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What’s up everybody brian maxwell checking in training here at the nissan store, and that did VW store, which is across the the parking lot now, if you’re, an automotive sales consultant, I mean you’re, utilizing the CRM and you’re reaching out to people, and you may be having Some challenges, a couple of things that you really may want to consider number one when reaching out to your prospects item to CRM, whether they have already been into the dealership, whether they came in via internet over the phone referral or whatnot.

What methods are you using to reach out to these folks over the phone? Well in an email for that matter, all of them should be treated as cold.
If you have not established some type of rapport with this person, if it’s a referral and someone you’ve never met if it’s a phone call lead and internet lead or even a person that came in, that only was there for a few minutes.
You want to think of them all as cold.

Now, typically, most salespeople make a phone call and they say this hey mask me, John yeah.
This is John, hey John.
This is Bryan over at ABC dealership and John.

The reason why I’m calling, because you came into the dealership – and you looked at our 2017 and blah blah blah – and I wanted to ask you to beYOU – be interested in coming back in and checking right after they see their name and that dealership name.

That prospect is totally putting their defenses up and they’re looking for the quickest way to get off of that phone.

What you want to research is a term you want to search for this on Google.

It’s a term called pattern interrupt, and what that means is that, when you engage with your prospect with your customer you’re doing so in a manner that is totally foreign to what they would expect.
Your typical salesperson automotive sales consultant to reach out to them and say, which is what I just experienced a effective way that has worked for me and for thousands of automotive sales consultants or salespeople period that I’ve trained across the country is that, when reaching out making Sure that you keep it tight, you keep the questions coming in and you want to make sure that you really come across as somebody that’s looking to explore or find out more information, rather than trying to do a 30-second infomercial and sell them a product.
So a way to use pattern interrupts when you’re contacting the prospect will be something like this bring me a SB to John.

This is John John Brian Maxwell, John I’m looking for a little bit of help.
Let me explain the reason for my call John put some purpose to it, and then you and I can decide if it makes sense for us to communicate or to speak any further.
Will I work for you now what you’ve done you’ve called you called you introduced yourself.

You also asked for help, and one thing you’re, realizing the psychology of selling is that human beings.
We are far more likely to help somebody than we are to just give somebody something, even though helping is given up your time, but one that is so foreign.
That is not how your typical salesperson calls calling asking for help.

No, they want to bombard and they want to just sell, sell, sell clothes, clothes, clothes.
Okay, so you called in youto: hey, listen, I’m looking for a little bit of help.
Then let me explain the reason for my call to put a little purpose or to put a little context to it.

Then you and I can decide if it makes sense for us to speak any further.
Now, when you put it the ball in the prospect or in the customers court, you say, then you and I can decide if it makes sense for us to speak further.
That is what you call getting an upfront contract.

That is where you are putting yourself and that prospect together to make a decision and what you’ll find is by using that that type of a greeting um you can expect, even if you have horrible voice inflection, because tonality is very important.
A lot of salespeople like the car land.
They want to elevate their voice, but hey John Brian hope, you’re having a great morning that has sales all over it sells.

He sells he sells.
He sells.
He says he, but you want to interact with people on a level of an expert, so hey John Brian Maxwell, John look for a little bit of help.

You know, let me explain the reason for my call to put a little context to it.
Then you and I could decide if it makes sense for us to even speak further.
Is that cool with you? Okay, you explain you total mate.

Listen, let me explain the reason you got enough front contract and you finished it up with the question.
Now they say: yeah.
Okay, now you want to get into talking about their intent.

Well, John recently, you were in looking at a 2017 XYZ and John typically when people come in and they look at the XYZ, they have one of three concerns and then you want to go into whatever your three most common concerns typically are typically they’re coming in, Because they have a good vehicle is getting from point A to point B but they’re missing out on the features that are coming on the newer models and they want to take advantage of the latest technology or number two they’re coming in, because they’ve got a vehicle.
That’s getting them around safely, it’s got features, but the gas mileage is is not as good as they want it to be, or number three they’ve got a vehicle with the features it’s getting them around safely.
Gas mileage is fine, but they’re.

Looking for something that’s more affordable, which will allow them to invest a little bit more money into their household now, which one it olds three is affecting you enough, where you’d be willing to give another three to five minutes to speak with me now you might say That there’s no way that I would I would ever respond to something like that, but I want to tell you: don’t knock it before you tried it because I’d say 98 % of sales people out there believe that they still have to use the same sales tactics That were used twenty and thirty years ago, and I want you to take this into consideration when you’re looking at different methods to go about either making prospecting, calls or selling period a lot of the old formulas and things they’re good.
You know they were effective and some of them still are relevant today, but a lot of those things that were written in the 90s and early 2000s, even in the 80s, they were all created before the internet explosion before social media before the Millennial onslaught.
So you have to factor those things and especially if you’re selling vehicles listen, everybody was able to make a hundred grand back in the 80s and 90s before there was any internet to compare anything to long before there was Google reviews before there was social media before There was a true car and Edmunds and whatever else, Kelley Blue Book’s all of these things that make it to where now it’s a lot more competitive and you have to be far more skilled.

So when you’re reaching out to make a contact with somebody – and you hear the traditional person saying hey, this is such up for a BC dealership and I’m calling the touch base with you know see if this is a good time to talk.
When do you think it’s ever a good time for a sales person to call a prospect and interrupt a day? You believe anybody wakes up and says you know what I really look forward to all the sales.
We were then called and talking about really once our salespeople today, you yourself probably avoid sales calls like the plague, which is why, if you call with your typical sales, call you’ll get typical sales results, which is about a 1 % either a positive response rate or A follow-up, but if you come and say hey John, this is Brian and I’m looking for a little bit of help.

Let me explain the reason for my call to put a little purpose behind it.
Then you and I could decide if it makes sense for us to speak any further.
Is that cool with you try it see what happens whether you’re in BDC or if your sales rep on the floor, just check it out, and you might say that would never work on me.

Well, it’s a good thing.
I’m not selling to you, but guess what it works and a lot of people are using it to increase their amount of appointments and remember.
The purpose of this call is not to close a sale.

It’s to schedule an appointment, Eddi, a member of the channel, make sure you join the movement, I’m Brian Maxwell, oh and by the way, make sure that you click the link in the description, because, right now for a limited time.
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People in your area who are looking for the product you offer folks, this is real.

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