Two Ways To Start Making Money Online

If you work at a dealership, if your insurance, if you’re in real estate, if you’re in any type of sales position and let’s just say you’ve, been laid off, are furloughed or you’ve just been completely, let go and you wonder what can you do to be able To leverage your selling skills and to be able to provide some money to take care of your family and take care of your also, I highly encourage you to consider taking advantage of the internet and online products now there’s two different ways: okay, for you to be Able to make money with online products number one you can create them or number two.

You can be an affiliate form and real quick.
You may be unfamiliar who I am when you may be familiar, I’m Brian Maxwell and I’m best known for traveling around the country.
Working with some of the top automotive dealer groups providing sales, training and skills development to help their businesses and their salespeople, be, you know, continue to flourish and be profitable and, throughout this whole quarantine process.

I’ve gotten messages from people who are familiar with the fact that I also run a part of my business.
That’s the online company, that’s extremely successful part that generates thousands of dollars each and every month with online digital products, and so people been saying you know, Brian.
How can I take advantage of the internet? How can i leverage my ability or my skills from the dealership or from real estate or from insurance and be able to start making some money like? I see that, obviously, that you do now again my bread and butter is my offline.

You know speaking whether it be a dealerships speaking for dealer groups, whether it be speaking at a conference or speaking at a at a college, but as far as with everything that’s going on, I am extremely grateful for the fact that for years now you know I’ve Had a successful online presence, so if you want to take advantage of that, there’s two ways and I’m gon na be sharing information with you to help you be able to sustain and maintain until you get back into your dealership and even when you get back you’ll, Be able to use these same exact skill sets to be able to help yourself there, so you can create a product or be an affiliate now creating a product.

That’s an e-book, that’s a trained online training course.
That’s an audio course.

That’s a video training, app software.
Those are digital products.
Okay, that’s you creating a digital product.

Now, an affiliate! That’s where someone may have created an e-book created.
An online training program have an e course or something, and they are looking for people to help them promote it or to sell it, and they pay them a percentage now.
The difference, obviously, is that if you create a product, you keep 100 % of the profits.

If you become an affiliate, you get whatever percentage.
The creator sets now.
The benefit of the difference between the two is obviously, when you create a product that content that intellectual property is yours, you can profit from it right now and for years to come.

If it’s quality information now when you’re an affiliate, obviously somebody else created it.
You get paid a percentage, but if you don’t have a website, if you don’t have a blog, if you don’t have an e-book or a training or a product of your own at the moment, this gives you an excellent way to be able to generate as much If not more money that somebody that created one because as an affiliate you’re, not just locked into one brand one product, one service, you can be an affiliate for whatever product or service that you feel works best for your family members, you’re a social media network or For your list of people that subscribe to you or whatever it is that you got going on, you can be an affiliate for multiple products and create multiple streams of income, but also, even if you do create your own product, the beauty is, you can still be An affiliate of other people’s products as long as they don’t collide or affect yours that wouldn’t make sense to be an affiliate for someone who’s offering the same exact product in the same exact niche as you.
But if you’re offering a product.

That’s in a niche of Health or working out, you know you may become an affiliate marketer for certain pieces of workout equipment.
You may become an affiliate marketer for certain gym memberships.
Things like that you know so being an affiliate is actually beneficial for the creator.

Also, but it’s really beneficial for somebody who doesn’t have the time or the resources haven’t created a product, okay, so to jump in the game.
The first thing you need to do is decide whether you gon na create are you gon na, be an affiliate.
I recommend affiliate even while you’re creating a product all right, but the big mistake that most people make they think it’s all about just throwing together some book or some audio and throwing it out there without any content you got to have valuable information.

Okay or anything, is about just being affiliate, taking a link and posting it on Facebook and you’re gon na become rich.
It’s not I’ve.
Seen a lot of good people, waste a whole lot of time and resources, not knowing what they doing.

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Alright, so I’m Brian Maxwell keep checking in on be coming at you.
Sharing you the same tips in the methods that I use that I use personally, that make money for myself, and I look forward to seeing you at the top over and out to learn how you can fast-track your online business, create an effective and successful online digital Product or find the right one to become an affiliate for that you can promote and generate money and make money online from your home to protect yourself and your family.
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