What’s up what’s happening, this is freylin arts, subprime hero dealer for the people, radcliff kentucky wow, it’s wednesday, it’s hump day hope you guys were humping it hard today, because this is the day that brings the momentum for the rest of the week.

This is the week that gets the momentum for the rest of the month because you’re about halfway through once you get done with this week right so make sure that you’re working hard today to get finishing strong this week.

So you can finish strong this month.
It’s all about the ball rolling and the easier it’s easier to roll the ball when it has momentum already right so make sure you have that ball going already.

So when you get to where you need to be it’s already moving, it’s already got that momentum and all you have to do is blow on it.
Basically and the money comes, the deals come the people come, the customers come all that type of stuff so enjoy that have fun with that seriously.
Take that tip.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true use the momentum.
This is that day.
Wednesdays are key.

A lot of people don’t understand how important hump day is.
You know it’s the middle of the week, it’s the day that you know we all hump it’s an important day, so guys gals car gals people out there wanting to buy cars.
People who need vehicles all that stuff make today the best day that you’ve ever had, because you know here’s the thing life isn’t about yesterday – it’s not about tomorrow, because yesterday’s done and tomorrow’s not promised so you have to live in this present right now.

I know you guys have heard this a million times in so many different ways and all kinds of different types of whatever type of quotes you can think of.

But it’s so true, because if you really are just oh well tomorrow, well tomorrow, well tomorrow, then it’ll.
Never happen you have to do it right now.

You have to take massive action.

I love that word.
I love that saying massive action to some people.

Massive action could be just going out and just proclaiming something right or some people have to do something major where they’ll go travel the whole world, you know in an airplane or on a blimp, kill it right.
So these guys got to make sure you guys do those types of things and understand.
That is what life is about, so make the most of right now, because right now is the only thing.

What you’re doing right now will bring your future.

Your future is not going to happen unless you start working on your future at this moment, so you guys keep doing that type of stuff.
Let me go walk and do my show room showroom.

Talk got matt damos back there.
Folks, you guys see him right there.
Mr matt damos himself working working work and you got damos right there.

Mr debonail right looking good today looking fresh, so that’s what we do up here.
You see.
We see that fresh.

So, let’s go oh look at this first versus worse.
Last is best, i’m doing it again.
So i’m back i’m here with mr dream team, patrick jennings reigning salesman of the year from last year, and we got the reigning salesman of a month from last month.

Whoo this office is hot hot.
Actually, i need to take off my jacket, but i’m not going to do that because i don’t want to make you guys all excited so great day so far.
How about you guys? How has your day been going? I’ve been going awesome uh.

We both got one out one to 20 pounds activation.

That’s what i’m talking about.
Yes, you did so that’s a good thing.

You’re pacing, to do well make sure that you look at this rest of this week.
We still have thursday, friday and saturday say rock it out to get that fast start.
You guys both deserve it man, you guys, can still do it.

It’s within grasp.
So don’t stop and don’t think you can’t always say i will and i and i shout all right.
I appreciate you guys, so you got any tips out there for other car people, brad grime, that’s it ryan, and for and for you, clients out there that are looking for vehicles.

That’s what these two do.
They grind.
They work so hard for you they’re, going to make sure that they go that extra mile like they did today.

I’ve seen gary go the extra mile making sure his customer had their steps that they needed for delivery make sure his folder was clean.
Patrick was doing his best to make a clean, folder right.
He did a good job both of these people, as they always do.

I don’t need to tell, but i’m gon na say it way to go today guys.
I appreciate both of you guys so much keep rocking out.
Let’s bring some deals, make sure that you guys finish the rest of the stage strong, so we can go into tomorrow and the weekend rolling and getting the momentum that we need for the rest of the month.

Let’s have a big month, guys love you guys, let’s rock all right appreciate it later later: bro, hey can’t wait for tomorrow, tomorrow’s huge tomorrow’s a huge day.

Why should i get better looking every day, all right, so y’all, ? What’s up man, you guys having a good day productive day, getting stuff done, taken care of yep all right, so we’re talking about how about you, nino, yeah, doing pretty good today, hey thursday friday saturday left.
Let’s get this week rocking and rolling, so you guys can make sure that you finish strong now.

