Val Mazon & Brandon Hardison

Brandon, how are you today outstanding Richie how about yourself up there in good old Long Island good? So you know, let me tell you this, that val is kind of busy in the training thing he’s gon na try to make it though uh-oh I want to engage with you a little bit about what your thoughts are hold on a second I got ta get This about what your thoughts are what’s going on in the industry right now, okay, like what do you think about that? Okay well currently in the industry, where you all have been hit a little bit, some were not prepared than others by for those dealerships or autumn-like up now.

Okay, welcome talking about what’s going on with the industry right now coronavirus and what my thoughts are appointment setting is the most important thing and training when those appointments come in right and inspecting.
The BDC is one of the most important thing.
So I want you and Brandon to engage about the BBC part and what Brandon does right, pretty good, good good well going by what Richie says what I was going to is that, as you know, though, there were dealerships who were prepared, maybe not using it as Much as they’d like, but when they would on their websites or on their advertising, say that you can shop by trade your way, expressway that they call it many things.

But you know we’ll we’ll.
Do everything online bring you the vehicle or service we’ll come pick it up bring you a loaner, those dealerships, even though they got hit like everybody else, they already have processes in place related to work with it, two plus ones that did not they’re the ones that I found out we’re scrambling and how do I know in Atlanta? I use really the members of the Chamber of Commerce.
We have 18 dealerships, so I belong to eight different converses Mayhew calls for me if they see something on somebody’s website.

They call that BDC and that person doesn’t know anything.
You know as well as I do you’re only going to get so many touches, so many communicates and they’re already out of the game immediately.
So when Ritchie was talking about BDC, the first thing that I’m finding out is many BDC and meaning BDC managers, don’t even know what’s on their own website, yeah yeah, they tend to not really dig in, and especially the directors.

I mean the role of the of the Internet director at one time, they’re in charge of all the marketing they were in charge of you know, making sure that all the leads were coming in make sure they’re getting good leads badly is getting credit for the leads And it seemed that went to the wayside a lot of change over the years.
I work with a company called absolute results and absolutely results.
They have their own BDC that reaches up for the dealers and what they’ve been really doing in the past 45 days to 60 days is they’ve just been reaching out to all their all their dealers customer base not to entice them to buy a car, not to Imply somebody do anything just to let them know we’re here in the event they need any service any part they also just touching basis.

You know, just just a soft touch make sure the family is okay during this epidemic.
That’s going on right now.
Are the Tama debt pandemic is going on right now? I feel that with all be DC’s, that’s what they should be doing, because it’s been really and they’re doing a lot in Canada because they’re from Canada and it’s working a lot as a matter of fact, they’re getting ready to start opening up and start doing.

Some training again getting back into the dealerships I mean you bet – has changed a lot more than ever.
Online is really critical.
Now, because now a lot of people can do all their online.

Just like genesis of canada.
You know genesis of canada, they’re 100 % online they’re concierge.

So what they do is you call into a Genesis dealership and they actually give you your pricing application online.

They do everything online and they deliver the car within.
You know: 72 hours, you know.
What’s approval and everything so everything not and all they do? Is they just they kind of do like the carvanha type of thing, but they’re doing a little bit different, which they’re being pretty successful? They rolled it out last year in the middle of last year, and this year alone they really are stepping up their game.

I know that the whole industry has changed considerably.

I know that, with with all this kovat 19, it’s not gon na be the same.
We know that there’s also be social distance II.

Now trough.
I have a Harley okay, so I went I had to get a new battery yesterday, so I want my Harley dealership to get that battery and they’re working by appointment.
It says you know, in order for you to to to see a bike in order for you to to come in, we need to have an appointment.

You have to work by appointment, only which is great, that’s good for the salesperson, it’s good for the dealership and, most importantly, it’s good for the consumer because we’re a consumer.
They have an appointment now their expectations, the customers expectations are high.
Now they know coming in.

I’m gon na spend X amount of time here, whether it be two hours three hours but actually in reality with an appointment.
Everybody could give that detailed attention to that particular customer, which is really great on the head valve and I’m glad we’re in three different states.
Yeah we’re slowly opening up different ways.

I know that Richie out there in New York, they wish that their governor allowed them to move a little bit quicker.
Three different states, here’s something that I thought about.
Maybe you, folks being brilliant, already have the answer.

