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Good afternoon it is Wednesday July 22nd 12 o’clock on the East Coast, and that means another Hardison’s tip for all of us that are in the industry.

So if you happen to be a salesperson, that’s trying to get to that next level.

I hope there’s some managers out there because many times you’re standing in your own way, sure you know how to pencil a deal but you’re dealing with human capital.
These salespeople are human.

How can you get them to their next level and I guarantee you it’ll get to your paycheck, so we are honored today to go out of the United States to our neighbors, to the north and for some of us who remember the war of 1812, that bogus Little war, you know we we burned York yeah and then they came back and they burned Washington DC it with well, what wasn’t? A pretty sight was a little bit.
Yes, we have a outstanding gentleman.
Who’s been doing some tremendous things up in that area.

Ain’t Everett reading we glad he gave up a little bit of time to be with us, so I’m gon na allow him to do a 30,000 foot just quick about what he does and then I’ll present a question.
So hey mr.
Reid tell us who you are and what you’re about well absolutely I’ve rolled read off the reed method.

International is my company.
My book is the reed method, a blueprint for achieving sales mastery, and so I work it I’m in the Toronto era.
I am a sales trainer.

I work with the dealership, still believe it or not.
I just left the Lexus store to come here to join you guys on the show, and but I’ve been doing pretty well in the industry and to the point where I have created my own set of courses based on what I believe is the pathway to ultimate Sales and business success in the automotive space and Beyond, which affords me the time to not only deliver a bunch of cars but also to travel in coach and speak and and train, and not much traveling right now.
So here we are here doing this stuff there.

You go, we got it, so, let’s get right to it.

We had a conversation earlier in the week and I told you here in the States there are some of our family members and I consider everybody in the automotive industry a family member, whether they happen to be a OEM or just an independent.
But some of our family members are actually telling guests that come in that yes, we’ll do that for something like 80 four months.

Ninety six months and people are signing up.
I mean I don’t know what they do in Canada, but just a ballpoint.
Do you see a problem with what some of that a massive problem it? It is.

Not even you know, in this day and age, it’s not even the beginning of anything fundamental that it’s not even the right thing to do.
Frankly, if you’re gon na put anybody into a 7 8 9 year finance, that is just nonsense.
You know if, if you, if your dealership is structured, properly and structure, has a lot to do with training, which is why we’re here right now, if your sales management team and your sales, your sales team, is equipped and trained properly to articulate the benefits of Leeson You’re not going to be selling one car every eight years, you’re gon na be doing for every eight years.

If you properly structure the deal the first time and show people the ultimate benefits, and I’m not talking two year leases, I’m talking, you can still do three and four year leases, but upgrade these clients in two three years and have sixty three deals in six years Or four and eight years, instead of this one-off mentality, the lowest payment folks and the lowest price – is not the best deal.
Okay, price and payments and low payments doesn’t mean you’re, given the client a good deal, because you’re not structuring the deal properly to set them up for the future to give them options and the best deals when I structure deals today.
I know in two-and-a-half years three years I can sell them in on the car.

It’s already been established and my clients and become conditioned to now expect new cars every two to three years, which is what they actually want.
Folks, they don’t want to be driving the same car for six, seven, eight nine years anyways.
So why are you going down this path? Well, I’m totally with you with that.

Now we can always talk about processes in any business in the industry.
Any social organization process process process well when it comes to this, if a customer says doing that, needs analysis that here’s, what they’re trying to achieve seem like any good rookie, would still try to find a boss before I grab a set of keys and say well Boss, you know what mr.
Reed said he wanted in 94 months and here’s.

What do you find salespeople trying to trying to look at? What we do is a team solution selling.
I don’t have to be Superman.
You use you some team members yeah.

The team needs to be used utilize more, but sometimes the team leaders are not even even able to help the teammates.
So to speak, oh well, you know I’m a blunt guy, so I’ve been at this for thirty years and I’m not gon na beat around the bush.
If you know right from the top, the philosophy runs from leadership ownership right through and and it’s the quality of people and whether you’re at a certain level or not, you can be trained, you can get better.

You can learn how to offer more alternatives and value-laden solutions for clients.
It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution for every client.
It just is not, and most dealerships have some for decades with one way of approaching things, and you know they constantly have to chase the new traffic to get them through the door when, at the same time you know half the people are leaving through the back Door, there’s no focus on a system and getting a deal today and blowing your brains out this month and saying I hit my target or exceeded my target doesn’t set you up for success next June July or the July after.

