What Sales Objections are You Facing, and How are You Overcoming Them?

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I know you started your new job last week.
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Luke McGraw Tucker glad to have you in the house appreciate Luke glad to see your career continually growing and yes Jay.
I am a big fan of yours as well and perfect chest and we’re gon na get to the objections here soon, because this is going to be a good Q and a is gon na be all about Q & A Chad Lin is in the house.
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number, 62 and tonight’s live topic is about what objections are you facing and how are you overcoming those objections? Anthony Allegan is in the house glad to have your brother.
It was good to finally meet you in person.

I’ve been looking forward to it and I’m glad it finally came to commit to foo ition, which equals commission and once again everybody do not be afraid to share to invite let’s blow this livestream up and make it the most successful livestream yet and yes, Luke Skywalker, Is in the house so Cheston? If you want to go brother, why don’t you throw out your first objection that you’ve been dealing with Curt sybiz in the house and sorry, I’ve been saying your name wrong Curt.

I apologize, but we had a great conversation today.
Love everything that you’re doing this guy’s goal is 400 cars this year.
So if you aren’t following people like Curt side, Chad Linn many many more, you should follow them and see what they’re doing, even though they aren’t completely social media-based.

They are putting up huge results and what I wanted to get into tonight is get into the content deep in early and let’s talk about my pleasure Curt, it was a pleasure for me as well and kayak Island isn’t it.
It is khylin.
I’m sorry about that.

You know I’m not perfect, and I also want to say that nobody’s ever got my name right, so so don’t feel bad.
I have like the most hacked up name in my life.
I had customers that I sold 10 15 vehicles to and they would still call me Joel or Neil or Noel or what have you so my name is Noll Walsh, but so I apologize if I get it wrong, so I want 400 a month.

That’s my budget.
I need that car, while the payment is 550 a month, ok, so chest, and what we did there is that we showed them too much vehicle and Jen Dunnigan glad to have you in the house Jen.
I know you’re busy with the grandbaby there and glad to have you in the house, but yes, Cheston, that objection is going to come up a lot a lot of times.

That is the customer testing us to see what we can do to see.

What will give up early? They are pre-programmed that way and what we need to do is we need to make sure that we are on the right vehicle.
So often we’ll show a customer a vehicle because that’s what they want, but we did not investigate their budget enough and we need to truly investigate their budget and that go to depth into budget because otherwise it’s going to become all about money.

But we do want to investigate about budget from the beginning in some form and investigate about budget for some form, and then we need to make sure that we are showing them the right vehicle.
Because if somebody wants say I sold Ford.
So I’m going to use this as an example.

If somebody wants a Ford Explorer, but they want to be at 350 a month which is an escape payment, then I’m going to build value in the escape and I’m going to kind of dissect their budget.
And then I’m going to show them the escape and then I’m going to leave the option up to them and let them know the cost, because so often we find out what the customer wants.
We haven’t investigated the budget enough.

We show them what they want.
They fall in love with what they want, but yen, but yet then, when it comes time to figures were way out of their budget.
So I would say it’s not enough value built it’s being on the wrong product and it’s not doing a proper investigation and its needs and wants, but it’s also more than needs and wants its convenience and satisfaction.

If any of you are on conquer you really.
What the customer needs and wants leaves into the convenience and satisfaction that they are truly looking for and where they want to be, and so that is all true right there.
Hopefully that helped you out Cheston and I loved your video today too, by the way and let’s get on going here, khylin I apologize.

I hear somebody William McCormick’s in the house, glad to have you lea camp.
Thank you for joining my beautiful wife Sara’s on there and let’s go through here.
So somebody else shoot out another question here: let’s get another question: you’re welcome, Cheston.

I appreciate everything you do the Austin car guy.
I love it and I love your enthusiasm and your energy and everything that you’re just going out there and tackling the market, and you can really really conquer your market by tackling it.
The way you are most of the people that I know that are putting up big numbers are more traditional.

They still are using social media and other forms of marketing and prospecting, but I think it all dials into building that relationship with the customer and going after that repeat and referral business, because that is where the higher Commission’s come in.
That is where the sales become easier.

That is where negotiation becomes less because they know us they like us.

They trust us and they respect us and they want to do business with us.

Karlie asked: how can you truly help a sale if management isn’t open? Well, just like anything in life Carly, you know, management can either bring us to the top or they can create roadblocks or, as I used to say, reins and chains.
Sandee McNichol my girls in the house, and we need to learn how to work around those reins and chains, because, ultimately it is us that is earning our paycheck.