We have representatives when people do come into a retail establishment and we’re in this vertical of automobiles.
Let let lets stay with that.
Okay, where comes in for appointment, like you said Val, my job from the dealerships principal or I belong to a group.

They say that you have to take someone’s temperature as you’re doing the mass right now.
You know if you’ve heard about yes, here’s.
My question, though: what happens if a customer that does not have a neocortex perience, what gives you the right to take my temperature? Are you a medical, expert and network if you read ninety eight points, something and really I have a hot I’m just seeing a whole lot of states may be set up for attorney.

Generals messmate, maybe I’m wrong, but has anybody thought about that? As an answer about that or you know, I don’t think it’s really been.
You know taking a temperature and reading the temperature is one thing you know it has to be.
You know it has to be case by case you know, say I walked into a dealership and I read you know 98.

3, and then you come into the dealership and just saying you, you end up with a 100.
Well, you have a slight fever um.
What’s to prevent them to say, you’re, sick, you’re, not sick, it’s summertime, we could be overheated.

I really don’t know because I’m not a medical, you know I’m well, that’s not I’m going! Oh! So who are we to say? Well, you got the virus, you don’t got the bite, you’re sick.
We can’t let you in you got it.
Yes, what do you think the dealers are gon na? Do? What do you think, both retail stores, whether it’s a car dealership, whether it’s a retail, whether it’s a restaurant? Are they gon na turn that person down because they want the business if they don’t turn them down, and we find out that they did have something? Now, I’m just simply saying whether we do or do not.

It just seems like.
Since we are not medical experts, I just wonder in each state it has someone thought about somebody, because you know in America we love to sue huh.
So has everybody thought about that or do we have explodes you’re gon na have to sign a disclosure because the HEPA, you know you got the HEPA right there, so you know to and release any type of medical.

You know you’re you’re, absolutely right.
I think.
Personally, it’s gon na be a slow transition into this new way of life for Americans.

That’s my personal opinion.
I feel that the digital world is gon na, take off like crazy and it already has.
I have a dealer.

Imagine that’s right here, just close to me that I work really close with they’re doing phenomenal numbers.
You know they did last month they did 183 cars for five hundred and eighty thousand dollars in gross profits right and they’re working by our pointment.
Only so these people are coming in are they’re gon na.

You know now that they’re coming in, we all know that they visit 1.
2 dealerships before it before buying a car right, so once they’re there they’re gon na find.
So these are serious buyers that are coming through the dealership.

As a matter of fact, it says his closing ratio has double just by working by appointment only which we all know when you work by appointment, all you’re gon na quote 50 % anyways.
I’m doing you guys something important, so I we made a partnership.
Our company did right, Woodcock’s, automotive, the partnership goes every you know, shop, smart, every lead I get if the customer opts in and they pay for that service.

It’s gon na automatically the lead go-to dealer track: yeah, okay, with Cox, Automotive, it’s gon na be ready in August they’re, actually building to stuff throughout my servers.
Alright, so that’s a great lead source.
They got right.

I also have an automation with artificial intelligence on my website for chat.
That’s gon na be up on my shop on our shop smart in the next couple of days.
Okay, so I’m seeing a lot of traffic across all brands to the clickable platform right up on digital, but not only are we seeing it on websites we’re seeing it on blogs, driving sales and all these oldest information – that’s out there is up and what we do For a living is we provided the lead right if the deal does not deliver 15 to 18 percent, I’m announcing we have a corporate trainer which is Brandon and valve Mazzone right.

So now the dealership can get those kind of people in there to get to that level, because if I have ABC motors at 21 percent delivery ratio – and I sell you – the lead, CDE and you’re only at four percent – there’s a problem right.
So that’s where the trainers come in my product is not a lead gen.
Only I’m not.

I didn’t get into the lead.
Gen business based on.
What’s going on in digital to just be a lead provider, I’m not really interested because every dealership blames the lead.

They don’t blame their staff and it’s about the training, how to do and what to do with the lead.
And that’s why I have the e-learning platform, because there we’re gon na we’re gon na train our staff on how to use our product.
I’m gon na.

Do all the training on how to use it? So I’m not just like a regular vendor.
I have resources to train them, how to use it and when it doesn’t work, that’s when you got to get live, training grown up, but the digital space has two components that, without that it’s not gon na work.
Bdc and what’s the process when you make that appointment and they walk in there, so we have two of the best trainers that they are just to.

