VinSolutions Best Practices For Sales Managers

All right we’re now so it’s time to get started, as I think I’ve told everybody, as we’ve kind of slowly come into the meeting or the webinar.

The I’ve got everybody muted now and for the rest of the webinar, I’m going to have it to where you’re muted and then you guys can privately send me messages telling me that you’ve got questions or asking me to slow down or something to that nature.
Do please reach out to me if you’re not getting a concept, however, the, if you can save most of the questions for the end, will will stop the recording and then I’ll answer some of your questions that maybe you’ve got as well.
It’s for the presentation, so it works better.

That way it goes a little bit smoother a little quicker.
I will tell you this is an important subject.
However, it can be a little bit.

Taxing there’s gon na be a lot of terms thrown at you that, I guess for lack of a better word, can sound kind of boring and it’s not as cool as going out and doing a walk around on a car training on you know the emotion of Sales or that type of thing, so it makes it.
Let’s move it speaking of definitions, I’m gon na bring up several definitions right now, but I’m gon na use throughout the program, and that way you know what they are.
I can’t stand it when people use acronyms and then you’re wandering the whole time.

So a couple acronyms that your whom you refer to is CRM customer retention management system that has been solutions.
What we’re covering today.
So your CRM has been solutions.

The DMS is your dealer management system, so the two bigger ones are Reynolds and Reynolds.
Atp, there’s other ones out there.
Those are big ones.

This particular dealership, your dealership, uses Reynolds and Reynolds.
So when you hear me say Reynolds one of those, that’s your DMS and solutions.
Is your CRM? A couple other terms.

You’ll hear me say processes, so you hear me refer to the word process.
Quite often, it will stop your processes.
It could mess up your processes.

Processes simply is what we do when we receive a lead or or if we wait on somebody, it’s what we do day, one through thirty-one and beyond, in regards to email phone calls text so follow up.
So that’s processes.
Our follow up processes and then you hear me say the word customer dashboard not Lassen’s.

A couple more dashboard just refers to the customer file customer dashboard.
There should really only be one customer dashboard per customer and then lastly status, you hear me say status, so the others there should be one customer dashboard or crusting the file and then within that file, there’ll be hopefully lots of statuses, meaning lots of soul.
That be one status sold vehicle, there’s an active status when they become a prospect when you’re working to deal with them they’re an active process.

If you work a deal and you don’t get together and they decide not to purchase its loss or if they’ve heard to someplace else, there’s bad, which isn’t used very often that’s only in training purposes, you’ll notice, some of mine on the examples I’ve got with my Name on them they say bad because again they were used for training purposes, so active lost, bad and then you’ll see service.
I think those are the majority of the statuses that you will see so their statuses within the customer dashboard, the customer file.
You could have five sold vehicles, so it would be five sold files or five stole sold statuses in there and then maybe you want three deals with them that you didn’t get together on, so you have three lost and then they were in there for service.

Maybe they’re in there today, looking at a vehicle is another activity.

Alright enough on the definitions, that’s really one-on-one stuff, but I just want to make sure everybody’s knows what were to atures.
Let me buzz through this.

Let me get to the off of my normal.
Let’s get to the slideshow, alright, so you’ve seen the title page.
Then solutions for managers, that’s what we’re gon na go through today and you’ll see you’re the first thing: roman numeral, one, adding a customer.

It’s gon na review with you how to add a customer simply because that’s something you’ll probably train your sales staff to do.
I know a lot of you feel like that.
If it’s not an event, it never happened.

It’s not to see over half of the tools to protect sales.
People also, the real thing is to make sure that all the customers getting CRM to strengthen your database and to make sure that everybody gets followed up properly.
Last one or two we’ve got the six Habits of Highly Effective Sales Manager, kind of stealin from steven covey, so the first one is confirm all appointments and in showroom visits in real time.

Updating your sales, log monitoring, unanswered emails or excuse me on the respondents and emails text.
I don’t have cats, but we’re gon na also learn that and then all tasks include my salespeople all tasks and completed by sales managers.
Let’s get right at it, so adding a new customer.

Let’s add a mock customers.
So if you would go to your Vince solution that you folks are live with your Vince solution CRM and I’m on a I’ve got one shrunk over in the corner, but I’m gon na just go off with my PowerPoint.
So if you go to CRM, then you’ll notice, your lit up the CRM you’ve got these fields you’re going to click on customer.

If you just click on a customer, it is going to take you right here to a customer, so you’re gon na fill in info.
Let’s have you practice by filling in your own name, your own email and your own phone number so go ahead and do that once you do that.
Please click find customer.