So we are depending completely on our management and our finance and our support staff.
Then we are going to lose out, so we need to learn how to set those deals up properly, whether it’s in verbage, no matter how it is, we need to learn to set those dealerships up those relationships up properly set those deals up properly, get the customer To buy into us, the more opposition we face from our leaders in our support staff shows the more that we need to build the relationship with the customer and get that going Kevin Donegan glad to have you in the house.
I see Joseph braider.

How would you overcome a customer saying that they would buy, they wouldn’t buy a car until Trump loses Joseph on that I would keep in touch with the customer.
I never talked politics with the customer.
You’ll never see me bring up politics or religion here, even though I do have a religion and we try and go to church every Sunday, but that’s not what I’m basing it on, but I try and stay away from that.

If that’s the case, I would try and find little ways to get them to realize that what if Trump loses or Trump wins and he’s the president for eight years, you aren’t gon na buy a vehicle because he’s the president, so you’re gon na stick with what You have, and you know one benefit would be if you’re afraid of Trump winning is, if you buy now, you didn’t buy that vehicle under Trump’s presidency, so I would find one way there.
If that wasn’t enough – and I would not – I would not make the customer mad or anything along those lines, but what I would do is follow up with the customer, because eventually they will be a buyer.
I’ve talked about this at my last presentation in Baltimore last Wednesday that the dealership spends an average of three hundred and fifty to five hundred dollars to bring a customer in to get them in the store and after we sell them or we have their information.

We let them go and we’re looking for a fresh one, and it was called the truth about cats and retaining dogs we want to.
We want to sell that customer right, it’s the stray cat.
Then it becomes the house cat that we bring in then it’s the puppy dog that we sell then want that loyal dog by our side that gives us repeat and referral business.

We need to constantly engage with them.
If you see how I engage with all of you, it’s all about engagement, it’s all about giving that effort, giving that time and letting people know that you truly care, and you truly want to help Jared Owens.

What is up brother glad to have you, a member of conquer you and I’m gon na, go to William McCormick’s here to talk about managing customers expectations when they are carrying over lots of negative equity? Okay, so something we do so often in sales? Is we accept the trade negative equity? The trade-in value is our responsibility right.

We accept that they want to be on an $ 800 a month vehicle, but they have a $ 400 budget that it’s our responsibility, that’s kind of the way the markets geared so we’re geared this way wrong and the customers geared this way wrong.
It’s like oil and water, it does not mix.
So when we are dealing with a customer carrying over lots of negative equity, we don’t want to bash their trade.

I just came out with the course and a channel of videos on this on conquer you.
We do not want to bash their trade, but we want to let them know that.
That’s not our issue right.

We want to give them actual factual data that that is not our issue, that you owe $ 27,000 on this vehicle that appraises for 18, and we don’t want to bash them and beat them up.
We want to investigate how did you get there? Well, I had this 2011 Toyota Camry and it wasn’t big enough for our family, so we traded it in and we had to roll over 4000 there.

Well, did you put any money down? No, I didn’t put any money down.
Okay, did you take the rebates of the low APR? I took the low APR okay, so you rolled in the taxes you didn’t take the rebates.

The rebates are automatically bringing that vehicles value down, they’re, bringing that vehicle to market value.

So you passed on bringing your vehicle to market value, you rolled in your taxes, your plate, transfer, your registration, all your state and dealership fees, and then you rolled in negative equity.
So that’s how we got here and something I would do at my dealership that a lot of people are afraid of and some regions don’t don’t back leasing as much, but I would put them in a lease and even if their payment went up 50 60 70 Dollars, I would build the value in that when that lease was done.
They’re done with that negative equity right, because that $ 9,000 negative equity is $ 300 a month on a three-year lease, so they’re paying 450 they’re paying 500.

They wanted to stick their I’ll.
Let them know that them paying 650 is because 300 of n is negative equity and if they don’t do that, the next time they change they’re gon na have more negative equity in the next time they change they’re gon na have more negative equity.
So I take the responsibility off my shoulders because I’m not responsible for them having that negative equity, that’s not my responsibility, and I say this in a nice way, because last thing I want to do is bash a customer or insult them.

