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Good morning, 5 o clock Eastern Standard Time, Brandon artisan president of champions.

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Some of you may be taking advantage of the early Independence Day weekend and please enjoy yourself well for some of you that are still working today and going it tomorrow.

Once again, please enjoy yourself with your family and friends, but don’t forget about the social distancing.

It is great that we made it to another Independence Day, this great experiment that was started in Philadelphia with that letter to the king by saying we’re not going to be under your rule anymore.

So this great experiment.
We now call this Republic of America.

It’s still celebrating another day and that’s something worth celebrating once again bright, an artisan, giving you a tip.
Fourth, today we deal with all types of sales and sales situations, whether it’s Key Account major account up and down the street in huh.
But let me present this to you.

If you are in the automotive world, many brothers and sisters in the sales say you’re, not a real, true salesperson.
If I have a key account – and I have to get around a gatekeeper about how to get around a security guard, if I have to find a way to get to the decision maker or makers and get everybody to the table, that may take 30 60 90 Days before I have the opportunity to present so you folks that sell automobiles people are coming to you, so you should be able to close them.
Do they have an argument, since we train on both sides yeah they do at times, but selling automobiles.

Even though America has a love affair with them, we still must be doing the right thing so unpacking this quickly.
What does a prospect really mean when he or she says I’m just looking now? We all hear that a lot, especially in retail automotive luxury sales, so selling cars in the showroom, falls into the category of one clothes selling war.
Maybe you’ve heard of one sit selling.

That’s when a dealership representative has the opportunity to make the sale to a prospect.
Why it came in to your dealership there’s nothing else.

Hopefully you do it to dealership.

There’s no restaurant they’ll have a sure they came in for information about a vehicle, the better the information they’ll buy the better value they see in you and your customers and your way of doing things they’re gon na buy if the prospect leaves without buying the chances Of them coming back, diminish very very fast.
That is why it is important really to understand what they’re saying.
So when we qualify people, we need to understand that they’ve been somewhere else.

They had a hard time somewhere else.
They didn’t like the show at the other dealership so now, they’re coming to you so qualifying allows us to learn more about our prospect what their needs, what their wants, what their desires, the best people that I know, sales wise can save time by using a effective Tools to prequalify someone.
This means that we can cut down on some of this that you’re going to run into as far as what we had started with with the prospects are trained to say, and usually we hear things like I’m just looking, I’m not buying all right.

All of these things for new salespeople, even experience, one throws them home right at the beginning.

Remember we follow a process, but if I can find a way to eliminate some of these things and work with a customer from an appointment standpoint versus just taking one that walks in it makes it a lot easier, in other words, as a dealership salesperson.
Your ability to qualify, investigate Asshai gain questions depends on the number of different questions you can ask in each type of selling situation when meeting the customer face to face be prepared with a list of those questions.

Often here some of you may have a CRM system and you have it down there, but include every single question that you and your organization are aware of and don’t overlook.
The need of upsetting people are afraid, specially new salespeople when it comes to the money part customers know that there’s money when customers say that they want a certain vehicle with a certain trim level, it’s gon na cost a certain price.
Remember it’s what they want.

Don’t take it personally say that I wouldn’t pay that type of number.
It’s not about you.
Take yourself out of it by asking prospects, specific questions.

You can yourself whether the prospect does have a need for whatever’s in your vehicle.

Why so? Let’s go back and just try, it customer says: I’m just looking now: here’s what they’re ruling me I’m looking for more information, let’s go back, they drove in it’s like playing chess.
It’s like playing cards, no one who represents a manufacturer, can’t talk about the independence.

We don’t have people outside with funny signs saying turn in here they came in on their own, so if they drove in to your dealership, let’s just play some chess okay before they even get out the car.
I know that they need some information, so when the customer says I’m just looking that’s what pretty much they’re saying they’re looking for information, so don’t accept that as I’m just looking excuse, here’s what we need to do if your prospect reveals displeasure in their current car, Your presentation, your emphasis it should everything be done about their vehicle, so we can find out more about how they kindly Drive and what would they look to upgrade? Listen, listen, listen, listen I’ll, say it again, listen to your prospects wish list because they may have a plethora of that.
But that’s the biggest thing they do say salespeople.

Do not listen.
Once you have that information from asking high-gain questions qualifying whatever you call it in your area, you know what most people do not do recap.
Let me make sure what I’m having the Good Friday.

Let me make sure I got everything down, because I hope you took copious notes or you stroke, tendon the information, because some of you are quick enough to put it into the CRM.
But please recap what the customer said: you are looking for this trim level because it’ll give you these advantages.
You said you had to have this particular safety package because it offers a blind-spot Mont me cap.

If you recap with the guests, they know that there have been heard or they can make their adjustments now it’s time for team solution selling, just like we do with key account major account team solution selling.
Why don’t you leave your guests with something to do about the vehicle they came in on and go and go to your managers who have more experience than you and share with them? What’s going on with your customer you’re, not in the sales meetings when they meet with the manufacturer, you don’t know the allocation you’re, not with the business manager, finance manager talking to the money institutions, you don’t know, what’s going on out there, you’re, not with the used-car Manager, when they’re talking to the auctions like Manheim, why wouldn’t you use that expertise to be successful, to select the right vehicle that the customer wants? The first time now I’ll end this session.
With this, when we pull around the vehicle, are you doing a featured Vantage benefit presentation, a walk around as we call it well? Why is that important? Well, you asked questions.

They told you their pain, their pleasure point.
So before we go on a demo ride, I’m gon na show you how my vehicle, with the features that you’re looking for with all the functionality the ease of use, is going to bend bitch you, while you’re out on the highway, while you’re taking that trip.
If you don’t do a feature, advantage benefit walk-around why’d, you even ask the questions plus here’s where the customer will start to listen and respect you as a professional now remember you will never lose a sale by asking too many questions.

It’s just that many customers feel that they need to rush through this process because, from their last experience, what they read online, what they’ve seen it takes so long to purchase a vehicle now I’ll end it with this.
If your dealership, that you’re working for right now doesn’t have the ability to do things online, where part of the deal can be done online as far as getting some of that paperwork, getting that trade out of the way getting the finances out of the way – and They just want to come in for a portion of it.
It does speed up the time if your dealership doesn’t have a tool like that.

You need to ask about that in the meeting.
If your dealership has the ability to do that and you’re not utilizing it, why we need to be smart when we sell cars, people are going to buy cars.
America has a love affair with vehicles.

Ever since Henry Ford showed this assembly line concept, it’s never changed.
So I always tell people if you do the right thing in this case, the listening to their needs, wants and desires and showing them feature advantage benefit how your product is going to alleviate or give them that pleasure point that they want.
You have won the game.

Now, if some of this makes sense we’ll be back Monday, a great 4th of July weekend, Brandon Hardison president of champion strategies with another heartens tip for today.
Thank you for being with me on this early Friday morning and as always in Party going out and making champion .

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