Ok, so please click find customer.
So I’m going to install for a moment and just talk.
So enter that in there now, if you’ve been in, if you’ve purchased a vehicle at your dealership, to put yourself in your all will already be in the system and you’re probably gon na see something like this, so searches for the existing file.

If there’s a match.
So right now, if you’re already in the system, you’ll see this and, for instance, Chris Young good, I’m already in the system here created.
So if I was working with Christian younger – and I would say – hey it looked like you lived at this address here, the 39 only 25th – that’s no good! This is you, okay, that I would click to select because, as we said earlier, one customer dashboard customer file per customer.

He can have several statuses in here, so now he would be an active status.
Maybe he purchased occur in the past.
I do want to say this yeah, he you click this because you find out.

Chris younggren has bought from your dealership and your sales person, and you click this your sales person depending on their access, but if they’ve only got salesperson access when they hit select, it’s gon na say see a manager for assistance or an admin for assistance.
Somebody with higher level of access, because because it was already in somebody else’s name unless it’s Veronica here, if job Jill Jaffa Norton is trying to the salesperson, is trying to enter this guy in here, it’s gon na say, stop and the managers gon na have to Authorize that it’s okay, he’s gon na actually have to put Joseph in Norton’s name as the salesperson, so you can access or the salesperson if they have never been in the system.
This is new you’re, gon na add them as a new customer, either way.

You’re gon na go to this.
The next spot.
You’ll go to is the vehicle seats plug in your stock number lead source would be what brought them in TV, radio, Auto Trader cars com.

So you see here, they’ve got these different sources.
You can type in those sources if you don’t know how to do that.

I can show you how that different outside of this meeting here we’ll do it some other time? Well, I didn’t hear you see the different sources.

They’ve got now.
One thing I want to remind you is two things that can happen here.
When you have a lot of sources, one they can be confused, salesperson doesn’t know.

If it’s, I can get confused, you heard Otto, he didn’t remember, was alert or click doesn’t go back and ask the customer flicks the wrong one or clicks clicks clip when he shouldn’t know.
Also, you see here those two auto traders, a good example of which one, if I’m a new salesperson, I have no idea which one you want me to do.


Com Internet I’ll choose bad, but is Auto Trader a different type of source? So what I would tell you is this train yourself.
People well make sure these are clean in there make sure there are sources that you still are using a lot of times, you’ll try out swords for a while and then you’ll get rid of them.
If you get rid of them and get them out of here and then, if you bring them back, you can always bring them back, but it’s confusing for salespeople and make sure in this situation your salespeople clearly understand which of these cue they should be clicking or In which situation they should click the other.

Maybe it’s just redundancy in air.
Two people put it in there.
Maybe there’s a reason for this.

Maybe you’re you’re, looking at different things.
Maybe this is for if it’s an email lead and this isn’t they walking it.
When I would tell you, is this next place that we’re gon na click will help you better in that regard? So two things either good training in here, so they know what to click on or just take.

Some of the stuff out lean type is where you would put in that it was a walk-in Internet lead or a felt there’s.
In fact, only three types, three types of of lead types, so you’ve got Internet phone and you’ve got the locket.

So if we click we took taken, walk in and I just wanted to point out – it was a lead.

It was a courage that come lead, so they told you when you talk to them on the lot or on the when they first been your first approach and they said they’ve been encouraged that come look at the cars.
However, they did not submit a lead.
In fact, we put note in saying that, and therefore they just walked in so they’d be considered of walking had they emailed you in and a bunch of back and forth.

That way, you designate that the internet lead at least I would, if they’re on the showroom floor, you’re working with them right now, they’re gon na on the showroom, go ahead and click that right there.
If you entered it after they left for lunch, they were there for 10 minutes for lunch enter them later, and obviously am I going to put them on showroom floor.
Put it as much notes or as many notes as you can you can’t over note and then click Add and add customer or push the button so for yourself go ahead and add that will delete it later.

Don’t worry somebody just messaged me.
What do I do about cleaning it up? It’s gon na mess up your staff, I get it will bad lead and later for training purposes.

Bad leads, don’t kind of get your stats nice job.

If it looks like this, you’ve created a customer dashboard for Krishnan or if he was already existing customer, you just added a new status down here.
You see, actors moving along alright, so showroom visit for BDC appointments since you’re assigning sales person go ahead and and log the short visit when a guest many times most dealerships or a lot of dealerships now have a full-blown business development center with 20 people working in There, too, all the way down to one some people have a one-man BDC place either way.
A lot of times will happen is when these leads come into leads when they do make an appointment when that guest makes an appointment, that deployment will be set in the sales managers name.

