What I saw at the dealership Yesterday

Everyone and welcome to conquer you in this new channel on conquer you what I’m going to call.

It is what I saw at the dealership yesterday as I was doing in-house training at a dealership.

Yesterday I saw the problems the what the salespeople see, and I saw the problems that the leadership sees and I see how these problems are similar and a lot of times, they’re just based on culture.
Also, what I’m going to talk about in this channel in this new series of modules on conquer you is I’m going to talk about the good things that I’m seeing in dealerships the dealerships are doing productively that is working well for dealerships.

I’m also going to shed a little light, a little vision, a little look, a little spotlight on top of what dealerships I see are doing poor and all dealerships are going to do good things and do things poorly, but the best dealerships have the proper processes to Keep their team involved to utilize the whole staff to serve their customers, to have leadership, take charge and to make the most out of every opportunity so get ready for this channel with Knoll Walsh on conquer you, and this channel is going to be called what I Saw at the dealership yesterday .

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