But what I want to do is I want to let them know why they’re in that situation and offer a solution, because if they don’t buy from me, it’s not like the guy down.
The street has like I’ve said before that: fountain of youth that magic wand and he’s gon na make it happen.
Maybe they’ll do some creative things, but he’s not gon na be able to make it happen either, but I’ll be the nice guy and I’ll continue to follow up with that customer, because eventually they’ll find themselves in the market or reality is gon na set in and Then they’re gon na see that I was the true value.

I was the true sales professional.
I was their true advocate to help them out.
So it’s all about not taking responsibility for a situation that the customer got themselves and now, if we did it – and we said oh, you can refinance out in six months or whatever you’re digging your own hole, but if they got it from somebody else, I want To offer them the most solutions, I can give them different options, be empathetic, be supportive and be helpful.

The whole time – and if I do this, then they eventually, if they see my competition, one of my famous lines that I always said was.
I want you to shop my competition truly, I want you to see my competition.
I invite you to.

I think competition is healthy.
I got that from my old partner at varsity Ford, but I say that I think competition is healthy and it is because when we do everything right, then when they go and visit our competition because they’re looking for that answer, right, they’ve got 9000 negative equity they’re.
Paying 450 they want to move up in vehicle and they want to drop their payment for 50 bucks.

We know, that’s not realistic, we know that’s not going to happen, but we don’t beat them up or downplay them for for thinking that we show them the reality.
By going online, going to different sources, pulling up a contract, pulling up a deal pulling up our own deal like that, this was my wife’s lease I’d love to lease this vehicle for, or I’d love to buy this vehicle for $ 300.
A month myself.

Here’s my deal right here and you know what I did take the wear and tear package and I did take the rental coverage because I wanted peace of mind and so sometimes pulling up our own deal and going through it step by step in a way that They understand creates that consistency proves that we are a professional and gets them in the know, because they’re just reading stuff on MSN and KBB and Edmunds, and all these different sources they’re getting this this information and if you’ve read these these blogs.
These articles were like the heathens, we’re like the heathens of the industry and glad to have you faith, I’m behind on the comments here, but I’m in my groove, but we’re like the heathens of the industry.

So they believe this and you know they don’t buy an extended service plan.

Why? Because, when you at 70,000 miles, you want to pay for an engine yourself, you want to pay for this.
You want to pay for that.
So we need to build that value because we need to we need to step foot in the customers, shoes right and we need to see where the customers come from and Jonathan.

I appreciate all the love you’re showing and Todd Coleman.

Thank you for joining, and so we need to get in the customers, shoes and we need to exactly Brian ray fat.

First, we need to identify what it truly is they’re.
Looking for what they’ve been investigating online, where they’ve been doing their research, what their contents? With the content and facts are on their decision making, and we need to identify this and then Frank, Riviera Gregg glad to have you brother, and/or, Revere are glad to have your brother and we need to.
We need to then create a value, create different options and create solutions, and sometimes the customer may walk.

But if we’re doing our job right and they’re coming out of a four hundred and fifty dollar payment, they want to move up and vehicle and they have nine thousand dollars a negative equity.
If we believe that they’re gon na find that four hundred dollar payment down the road – we don’t know our craft enough, we do not know our business enough.
So we need to be more of an advocate and more of a student of our craft and of our business to really learn.

I would when I was slow.
I would always flip through the brochures – and I know a lot of manufacturers want to get rid of brochures, but I flipped through the brochures, so I would learn more about the product.
When I was in doing a demonstration with the customer, I would read over the window sticker, I would go over the options.

I would see how they worked when I had to go run paperwork to a customer.
I had to go pick a customer up.
I’d always take a vehicle off the lot, so I could use the Bluetooth.

I could find out more options about the vehicle and Shane Gary glad to have you brother.

We had a good conversation yesterday.
Everybody please do you know to invite and share people.

That is what makes these streams the most beneficial.

I love all the love, but invite and share this to different groups to your own timeline.

Invite people who you think would gain from this message and we really need to be the professional in our craft, and we also need to when I work for Ford.

They would hand out these little booklets that had the the Fast Facts on the competition and they would state out like in Brad what the competition was better at and like green or blue.
What we were better at and I would study those also.
So I knew my competition.

I also was fortunate.
I worked in Michigan and every year I’d worked, the car show and keep mine as the top salesperson at my dealership, and they paid like two hundred and fifty dollars and everybody’s like man.
Why are you taking the day off, like I make so much more money selling cars than doing that and first off I thought it was guaranteed 250 in January.

