Ways To Speak When You’re Tired and Jet Lagged Public Speaking

Good morning, Brandon artisan president champion strategies with another session of public speaking once again.

Time is getting close for you, teachers.
I know that you’re scurrying to do everything you can to get ready for the students will be coming into the classroom and this will be your first year in front of them, or maybe you get someone an opportunity to lead others as a manager or supervisor, and You have your meetings, or maybe you wanted to be a public speaker in this virus.
Came now we’re contained to this box or maybe you’re just out there just seeking some information once again, I’m just here to let you know great organizations are out there.

That will be quiet to give you courses from colleges, universities, their own centers or maybe you’re just carrying through than trying to find some information, because you do not, I repeat, you do not want to pay and either case.
This is why we are doing it to give you some information.
So let’s get right to it.

Let’s talk about today, ways to speak when you’re, tired or when you’re jet lag.
Now we know that things are starting to open up again from the virus, so some of you will have some opportunities eventually.
So let’s just put this in our mind: let’s just put this in our content, so we’ll know what to do when it happens.

So if you are having a tough week a tough weekend, then you feel sluggish drink.
Some caffeine, not too much, but according to scientists, especially the lungs at fusion sleep.

They say that two cups of coffee will give you about as much as you need to get yourself.

Perked up eat the right foods once again, if we’re eating something heavy, that’s protein-rich bills, we’re in pretty good shape, but avoided heavy meals with carbs.
Once again that will slow you down then you’re going to sound, sluggish and be sluggish, stay hydrated.
You can go through any youtube.

Find people who give speeches like comedians, like people of the cloth and you will see people stagger stumble, will even fall on stage.
Not that they’re really sick, they were just not hydrated and it caught up with them with all of the lights all of the people around, and it got to them when you can exercise exercise, helps develop and release all of the things that keep your body flowing, Which can make you more alert, so you cannot that much.
If you look around there’s no formal gym, can we get the heart rate up? What can I do anything from sit-ups push-ups, jumping jacks? You just want to get the heart move if you can, wherever you’re speaking, go out and do a constitutional walk around the footprint of that building or if they do have some steps stairs go up and down the steps and stairs just get your heart rate up.

If you need to take a power nap, many of great people who speak will tell you that power naps have helped them immensely, just make sure to set your alarm or may have to resume your talk after you had a chance to wipeout the drool.
That’s there.
Some sleep experts recommend that if you have some coffee before your nap and sends caffeine takes about 20 minutes to kick in, it will be working for you when you get up from your sleep.

Never never.
Never, I repeat, never tell the audience who came to hear your content that you’re tired, now they’re going to be tired of listening to you, so never announce that, for whatever reason, if you skip miss something just keep going, we talked about that in some of the Other little talks that we gave if you can move your speaking slot, if you need a few more minutes a few more hours or if it’s more than a one day seminar, can I swipe days please it’s not impossible, but in some cases it may be worth It, depending on what you’re, giving as far as the content, what they’re paying you but please make sure check and see.
If we can do that and then mentally be adjusted.

You have to remember that when people have visions of being the best that they can be, and you have an opportunity to be there remember, people are coming to hear you, so they want you to be at your best game.

You want to be at your best game because they did come to see you.
There are stories about athletes, professional athletes, whether it’s baseball, basketball football, and they know that.

There’s people in the stands that paid their hard money to see them before and if they’re having a not so good day because of something that dealt with them.
Not getting any sleep or maybe they’re, intoxicated or hungover home the night before that’s, not a good image.
People came to see you at your best, so please make sure if you’re doing something in front of people with content that you want to leave a message, especially you teachers every day, make sure that you’re prepared and be up the better you’re up, energetic and ready To do this, the audience will get the meaning the message of what you’re, trying to say once again bright, an artisan president champion strategies, as always in parting, go out and make it a champion day.

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