Let everybody know val was a corporate raider for call source right.
So I put his videos up to Courcelles for a while.
So he’s got massive experience in this and Brandon’s got massive experience all over the dealership, so they could inspect the whole thing.

So I want you guys to engage about your training and why productivity is so important, and I got something to say one thing: i’ma, let you two guys engaged social Sally the other day I said if I would be a Salesman.
I have this to write stream yard.
What would I do very simple? I would have my live interview with my previous customers because now they’re sharing it on their social media and now I’m gon na get that’s the key of prospecting.

Prospecting is right on here.
That’s the key growth.

Oh, I have a training, that’s a complimentary training that I’m inviting Brandon and Val on zoom’ and I’m gon na post it in the 30 car group right the reason for it, because those guys I met and they really want to get into social selling.
You know that so I’m gon na do a zoom tomorrow at one o’clock right to do training for about half hour 45 minutes then give them hints and see what they think about this.
Now, I’m gon na.

Let you two guys engage at what you do.
The best which is training, okay, thank you Val.
I just wanted to get you to say what you did say about that political stuff, not that I wanted to be political, but the key thing you did say it appointments see.

I just wanted that owner a general manager to think boy yeah.
Maybe my people are not prepared.
I got, but if I have an appointment and I treat that appointment the way he or she expects through that customer experience yeah, you got a win-win.

So that’s where I was going, but you said you said the answer anyway for it.
So here here’s my question to you, since we are now in this this new world and we can do a lot of things online when it comes to the process.
Is there anything new or different from the business office finance office side of it as far as maybe e-signing or challenges trying to get products and services out, not that I’ve? Seen recently you know I haven’t been in a dealership, probably in about two months now ever since I was doing a lot in the Northeast.

I was up in Manhattan.
That was an Oregon Oyster Bay.
I mean I had like about a good 10 12 gigs going on back in March and then definitely kind of cuffed me and I kind of slipped away, but I’ve been keeping in touch with some of my dealers.

You know it’s business.
A lot of the dealers are still trying to do business.

It’s normal they’re, really changing their business model, which really needs to change, and I think I think it’s gon na have to come from the manufacturers.

I think the manufacturers going to start stepping up their gang they’re gon na live for consultants are gon na look for new ways of marketing themselves to to the public, I believe, just in their database alone.
They got plenty plenty plenty, plenty plenty of customers.
There look at that.

You got the zero percent four eighty four months right, you got them opening for six months.
You know they’re everybody’s figured while six months down the road.
We should be past this.

I don’t make any payments that helps me out during this law and might work zero interest.
I could roll out of my car.
What you got to be able to offer is that customer experience you got to be different.

You got to be different than the rest.
You got to stand out even in my trainings, always make sure that when they’re doing those phone calls or their meeting and greeting they got to be different, they can’t be like every other dealership or other a salesperson.

Because then, then, you’re you’re put into that same category you’re, just a salesperson.

No, I like that BMW does these these they call geniuses and when you go to a BMW store, you know, there’s no salesperson, there’s just a product knowledge person that just goes out.

There shows in the product, if they’re still interested in the product, then they come in and they try to do a sales person, but they don’t call them a sales person, they call them just as an associate.
You know just an associate and then the associate system goes over different different numbers or you know different financing terms, but in reality it all has to start with setting that appointment.

The appointments are going to be worth more today than ever before.

Like I say, I have a really good dealership that I’ve worked over the years.
This math fact I trained him in this inten this in the auto industry about 25 years ago and he’s pretty he’s pretty successful.

He still calls him still.
You know go back and forth and he said that his appointments are shutting at 78 percent.

Eight percent of said are closing, which is great.

He knows that now he’s changed his dialogue.
A little bit he’s getting a little bit more information.
He got some pretty much.

The whole package, what I think that needs to happen now is, I think everybody needs to do an application online.
Do everything before they even come to the dealership, so they they cut all that extra mass.
You know you know you go negotiate, do whatever you need to do, but transparency is the number one when you’re transparent, and then you got everything Genisys they’re doing everything online.