Secondly, I got to meet other professionals in my industry and third, the first thing I was constantly doing was going to the competition right.

I was going to Buick GMC Chevy, Chrysler Jeep Ram Dodge the imports weren’t a big impact on my market.
I was from Michigan.

It’s like sixty percent domestic, it’s the only region that still sells more domestic.
It sells over fifty percent domestic, but I would also go check out the Toyotas and Honda’s.
So when I had customers come in, I knew where my product was better and I knew where to stay away, stating that my product was better and I never stated that my product was better but I’d say: oh yeah, I’m very familiar with the GMC Sierra.

The only thing I don’t like is I never liked the wheel wells and I didn’t think that the seats were that comfortable.
I would pull out the things that I didn’t like personally about the vehicle, but I’d always say it’s a great truck.
It’s a good-looking truck.

I love the grille, but I didn’t like this this this this and that and then I knew where to focus on my product and the benefits of my product and no matter what you’re selling know your product right know.

Your product Sandy McNichol is always good about saying this.
Yeah I mean you have to know that your product that you’re selling you have to know the product that you’re representing.

What’s more annoying than use this analogy, and I use this analogy all the time, but what’s more annoying then thank you Brian ray.
I appreciate that I’m just getting through all the comments here, but what’s more annoying than going to a restaurant, and you know what does this appetizer have it? I don’t know, I just started what’swhat’s the soup.
I don’t know I just started.

Is it it can soup? You guys make it homemade, I don’t know.
I just started now think about this: when we’re selling a thousand dollar bedroom set a five thousand dollar motorcycle, a thirty fifty seventy eighty hundred and fifty thousand dollar vehicle – and we don’t know our product – think of what the customers thinking the customer has done.

40 hours of research online to buy a vehicle and they know most of the answers to their questions.

They want to find out if we know the answers to their questions to find out if we are a professional and if we are a trusted product specialist and it’s up to us to prove that to the customer.
And if we don’t, we lose all accountability.
Justin köppen end glad to have you, Seattle in the house, and we lose all accountability and Ken walls glad to have you brother.

Thank you for joining and we lose all accountability, and you know it makes it an easy decision for the customer.
Like I always said, when a customer walks into your place of business or walks into your dealership, they know where they want to do business or they don’t want to do business.
And we want to be the place where they want to do business.

And I’m the same way that if I go into a restaurant, I know if I’m going back or if I’m never gon na go back and Charley McHale in the house.
Glad to have you brother, Shannon thank you for making it.
It was nice to meet you last week and in Baltimore area in Columbia Maryland, but so a customer knows where to find a good salesperson or where to find a salesperson.

They don’t want to deal with.
We want to be that spot where they know where to find a good salesperson, because that is how we get repeat in referral business if we’re constantly chasing.

We’ve all heard the famous adage that you can’t live off the lot, and this is true in so many businesses that, if you aren’t following up, you aren’t engaging you aren’t keeping in touch with your customers.

You don’t need to call them every day because believe me, they do not want to talk to you every day.

But if you are not following up – and you are not engaging it’s staying in front of your customers – they will soon forget you, and there is a another famous line.
A customer will soon forget the price they paid, but they will always remember that feeling they had during the experience.

So it doesn’t all come down to price when they’re fresh customers have that stray cat that house cat that puppy dog a lot of times.
That is price initially, but we have to constantly go after those customers and here’s Lisa Farley said that she just did a deal last week.
It was $ 10,000 with negative equity and had to charge her less of a vehicle and her payment found 4,500 dollars worth of money.

You know always investigate to what you have if you have conquest money, if you have loyalty money, no matter what you had always investigate, where you have the upper hand, where there’s extra money same thing touch base with your used-car manager find out.
If there’s a.
If there’s a dare that, he wants to get rid of, if there are vendor rebates, if they get some kind of X plan or supplier discount, always investigate everything, and my next course is coming out on conquer.

You is the desk, and I see this and I hear this from my managers, my GM’s, my dealers, that the salespeople become so reliant about just running to the manager for the manager to finish out the deal, and yet the managers dealing with 10 other salespeople that They can’t focus on it properly or do all the legwork and groundwork that to find out.
So you have to be that sales professional.
You have to know your craft, you have to know your product and you have to know your competition know what kind of deals down the street they’re putting together.

