What is YOUR Idea of Customer Service?

What is up Facebook, world, Facebook, friends, facebook, family and yeah? The gunslinger has got some haters out there too.

They said that I can’t get there going to be my friend.
They can’t be friends with them, so the gunslingers got some haters going on out there, which is fine, because that means I’m growing.
That means i’m building a presence, which is what i’m trying to do, which is why i’m going to do a hundred like streams in a hundred days, and it might not be every single day.

But i’m going to hit a hundred streams in a hundred days.
But when you’re on your way to the top, when you’re the top salesperson you’re one of the top salespeople you’re one of the top managers, you are going to get hated on so look at.
That is a compliment.

So don’t worry about your haters! Look at it as a compliment, so what I wanted to talk about today is my latest blog post.
What is your idea of customer service? Now? Let me tell you this.
The definition of customer service is serving the customer before and after the sale.

We are in the service industry, yes, just like waiters and waitresses and bartenders, and so many other people we are in the service industry.
I am a trainer, a sales trainer, just like a trainer at the gym.
We went to the gym again today saw the trainer’s their training people to work their muscles to know a workout, to have a proper diet and to see results.

That is my same job to you, but in a different sense, my job is to get you excited about being in sales to let you identify and know what it takes to be good at sales, to lay out the basic steps and processes that you need to Implement in your game and your personality, because if I tell you just how I did it, it’s not going to work for you, but if I tell you things that work and then you implement them with your personality and with your process, you will turn those that Information that I give you that training that you receive, whether it’s from a live feed, whether it’s from a video, whether it’s from YouTube, whether you sign up for my conquer you virtual sales training platform.
You need to implement that and tie that into your selling skills, abilities, personality and your process.
That’s how you make it work so a little bit about myself.

What is the gunslinger, NWA conquer, what you chase know about customer service? Well, if you didn’t know, I sold cars for 16 years.
I’ve been in the business 18 years and when I was 12 years old man lesson young teen I used to go to the dealership and helping the prep department helping the wash rag wash cars and service.
I did all types of stuff because i grew up in the business, but in my 16 years of sales i was fortunate enough to spend the last 11 at bar city for now the last 20 months of my career at varsity, Ford, which just ended May of This year, so I was just I’m fresh off the lot and I’ve been building this business for six years.

So I didn’t just start this, I’m fresh off the lot and I’ve got six years experience in training, coaching and helping you go to the next level, but for the last 20 months I flew from where I live in st.
George Utah and spent the first two Weeks of the month and flew to Ann Arbor Michigan to sell cars at varsity Ford, where I was still pumping out 15 to 25 cars a month.
I talked about this a lot.

I was on a call today with uh, with Michael masterpiece, drove about how i made 150 thousand dollars last year selling cars in 25 weeks.
That’s 150 day six days a week, 25 weeks, that’s 150 days, I made 150 thousand dollars.
So i always repeat: this is because the money is there, but how did i get to where i could just work two weeks? Well, that’s how I got the name gunswinger because I would come in and my lover’s love me my haters hated me.

So I’ve been dealing with this game for a long time.
This is nothing new.
For me, middle child is 72, so I’ve got I’ve got some thick skin and I and I’ve been through been through a lot of bullying and that type of thing I can handle it, but he called me a associate a co-worker.

Another salesperson called me.
The gunslinger and this guy used to own a dealership in South Carolina because just like a gunslinger, I would come into town and I would throw out my 15 to 25 vehicles.
First day was just returning voicemails returning emails, appointments set, an appointment, setting, appointments text and email and social media messages are not tools to sell cars.

They are tools to get the customer on the phone or to make the appointment and from the phone me therefore make the appointment too, because you want to sell somebody who’s in front of you.
You want to have that presence.
You want to give them that customer service, so I definitely have the customer service down that my people were willing to wait because they knew the service.

I was going to give them the process that I put him through.
I took all the pain out of the deal and the fact that they were comfortable with me and they knew what they were going to get.
They knew what the final product was going to be and they knew the service and the feeling that I was going to give them, so that is customer service.

That’s why I consider myself a customer service expert, because I showed that I was a customer service expert, because my customers told me that I was a customer service expert and because I utilize the tools I have so we talked about this customer service is serving the Customer before and after the sale, when the customers on the lot, when they’re at your desk, when they’re in the showroom when they’re on the phone you’re sending them an email, always touch base on something you know about them that they, like I’m a family man.
Talk about my family you’re, going to butter me up and I’m going to be smiling and I’m going to trust you.
If there are 100 hours a week worker talk about work, how’s work going how’s.

