What To Do When it’s Slow at Your Dealership – Stay Ahead of The Game

Morning, what’s going on Brian Maxwell here, lately I’ve been getting a ton of emails from people that I’ve been talking about how slow has been at their dealership, and one of the things I can’t stand is when I hear salespeople either say to another person or say To themselves, or even say to me: well, you know man is slow here, but you know it’s slow everywhere and here’s my thing the next time.

You say that, or somebody at your store say that really ask yourself how the hell are we supposed to know if it’s slow everywhere? Does that even make sense that everybody just decides on a Monday at 11:00, from 11:00 to 3:00 or Tuesday, from 2:00 to 5:00 or from Wednesday from 10:00 to 1:00, nobody’s gon na buy vehicles that doesn’t make sense or because it’s a you know the fourth of July is coming up, nobody’s gon na buyer because it was a Easter and April Fool’s Day nobody’s buying or well.

You know it’s Mother’s Day this month, so nobody there is always an excuse, a bullcrap reason that we give ourselves to justify why we are unable to perform where we believe we should be.
But the thing I want to leave you with is this: if your dealership is slow and there’s not enough traffic coming in my question, or should I said my challenge to you is what are you doing about it? So here’s the way you got to realize something.

A lot of people today are used to going into your typical nine-to-five when they walk in they’ve already got their day.
Pretty much outlined, they’re gon na say the same thing over and over again on every call.
Every call is gon na be pretty much very, very similar they’ll get their set breaks and lunch time throughout the day and then they’ll go home.

So it’s not that much, and this would all do respect it’s not very much creative thinking going on there, because it’s just routine now in the world of sales, especially in big-ticket item, sells like automotives every day.
It is truly an effort taking position that we have to.
We have to make a decision that we don’t really give everything we got, because every situation is different and we’re not talking about $ 100 $ 200 products.

We’re talking about 10, 20, 30.
50 thousand dollar products.

So when you’re talking about bigger ticket items like that, it requires much more on our part to be able to help our customers or guests make a smart save buying decision.
But if things are slow at your dealership, there’s not enough leads coming in how much money have you invested in your own leads? He has a business owner, a business owner of boss and you have to realize you are a boss.
Okay, you are the CEO and the boss of the best business you will ever own, and that’s you and up to this point, what you’ve accepted as an hourly wage or yearly income is how you value your business.

You have got to know that what companies pay for they buy your time and, depending on your level of value, that will dictate the level of what type of monetary return you’ll get when you invest your time.
So if you invest your time at a dealership, let’s say, depending on your level of skill of your a level level level of skill and depending on how you value and view yourself or how your skills are, that will dictate the amount of money you generate.
Here’s! What I mean some people come in every day, every week of every month, hoping to make you know eight ten twelve sells while there’s other who come in expecting to hit twenty meaning that if things are slow going on running a dealership, as I suppose and I’m Sitting around bitching and moaning and blaming somebody they tend to look.

You know: where can I take 20 30, 40, 50 dollars and invest it myself to generate my own type of business, because the national average closing percentage is around 22 between 22 and 25 percent? But when you generate your own leads coming in when you have your own marketing going on, when you interact with those people, the closing percentage goes up as high as 60 percent.
So when reality, who’s responsibility is for you to make money, is it your dealerships? Is it your managers or is it yours and the way I see it? Is this pimp the system, meaning there’s a building that we didn’t have to pay for there’s a lot full of inventory.
We didn’t spend a dollar on.

There is even a stab of people to process your paperwork every day and you don’t pay them an hourly wage, which means so you have to learn how to utilize the business by creating a business within a business that is the secret to being successful in automotive.

Cyst get it in your mind that you’re no longer an employee, you are a boss doing business with another corporation.

They give you access to all of their inventory, all of their network, all of their staff to help you make money.

Hell they’ll even give you 25.
30 percent of the gross profit, what it means before any of their bills are paid.
You get paid named me what other business that you can get into like that with all of those resources with zero dollar investment, they don’t exist.

So it’s a business within a business and look at it like this.
How can we ever expect anybody to be willing to invest with us if we’re I’m willing to invest in ourselves? How can we ever expect anybody be willing to spend time with us when we don’t spend time by ourselves building our skills? So you have to know people are praised in public for what they practice four years in private.
So when folks see me traveling and or hearing me doing certain things, sales wise and they say – oh my god, that’s smooth little do they know that’s from years and years of beating on my crap and after a while you do become like a Ginsu master.

No matter what anybody throws at you, you can deflect it because you’ve been there so many times, but it takes effort.
I didn’t say it’s a lot of strenuous work, it’s just a dedication to the craft and so ask yourself: are you running your business within a business, or are you still thinking like an employee, expecting it to be done for you? No one will ever want you to make money more than you.
No one will be more concerned about what food goes in your stomach than you.

No one will be more concerned about taking care of your family than you.
So with that being the case, if you’re waiting on somebody else to step in and save you, you could drown or right now start paying attention and looking for ways that you can jump-start yourself and building your business within a business a few weeks ago.
I did it, of course, on social media marketing.

I want to drive 15 20 deals a month to your store, it’s about to come back around um, we had 700 and I forgot 700.
Some are people on it and we’ve got even more asking for it.
This time so, in the meantime, start looking at different things that you can do, whether it be social media, whether it be running an ad, rather be posting an ad on on one of those social sharing sites like a Craigslist or Angie’s List, whether it be buying A list of people in your area who have made enquiries online info USA is a great company.

For that I mean there’s a number of ways that you can do it.

I’m gon na be giving you all of my insider secrets that I share with my over 540 now people in the business they’re all generate over $ 100,000 a year, and we have tons that are within that.
You know that’s 60 and 90 mark, but it’s all about what it is that you want to achieve so be on the lookout for that.

But in the meantime, stop blaming anybody else.
Take personal responsibility – and I I assure you it is the most freeing feeling in the world, because when you blame other people, you give your power away.
But when you realize that it all begins and ends with you, you begin to step up to the plate and do what it is that you need to do.

And I encourage you if you think that watching a couple modules and sitting in a management meeting is enough to become a an assassin in the sales game is not, if you think, watching a five or a ten minute.
Video is all you need.
It’s not.

There are phenomenal books, one is a guy named Robert chill Dini.

He made the power of influence and he’s got another awesome book out now called pre suasion and what it teaches you is that it’s not so much when you get to the point where you want to ask for the sale that affects the sale.
It’s really what you say and Duke right before you ask for the close, because it’s what we say or do what we draw their attention to before we ask for the sale that determines if we get that sale.

Okay, what type of things are we setting up? What are we saying? Okay, what are we doing prior to asking for? Where is our conversation going and the need some things I’m gon na get off into because it’s a little deep for me to just jump off into right now, but pre suasion by Robert Chill Dini phenomenal.
I bought the book for several people this weekend highly encourage you to check it out, but other than that keep checking in to the videos.
If you have a comment posted I respond and reply as best as possible.

I’ve been extremely busy as of late, but still very important for me to stay in contact with my peeps, so I wanted to get up this morning, shoot something out to you so other than that go hard or go home, and one thing I always like to Say, and forgive me if this offends anybody, but if you’re, not a big dog, that your puppy s on the porch, because people out here aren’t planned, they’re, go-getters, looking for and in every situation, when you’re selling the only three things that changes is, I call it.
The triple peace, that’s the person, the product in the price.
Your process should be the same because you can’t track what you can’t measure and, if you’re doing things, multiple different ways or multiple different people.

How you ever gon na know what works.
The only thing that you change is the person the product in the price – that’s it, but the process remains the same.

All right, y’all, Brian Maxwell signing out and as always, I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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