You know you’ve lost deals there before find out what kind of deals are putting together find out? Hey you were just in the other day.
Would you do me a favor? I know you purchased there because you said you’d rather deal with me, but they saved you $ 50 a month on a more expensive vehicle.
Could you do me a favor and bring in your contract? I just like to take a peek at it.

Make a photocopy.
Take it to your manager.
Make sure after that, that you that you, that you shred it but take a look at it if they have a printout look at what they’re doing are they doing it at by rate? Are they going through a credit union? What are they doing to put those deals together because we’re really all working off the same platform? Glad to have you Belk, oh, and thank you again.

Todd and solutions solve problem.
Get the deal.
Yes, absolutely sandy.

So that’s what we need to do is we need to invoke those famous for this.
This is tagline is we need to offer solutions, and we also need to offer options because everything isn’t perfect.
I would love to have a million-dollar house for $ 1500 a month right and I could call every mortgage broker and every real estate agent and say hey.

If you can get me in this, I’m a buyer I can get approved.
I’ve got this high of a credit score, it’s an impossible deal and when that customer comes in everybody’s gon na brush them off.
But if we stay engaged with the customer and offer different solutions and different options, then the customer will become more inclined to trust us.

They will know us better, they will start to like us and they will respect us and that’s what we want to do, because we all know that unless you have like seven hundred thousand dollars down eight hundred thousand dollars down, you are not buying a million-dollar house For $ 1,500 a month, nobody can offer that to you, but what we have to offer is our best options, different solutions we have to get into their mindset and really get on.
I was on a group the other day, and one thing I always loved and that I would share with my customers is sales? Is the art math as the only exact science right? So math is the only exact science.
Let’s say there was zero percent for 10 years on a 360 thousand dollar house right.

That doesn’t exist, but let’s say it did.
That’s still a thousand dollars a month right, if that’s a million-dollar house, that’s still on a thirty year, that’s still three thousand dollars a month.
So sometimes we need to pull out the calculator.

Sometimes we need to get online hey.
You want $ 15,000 for your trade-in.
Well, I just went on autotrader.

com and this one here that appears to be by the 15 pictures or cars.
com or cars guru or Edmunds.
That has 15 pictures appears to be perfect, is asking $ 2,000 less than you want for your trade-in, and it has 10,000 miles less.

So would you justify to me why your vehicle that has a couple dings in it and has more miles is worth more than retail in a dealership within 20 miles of me? Could you could you just? Let me know, could you please justify that, so I can take that to my manager, because once again we don’t want to bring them down.

We don’t want to bash them, but we need them to explain ourselves.
That is one thing I see in car sales.

More than any other industry is, we constantly take responsibility for other people’s negative equity for them, wanting more than retail value for their trade-in, for them wanting to pay less than exact math offers, and you know if we don’t communicate this right with the customer.
We create a shopper, but if we create it, if we communicate it properly with the customer, then we create a educated shopper who sees the value and keep in mind the more time that customer spends with you, the more likely they are to buy from you, because If they just do a test-drive, they just come in, they just get their trade appraised.
They are.

Thank you velcro.
I appreciate it.
Thank you Shane.

They are more likely to just keep hopping on down the road right, but the more time they spend with us.
The more comfortable they feel with us, the more value they see in us, our product, our dealership, and how we hold and present ourselves the more likely they are to want to do business with us right.
It’s all about the need in the want.

They want to do business with us.

They want to be a part of what we are putting out.
They want to be a part of what we share.

They want to be a part of.
I talk about this.
All the time, our culture, the culture that we create with our customers, the culture that we have, the camaraderie we have with our fellow salespeople and our staff, the culture that we have in our dealership, the music that’s playing people want to be a part of that.

They came in because they already liked your product, and so we have somebody that’s interested in us and then we are gon na play.
Boss, hogg, I’m the boss, I’m gon na show them who’s in charge, and the customer is in charge.
Remember this remember this always that when a customer leaves with ridiculous standards with a ridiculous offer and with really just a unbelievable reality of what they want to accomplish when they leave who wins think about that who wins, do we win? No, the only time we win is when we get the sale.

So remember that so do everything you can to provide enough value to get the sale and to let people know that you are the industry expert.
You are a professional tawny, white glad to have you and that you truly know how to offer the customer the satisfaction and convenience they are looking for.

It might not be exactly what they want, but once again I want a million-dollar house for $ 1,500 a month.

Anybody on here who’s a mortgage, specialist or a real estate agent.
You can find me a million-dollar ranch in Saint George for $ 1,500 a month.
I’m done I’ll, buy it.