The last thing they do.
They send one product specialist it’ll in calm, salesperson, just sign all the contracts, all the paperwork, and then they go ahead and deliver the car and they go over a thing they walk around and do all the things I mean you need to do that.
Leave the car there they pick up their trade in and they flatbed it back, so they flatbed the car there now prior to that.

If they want to do a test right, they’ll bring out a they won’t bring out, they won’t bring out any old car.
They have certain cars for demo.
You know like right.

Yeah like like models, yes correct, so they’ll take a demo off.
If you want a Genesis, a certain model number then they’ll take one out there.
They leave it for you for 24 hours.

You know they’ll get a copy of your insurance drivers license.
Of course you already have an application on online to see who you are and then drive it for free for 24 hours, that’s better than taking that 20 minute test drive.
That gives an opportunity to drive it the way they drive it normally, if they’re going to work or, if they’re going to say to the store to take the kid or traveling to Grandma’s house, whatever the case may be.

Oh, I like it.
That’s a big good business model also heard recently talking to some of my some of my other trainers, because you know I worked with a company.

That’s in a 19 countries right New Zealand.

They were telling me – and I can’t remember – was Toyota or Honda they’re going with that same thing, they’re going to a one price.
I don’t know if that’s the right thing, they took back all their franchises and then they read they resize them up.
So that way, there’s no more competitive.

You know, wherever incentives are out there, every the same two right, that’s a new way to go.
Well, not so the PMA he has nothing to do with it or dude, there’s no more VMAs! No! It’s just if you.
If, if you go to this dealership, you’re going to pay the same as if you went to the dealership 50 miles away, the incentives will be the same.

So you’ll get the same incentives through the manufacturer, but you know what’s gon na happen is now now you have to step up your game with customer service, because you know that you can buy that car at the same price anywhere so that online reputation.
That’s what’s gon na take presidents that I mutation as well now people are gon na say just like when we go to a restaurant, what happens when we go to a restaurant? You look it up.
Well, this is a three star or a five star or you’re gon na go to the five four.

You don’t look at the reviews, that’s what I spill.
That’s coming within the next two to three years.
Honestly! Well, one thing, and then I I know Richie wants to get it back here.

Just from your experience now that I hear that it’s international, what’s your feeling, what’s the feeling out there, when we now or start offering payments at 80 to 90 months, there’s some! That’s even over a few months is that good, or should we be automatically talking about leasing, I would automatically personally I would.

I would try to lease as much as I could, because you’re gon na still capture your service, whether whether service comes from the manufacturers such as BMWs or whether you buy the ford care you buy.

You know if you buy the maintenance care from Ford they’re gon na still capture, all of that there’s control of that.

But what’s going to happen, you’d have your repeat business and you know that 78 % of the people that service their car at the same deal.
If you’re they bought, it are loyal to that dealership, whether if 10 % are not a chat person or loyal to that dealership, where they bought the car for service, isn’t that somewhere else now you got about, you were rich.
What what do you think out? In Long Island I mean it doesn’t make sense to be signing people up it in 90 plus months a month.

You know you to a payment, but boy, that’s crazy! Oh you know what I doesn’t make sense to do that and you know what Val’s right.
I agree with Val everything is Lisa, I mean no.
I don’t know if anybody knows this, but New York penetration on leasing – oh yeah is 90 percent.

Okay, now from used-car superstores out here yeah they do that with the credit unions and that’s been going on for quite some time right right, so yeah they do that.
But I want to talk more important with Val sate.
It’s gon na take about two years of reputation.

Let me tell you why social selling, interviewing customers, interviewing customers on your live stream, build your reviews and builds testimonials and you get referrals if a customer gives you a bad review that went on, live and went over everything you can get that file and send it To Yelp you can get that file and they’ll refix that review, because the custom might be upset after they get home after a week later they tell a friend and they says.
Oh, what’s the first thing, when you tell a friend I paid $ 40,000 for a car, you pay too much.
They don’t even ask you who are kind of car.

Did you get right? Okay, everybody tell you they paid less than what they really okay.
So what a shin builder a testimonial builder, but it’s also a repair I’ll repair, so you’ve got a three pronged process doing this by the way other industries are starting to do this.

I follow different industries.

Okay, okay, like for an example, there’s a big big industry that a lot of people don’t know about which is valleys.
Okay, that’s a big industry.
Another another industry is JetBlue.

That’s another industry dictator in business.

