thousand dollars a month.

How will your family look at you? Look at you, you pull in at eight nine, ten thousand dollars a month.
How are you? How will you look at you? What type of clothes will you wear? What’s have a full? Would you bother you what type of vacations what you go on? These are the type of ways you have to think because if you believe it and you see it, you can achieve it, I’m living proof – and you know what you all are probably far more intelligent than I am.
But the difference is this: for you to outdo me: you have to be willing to die because I I’ve been at the bottom.

I know what it’s like to be broke and be evicted and not know where the hell.
Your next thought is coming from.
I’ve been there and I’m never going back.

So if that’s listening to a thousand dollars on audio I’ll, do it listening to a thousand hours watching a thousand dollars a video I’ll? Do it reading a thousand books I’ll? Do it I’ll do everything within my power? Legally? Ethically and morally, to not just survive but to thrive and that same information, I’m sharing with you the same things, I’m telling you this is what’s taking every man and woman who started off at a certain lower level that has catapulted themselves to success.
It was their willingness to invest in themselves, so you’re, not paying my company you’re, not paying me you’re.
Investing in you, there’s no different when a person goes out in a buy a vehicle.

That’s an investment, that’s an investment because I mean get you from point A to B safely and everybody in your household gets home safely and everybody’s alive.
That’s well! That’s a priceless investment and the same thing with this information.
It doesn’t matter whether you’ve stayed go to another.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to go into real estate, it doesn’t matter if you get into a new relationship.
The fundamentals within this program will help you in every aspect of your everyday life.
It’s so if you’re.

Looking at double and triple up your income, if you’re looking to double up a triple up your happiness, if you’re looking to double up a triple up your confidence, click that link in the description go over and get started.

Okay, let us get started working together, but what questions we got, what questions we got come on now give me something give me something: what we got are we working with okay? What are we working with alright so, and I think it was so what’s up Bert hey, I do mr.

You good yeah, he’s another member he’s a part of the community how’s.
The programs been working out for you, you’ve been checking them out and going through them using them at your store yeah.
I did get it.

Pete email came through so as soon as I get done on the UM on the live stream, I’ll go ahead and make sure my team, I check your stuff um, but uh mr.
bill programs might have been the information Minh helping you out.
I’ve been able to make some moves out at your store.

I love the success stories, but I want to get yours and so make sure, as you download the program when you close your first deal after getting it, I’m pretty sure even goes and deals with your first one that forgive me and you use some minutes share.
It I want to share your story and be on the lookout.
Yes, sir, the program are great.

Thank you, sir appreciate it, and so folks we got real live people from all over the world, from New Zealand to Australia, to the United States, who were just like you who made a decision, they click the link and they got started.
So what is it gon na take for you to do the same? What is it gon na take for you to do same ain’t? No doubt Pete is my pleasure and you know nothing when people call my line, sometimes they’re blown back.
That they’ll give me on the phone some time when I say folks check this up.

Do you know what an extraordinary person is? An extraordinary person is just ordinary person that did a little bit extra.

That’s it all of these so-called gurus are mega millionaire people number it ain’t as many NM as millionaires that you may think.
You know everybody on Instagram frontin, but one thing I always tell people that you can tell the real.

When I post my videos, I show myself out and about at different stores, training and working with people, not just sitting in one room with the same backdrop, you see me all over the country, so you know these folks are paying me to be there and if You’ve been watching my videos, real recognized, really, you could feel the energy that comes through.
You can feel it in your gut, because if it would have been bullshit, you would have clicked over.
You never come back, but the fact that I can see by on some of the name that you’ve been following me for years, because you know that it makes sense and it’s something inside you says this is the right way so treat yourself.

Don’t cheat yourself! Click that link in the description go over and get started, but other than that job I got ta get up on here got a lot goin on Pete.
I’m gon na go ahead and check on that email.
Right now again, I’m gon na post the link one more time make sure that you go on over check it out get started Monday at 7:30.

Is our next private coaching session, I’m putting it in here the ultimate online automotive sales training program.
Cuz there’s a lot! Oh another thing: let me let you guys know if you are downloading it on your phone.
The files are in zip files compressed because there’s so many audio of so many video files.

You have to compress them right so make sure you have good memory space on your phone or you can download them to your laptop and upload them back up, so they do download to the phone.
But once you once you up make your investment.
It’s gon na redirect you to the download page immediately: that’s where you go and you download and yes you can upload them.

