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We’re talking about value-added selling, you’ve probably heard that time very familiar, especially recently valuing you so value-added.
That word used to be a cliche there’s no circles, but then we started to really take a look at it and looked at representatives who are going for the dealer.
Principal who are going for the group and they’re the first line of contact that a customer sees so when we speak of dealerships.

I want you to think of about six dealer principals, general managers and if you were to have them in a room like a focus group and you ask them well what do they think about value-added? I guarantee it’s going to be more related or defined to the guests, centric value of the dealership and not the employee, showing value.
I guarantee you and here’s the reason being many times right from orientation.

We fail to make sure that those employees understand that they are the epitome of whatever that general manager dealer group is trying to do so.

It shouldn’t be that puzzling that there are the representatives whether they are the receptionist, the salespeople, the service advisor whomever greets that guest.
They have to show value on who they are, how they approach it.
There analogy their attitude all nine yards so when we stick to Value Added justice salespeople that we often overlook this value is because we’re running through the processes so fast to get to what we consider showing the guest the numbers.

Many times we skip out some very important steps because we’re trying to get to the numbers – and that makes a bad experience for the guest that is visiting the dealership.
So going forward.
I’d like you to think about the future of this industry, how we power the vehicles are going to be different.

Some dealerships will not be there anymore, they’re going to be no more than just like refueling or docking stations for some of these electric vehicles, because there will be nothing but computers on wheels, but they still need to be serviced and sold.
Another one by a real representative.
So how do you present yourself representing that organization goes a long way not only for today’s sale, but in that customers mind when you’re doing my service and also for the next sale.

So these are things that are thought about and boardrooms brought out to HR into orientation, and this is what we’re going to do, but I’m taking it all the way down to the frontline people who make that first impression and that’s again the sales consultant service advisor Or the receptionist, so with that said, why must sales consultants or service advisors excel at being good at this value added by they being goo, specifically value-added sales? It not only enhances their ability to create more positive business, but it also puts him in a position where they’re an expert.
Here’s what I mean when people like trust and respect the salesperson.

They start to listen as a professional to your advice and that’s where you always want to position yourself.

We can still present to everybody, but can we get referrals from people that we did not sell to now? If you’re thinking, the answer is no you’re way off base, but you have to do something to earn it, and that is master the basics, if you can master each one of these separate road to the sales steps from the greeting all the way down, I call It your drop job description, you can master these steps, customers will see value and how you’re presenting your organization to them, and it’s no secret your brother or sister in this automotive family, whatever market that you in yeah, I guarantee you they’re missing some of the points, Not saying that they’re bad people, someone just haven’t trained or continually coach them on why this type of behavior is so conducive, the customers who are looking for a customer-centric place to share their hard-earned money.
Now, if some of us make sense to you, we will talk about some more things on the next edition, but value because if you as a representative on the sales side cannot show the value and you’re not listening, usually you are in Category now.
Value is not the key, it’s the risk.

It’s the risk that the customer is going to be making in this next largest investment outside their condo or their home, and when risk comes in, usually that’s when that p-word price of payment starts the rear, its ugly head.
So think about the consumers.
Think about yourself think about the value you bring as a professional and when you do that value does outweigh the risk.

If the value is not there now the customer is thinking.
Do I have to pay this amount from this dealership? Here? Can I put it off until another time? Can we and that’s all part of that buyer remorse, which we can talk about later, but once again, president champion strategies, Brandon Hardison, going you got to get to work? I got ta get to work too.
So as always and reaming you go out there and make it a champion day.

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