This is a very important part of the month too.
This momentum, that you’re building for the rest of the month is key, so make sure you guys keep doing what you’re doing grinding hard if it’s not working to switch it up a little bit.
You know it’s this old, saying i’ll, tell people this when i used to be light.

Ups used to be a hot thing right, you should catch me at so much traffic coming in.
So when you were having bad luck, like everybody was bad credit.

I would next up that i could catch.

I wouldn’t catch it, which is rare for me to say, but i would i would mix it up.
I’m gon na miss i’m gon na catch the next one after that, because i’m obviously on a bad rhythm.

I’m on the wrong frequency.

I need to change my frequency somehow so think about that.
Sometimes, maybe, if you’re having bad phone calls, you can’t get nobody take a five minute.

Do some jumping jacks, do something! That’s outside your realm that you don’t normally do to switch up what’s going on in your life.

You know what i mean.
You know, eat flip a coin.

I don’t know, do something different.
I just i just got yes i’ll coin there.

So no, but i do you know, i’m just saying: sometimes you do have to switch it up.

Sometimes you have to throw a little remix in your life to get you out of this that sink that that funk that we call it right.
So, let’s not, let’s do that.
Let’s keep rocking, you guys are uh.

You know quiet so get that energy up in here, sometimes the end of the day and it’s dark outside it’s not fun.
But if you’re making phone calls right now and you’re this quiet, it tells me that the clients feel bad.

So what that means is jazz it up a little bit, get up and dance all right kill it guys.

I appreciate you: both man keep rocking and rolling.
Do your thing: oh crap, you can tell who trained her so um.

Actually, i think everybody had a good hand in helping you out here before you got here.

So we i’m excited.
Everyone knows stephanie, cornett, right stephanie is one of those semi.
How long you been here now three and a half months: yeah, that’s awesome! So three and a half months in you have you wanted to quit.

Yet no that’s good! I know you.
You definitely found something that you’re good at.
I think that you see the potential in this yeah.

You haven’t even scratched the surface yet so i’m excited to see you grow in this business.
I know that a lot of people are – and i think especially your family.
You know they’re going to really benefit from it, the most so i’m excited for you yeah we got cody over here, cody’s been doing it for a long time, so he knows he can give advice.

Cody has a family.
Cody has a lot of great things in his life already.

He has beautiful kids, he has a house.

He has all that type of stuff that everybody wants to have one day.

Cody has it when cody got all that from in the car, but is doing his thing appreciate you cody.
I appreciate he’s, helped me, you know what i mean.

So we all we help each other and that’s the way it goes.
Cody’s got a huge future too.
Cody knows that cody knows how smart he is.

Sometimes it’s too smart for his own good.
Yes, but i do appreciate you man.
I appreciate both y’all.

You guys have a great night.
We still got some time left.
Get this momentum going, so you can finish this month.

Strong deals tomorrow is probably the very like last day that it might fun before payday.

I think okay, so try to get some stuff in try to sell something tomorrow.
You guys both working tomorrow, yep i’ll, see you all tomorrow, then i’m here tomorrow, too awesome good, stuff, bye, gold, michael michael with the y, all right.

So don’t let yourself get stuck in this corner office bro.
I know you’ve heard me tell this to people, but it’s bad there’s something about this and i think people out there’s been watching my lives know.
I’ve said this about this office.

It’s very easy to get hidden back here, very easy for you.
So eventually, you feel like you’re, not part of its disconnection yeah so make sure you don’t stay in here all day.
Long activate yourself and move around you know do some things that that you want to do you don’t want to just stay in here all day.

I know you’re working everybody comes in here is working, but then eventually it just becomes it’s weird because it’s i don’t know it’s like the twilight zone in this office, and i’m not trying to jinx you.
I want somebody to break that break it break that jinx for me, but prove me wrong, but just make sure you get up.
You start moving around because if you well i’m gon na what i notice is people just start staying in this office all day long.

That’s all they do.
You know you don’t want to do that, because it’s very easy to close this door, and no one sees you.
This is way over here.

You barely see anybody so and i think they should have put the window here for the door there.
It’d be a lot easier for you to see what’s going on well, anyway, just saying michael just keep doing your thing man, i just you’re new here i don’t want you to lose the energy that you deserve to have there’s something about being new.
It’s enthusiasm that you guys have the first month, first, two months, that sometimes you lose and if you lose that enthusiasm, it’s hard to get it back right, then you’re, gon na you know you blame everything else, but yourself or whatever situation is when you should just Have it just make sure you don’t lose that enthusiasm make sure you remember why you loved coming here when you first started having the same feeling of like this is so new to me.