I’ve got the credit I’ll, keep this house I’ll.
Do it on what is that vacation by owner or what-have-you, be an air B & B I’ll? Do it I’m done, but it’s impossible, so don’t take the responsibility of the customers.
Impossible wants Dave daily glad to have you Jeff Gillingham glad to have you and always talk about the good, very, very true, Tony White and let’s see here, we’ve got to have another question.

Somebody shoot out another question here: Brittany foster, thank you for having or thank you for joining and thank you for inviting our luster brown Mike Ishmael Allen, McArdle, Jo Wingfield good, to have you.
You have to know the competition’s vehicles better than you know your vehicles.
That makes you credible, absolutely true Jared Owens.

We do have to know our competition, because otherwise everything the customer tells us is gospel right.
Well, your Ford fusions 3:28, a month I can go lease a Chevy Malibu for 199 a month.
Well, is that an ad you’re? Looking at with $ 3,700 down or all these different discounts, you don’t qualify for, we need to know the competition we need to know the ad pull up the website of that dealership together.

Okay, let’s see how they got there.
This is what I do if you can get that payment, and you know that doesn’t include tax or state fees.
I would think you’d be crazy to do business with me unless you completely fell in love with me in my product, let’s see how they got there.

We have to go over that with the customers, it’s not our responsibility.
We can’t go up to Jason Eldridge.
Thank you for joining.

We can’t go up to our managers and say hey.
They can lease the Chevy Malibu for 199 a month and we’re we’re at this payment and I’m never gon na sell them.
I we’re spoiling our mind right.

We’re spoiling the we’re spoiling the field we need to fertilize the field, not spoil the field.
We need to get our manager involved if they’re a little slow.
They can get online.

They can do that.
They can secret shop, the competition and bring back facts and that’s what we need to do is bring back facts, bring back knowledge, Ben Burton.
It’s been a little while brother I’ve been meaning to reach out to you.

I’ve been so uh so bouncing around so much Joseph Dominic glad to have you.
I met you at Anthony, Camacho’s event in May in Vegas.
Rob would thank you for joining and Brittany’s Brittany’s.

Really engaging, I appreciate that absolutely Joseph know your craft make the time awesome for your customer.
Yes, I did a channel of videos and it was about the high quality.
Experience, creates the high-paying ending, make it high quality.

If you go in see a movie and it’s a great movie you’re bragging to all your friends, you’re excited you enjoyed it.
If you went and saw one of these three-and-a-half-hour movies, it’s an hour and a half too long, and it was like pulling teeth, you don’t want to go back to the movies, make it a high paying high quality experience and it’ll be a high paying ending.
Knowing current incentives and your inventory helps you link customers who were flipped absolutely right Jared and we appreciate you Jen Josh Barnett.

Thank you for joining much appreciated, sold a youth Toyota rav4.
Yesterday she came back.
She didn’t like it traded her out for a more expensive car that happens sometimes right sometimes we’ll get that customer.

That’s like.
I absolutely hate this hey.
It’s already stated, there’s nothing.

We can do that’s still a customer right.
They hate that vehicle.
They made an impulse decision, they thought it was something they wanted, because their sister has one or their neighbor has one.

They thought it was cute.
They thought it was cool, they get it, it just doesn’t fit in their lifestyle.
They made a quick decision that still a customer do not hide from that customer, and, let’s see here, legacy is a never ending story, make the experience so good.

They never go anywhere else, absolutely correct Carly.
That is something sole sales, so few sales people do is once again the truth about selling cats and retaining dogs.

That’s on my page watch the presentation.

The whole thing is there.
We go after this customer.
We have the toughest customer a fresh up as we call it in the car business a walk in whatever you want to call it.

We have this the toughest customer to sell.
We sell that customer and we delete that customer right.
We delete that customer.

We might do our CRM getting mandatory follow-up, but there’s no heart, there’s no passion, there’s no soul.
There’s no true engagement in there stay engaged.

Thank you, Frank and remember.

Everybody share share, share, invite invite invite and and Ben Burton you’re absolutely correct.

Most customers are usually suffering from two things: mathematical issues and ignorance, and that’s why we are the professional and we get their math up to their ability, and we also take them out of ignorance right.
We take them out of that by showing them facts and showing them real market data and showing them comparisons and going over things.