That’s another industry huge into the nursery.
You know when I love the outsides of my yard, the nursery business very big on testimonials and reviews by the way, there’s other industries that are doing this and have this testimonials on live stream on YouTube, livestream and guess what? Now, when you get index on a bad review, you do if you set it up right, you’re gon na show up with their video, so guess what we’re discrediting their review now a so it’s that it will.

If we really do this, it’s not gon na be two years from now, you’re gon na be able to get great reviews.
Csi is gon na go spike high because there’s really not a lot of haggling when you do stuff online, so you see a size gon na get good.
Your reviews are gon na get great.

Your retention is gon na, go crazy off the walls.
That’s that proximal.
Doesn’t have that experienced like they did that’s hit on the head and before because I have a meaning to that.

I I need to get to CSI retention.
All those things are great, but you know what we’ve been talking in this industry for a decade.

Will we always talk about transparency right? What better way than what you just said rich? They have all the transparency right in front of it right, correct right and it’s so easy.
Today, oh I’m telling you salespeople.
I wan na sell on social just start interviewing your customers with their sales process.

If they don’t, if they say something that might be not, oh, it doesn’t matter, you can fix it.
You know very important this social selling right now, and that is a great process.

Alright, that process has been out there for a while on reputation, management on that ammonia leave use and the owners of these industries learn how to fix their process.

Okay, so wait to get it delivered.
The next couple of days invite them to light.

I’m gon na say something else why life, because the age group that spying automobiles, is twenty five to thirty five forty, they buy the most cars in that time frame; okay, because they have great credit and they’re.

You know ambitious, you know they want a better car.
They see their neighbor, so you know what you got ta take you got to maximize this opportunity and everybody loves going on life.
Why is that? Because they’re seeing themselves they’re on video everything this video today tik-tok is gon na bring that to the next level, guys.

The next level, and if you’re, not on video, no good, you know here’s ago when I was on social media, and you know Val I’ve.
I’ve been with you six.
A lot of people don’t know this, but I know you six seven years right when I’m when I started with your introduce you right away to Brandon right.

So I mean I’ve been with you as a as a strategic partner with you on training a long time.
Yeah now it’s very important because guess what the BDC that’s one of the main focuses right now, because without that you’re not gon na move that needle okay, because it’s appointment setting here in New York, there’s one or two salespeople in a dealership and all they’re doing Is appointments and they’re gon na continue with a successful? You know a you know, change with the time to get left behind.

Well now the times are really changing is now now you know the United States is gon na change as a whole, not only in the car industry, every industries I mean what’s going on, you know, I don’t know how you guys are doing, and I know that In the Northeast working with absolute results, I got a lot of stuff ready to go I’ll, be up there.

You know shoot and the debt, hopefully the next month or so, but we’re just waiting for this stuff to open up California we’re starting to get to the second stage.
The second stage is still not where we want to be.
We need we need to open it back up but doing the social distance, and I think it’s all about appointments.

I’m gon na reiterate.
It reiterate it because I know a punch worked since I was selling cars.
You guys, I mean you knew who you were dealing with.

You already knew what you’re gon na do have the car ready it just it just cuts all the other.
The downtime know you’ve had a car ready.
All you have to do is know the product knowledge present.

The car make them feel comfortable, give them that customer experience and then they’re ready to just flop in there they’re ready to sign it.
Isn’t about right people, no you’re, right, you’re right.
What happens is a lot of the dealers? Think it’s all about price because they don’t know how to train the people.

They don’t know how to set said.
How can I say expectations build that value.
You know Brandon, you.

You come from the same cloth that I come.
You come from four forward.
That’s all I learned when I was a kid when I was.

I knew how to you know, present anything from a fusion to f150 to freaking temple.
You know, and it’s all about that.
It’s all about still giving them that experience.

You know everybody calls a customer and they’re saying the same thing you want to buy one of mine, no a relationship, you want to talk to them, say: hey! You know hey I like to invite you into our one day, sale event.
You know where we could give you your best case scenario.
You can always say no later, you know what you like that you know wan na go over, give your best case scenario.