This have you been hitting your bonuses, get them talking about work, get them talking about something that they truly love, what their! Why is, and what they’re passionate about? Okay serve the customer, listen to them when we’re in a deal two ears, one mouth.
So that means we should listen 66.
6 percent of the time and only talk 33.

3 percent of the time.
At times we talk about ourselves and our family and what we’re passionate about, what we’re interested in and what we like to do at other times.
We want to get them, we want to ask questions and we want to extract their needs and wants and find how we can feel that convenience that they’re looking for there’s a reason they’re on a lot to see you they came to buy something referrals and repeats.

Are the easiest if you serve your customers? If you truly serve your customers before and after the sale, they will appreciate that and they will remember that they will come back to you and give you repeat business and they will refer their friends and family to you.
You won’t always have to pay them.
They want to do this because they know you take care of them.

I’ve talked about this.
Before I had a gentleman I did.
He sent me six referrals in one month.

The guy wouldn’t take any money.
His number one requisite was just make sure you take care of them the same way.
You always took care of me, so guess what every time they called every time they came in before and after the sale.

If they had a problem, I always gave him a hundred and ten percent customer service make sure that they are satisfied, made sure that they’re happy and made sure to let this customer know how much I appreciated him sending them to me.
That is customer service.
That’s how you build a client base that you can get referrals off of this is easy to get.

Surveys from this is easy to get facebook likes from this is easy to get reviews from and then stay engaged sent.
Letters send postcards friend him on Facebook.
Send a send a message here and there send him a birthday card call them on their birthday.

Stay in front of them.
Stay in touch.
Oh Garth.

Hammer was talking about how he gets birthday cards him and his wife from their car salesperson, and he thought it was kind of cute and kind of funny.
He knows, what’s all part of the game he’s in sales too, but guess who he’s going to call first when they’re ready for a new vehicle, his sales person, because they stayed in front of them, he creaky he kept that present.
He stayed there.

How often have you dealt with somebody that you really liked, and you never heard from a began where you got one generic letter or email where you got the email blasts and you just knew that they really weren’t engaged now yeah they’re staying in front of you, But handwritten notes handwritten birthday cards just type your own email, hey just want to.
Let you know I was thinking about you.
The other day I sold a car just like the one I sold you.

The fam was just as happy as you guys were when you left and yours I was just thinking about you.
If you need anything, please feel free to reach out and by the way, BAM.
That is where we ask for reviews, surveys or referrals.

Every time we make a contact, we give them, we fluff them up, we make them feel good about themselves.

We make them feel important.
We remind them of the deal that we have how it was great dealing with them, how you love seeing little Sally she’s, the cutest little girl you ever saw and little johnny is a ball of energy, and you wish you had half of his energy because that Kid is wild, i don’t know how you and mrs.

Jones do it, but you guys really do it.
Keep them engaged.
Keep them excited.

Keep them in remembrance of the deal like I talked about in my blog.
Is people rarely remember the deal they got.
Don’t remember.

If you went back and forth to the desk 20 times, they’ll remember how painstaking and annoying that process was don’t remember if you left them in your desk for an hour unattended with no clue what’s going on, are we getting approved? Are we going to be able to get this wait? Somebody just moved our car is somebody else buying it what’s going on here we don’t know, we’ve got a soccer game.
We’ve got dinner with the neighbors.
We’ve got a barbecue.

Everybody has stuff going on into like respect that that is serving your customer, but people rarely remember the deal they got, but they remember the feeling that they got when they dealt with you.
That is your biggest opportunity right there to make gross and to get repeat and referral.
Business is leave them with a lasting memory and then touch base on that.

That is one of the killer things I had.
I take a three by five card on right: the husband’s name down the wife’s name down where he worked where she works.
How old their kids were, how many kids they had, what the kids names were and what their kids did.

Sally’s, a reader Johnny’s, a soccer player, Billy’s, a basketball player, and I would remember to I’d right.
Johnny had a soccer game before they came in.
He scored three goals: guess what, when they came in for their next vehicle, they’re shopping around we’re gon na look at Chrysler this time, we’re going to look at Toyota and we’re going to get GM a chance.

I say: hey, remember how happy you guys were when you got that Explorer off me.
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, hey is Johnny’s still playing soccer because I remember he had three goals that day they’re like how do you remember that? Because I always remember my favorite customers and guess what all my customers are, my favorite might sound.
Cheesy might sound tacky, it works, it’s making.

People feel important.
It’s making.
People know that you remembered that that you actually cared for them as a person that is customer service serving them through the deal keeping them in line of.