So keep doing your thing, michael man, i appreciate you dude, keep rocking and rolling dude all right, i’m gon na leave you alone.
Do your thing make some phone calls get on the phone, so that went like that.
So life is a highway like the song says right now.

That’s so true, though, life is a highway.
You never know where you’re gon na go those roads, they could be smooth, they could be hilly, they could be flat.
You know might be closed.

You might run into traffic, you might get stuck in traffic for like half a day, who’s experienced that, but that’s what life is.

But here’s the thing focus on what you have control over pay attention to.

What’s in front of you when you’re stuck in traffic – and you have your family in the car – and you can’t get to where you want to go, remember this – you have your family in your car play.

Games have fun live in the moment, live in that that state of i’m going to take advantage and have fun even when things don’t seem like they’re fun right, because they are it’s just that here in our minds.
We allow ourselves to believe that they’re, not the moment.
You allow that to happen the moment you say this isn’t cool.

This isn’t fun.
It’s the moment that it all ends that whole that whole childlike feeling that you always want to keep throughout your whole life that whole.
You know i’m going to keep growing and learning new things, because i really don’t we all have this thing i already know yeah.

I know i know i know: no, we don’t.
We all need to learn and keep growing.
We all need to learn from each other and be better than we were the day before and try to be the best neighbor friend brother sister son, husband, boyfriend, whatever it is that you are, you be the best version of that for yourself, mostly seriously you’ll understand What i’m saying as you get older, if you guys, are young, you guys don’t understand yet until you get there, you start to remember you start to hear those things that your parents were saying to you and you’re like yeah.

I know why they said that stuff.
Now and you’ll know what i mean: experience comes with all that stuff and, as time goes by, experience is key and it’s it’s such a big part of helping you grow and helping.
You understand what’s going to happen because you know as they that old saying history repeats itself.

You know, and sometimes we don’t want history to repeat itself.

So don’t really let this repeat itself so anyway, i’m for eleanor’s subprime here, i’m not gon na stay on here.
Much longer it is kind of chilly, as you guys can see.

I got all my beautiful vehicles out here earlier.
Lou did his lot walk, i loved it.
It was great.

He does like a little spin.
I have to do one to form right there right.

So i do appreciate it: dance, freddy dance, hi, stephanie, welcome, aboard and best of luck to you michael hawk.

The lot put your seat next to the receptionist heck yeah matter of fact.
Take the buy the recession.
Receptionist lunch tell them, you know, they’ll, send you all the leads.

If you do stuff like that, right get go out when you go to gas station.

Actually, that’s what you do.
That’s what i did.

I understood that i went to my service department.
I did all the extra steps that other people wouldn’t do, but i didn’t just do it once did it consistently? I always went back and said what’s up, even if i didn’t have a coffee or something for them to drink or a snack for them.
I still went back there and said hi to them every single day, so you should do the same thing with your team.

You should do it with your.
If you have a service department, go back and talk to your all your service reps to your mechanics, to everybody back there, even if they just fill air and tires, go back and say what’s up somebody’s cleaning the vehicles in the back.
Let them know how much you appreciate them, leaving the cars so nice for your customers for delivery.

Do all those things.
So, oh i’m cold, i’m going in, but i do appreciate you guys so much everybody.

This is for ellen.

Are the subprime hero man.
Today’s been a great day make sure that you guys have a great day too, because even if it’s bad, it’s actually a great day, you’re alive and you’re living through a day, you’re able to go forward you’re able to go home you’re able to do these things.

So remember that and be happy with what you have, because i promise you it’s more than what you could ever imagine it’s actually a lot more than most people have in this world.

Even when even the person says, i don’t have that.
I’m the one that you want to think of.
They have more than other people, it’s crazy to say, but it’s so true.

If you think that way have gratitude, your life is going to be so much more pleasant, you’re going to enjoy and have more more gratitude for the things that you do have so make sure you guys do that, i’m throwing out the subprime hero.

This was my lot.
Walk showroom, talk all that type of stuff man.

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You all have a good one, be the light share the light, forgive focus and fly, let’s prove .

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