So what I’m getting at is we said earlier.
Is the sales predict that the salesperson of record is not the single person that’s trying to access this file? They won’t be able to get in there and do anything with it.
So you’ve got to assign that to the salesperson, so example, here we’ve got two appointments.

Now coming in tonight and when Jeff gets here, he would sales person waits on him.
He’ll say Joe for Norton.
The sales person that waited on him brings him up to the manager.

Here the manager Rob he goes ahead and says: okay I’ll go ahead and put it in your name Joe.
He puts it in Joe, his name and then, as he puts in Joe’s name, you may as well disk.
Let’s start the fist that way, they’re on the showroom floor that way, they’re for sure in the showroom floor unless you’re on the floor as far as CRM is concerned and solutions now they’re on the showroom floor now that if the salesperson has access they’ve created this Guest for the first time, they’ve added this as a new customer dashboard file, then they will have access automatically because they became the sales personal record.

If it was like on our example earlier where this Veronica was in, there, you’d have to change it to their name.
They can, if they have access to the file, they can see the customers name and then they can go ahead and click visit here and then they can put the customer the showroom floor as far as VinSolutions is concerned, and as a side note, you can see These are the statuses I was talking about active and then, hopefully you have a bunch of your sold.
It’s not bad spam.

I just a bad for training purposes.
All right! So now we’re gon na jump into the sixth, highly effective habits for sales managers to utilize min and get the most out of it.

We’re gon na go through one by one, so the first one is confirming of platelets.

Your job is to confirm the appointments.
Why? Well, as a sales manager, it is going to be a great way for you to reach out and get to know the customer prior to them coming in also, if they have questions that, maybe the salesperson or a business developer agent couldn’t answer and they were planning On not coming in because they didn’t get those questions answered, you can be there to help.
Other reasons is important.

Is you just want to monitor appointments ensuring that you mark the missed where you schedule them? If the customer doesn’t show it can be a real mess in your tasks later I’ll show you closing the show visit for a customer with an appointment will automatically complete the appointment now completing the appointment in a lot of cases.
What it does is it the employments been completed, so your system now doesn’t do anything silly.
Some people set their systems up that.

If the customer misses the appointment by two hours, the salesperson is given an alert, which is great.
However, I’ve seen some dealerships that actually send the customer or the Gaskin email.
Saying: hey.

Sorry, we missed you, do you want to reschedule and the customers may be in the showroom before and you just didn’t put them as a customer visit and get it.
The showroom visit with that customer and then you look silly because they’re actually re at your dealership and then they get this email while they’re sitting at your dealership saying.
Would you like to schedule and then cancel in the apartment? So when I made this deck cancelling the appointment for this particular dealership messed up some process, and so since cancelling the employment can potentially stop the process based on dealer settings.

So it’s not recommended a cancel appointment that was kind of a self-serving lie, and I put in there for this particular dealership canceling the appointment again.
It stops some of the process and the follow up process of what you do, the one through the 30 days.
Sometimes it completely stops the follow up process, which in turn means if this customer doesn’t come in that you don’t follow this customer up anymore, cancelling kind of means they don’t want that’s kind of like I lost me.

They don’t want to do it anymore to some systems.

The way they’ve said about so enough on that the bottom line is by marking this properly you’re gon na tell the system that the customer showed up and that they’re on the showroom floor and therefore the system is going to understand that, and it’s not going to Create process and to create tasks which those people that are incorrect, okay, so confirm the appointment.
You just simple them to go to your list of appointments.

You click on confirm once you click on, confirm, it’ll.
Take you to this box here this box here.
What it’s gon na allow you to do is to call the customer with you get the phone number here.

I’ve blocked it out, but that’s the phone number spot you get the time gates.

You’ve got the information you need doesn’t have the vehicle under, so you probably want to look prior to call them the constant little bit that the sales manager called the customer.
The voicemail or the phone call would go like this.

Hey mr.
Crabtree Christian green here with ABC motors, hey, I just wanted to call and thank you so much for setting aside time today at 12:15 to meet with us about that 2019 Kia Sorento that you were interested in.
I also see here that you’ve got a Mercury Grand Marquis to look at so we’ll have five our Frazer ready to take a peek at that just wanted to confirm you’re gon na be here.

Let you know that we’re excited and ready to meet you and we’ve got to have the car pulled up ready to go.
Okay, oh you’re gon na, be here great now that would be a similar message that you would leave if you, if customer, doesn’t, have the moist meal setup.
Obviously you can’t send the message or you can’t leave a message.