What’s going on, I talked to Jason Sapp the other day, and he said you know what all you have to do and I think I brought this up on the livestream the other day.

But it’s worth repeating is all you’ve got to do.
Is you’ve got 10 customers in the showroom and believe me, I know a lot of guys: Jason Sapp cells.

A month, curtsied sells 30 40 a month.
My boy, Chad, Lin’s, sold 60.

He sells 50.
He sells 40 every month.
So there’s some big hitters out there, but what Jason Sapp told me is all you have to do is go up to them every five or ten minutes and just kind of let them know.

What’s going on hey Mike, I’m just waiting to hear back from finance that a little backed up today, it’s the end of the month, but so we’re just waiting on the final approval.
I’ve got the vehicle and prep.
So that’s getting ready there once we get.

The final approval will get everything typed up.
It should only take 30 45 minutes or, however long you want me to spend with you going over the documents and going over the features on the vehicle, and if you are running a little short on time, believe me they’re all standard documents not going to sneak Anything in on ya: we don’t do that, but if you are running a little low on time you can always come back, especially maybe when you don’t have the kids and I can go over the Bluetooth like go over some of the technology and how that kind Of stuff works, keep them clued in that’s customer service and then, like I recommend to, and I’m giving you a little bit of pointers that I went through in my in my virtual training.
I just shot 90 videos, I’m going to Chattanooga, I’m going to shoot some more there and I’m going back to Michigan for a family trip and I’m gon na go back to Toledo and try and shoot another 90 videos or, however many i can get in two Or three days, but after they leave before they get home, send them a text message just shoot them.

A quick message: hey mr.
& mrs.
Smith, it was a pleasure dealing with you Sally you were.

You were great to work with, even though Doug was a little a little rough at first, don’t worry, I can take it, I’m a Salesman, I’m used to it.
Johnny and Sally are both beautiful kids.
I can’t believe how well-mannered they are and you guys must do a great job raising them.

I’m glad you’re going out to eat after your new explore.
I just wanted to thank you again that I appreciate your business.
You know that’s customer service following up if their cars in the body shop follow up.

First thing, I’d ask is when people say I got an accident which is kind of bittersweet because a lot of times we know we’re getting another sale.
But the first thing you ask is just being a good-natured human.
Is everybody? Okay, of course that’s! The first thing we care about is everybody.

Fine, nobody was hurt, no broken bones, excellent! Well, what’s going on with the car? Well, it’s at your body, shop, okay, I’ll! Go back and check on it.
Do you know how much damage odds is beat up pretty bad? We think it’s going to be totaled all right, excellent.
Well, let me go check on that me.

You, the body shop, the insurance company will all stay in communication.
Will all stay in contact with each other and we’ll ride this through, and if I get my body shop to maybe get them to wear that they do total is so you don’t have to have something this put back together.
Then we’ll talk about a new one, but until then I’m glad everybody’s safe.

Let’s get through this part and then we’ll look on to the next part.
Let your customer know that you’re working for them always serve your customer serve their needs, serve their wants, serve their.
They came in because they want a convenience, so serve their inconvenience and they have a need.

They need a bigger vehicle.
They need something with better gas mileage fulfill their need.
They have a want, they want certain colors, they want certain options, they want certain technology, they want certain features fulfill that want that’s what customers want selling is easy.

It’s just listening and like.
If you didn’t read the blog post, you should read it, but I talked about a realtor that we had who 441 hundred dollars blew our relationship and we had run into her in town and it was an uncomfortable feeling for both of us and everybody.
I ever talked to about her.

I gave her a bad rap because she didn’t rip us off now think if she had done things the right way or when it came to that.
Maybe she did make a mistake, but rather than pushing me to the car you’re going to lose your $ 2,000 good-faith money and she said: hey, you know what I messed up, but if there’s anything I can do.
Let me talk to the homeowner.

Let me do this, maybe I can get you free warranty.
Maybe I can cut the Commission on my end.
We would have used her for life and believe me, anybody who ever did business with me gets ten referrals from me because people value my opinion.

I talk a lot as if you might have noticed and when somebody does a great job, I promote them, and I let others know about it.
When somebody does a horrible job, I unpromoted and let people know about it, so be that customer service, specialist who’s, a sales professional who truly listens to their customers identifies their wants needs and the inconvenience that they’re trying to fulfill and capitalize on that deliver on that And get back to them once again: Noll Walsh, NWA conquer what you chase sales training gunslinger is out.
Thank you for .

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