What to Say on Prospect Calls to Set More Appointments

What’s going on gang, there’s Brian bags we’ll check it in and this morning what we going over is another automotive phone sales tip and on this one this is how to make an effective follow-up car that can help you get your guests back to your dealership to Help them make that smarts a buying decision on whatever vehicle you guys were checking out now.

Let’s talk about it for a minute.
One of the biggest issues would actually be biggest issue, a settled right past when they’re getting ready to do that.

Follow-Up to that customer.

That they were speaking with that previous day, the biggest is you have number one, is that the customer actually had already left okay now, unless the prior to them, leaving you did some fact-finding to learn more about, what’s holding them back whatever we’re leaving, you know what Exactly they say what they have liked to see.
You are at a lot of most salespeople are gon na make this follow-up call in the blind.
They have zero idea of exactly the real reason why this person left out and didn’t make a buying decision.

Okay, but here’s a very common mistake made by a lot of salespeople.
They all call and typically say this same thing – ring ring: hey SPG, John hey John, is Brian over ABC dealership, yeah John.
We were talking yesterday enough yeah man.

We still got that 2019 here for you.
No, I just want to know when you are when you and your family are you know you and the missus? Are you and your spouse are gon na get back in here enough? Take a look at it.
Oh we’re! Gon na be thinking about it and gon na be making some moves.

Oh, okay, okay, okay, all right I’ll, tell you what um! You know I’ll check back in with y’all here soon and you know see what’s going on in and that’s pretty much out of phone call go okay, and that is a huge mistake when you’re making that follow-up call.
Your intention of that call number one is to learn.
You want to learn what is it that they feel helped them back from making any decisions? What do they feel they would have liked to have seen what do they feel, what made them would have made them more comfortable making a decision? Okay, so you have to learn – and you do this by asking certain questions now when you, this phone call has got to be very intentional, and it also is very structured okay, because most salespeople call out to guests with an M really focused mission, meaning I’m just Calling to sell this person on getting back in here, I sell this person sell this person so dispersion, as opposed to say you know, let me reach out to this person find out.

You know what I can learn from them.
Is there anything that you know they would like for me to do for them, and then you know at the end of all of that, if it makes sense, let’s see what it’ll take for us to get them back in.
So you have to realize this is a partnership.

This is a team thing.
Okay, so if you approach it from a renegade standpoint of its you against them, you’re never gon na win, you got ta, always find struggle.
So when you reach out to that customer number one you want to reach out with this type of method ring ring hey.

I speak to John John John there’s Brian man.
Oh you and I spent some time together looking at the 2019 ABC um.
The reason why I’m calling John is because uh a I just wanted to make sure that if you had any questions, comments or concerns that I’m here to answer them for you also to find out if there was any additional information that uh you know, you may Have been looking for um, you know which one of those can I take care of, for you, John I’m, just any other.

He might say you’re John, might say: oh well, you know I’d like more information on this.
I, like more information than that or John might say you know what I don’t want any more information on anything awesome, John.
So let me let me learn a little bit more about about what was going on John.

What do you feel held you back from you all moving forward? Let them tell you, do you know how a mind-blowing it is to a customer data sales, Roble Ashley actually asked them.
What do you feel I held you all back from from moving forward you all.
You know you said you liked everything about it.

It had the features that you wanted in the budget.

What do you feel held you all back? Okay, then the next question could be you know, what do you feel would have made you more comfortable or will make you more comfortable in the future? What would you like to see in the future that will make you more comfortable? Okay, these are the types of questions that you want to think about when you calling your customer.
So when you initially call the person you want to introduce yourself give them the reasoning for your calls and then let them know hey, I’m only here to answer any questions or to gather any extra information that you may be looking for, which one of those cannot Take care of for you, I’m good on both of those awesome well.

To do.
Lita saw the help.

Help help me understand a little bit um.
You know what do you feel held you all back or kept you all from moving forward yesterday and then what do you feel would have made you better made it a lot more comfortable for you to move forward.
Okay, ask these things and then once they say they say well, you know if it had a this additional feature or if it had of this budget range was a little bit better or if the initial investment was a little bit different or whatever it is that They tell you now you have the opportunity to put something together where, if they actually do give you feedback on what they feel would have made them more comfortable moving forward or if they gave you feedback on what helped them back moving forward.

My goodness, your very next question should be so.
If I understand you correctly, and I believe that I do if this vehicle had a B C and D, you would have felt more comfortable moving forward.

Absolutely okay, all right now, and then from that point.

So now you got more information right, so the next thing is so John.
If I could would you so this is, if I could would you so if I could get the vehicle that works best for you and your family, that fits within everything you’re.
Looking for and that does ABCD just like you’d like it to you know, are you willing to come back in here this afternoon and one or the season at five? Okay, lock it down, because at that point, if they give you the information, they share with you exactly what it is that they would have liked to see.

I would have made them feel a lot more comfortable jot it down notate it make sure you put it together and make sure you have that accessible and available so that that is the motivating factor to help get them back in.
You have to realize.
So these people aren’t coming back here.

Excuse me these folks aren’t coming back in just because we’re calling them as a matter of fact, once they realize that it’s a person from a dealership, collar and they’re – probably not gon na answer that number again.
Unless you have the skill – and you realize the psychology behind it, you have to train your customers that every time they get a call from you, unlike any other person in sales, yours always comes with help.
You’re, always calling and see what you can get for them.

Do for them or learn from them? Okay, so every time you call it’s more so about information rather than about selling anything, even though it’s all under the same umbrella, but there’s a time and place for everything and it’s not what you do, but how you do it sometimes okay, and so when you Reach out to people your customers, perception is, you know whenever he calls introduce themselves, let himself or herself.
Let me know exactly the reason why they’re calling and then only ask me questions to find out what it is that would have made me feel comfortable.
Imagine how that makes a customer feel okay, so because the only way you gon na be able to get this customer back into that dealership is by you giving them a good enough reason to come back into that dealership.

That’s it okay and the only reason that’s gon na be good enough, for them is helmi.
Whatever reason they feel is good enough.
Okay, so make sure that you know when you’re going about these calls and you gon na follow up.

I know what it feels like to make a follower call and hope that you get the voicemail know to do that.
Remember to introduce telling the reason for your call tell them you only there to answer any questions.
I gather any additional information which one of those work best and then you know as if they will help you.

You just want to learn a little bit more information.
You know, hey, listen.
What do they feel would have made it make them more comfortable moving forward, or you know what are they feel kept them from moving forward when they were ingested it either which way, but it’s all about gathering information, so you can help the first in the right Way, hey make sure that you check this out right now available to you is this: you get the entire how to dominate at the dealership, ten step rule to the sale training and when that’s ruled to the sale.

That’s not just the steps to the sale, but that’s the steps, the psychology behind it, meaning what questions you ask when is the best time to ask them how to ask them, and when you do it a certain way, what’s happened, respond you can expect.
It really helps you tailor and structure your process in a way that you become a lot more seasoned, fine-tune and effective, there’s over three and a half hours of audio and video sales training to take you through the automotive online sales training portion of this program.
You also get the downloadable online sales, training manual, click the link in the description go on over and take advantage of the special while I still exist.

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