Our average reconditioning cost is $ 1,200 a vehicle we spent an average of six hundred and fifty dollars on advertising to certify this vehicle cost us six hundred and fifty dollars.
So let’s do the math, so you want twelve thousand for your vehicle Plus this Plus.

This Plus this Plus this well, I’ve got one on my lot that I’m selling that certified, that is, a thousand dollars less after our reconditioning, cost advertising and all those other costs that go along with being a business right being a business, and you want a thousand More than that, could you please justify how you feel that that figure is valid? Will you please do that, because I want to take your justification.

I want to take your offer up to my manager with the right information, so maybe I can get him on your thought process put it like that.
What can they say? Well, mine’s, nice.
Well, I did you know like put gas and I changed the oil.

Well, that’s what you’re supposed to do and we are here to help on every issue mark glad to have you again.
I remember you from Orlando, and you were over there at Nissan of Venice and now you’re on that you’re on the air on the Ford Lincoln family.
But I was truly impressed with you when I met you then, and Louise glad to have you.

Yes, smile, laugh and listen and get them engaged and what they want, what they expect and what they will do very good, Jake McCormack, and they want to be doing big things, no matter what they do and let’s see here, I’m trying to catch up.
I got on my little rant here our CFS quest.
Thank you for joining and Carly.

You are awesome a good deal.
This has been Burton who’s, a manager at a very successful store, a good deals when both parties are an agreement that it is a mutually beneficial outcome.
It is a mindset, absolutely correct.

A good deal is all in the perception of been said.
That’s right.
I always used to say the customer, but the dealership too, because guess what, if you’re taking all mini deals and that customers calling you back and needs help or they even leave your voicemail you’re thinking in your head, all the car slang terms and how you don’t Want to call them back because you think they’re, just gon na beat you up.

Well, you don’t know, but their cousin, who owns a Heating and Cooling business, needs five new trucks and they’re happy the way you treated them so call everybody back, treat everybody the same and yes, you’re, absolutely right.
Tony white: ninety percent of Americans are payment driven, and so that’s why we need to get them off purchase price and on payment right away, because they’re gon na find so much data on.
What’s a good purchase price online, what they should be paying and a lot of times, they don’t even know how to compare the vehicles right like a Ford Focus, was just sold for sixteen eight, yet they aren’t taking the rebates they’re taking the low APR and their That Ford Focus that was sold for sixteen eight had $ 5,000 lesson equipment.

We need to get the customer educated on reality and facts, and let’s keep going here, this is Carley lembo.
How do you deal with the customer wanting to leave if they have to deal with a certain person? You know if if a customer doesn’t like their salesperson, there should be actions in the dealership or the business where they bring.
Somebody else in I’ve dealt with that before on hands where somebody didn’t want to deal with me for whatever reason or somebody didn’t want to deal with so-and-so for some reason and what we would do is we would make it a split deal and in Michigan the Salesperson name showed up on the rdu 108, the application for title, so we would make sure the person they didn’t likes name didn’t show up on there, but if the salesperson did keep in touch because it could be that the salesperson came in four thousand dollars less On their trade-in than what they wanted, it could be a variety of different factors, so that needs to be handled in-house.

So you don’t create animosity or worse yet so that sales person doesn’t chase that customer out the door, because we want every customer, we can get.
You have to justify why they should spend it with you absolutely true, but we don’t want to go on a glory glory parade about how great we are putting the comp.
The competition’s website makes sure that they’re comparing apples to apples absolutely right Jared.

I talked about that in conquer you also and Britney Danielle Heilmann.
Thank you for joining what they can get is irrelevant.

You have to sell yourself in your products and show them why you are the better, buy and investment.

Absolutely true Ben Burton glad to have you back, don’t overthink it.
You talk to their level and you have to ask the question: why is that important to you some question? They haven’t, aren’t true objections.
They just don’t know what to ask absolutely true, Justin, very glad to have you.

That’s my video Agra fir absolutely Brittany, a bunch of straight kitchens from my dealership, I’m thinking about giving a kitten with each car sale.

That’s funny, Frank! Thank You veljko and let’s get another question here, we’re at Tyler stoners.
Thank you for joining and Shh all right.

Thank You, Ben I’ll.
Try and call you tonight.
If not I’ll call you tomorrow, rebates are great.

We use rebates to our ability, and thank you, Jason, Anthony, showing realistic solutions to the customer without talking down to them will help the customer make a better decision.
Absolutely who likes being talked down to nobody likes being talked down to everybody likes to feel like they’re appreciated, especially when they’re gon na spend money with us.
The last thing we want to do is act like we know so much more than them act like they know so little.