You know: do you still own that 2013 f-150 yeah? How many miles you have it? Oh great, been a great truck right! Hey! I’m! Just gon na! Ask you if we, if we could take your car in and get you to new, on, keep your payment about the same or maybe in a lawyer, you’re driving driving a cost.
Is that something you might be interested in yeah? Let me tell you what I’d like to invite you in for a one day, you know what you to our day event: okay, where we’ll give you our best case scenario, you know you know later it’s a no option, it’s a no option as a no obligation Officer reviews absolutely and when you say those words, you know you could always say no later, you can see that obligation, option review all those things really work and all the things that people say people are open.
Okay, there’s no pressure one’s a good time for us to get together and you set the appointment.

They come in you’re ready for their peers.
We already got.
You already got most of your information on your f150 already because of the discourtesy net there or whatever the case may be now.

You show you know the new redesign, you know the new and improved.
You know 2020 f-150, and you can tell you know the here’s.
What’s happening and your cost, you got to do the driving of cost.

Sometimes it’s not just your payment.
Maybe you payment went up twenty five bucks, but now you’re saving on maintenance, which, on average after three four years, is eighty bucks.
A month now, you’re sneaking gas because we’re always getting better gas mileage and now you’re looking new and clean and and you’re worryfree gas and go for the next three years.

You know you got it, but before I get out of here, I got ta go but Val you’re right.
We as thought providers, coaches trainers.
Whatever you want to call ourselves.

We need to get to these people to get them to understand that the first few seconds are most important, but once we get that out of the way right now all we’re saying by the statement that you just use Val right.

How can we earn your business? This is what we do.
This is how we operate and a whole lot of people fail to give them that value statement before they go to the next step, which is asking for, and they wonder why they’re not successful you ready separate yourself, explain to me: why are you different and now Earn the right to move forward.

That’s that’s how I learn the right you got to, but Richie I do that.
I go what you said tomorrow.
You said we’re gon na be back yeah tomorrow, we’re gon na do a zoo.

There’s not gon na be live like this, but it’s gon na be a zoo training on 30 car group, ok and Taylor’s group, and it they all want to learn social selling and all that so we’re gon na go over that.
Okay, don’t leave valor want to talk to you a little bit about social selling, okay, integrating it with BDC, okay, where, where is it and where the lead comes in and building a funnel on your live through a company called Infusionsoft right, so you used it a Little bit twenty-five or thirty dollars right and you get the views of that custom audience to dealerships and they click learn more and that’s the conversion right.
So I want to talk to you about that.

Absolutely pleasure: youtube! Save you! Okay, so anyway, Val Infusionsoft has the integration for funnels right, so you do a life, clap it on there and now, when that live on social selling, that referral.
Do you know that testimonials from the customer, their customers are gon na see it click here for more information about my experience, bang now you’re getting leaves such because a lead, gen and you’re increasing your testimonials and all that, but you need a good BDC to handle That yeah that’s the key right there.
So that’s the color! It’s a BDC is actually gon na blow up more with social sell right.

So it’s very very important and i want to engage with you because you’re the co-host now here at a total board of training news right and let me tell you this, your your your process for the last six and a half years is we’ve been partners on The training side right is great.
I’ve seen you turn store around that have not been good and, throughout the years you’ve turned a lot of dealerships that were in the in the red.

Okay, that’s the whole idea and Brandon’s done the exact same thing he’s taking stores that have been nowhere and from around that’s what I call a trainer.
You know that’s what I call something that’s doing good business and brings them up higher.
I’m talking about taking stores from the red into the green then go over that process right.

I’m gon na tell you the best thing for all dealerships.

To do right now is go back and do their data mining do data mining.

Do data mining scrub, it scrub.

It scrub and get the best of the best and then just go from there.

It’s all about data mining because you got a they don’t have to with the way costs are with the way margins are right.

Now it’s really a great way to jumpstart your dealership.

In today’s market, it’s that data mining is that BDC.
Is it getting on the phone with these people, building that relationship and said that eighty-two percent of customers can’t remember their sales person’s name one year later? Why is that? Why is they know where they bought the car cuz? They have the name plate there and they remember where they bought the car, but as a sales person, they don’t remember their name.
Why is that? Because there was no, there was no relationship building.

There was no follow-up, there’s no happy birthdays.
There was no hey now that you’ve driven your car, you know for the past three months or any questions they might have that I can help you out with you know.

Have you came in for your first oil change? I just wanted to make sure you do.