However, I would text them if you have Commission the text, no matter what you do make the note in here.
You left a voicemail, you didn’t get an answer, so you couldn’t leave a voicemail, so you tried to text or you can’t text, because it’s a home number or you don’t have authorization to they haven’t opted in or lastly, the you didn’t get a home.
Then they’re, coming or and early schedule, I personally would say once you’ve done that get confirm and then it’ll show up as confirm to me at least attempted to confirm it.

Your notes are in your saying exactly what you did.
However, you again could have put some type of task and attached a task to the confirmation.
So if in CRM, when you were building this, you set up to where, if they say yes they’re coming when you click confirm here, that it shoots out some email automatically.

That says: hey thinking, it was great talking to you.
We look forward to seeing you at 12:15 if it does something like that.

It’s gon na seem silly if you left a voicemail and you might talk to them or if you just hit it whenever they didn’t answer it.

Also again, you have to decide.
He is.
That’s, I guess a long way for me to tell you a be consistent whatever you do be consistent, I personally can’t confirm no matter what, when I attempted to confirm as the sales manager when I contend attempted to confirm, I hit the confirm that way.

I knew that I had tried all right, so it’s your turn.
You guys go ahead.
I know talking to most of you that in fact, everybody except bill who come on the call just right if we were starting more like there’s just right as we were starting and you all know how to set the appointment so accept the appointment, but go ahead And now confirm you place, give me a thumbs up in my little spot here when you’re done.

It looks like most of you were like bored listening to me talk, so you can really done this pretty quickly.
So it’s all everybody’s good bill.
You’ve done it good! All right, so, let’s move on habit.

Number two I mean, show room visits in real time, so why this is important, closing show room visits that central move, the customer through the process, whether it’s old or not.
So I won’t bore you there.
You’ve got this whole process.

You’ve got a unsold fossil follow-up process.
You’ve got a lost, lead process he’s not probably all these different, but I know you have these processes, so you want to make sure you mark it properly.
So you move the customer through the proper process.

They could get automated emails.
It will set up to let your salesperson know how to follow this person up unsold costumers.
We recommend closing visits in real time, so the customer immediately moves to the show the unsold showroom.

Follow-Up process – I’ll maybe give you an example later on that.
So here we go for how to get there once you’ve said, you’ve got your your ending showroom visit you get your showroom.
Visit less and you’ve got that one for it.

Just go to that particular report.
Once you’re at that report – and in fact I know you guys – were living there because you told me prior to the call that you’re living in now, what we do here in this particular case is we go click to end the visit? We click on the Michael Snyder and we would get to this screen here.
The manager has to fill in all this information.

No, I didn’t get it appraised car.
No, I didn’t demonstrate.
No, we didn’t do any of these things and then the notes would be important here, because the note be some of the effect of met with the gas tilts person met with the gas.

Didn’t have an opportunity to be able to test-drive guess was on the lunch hour.

Only had 10 minutes showed him a couple cards of the presentation.
However, they’re gon na come up with another time to reschedule to he’ll.

Come back look at the car, so then you would go ahead and that would help end your visit notes there.
You go all right, so we’ve got that person.
We ended that showroom visit and in real time and again I said I wouldn’t use an example say it’s 10:00.

In the morning you worked a deal and the customer didn’t purchase and you wanted to followup with that customer.
So, by hitting the ending the visit in real time, you might have some automatic emails that go out to this customer day.
You know the salesperson had a great time working with you, as if sales manager would like to meet with you again since we didn’t get together again, you might have I’ve seen some dealerships.

They’ve got some terrific, terrific and some follow-up emails text in Warren tracks to say to the customer.

The point is, is, if you mark it at 10:00 in the morning that the customer didn’t purchase, say if I’m full of 5:00 in the afternoon the salesperson can reach out to the customer or those automatic emails, or the email templates that you’ve set forth can be Sent out so why is it important here so verify all the deals are being updated in the DMS or again were reviewing.
The sales line.

Deliver enables the sole process to be enabled.
So the point is: is that if they didn’t buy, we want one process and then some follow-ups what we’re following this customer if they did buy, we want a sold follow-up process, so we’re shooting out the emails.
The salesperson knows what took you.

Sometimes you’ve got emails that go out to talk about for the oil changes and car washes and their time at certain amounts of time like two or three months after the customer purchases about the time they give it an oil change.
You send this out to a mind and they got a free oil change to continue to try to get service retention.

And if you forget to do this on the right time, then it can control that whole thing off.