You can listen to them through bluetooth, all that good stuff.
They were all created, the audios and videos and mp4 format, so they can be watch solicitude and all of the training manuals.
Oh, the over 40 word tracks on prospecting.

Sending emails, overcoming objections.
The talk outs are when you greet somebody even the discovery, questions most dealership views that whack info sheet with he said all about the vehicle, and you say how the hell am.
I gon na get personal with this person.

What questions do I ask within that manual? Is everything you need, even when you do the walk around the appropriate place to start when you come back, I got the demo drawn on how to do the service to her folks, everything from A to Z.
So never again do you have to worry about a manager stepping in to teach you or train you anything.
You have it right there at your fingertips and once you have skin in the game, because you invested in it the likelihood of you following it and embracing it goes way up.

That’s the only reason I don’t give it away for free, because if I’m taking time out of my busy schedule to kick it and interact and be working and coaching every Monday at 7:30, I want to make sure that I’m dealing with like-minded people that are go-getters Are driven like I am you see if I know that to do better for my family, all I have to do is invest in this than the other, and I know that my investment will generate me.
Tremendous return.
What type of man would I be? What type of father what type of spouse would I be if I was unwilling to do it? How can I tell my family had an opportunity to make our lives better, but because I wanted to watch Netflix and go out to eat lunch every day I was unwilling to take advantage of it.

L know and people like Pete people like mr.
bill people like Brandon flea and the hundreds of others.
That said you know what I listen to it.

I see it.
I know it’s real, I want it.
I commend you because we cut from the same cloth.

I’ve been there and I just for you, if you just continue onward, listen to the audio, read information and there’s gon na be a lot more than are coming because those of you that are involved in the program.
We have a serious, serious, serious, serious announcement coming out within the next three or four days with myself and my partner, Ariel Roland, so y’all be seeing a lot of Ariel coming up here in the near future.
So don’t be freaked out when you see this very nice-looking, lady that’ll be with me when I’m talking on a lot of videos.

She travels with me now, but she’s just been really behind the scenes and now is her coming-out party.

So we got some major announcements coming up in the next few days, but the most important one I want to leave you with today is the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over again expect different results to have the things that you never Had you got to do the things that you’ve never done and yeah what seems like a cost or an expense? It’s really an investment.
What have you gotten back from Netflix as a matter of fact, the self all’s? I see people to have iPhone tens and don’t even have their own place.

They live at home with parents of a friend, but they got that new, state-of-the-art $ 1,200 home and then six months.
Guess what a newer one is coming out, or I see people that got on the fly as new clothes, but yet living at home or struggling financially got on the best clothes, but having rewired their programming to help them go, attain bigger and better things.
So available.

Click that link in the description go on over take advantage of the program which, as many of you know, sells for nine hundred and ninety seven dollars online is available for $ 65 up until 12 midnight August.
The second and you will realize when you see these videos will be yanked down how serious it was, how serious it is so don’t miss out on.
I have people to tell me they missed out the last time.

I did a surprise, giveaway and don’t miss out on this one.
Okay, but other than that eight clients came settled on numbers.
Client claimed they payroll receipt was deleted.

I haven’t called back suggestions on what’s safe, so the clients came in several numbers.

Client claimed their payroll receipt was deleted.
I haven’t called back so you got somebody that came in they’re saying that they can’t get their paycheck stub and they settled on the numbers.

Now you say set it on the numbers Pete.
Does that mean that they, like the numbers that you provided and now that everything was moving forward, you need it to them.
You need it for them to verify employment with their paycheck stubs.

Help me understand that a little bit and I’ll give you some words on what you can say to help them out.
While we waiting don’t be too uh.
Give us that information.

If anybody else had an issue with a customer or a situation or something to help with share a man, that’s what I’m here for you know, especially when you have me on live and I’m and I’m rocking rolling.
I’m feeling good man I love stuff selling.
Is my life as a matter of fact, let me explain something to you when I ask people how many years of sales experience they have and they’ll say: 5 T 3 or 1.

It shows me this person has no idea what’s going on and let me explain what I mean folks: we can’t escape sales you’re born into it.
Since you were born.
I was born my mother, your mother, our parents.

Every single person has been blessed on this on this planet.

We’re born in the selves and I’ll prove it to you.
When a baby cries is crying to be picked up, be fed a diaper change.