You need me personally to set that appointment for you.
So when he comes in what happens, a customer comes in to get an oil change so time to have a cousin with them, or they have somebody else that comes in with them.
Now that’s an opportunity to meet somebody new and to continue to grow your business to continue to build that relationship, but relationship.

That’s what it’s all about and anything whether whatever you’re doing at anything relationships is worth what makes a difference.
And if you don’t build that relationship – and you know you you got to remember – the average person buys about twelve cars in a lifetime right, so you got a husband, buys twelve cars.
You got the wife that buys 12 cars.

Now the kids come to the picture.
They’re gon na grow up if you’ve been their vehicle supplier for that family.

What’s gon na happen, there where’s the opportunity, another 12 cards, another 12 car show and one family of four there’s.

A potential 48 car deals over the lifetime and, if you’re in this business as a career and always say it’s a business with business, the beautiful thing about it is you don’t have to put a lot of money into invest.
You don’t have to invest in their inventory, you’re, not the best in the phones.
You drop them back.

I have to invest as a pin look sharp, invest some time and learning your product and invest some time and your customers.
That’s that’s the main thing.
That’s the main thing right: there’s that relationship building! That’s what that’s! What a lot of dealerships don’t do.

You know they got ta, be TC ya, pound and pound and pound just get them and get them and get them in, but where’s the hook worse.
Why we’re sick customer experience? What are you telling the customers? Are you telling the cousin hey you ready to buy, come on in we’ll make you a great deal? You’ll, we’ll save you thousands of dollars right and you know, and the other thing is that I’m going to tell you is the BDC and mining is so important.
I would look smart and clickable.

We put people on PPC, but we don’t use just Google Adwords.
We will use Google, I would you’re paying a fortune, we use big data, we have two warehouses in Phoenix right and you know that I have the Institute alright, so we have two warehouses and Phoenix right that do mining of data.
So when we do an ad, we do the real audience.

It’s the Big Data and if you look up the term using Google AdWords with big data, it’s much cheaper and it’s much bigger results.
When you have the data and data is Katun like kasia skated the carbon, that’s! What in digital marketing data is, can the same thing as cash right right, so that destin you’ve already got that customer.
In the first time, you’re invested the thousand the 800,000 get that customer into your dealership.

The first time now you could continue to capitalize on that 800,000 right correct and you know what Val out tomorrow we’re gon na.
Have the zoom we’re gon na all? Do it gon na be 25 or 25 minutes a half-hour? These guys really need our help, they’re there in store small, medium and large and big automotive, and they need a help.
Okay and we do workshops, I do workshops with Fran all the time.

So you know I want to really help them with so because that’s what they want to learn.

So I’m looking forward to this with you and Brandon uh tomorrow and Vout thanks a lot for always being there for me throughout the year, they’re, not just a partner.
You’ve been a friend and your training is amazing and I mean whoever any field ship.

That’s in the market for a BDC trainer sales trainer I mean really, he integrates the sales and the BDC together right.
So it’s a great communication process at your time.

That’s the time it’s not just hey, you know what he was a great car guy when he was in the car business, and I was a great amazing trainer when he was at course horse.

He turned it around completely.
It became like a monster so Val.
Thanks again, shutdown Val, you know, what’s like it’s not ready yet, and you know this is very strict here, because we had a lot of people.

You know what happened here in New York: simple people from Long Island work in Manhattan, so there’s bats of transit and people from Manhattan also work.
So you know it blew up here because of the population and mass transit.
You know so you got to understand.

I mean you’re talking about millions of people traveling every day, yeah.
No, I know Florida and Georgia, it’s different.
I mean Florida and Georgia’s a little bit different.

You know people are in causes, not this kind of you know: subway system and Penn Station and Long Island.

Rail I get it, I get it, I get it, so it really blew up.
You know, that’s what happened but we’re trying to make it happen.

You know, okay, well, you know, god be with you guys, and you know your guys’s mayor is amazing.
Yeah he’s doing a good job and just keep doing what you’re doing, and hopefully everything opens up and I could get back to the Northeast cuz.
I know I got a lot of dealers that are there just way too needy to get back out.

There got a lot of BMW dealers.
I got some yeah yeah a lot of network out here absolutely so I definitely will see you hopefully here in the near future, but we’ll talk a little bit tomorrow.
Okay, take everybody! This valve: okay, okay, .

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