What They Don’t Want You to Know – Broken Silence

I think one of the biggest issues that a lot of people are having out here today I mean I travel all around the country.

I feel extremely fortunate to be able to do that and I get a chance to meet and interact with so many diverse people from different backgrounds and different walks of life, and it’s amazing what the common denominator is out there when you interact with people who are What society refer to as struggling out here, economically arm emotionally and a lot of people even spiritually? I realize now that there’s a there’s, a real bad case of the hopelessness, that’s kind of floating around I mean with all of the constant crap that flows through the televisions, the media, the gloom and doom and how the world is going to hell in a handbasket.
There’s no wonder why people feel hopeless and helpless and feel like man.
They don’t even want to get up out of bed.

You know an approach today.
Do you realize that in this country, like we’re one of the only countries where people actually hit the snooze button and would rather stay in a dream state, then the wake up and attack the day and it’s the most amazing thing in the world demand? Look.
I totally get it.

I understand at one point in my life I was negative and I didn’t even realize negative realize i was- constantly talking about how broke.

I was how bad the economy was, how there was no opportunities out there, I’m now to get on the phone with a friend of mine and really feel like.
I’m just venting, not knowing that by me constantly focusing on this.

I was only perpetuating my own failure.
I was constantly regenerating it because that’s where my focus was that, as opposed to thinking about what can I do? What type of impact can I make that could be a value to other people, see I realized and there’s a quote and one of the most popular well-known books ever created, and it said that it’s better kids than to receive – and I realized right now that in Today’s society, that those who are willing to to give of themselves – and I’m not just talking about monetarily, I meaning giving of a kind word given up a positive thought or even give a monetary something about giving in a spirit of abundance.
Enough more than enough has a way of attracting back to you more than you could possibly imagine i’m not talking about this generic law of attraction stuff that everybody gets so hyped up on in 2006-2007.

I’m a firm believer in like a track like, but you can sit up in and hold a vision in your head all day and just sit there and guess what it ain’t gon na happen.
You have to get up, get out and go get it.
But the thing is a large majority of our population.

They never had anybody in their media.
Family are near surrounded that had ever generated any type of success on any significant levels where they can see.
You know how was done.

I mean you think, about a family.
Okay, if a dad likes a certain sports team, nine times out of ten, his son is gon na grow up like a nice fourth team and if a mother likes a particular type of a type of our music or as a political affiliation.
Nine times out of ten, the daughter or the kids are going to be up there, which means that a lot of our mental programming comes from our surroundings, really our immediate surroundings in our household and our parents and whatnot.

So if you grew up in a household where limitations were always put on everything, including being successful, you know how financially free you can be if you’ve lived in an area where you had those constraints and restrictions on you.
Of course, your mentality is going to be limited and you’re gon na think that there’s only so far you can go man, I tell you, I mean I’ve, heard countless stories of thousands and thousands and thousands of men and women who come from very, very humble beginnings.
Going on the wrong side of the track so to speak, I have experienced had some bad experiences growing up something to prison but had been able to transform their lives around strictly by changing the way they think I mean I myself 13 years ago, sat up willing To blow my brains out, because I thought life was so bad that my family be better off without me, because I was just stumbling through life, with no real ambition with no sense of purpose and was just kind of waiting away.

It could’ve easily fell into being a statistic, but do um do a lot of you know, kind words and positive words and I’m sure a ton of praying by my family by my parents and just my willingness and my ability to say.
I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

I want to be something I don’t want to be somebody and in order for me to do that, to change the world on the outside, I had to change the world within, and you know you’re coming from a guy who will never read a book in high School or college, if it wasn’t a basketball magazine or rap magazine, I didn’t even read it and now you know.
I realized that the more things that I read the more I feel my mental rolodex up with the tools to be effective, efficient and productive.
The more value I could provide the society, therefore, an intern, the more value on providing to society.

Guess what the greater the opportunity it is for me to provide for my family.
You know: that’s really the secret, i would say of life, find an area where you can give and be of service and be of value to other people.
You know every successful man or woman and every successful business solves a problem, so you should make it a point to be a problem.

Solver seek problems out, don’t run away from them, because they’re unavoidable they’re going to come up, and it’s not about what happens to you.
What it’s all about is, what are you gon na do about it, so make it a point today to really start doing whatever it is that you can that’s really my secret.
I know you ask one simple question and I’m kind of going on, but I think it’s important for people to hear this.

You can be doing have anything you want if you help enough other people get what they want.
That’s one of the greatest quotes that I’ve ever heard and Zig Ziglar was whoever said you can have anything in the world that you want.
If you help enough other people get what they want so make it a point to start being, a giver.

Wealth is attracted to the old money is attracted to those who know what to do with it as well.
You notice a lot of stingy selfish people.
Very rarely.

Do you see them in position to where they’re living financially free securing what people will call it? A good I many times its opposite, but notice that those that are always willing to give a kind word to be of assistance to somebody to give more of themselves put others before themselves.
You ever notice how they tend that they seem to be lucky all the time, but the thing is that has nothing to do with.
Look it’s just a balance of life if you take take take, take, take, take take eventually life’s gon na call that debt due, but if you give give give give give guess what eventually you get a chance to withdraw your deposit.

Also, so stay focused stay upbeat.
Stay positive, be a giver and be successful.
That’s my that’s.

My only tip is suggesting.
I got what other questions do you are, do you have for me? .

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