Okay, maybe not a big deal on an oil change, couldn’t be a big deal in some other case and then sold pending or on order of it on order vehicles.
Customer is mark sold, but sold delivered process will not fair until the customers mark delivered manually or by the system again similar type of deal here with processes and gotten your eyes and crossing your T’s.

The CRM – I guess at this point I’ll, say our CRM, then solutions can make you look like the best rock star in the world, because emails will go out.

You’ll have notifications for yourself to call the costumer weekend after a big softball tournament and you’ll.
Look like a rock star as customers.
I can’t believe you remembered that that my daughter, you know Jane, was in that softball tournament week and yes, she’d be great.

You know that’ll really go a long ways towards her customers.
It could also make you look dumb.
As we said earlier, the costumer is purchased and you or they’re here in the showroom floor and you’ve got this automatic email.

That goes out because you didn’t mark that they had showed up for their appointment and then the automatic email goes out.
This is Orly mister.
Can we reschedule and then they’re sitting with you and they show you on their phone? Hey, look at this email.

You just sent me and it looks kind of dumb.
They know it’s automated, make sure what Billy’s doing so.
How do we do this? Well, what we do is we go to our CRM tab on our then connect get to go to the dashboard and we hit the drop-down so log, it’s gon na bring up a log that looks like this.

What we’re gon na do is we’re gon na look.
So see here these are vehicles that say, they’ve been delivered and they say sold here as well, and then also they’ve got a deal number now.
That deal number is from the EMS or Browns and Reynolds, and then this over here is saying that a as far as the system is concerned, and then we think it’s sold.

So what you just run through is just make sure every day that you’ve got sold to show them there and deal number sold.

Deal number sold deal number delivered no sold.
What’s going on with this one, so you’d stop you’d you’d find the salesperson, and you would find out what’s going on with this, you may find out that we’re just holding off doing anything.

We can’t build the deal out because we’re waiting for the customer to bring in some steps they’ve got to bring in verification of employment in a phone bill or something of that nature.

So that’s what the holdup is or you can find out that they ended up.
Bringing the car back, there was a some snafu they couldn’t get financed.

I don’t know, maybe it’s an order at their unit.
It’s worth you asking about, and the reason for it is because I’m going to assume, like your deal number means that it’s two levels and levels Reynolds and Reynolds or most DMS Azure dealerships, accounting systems.
And if it’s your accounting system, that’s how you get paid and I’m gon na stay, there’s no deal number you’re, probably not getting paid right.

You want to get paid.
Okay, so matching the DMS to the CRM matching your Reynolds and Reynolds to your VIN.

From time to time a customer maybe gets taken straight into the business office and for whatever reason they weren’t entered, and then your manager says hey.

This are friends of mine.
They don’t have much time they’re paying cash and sticking straight into the business office salesperson.
So but I haven’t put them in vignette and you say: don’t care get them in there and so now you’ve got any customer.

That’s got a deal number that doesn’t have it’s not matched up with VIN solution, so you’re reporting them VinSolutions, it’s going to be correct and your processes are gon na, be all fouled up, because the system doesn’t know the customer purchased for that they need to send Out these follow-up for sole customers.
Now, what do you do you go to insights? Insights is where you can build some reports.
I built a report in here for the dealer DM asked for you guys: EMS CRM to CRM sales.

Customer matching.
If you need a refresher, if you don’t have this or can’t find it, let me know I think y’all should have it once you click on the blue link here and you can type it in there to find it once you click on the blue link and It comes up you’re, gon, na get to this report here.
This is going to show you the different people that need to be matched up, so you’ve got the different people that show that hey, they were in the DMS they’re in the realms and rental system, but and they’re.

Also in Solutions are these maybe the same people? Should we match this up and and wrap this thing up, so we know that the system knows it’s sold.
So what you do is you click view report.

If created the Reynolds and Reynolds deal before pushing from the pin solutions to the DMS, that’s what you’re looking for and then, if you have a potential match, then you click here.

So I crossed out the name.
So it’s not quite as apparent what’s going on here.
I didn’t want to divulge any privacy issues or anything.

However, these two match up because you see the name, and so you click the customer match and that’s going to take you here.
So it’s showing hey up here is the buyer.
Here’s the customer here in our DMS system, here’s the vehicle they bought and then here’s the lead that you put into VinSolutions.

Do these two match.
So what you’re going to have to do is maybe you know, but you’ll get the salesperson and you’ll double check that all this information is correct here.

That is the vehicle they did in fact purchased and then you’re going to push reconcile to go ahead and match everything up so now you’ve got the customer was in the CRM, see our knows that they purchased.