That’s the sales call any relationship you’ve ever been in you weren’t.
The only person I thought they were attractive.

You were one of many, but when you presented yourself, you sold yourself in a way that this individual said you know I’m gon na be in a relationship with him and her or her I’d like to have children with them and build a life with them.

Any previous places of employment, you weren’t the only candidate.
You were one of hundreds, if not thousands, but yet, during your interview process, you presented and sold your skills in a way that they felt they get the highest rate of return on their investment with you.

Do you not even sitting in the room by yourself doing nothing, saying man, I’m just gon na chill and play some video games? You have sold yourself that is better to sit there and chill and do nothing than to get up get out and do something, and so sales is something we can’t escape.

But the reason why the gap between the haves and the have-nots is so wide, because very few people realize that we’re in this game and we can’t escape, and so if a person was gon na, have a cookout this weekend.
They would know what time I started.
What’s on the menu who didn’t want to come, what type of drinks they have if a person was going out of town, they know where they were going well hotel.

They want to stay there, what highways they need to take and how long it may take to get them there, but ask somebody about the next six months in a life the next year of their life, the next five years of a life what’s the direction? What’s the role map what’s the plan, they don’t have one, so we planned more and much better for cookouts and for vacation than we do our life.

And little do we realize that we can enjoy more vacations when we take our time to do what we got to do in structure our own eyes, and so what this information does it helps you create a foundation.
It’s like the Chinese bamboo tree when you bury that Chinese bamboo tree in the ground.

It takes five years before it.
Busts through the dirt grows 90 feet in two months, five years before busts through the dirt.
So imagine an impatient person who planted that seed and wanted to see that tree in a year it’ll never happen they planted that seed and wanted to see the tree in three years.

It’ll never happen.
They planted that seed.
They wanted to see that tree in four years, 11 months and 20 days.

It’ll never happen, but if they just stay patient and if they realize and allow if their imagination and their view of what that tree will look like outweigh their immediate desire for instant gratification.
At the end of that five years over the next two months, the neighborhood will be beautified with a 90-foot tall tree.

Why does it take five years and before it breaches the ground and then grows 90 feet, because it has to spread out as roots to create a strong enough foundation so that when those strong winds and those storms come through, that they can withstand the storm? And that’s what this is like with us.
What do they call us when we’re hurt when our mother gets pregnant with us, with a seed where our fathers seed right and so we’re born? And if we come out and as we go through life, we have to continue to water our mind.
We have to begin to consider sharing that positive life on our mind.

We have to continue to grow and develop, grow and develop, grow and develop, and if we stay persistent enough immediate, I mean instant, eventually we’ll be able to peek our heads up above the crowd and be able to have a much better view than others.
But if we’re impatient and we’re unwilling to put into work well unwilling to do what needs to be done, we’re unwilling to fill our mental rolodex up with the tools to be successful, we will fall by the wayside.

Many people believe they’re gon na slick.

They way to success or free their way to success, meaning they believe they’ll watch.
Every free video go to every free event, free this free that free this, and let me tell you as a business man, that’s in the know.
Free information is good, but great information is never free, free of amazing to give you just enough to kind of whet your whistle and give you somewhat of an understanding, but it’ll never be enough to take you to the next level.

If it was, we have a lot more people.
Their YouTube is an awesome tool for information and resources, but and whether you will agree with what I’m saying or if I’m not your cup of tea, that’s fine, but there are awesome people out there that add information that will change your life.
If you let it so ask yourself, what’s more important your Netflix subscription or your future, what’s more important, you’re going out to eat every day or you and your family’s future, what’s more important, your peace of mind, your sanity or putting on a show for your team Members that you balling out of control when you’re, really not you and I both know, what’s going on so click that link and get started so pz says so they couldn’t do the credit out because they didn’t have the payroll check that just made the motion.

Thank you, regular civic Bennet says I’m on that mind-blowing.
I appreciate it brother.
I appreciate so feet so they couldn’t complete the credit application.

So you got a man y’all.
Did everything cut it up? No, let me ask you this Peeta.
You may have done it as far as when you initially set a person out.

This is why the initial qualifying portion it is so important when a person sits down with a customer, went in ten minutes, they’re already at the desk, trying to get numbers or trying to put them on a vehicle.
That’s insane, because you got to think about this.

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