Virginia College Graduation Speech – Master of Your Destiny – AMAZING!

Profits and some other highly popular online for training and coaching programs today we’ll focus on how to step into your greatness as leaders of tomorrow.

Please join me in welcoming mr.
Brian vessel.

Well, family members and friends are honored to be here to be a part of such a special occasion.

Today we are celebrating the accomplishments of each and every one of the men and women sitting here in front of us in the cabin guy.
You have just passed a major her by achieving such an amazing goal, and yet the best for the class of 2012 is still yet to come.

We also celebrate the support in the commitment of the staff and of the family and of the friends who have supported you along the way.

Now, as you begin your new career path and the exciting new adventures that will come along, I would like you to understand something very important.
So each and every one of you in front of me and its entire auditorium should listen very closely enjoy this moment, because it is something that should be challenged and I encourage each and every one of them to baskin the ambience of such a great accomplishment.
But don’t stop here, make this one of the many amazing accomplishments that you’ve achieved through our life see each and every one of us has been so much time here on planet earth, which means that while we hear we must do everything within our power to leave Our mark each and every one of you sitting before me as a women professional.

You all remember when you first started the program the times where you didn’t think you were gon na, make it the nights that you wanted to quit, and the doubters that make you second-guess your decision now.
Finally, each and every one of you in front of you is a winner and is someone that is strong and is capable of amazing things.

I know this because, in spite of all the roadblocks, all the setbacks and the adverse you stayed strong, you have to be proactive.

You have to keep going to achieve your goals and to succeed in life and have to create a vision for how you want your life to look, because if you know somebody else is gon na, do it for you and never vision may not be what’s best.
For you – and I tell you that most of the times it’s not you have to say, go start today, because if you don’t say goes, how can you ever hit the bullseye? You don’t know where to target in one of the most difficult and important things that I encourage each and every one of you to do is to take action, see meeting people mistake, activity for cheap and I’ll.
Tell you that the two are very different.

There are a lot of people that are busy running around doing things all day, but at the end of the day they haven’t accomplished anything, but they can brag to people about how busy they are.
It’s like running and a giant I’ll sweeten your butt as hard as you want as fast if you want, but you won’t go anywhere by setting goals and taking action that leads you closer to your goal.
You are increasing your chances much success, but to leave your heart, you must take purpose-built action, every story, the idiom you have ever connected with any leader that you’re ever in mind and anything, no matter how little bitty that you have ever done was only accomplished because You took action and you do have a choice.

You can either be a passive victim of circumstance.
Are you to be the active hero and the master creator of your own life? The one thing that one you, the graduating class of 2012 and each and every one of you in this auditorium to understand and embrace, is that that light has no script.
There is no screenplay.

There is no guidebook you’re like this full of surprises, but when you set goals, would you make intentional decisions and you take purpose-built action? You have a very strong chance on the cheek when you’re faced obstacles and I’m telling you right now: pastor 2012.
You will face obstacles.
You must understand that obstacles are nothing more.

The seeds of opportunity that are brilliantly disguised to help prepare you for success is in journey down the pathway to prosperity, each and every one of you sitting in this auditorium in the capital.
Guy has a rendezvous with destiny and the only person who control what that picture looks like.
Is you fortune favors the bold, and I promise that you will never know what you’re capable of unless you make the decision, dream big, take action and pursue your dream and don’t waste time about things not going right because many times we like when things go wrong.

If you look deep enough, you’ll find the answer that leads to things going right and the answer is always going to be in.
You can wait around for the perfect opportunity to fall into your lap or you create circumstances on your own.
Take control of your own life, your own happiness and your own success, and this will help you attorney eventually, because creativity is a renewable source.

So you can be as creative as you like, as often as you like, because you will never run out and the more knowledge of others.
Opinions drown out your inner voice because inside of each and every one of you is greatness, and so we didn’t like you, have got to develop the courage to follow your own heart and your own intuition and this great plan for the future.
I encourage each and every one of you simple for me to plan for future, but don’t get stuck there because nothing ever happens in the future done.

Nothing ever happens next week next month or next year.
Whatever it happens and it’s going to happen, it happens now.
So live your life where the action is which is into now.

Why do you think that it’s called the present? So, as you begin, your new career give each and every experience all your attention try to resist being distracted but of the folks tax and people and when you are distracted God your mind back to focus on the goals in there.
When you put concentrated attention into what you’re doing you are living in the moment, and the reason that the moment is considered your principal is because in the moment you have unlimited access to all the energy, the wisdom and the strength that you need problem you’ll find That the high achievers have to develop the society’s the mind to commit their full focus to perform in their task at high level.
So follow your passions stay tuned to yourself and never take a path that somebody else sets where you want you taking learn from others.

Failures and from other successes, but paying your own way start imagining yourself doing some exceptional day and leave your mark on the world.
Now, as you walk across the stage to accept your diploma and begin your journey rejoice, and you were starting a new chapter in the movie that you call life and the beautiful day about this movie is that you are directly that actor the Creator and that you Have the power to make the story, though, anyway, that you wanted to go so in closing, avoid trying to live up to the expectations that other people set for little to the expectation that you set for yourself and, as a matter of fact, how the courage to Accept the fact that you’re not perfect, nothing is, and nobody is – and that is ok, but throw a lifelong quest, should be the pursuit of perfection and by following this path, you will unlock your door to success, and one thing I want to do that.
I do with any effect that I do with a group of people that I think is very important.

I want to make a declaration, and I want you to make a direct declaration would be and then not just the class in 2012.

All those of you were coming along the way she’ll participate.
I want you yep to me and I want you to say it with Miller, because this is serious business.

This is your life were talking about and you can’t get more derivations home success.
Nobody else ever would so repeat after me.
I declare today to be the first day on the rest of my time.

Y’all get say, like you found info news coming in here little flip.
I can clear today to be the first day the rest of my life.

Congratulations to dr .

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