This is old-school, barbaric selling.
It is not effective.
If you do get the sale, you will get very little or repeat business, so you want to engage the customer.

Empathy show that you care prove that you are likeable knowledgeable, trustworthy and respectable, and the customer wants to deal with.
You spend the extra five minutes in every step of your process.
I talked to this all the time spend the extra five minutes in your process, and customers will appreciate that spend the extra five minutes doing a walk around spend the extra five minutes doing a walk around on their trade-in spend the extra five minutes on the demonstration Spend the extra five minutes on the investigation spend the extra five minutes, so we aren’t spending the extra half-hour in our managers desk desking the deal where we are frustrating our manager and we are frustrating the customer because we don’t have a clue and chris weep.

Thank you for joining.
I always appreciate you joining the streams, so that is exactly what we need to do is engage the customer identify there objection.
I think Tony White just said that a lot of objections are because the customer doesn’t know what to ask they’re pre-programmed from their dad their brother-in-law, their grandpa about when they bought a car.

Thirty years ago, an article they read on MSN or on a website online.
They’re pre-programmed to think that we’re trying to rip them off here and that’s why I always say be that service provider be that service mentality.
When you get three different offers for your internet service, what do they say that they are a service provider, a high stream service provider with few backups or glitches, or anything like this? That is what people are looking for.

Look how people that market to you all! The time market and market that way and engage that way with your customer and so everybody don’t be afraid, throw out some throw out some likes throw out.
Some loves threw out some wiles if you’re angry, throw out some anger, ease, I’m not afraid of anger, but also invite and share this post.
I love, I think, we’re well over three hundred we’re well over three hundred engagements on this.

As soon as this streams over I’m gon na engage with as many people as fast as I can, I appreciate all of you guys.
We had a great great stream and I’m gon na keep answering questions as long as they come in.
This is Jake McCormick.

What’s the best way to get a bad credit customer to understand that they have a champagne taste on a beer budget same as I talked about earlier, is we need to show them different data right and pull up facts and we used to get the the? I forget what it’s called, but a copy of their credit score, not credit report and we called it.
The Obama form the the truth-in-lending.
I think it was a Truth in Lending form.

What have you I forgot about it, but we would show them and it would show where their credit was rated in the nation.
So and there’s I think, was off because if you’re a 720 you’re like the top 45 % or something like that and I think of 720 is higher than that, but just show them and kind of go into detail a little bit Jake about the you know.
The what lenders are doing is it’s, it’s risky, it’s it’s risk, and so their interest rate is based on on risk to the lender and lending out money, and there are government risk-based pricing sheet.

I think you’re right Jarrod and it’s you know, there’s government standards on what banks can lend because of the financial crisis we ran into.
So this is the very best that I can get you right now, but what I can do, mr.
customer or mrs.

customer as I can get you in a brand new vehicle or a lightly owned vehicle with great tires brand-new brakes, blah blah blah this this this.
This this this this and that and yes, your payment is going to go up $ 77 a month and, yes, your interest rate is higher than you want to pay.
But what you’re doing is you’re paying for peace of mind, and we could all just have a tracfone and get our hundred minutes, but we pay these big contracts.

We pay these big cellphone companies, because we want the peace of mind that we can text as much as we want.
We can take a phone call any time we want.
We get a signal everywhere.

We want always use an example, always cell with the story, which is allegory and always prove that you are the professional without telling them that you are the professional Anthony Camacho glad to have your brother.
Your name came up on the stream, but prove that you are the product professional without telling them you’re the product.

Professional always give examples, always give options and always give solutions, and this will be the best way to overcome.

The objections.
Remember no means I’m just not ready, yet these are all ways to overcome the objections which a lot of time is just a customer pre-programmed to ask you certain questions so that, therefore we can build enough value in us, our product and our dealership, our store.
So the customer has the confidence and sees the satisfaction inconvenience that we in our product offers.

They see that we are a better option than down the road, and I want to appreciate everybody who joined the stream and we are just coming up about on an hour.
We still have many live streamers.
I appreciate everybody’s comments.

I appreciate everybody’s love.
I appreciate everybody who invited I appreciate everybody who shared and always remember, to conquer you conquer today and always conquer what you chase, no walls, the gunslinger I’m out.
I appreciate all of you.

Thank you again join me next week.

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