They move that over to the DMS.
The DMS now has a deal number, they know they purchased.
Both systems have talked to each other properly and know.

What’s going on, there’s the matching customer up top and then the appear the match that appears to match up with.
As I’ve said here, and then you click reconcile all right, so it’s your turn so just go through yours.

I know that there’s one in there already that we talked about in a meeting the other day.

So just look at that one and I don’t think we reconcile.
I think I liked it for this meeting.
So yes, that is the customer.

I’m reading, I’m sorry people listening to this on the video I am reading on my screen here.
Yes, that’s the one.
Alright see it looks like you guys are on it, you fixed it good, alright, moving right along number, four monitor, unanswered emails and text.

Replace this there’s no priority on.
Yes, there could be a part within these six habits.
In my opinion, this would be the number one priority your customers are trying to get a hold of you about something that well they reached out to you or you reached out to them and you’ve probably sent them some type of email.

So they’re replying to you or they’re, reaching out to you via text.
The point is: is that you wait around all day for customers to ask you questions or to inquire about things.
This is your chance.

You don’t want to miss this, and if you want to have a life and not work 24/7, you don’t always want to be in the CRM.
So first thing in the morning.
What I would do is go in here and see what salespeople have customers that have reached out to them, after their we’re done yesterday for their shift, and maybe overnight, you’ve got people that work third shifts and whatnot.

So real important reason is that I kind of alluded to let you see the emails and texts that are pending that need a response, monitors retention to ensure your dealerships, delivering strong customer experience.
So go to that insights reporting again and this reports been built in there for you three twenty year stores, and so obviously you know which one you’re gon na click on right.
You can search up here and then you click on the one.

I showed you don’t answer email and text replies and then you’ll see here that you’ve got.
This is a different deal early again you’ll see here.

Isn’t you but you’ll see here that you’ve got a sales lead our sales person or sales group? You’ve got this particular person.
This person has has emailed them.
So all these are emails.

If it was text and say text, then it shows when they had emailed in or when they had text mian, and so you know it was just that last night you’ll see some at 5:00.
In the morning you’ll see some at midnight.
You’ll see some at 2:00.

In the morning, here’s one it at 2:00 a.
so you want to make sure you get that that be the first thing I would do.
This would probably my number one: priority is making sure sales people knew that they got customers that they reached out to that are trying to respond to them.

You’ll return.
All you need to do is look so I know that rapport is built.
In fact, everybody’s giving me thumbs up, you guys want me to move on, but you’d already found it so good, I’m glad yes, yes, so Marc in here says that this he was doing this prior to talking to me.

They had this built a while back and we built it a while back, and so he said that he has already been doing this good for you.
Job work, alright, number, five complete manager tasks, so this is you’ve, got your own tasks and they’re one of them.
We’ve already talked about is to call in control appointments, mr.

Marc appointments and children’s visits all right, so why it’s important to dress scene customer related time critical tasks vital to success with your dealership examples, opportunities, moving customers through the process, sales, people, skiing alerts.
I think the biggest ones lead by example, so you’re, leading by example.

So where do you find these CRM back up on that dashboard and copy the whole thing here for you, but the CRM? And then we’ve got the dashboard right here and then you’ve got tasks and then you just click on the tasks.
Okay! Sorry about that little delay, alright! So click tasks.
That’s gon na take us to our tasks page, so it wasn’t able to capture all this.

You can see yours on your screens right now and what you’ve got is your lean buckets? You get your overdue tasks now, if you’re doing these everyday, you won’t have any overdue tasks you shouldn’t.
Maybe I have your day off if you’ve been gone for a couple days or something you will have some in there, but you’ll notice like this particular one.
Actually, let’s go up to the top here.

So all types of cast, if you want to just go to all your cast, which is what we’re on now he hit all he just wanted to look at.

What is the newer tasks? He’s wanted to look at you’re overdue tasks? He’s wanted to look at just the follow-up types of things you have to do reply, so, if you reached out to somebody as a manager hey one day we reach out to you, we think that trade could be worth more money.
We want to come up with the time they bring it in help me take another look at it or at one of my partner’s take a look at it.

You can see if you had any replies, although you might see that if you add your name to the report on the unanswered text, email replies.
However, again I digress and then lastly, you’ve got follow-ups overdue tasks and then seeking stands for call tracking.
If you have the call tracking feature, you can click there and they’ll show you tasks there.

