Use of Product Specialists During the Delivery Process

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Today we want to give you some consumers something to think about, and that is when you’re taking delivery of a vehicle.

There’s some role now called a product specialist and that role is starting to take on more responsibilities as the vehicle technologies start to increase in today’s marketplace.
Vehicles are more frequently equipped with advanced technology features which may be perceived by customers as too complex to operate so to address that issue, dedicated product specialists are playing an increasingly larger role in the sales process at dealerships we now have found out over a decades that, For you, the customer get to get the best sales experience.

When you purchase a new vehicle, we have found out four things that you put down when you receive that survey of satisfaction when you’re in the dealership and basically the four factors of importance are working out.
The deal or the numbers, the salesperson, the delivery process themselves and also facilities.

Now, if we look at the five factors of importance for those four salespeople and the fairness of the price still come in negotiating inventory and facilities, so when we put all of this together, you, the customers are saying that pretty much besides the price of the vehicle.

The delivery is about the biggest thing that you need to understand before you leave.
So increasingly, dealers are employing product specialists to enhance the new vehicle sales process by demonstrating the vehicle’s features and technology innovations.

They also conduct a second or a follow-up session, if need be, to make sure you, the guests, understand what you’re paying for industry-wide uh 15 of customers indicate that they would like both a sales person and a separate product specialist when shopping for a vehicle, and this Percentage is slightly higher when it comes to the premium vehicles, then, amongst the other vehicles there with that, whether it’s that way in your area or not we’re just going by the study.

So when we do have the two specialists and the salesperson, besides just the salesperson doing it, you say that you retain more of the information or your satisfaction at the dealership goes up.
So our key findings from shop smart when a customer works with both the sales person and a product specialist.
This is what the new model should work with working with both makes you more comfortable in a buying situation, uh because it can get technical as far as the blind spot monitoring as far as pairing the phone.

As far as setting a clock in some vehicles, some people still have a challenge with this, but understanding what we call the key performance indicators or kpis.
You say that you’re more comfortable or satisfied with the experience when you do have the two.
So what are we just simply saying if you are one of these people that are like that out, there call your dealership or go online at the dealership and ask them in so many ways: do you have a product specialist, a separate person, that’s going to go Over all the technology, or if it is that sales person are they knowledgeable, you may find if it’s just the sales person, you may see that they may bring another sales person in who’s a lot more astute in understanding the technologies.

But your best bet – and it’s happening a lot – find dealerships that have a expert, a product specialist.
That’s all they do is work with you, because once you drive the vehicle off of the lot and you cannot operate something that you’re paying a note for every month, that is very frustrating, and really it’s not fair to you.

That’s why many dealerships do have lunch and learns or they ask you if you want to come back or somebody will come to you at your work or your home to go over these technologies again, it’s very important.

So what are we saying? Today’s vehicles are nothing more than computers on wheels, but we need to understand how your manufacturer is making this more beneficial for your driving experience and that’s left up to the sales person or product specialist.
To give you that satisfaction.
If some of this makes sense, i hope it does come back again for the next installment brad and hardison for shop, smart autos, as always in parting you going out and making a champion day.

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