Use the “No” to “Know” Sales Training Tip with Noel Walsh

Well, everyone no wall share with conquer you and in this module.

I wanted to talk about how sometimes we need to use a know to know, and what I mean is so many salespeople are so afraid to get knows from customers that they don’t realize.

That knows and objections are the bridge of the sail they’re the bridge to bring that deal forward through the process and reason being is because when a customer tells us know, we know what they don’t like.
This gives us the opportunity to ask them more questions to investigate further.

So, therefore, we can identify what the customers trying to accomplish.
So when you get a know from a customer know that is your bridge to the next step in the process.
Know that no doesn’t mean I’m.

I don’t like you or I don’t want to deal with you or I don’t like your product.
You know, like I always say, no just means I’m not ready yet, but when a customer tells you know that gives you the opportunity to know what they don’t like to know what their hang-ups are to know, what their objections are and from there by the nose That they give you it gives you the opportunity to investigate further to identify what the customer is trying to accomplish and to bring that sale to close once again, no walls with conquer you, 

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