However, if you do not have that, then there’s going to be nothing there, so you folks don’t have it so there’s nothing there.
If you want to print this, you could you could print it off if you’re a general manager, you print this off to all your managers and let them know that you’ve been in they’re looking to see if they’ve got tasks buzzing down here.
The reason why is is sort by lead type or by type of cast, and then here the task dictates the your action.

So, for instance, here you have to make a phone call, you don’t to shoot an email out.
You don’t have to call sales person up.
You might, in fact you probably will the customer was marked sold pending six months ago.

Customer has taken his customer cake and deliver this vehicle.

If not, it needs to be marked delivered.
So this is one of those matching the this little over report match, and we were talking about matching the DMS and the CRM this.

Hopefully we get caught then so it’s interesting.
Some of the things you see on here right now are things that would not be on here over dues.
This right here would not be on here.

Had we been doing the six daily tasks every day? A pass do again shows the right side of your dashboards.
You’ve got that was the left’s that we’re looking at the right side shows all the appointments shows.
Your sales goals shows your your team’s appointments and again, we’ve got a lot of past new appointments on here right now, and so we we get with the sales people and find out what’s going on and get these cleaned up.

Actually, that’s the customer.
So we get the sales person here and find out what’s going on and get these rescheduled or marked as cancelled or figure out.
What’s going on or what they deliver did they show up a lot of times they show up and don’t get again a good example of we just don’t know if they maybe showed up, we didn’t mark them or they didn’t show up at all, or they didn’t Show and the salesperson talked to him for a few – they did show the salesperson talked to him for a few minutes, but didn’t get us to work with them, so they never put anything in here.

So there’s that old, sillies 19.
What 88 computer saying of garbage in garbage out? But it’s still true today, if you don’t put good stuff in here, you don’t get good stuff out of it.

So put everything in here: you’ll return! All you need to do is look at yours and I’m gon na move on, because I know you guys are all looking there’s nothing really to do.

Looking at what you got in, there looks like some of you are trying to fiddle with your tasks, but again you can go in there and your leisure, although I think most of you seen it moving on so number six and that’s just ensuring your sales people Do their tests they’ve got tasks as well? You need to inspect what you expect and you also need to practice what you preach so privately preached by you doing your tasks and then you’re going to inspect what you expect watching them to do their tasks.
Why? Because what we just said, I don’t know if I’ve got that down there, but all tasks should be closed by the end of the day.

Tests that are not closed will highlight is overdue.
So again we talked about why things? Don’t one of you overdue its processes? Its customer follow-up – it can make you look silly make it look as a deal, so money would be a big one.
Follow-Up to insurance on follow-up traffic is is way to know.

So we talked to earlier about that person in a 10:00 in the morning and at 5:00 at night you would try to follow them up, and maybe some of you, when you heard this that’s kind of quick, I mean I’m gon na be pushy.
I don’t want to follow them up too quick, I mean they might not want to buy from me.
Well 38 % of the people who buy in four hours so at at what two o’clock in the afternoon they might have already bought.

There’s a thirty percent chance.
They bought if we wait three days, it’s 57 percent and then, if we wait 90 days here or excuse me wait one week, we wait 90 days they probably bought.
If they’ve, we wait one week, it’s 90 percent.

So that’s the reason we want to follow up early and follow up often often, where do you find these on your dashboard? I know most of you’ve already seen this, but just to double check and make sure everybody knows, and I will send this this deck out by the way, as a reference for all you guys after the meeting to make sure I get your email address, shoot that In the in the message, the private message box to me located on the right side of the CRM dashboard tab, and then you click on their name.
If you click on their name, you will go to their tasks on the one page so similar.
It’s just like yours, you got all the tasks on the one side same stuff up here.

They can go right to more.
You can go right to when you go to their overviews.
If you wanted to right away, this Geiger is clean and then their dashboards over here and they’ve got the appointments.

They’ve got personally for the day your appointments for your whole team.
This is for them for the day.
That’s their service appointments.

They can see that this person is going to be on a service they might make sure they’re over in the lounge at that time to say hi, maybe get them a coffee recently website traffic and then leads that work within the last 96 hours.
That’s for each individual sales person a great little spot to go for a quick one on one.
Why can’t you bring your sales person up for five minutes every day and just say: hey, let’s spin, this around say: let’s walk through this and then walk through it with them real, quick inspecting what you’d expect tasks those personal tasks all right.

So it’s your turn.
Pick a sales person go to it, although I think I’m getting thumbs up for everybody, so yeah, it does take a little time to get through this.
However, it’s extremely important – and I know that several of even give me a couple of thumbs up and there’s been a couple of little things that you just need to get cleared up a lot of times.

