What Is The Right Value Proposition For The Client? | The Reid Method

so the cell value value again is a perception of the client.

So don’t ever think that you know what ultimately is the fact: the right value proposition for the client.
So that’s why it’s important to ask intelligent questions.
Ask what I call high value questions to find out what actually matters to the client.

That’s the first way to offer value, because there’s no sense going down a road where there’s that doesn’t mean much to the client.
So do your research communicate with the client find out what makes sense to them? What is valuable to them and then put that in a package that offers them more value than anyone else, whether it be better products, more products, less service, support, streamlining how they use your product or purchase your product.
It’s all about perception, but you will only be able to package a value proposition that works.

If you know what’s right for the content.

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