That’s the way it is with these computer type of program.
Questions it’s like one or two little tidbits that you get out of a 30-minute program, but those little tidbits you get are extremely important.
Class you’ll have this Dec 4 PDF owns.

Ok, so I gave you a bonus, so the six highly effective habits turn into seven.
So I’m giving you a bonus best practice.
Actually, it’s not so much a habit.

It’s just the best practice and I just want to make sure where that’s wish list.
So I think the wish lists are very important why my wish list? Are you about ready to go to the auction? Buy cars? Well, maybe not right now you are, but at some point, you’re going to want to buy cars again check out your wish list to ensure the cars you buy are the ones that your customers are searching for and then ensures your rupture, followed up with customers and Match the vehicles from their wish list, so the wish list works similar to what I had in 1992 when I was in the sales floor – and I had this list that I called a wanted list – customer wants vehicle or lust and what it was was just a Mine was just a loosely sheet of paper with customers, names that I didn’t have a vehicle that they wanted when I showed them what we had in stock at that time, maybe 20 days ago, maybe two days ago, and I wrote down what their ideal vehicle was.
I was tried to loosen it up a little, so it made the parameters more where I could have more vehicles to call them on.

But my point is: is each day I walked through the lot and tried to see if I can match up this piece of paper with what I could see on the lot now this system does this for you, it’s just a fancy system that does this.
For you and make sure that nothing gets missed, because you know what somebody could a salesperson, I mean no one ever tries to hide a car at your dealership, right hi to use cars and they can sell it to their friend or one of their customers.
This system allows it to where you’re gon na see every vehicle that you’ve got in stock.

In fact, it even is cool enough that when you appraise vehicles it will see that you will praise the vehicle that is similar to the one that you’ve got a customer or client, that’s possibly interested in and it’ll.
Let you know that hey somebody was working a deal on this and maybe you can get with that manager and say hey.
How close are you to putting that together? Hey my customer will pay X if you want to give another $ 500 to the customer on the tray, and you should be good there because I think you know I’ve got a customer, that’s very interested in the car link and so on and make two deals.

Maybe not a big deal.
We can make a deal here in the dealer.
How do you get to it? Crm click on dashboard drop down to my wish list and you dive down to my wish list.

You’re gon na see the matches and then you’re gon na click on the matches.
When you click on the matches, you get something that comes up like this, so it shows all the vehicle it shows views the matches.
Excuse me, it shows you all the customers that have wish lists then to click here.

That’s going to view the matches, so I miss forget the arrow there and I misspoke.
So it’s view matches here, backspace! Ok, so this takes you through your list.
You click here, get the matches the church in the matches, but there it’s gon na.

Take you to all the matches.
Now I had two different vehicles in there.
I’m you might have noticed that that was a truck and this is are.

These are Toyota RAV.
So I just used two different dealerships for two different customers for my example.
However, it still works the same when you clicked on that button, you get all your matches, so in this case the customers interested in me, too, it arrives, maybe consider a certified.

So it’s showing you everything that you’ve got there, so you can call your customer and again maybe they were particularly and now when I would tell you again with the wish list, if you can keep the parameters loose, keep them loose.
So if you know they’re interested in a Jeep Wrangler to just tool around on the weekends, they’ll probably take several model year, so you can probably go 2010 all the way for 2020.
However, they, if they’re specifically – and so I would keep that loose and you get all the jeeps when one comes in stock, you don’t get a lot of them.

However, let’s say they’re very, very SuperDuper, specific they’ve got a business and that the car has to be red and it has to be equipped in a certain way for for one of the reasons.

Well, then, you can put those parameters in there and you get the exact match it comes out.
I think you can see how that can be extremely helpful.

It can help you put together two deals out of one it can help.
You sell a car a lot quicker again.
The best buy one of the neat features that I think are this provides for.

You is the fact that, if you’re trading trying to trade for a vehicle, let you know the salesperson know that there’s a if you’re trying to trade for and again that gives you the ability to possibly make two deals.
Okay, so your turn and I’m getting thumbs up for everybody that you’ve already done that so you’re jumping ahead.
While I’m talking good for you well, I would say: that’s it.

That’s all folks, as Porky Pig says, if you’ve got questions email me, I’ve got the email address down here.
So just shoot me an email after we get off, I’m gon na end the recording and then I’m gon na open it up to where we could ask questions I’ll, bring everybody back to where we can all chat zoom face to face.

Okay, so goodbye to our video audience, we appreciate it.

Thank you very much.
Hopefully this is helpful to you.

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