It’s just not the way it works anymore, so you have to set clients up from the very beginning in the right solution for them and the the sales, the sales managers and sales teams that are equipped and and educated, to articulate the features and benefits of whether It’s a lease whether it’s a finance, not everybody can lease.
I understand that whether it’s a finance but the more people can lease more than you think most salespeople and sales management teams just don’t know how to articulate the benefits in the structure off leases.
Believe me, when I tell you, when I sit down with many clients every day – and I still do this folks so when I’m coming to you from the perspective of a sales trainer, I’m also still selling cars.

I deliver 21 cars last month and I only worked 14 days.
You know so I’m telling you what I’m practicing, I’m not just a sales trainer retired who wrote a couple of books – and you know you know, is saying that I know stuff.
I I’m doing it right now, there’s a big difference in doing it doing it, no III.

Thank you for that.
Now, while you were talking here’s one thing that comes up and I always get on my finance managers – business managers – I keep telling them that you’re a manager.

Yes, when was the last time you had a meeting with your sales team members and explained the nuances positive negative with the lease, so at least they can be better equipped because, sometimes, like you said, the desk managers may not even have that on their radar.

Do they do that up in Canada or Oh, a finance manager? Would that be so absolutely even me? Who is a seasoned guy? Sometimes you know sometimes I structure a deal because I’m always overly creative, with the way I’m doing things and you know they’ll catch where I have the my residual is off by a percent or with loyalty.
You know the rates off by half a percent, so we we’re we’ve in some of our manufacturers like Lexus Toyota, Acura, BMW mercy depends on the manufacturer and in the dealership, sale.
The sales team has different levels of you, know: education or experience in the automotive space.

We are able to go in depth in depth into what how leasing works better.
Why should why you should consider it versus a finance, a long-term finance or even a short-term finance? Why is it leased instead of paying cash like we live? Our dealership is in Oakville, Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
If you look at our per capita in the world, has one of the highest income per capita in North America anyways right way.

Absolutely it’s a very well-to-do place where people come in every day and want to pay cash, and we say: hang in a second now I’ll tell you the in most dealerships the sales rep would say: okay, we’ll negotiate into a cash deal, because the client says I’m Paying cash and all the dealerships where the sales rep right upfront is a little bit more.
You know, experienced with the alternatives, will say, hang in a second.
Why are you thinking of paying cash? Have you thought about leasing and they’ll say no? No! No! We don’t want at least we don’t want payments, we’ll just pay cash right.

Okay, but you’ll still go back and say well.

Have you thought of the benefits of leasing? Let me show you how you can have the best of both worlds.
There you go by keeping your cash, which is more secure with you, then put it into a car which, if it gets into an accident, it’s gon na depreciate like a rock right.

It’s gon na have a Carfax claim on it and it’s gon na be worth a lot less money.
Now, how do you feel about buying that $ 50,000 car right now with that cash yeah? What, if I can get you show you one or two percent and show you in some cases we can show them how to get 0 % so to make the cash purchase and the lease purchase actually very similar.

I’m glad you shared that, because what I try to tell my team members that I have that I work with is that they’re gon na buy a car uh-huh.

It’s who they’re gon na buy from and the person that can have value with knowledge, uh-huh and show them you’re still gon na make the decision.
But here’s just an option – maybe you haven’t, can say.
Yes, your stock goes up immensely huge.

Yes, yes, and just wanted to, let you know you got a great person like yourself up there in Canada he’s from Louisiana a place called Alexandria Louisiana, which most people haven’t heard of he’s that Walker Honda, but he says hi out to you up there in Canada.
Well, I say hi right back my friend but his name’s, the Lamar Holmes, but here’s what I wanted to get to, because I know we only have a few minutes here.
Speaking of what we all in the world are going through right now.

How has it been in Canada, with the impact of the virus yeah, the other ships had to make some changes, or certainly we have to make changes.
I mean here is my as of today there’s a new law.
There’s my Alexis mask.

If you can see it.
Okay, so we have to wear the mask.
You know once you step out of your office into the public space where there’s more people, you have to wear the mask and definitely cement Ain the distance in and with test-drives.

It’s one person, maybe two, but if you’re in the vehicle all have to be all have to have mass and we were sanitizing the vehicles, we’re actually keeping the showroom vehicles closed and they’re sanitized between clients, okay yeah.
So it’s a pretty rigorous process, but it’s a necessary process.
You know we strictly just focus on what the sign sells and what the doctors say, and you know we just leave it at that.

Okay, good! What percentage in Canada that you that you know about are actively trying to work with the guests, because on their website they have a way.
If you don’t want to come into the dealership, we can go.
The whole deal will deliver you the vehicle same way with service will pick up your vehicle.

Leave you owner, get it back.
Is that a big thing that’s going on, or do you find dealers just not prepared? They got hit in the dark and they don’t know what to do well.

Some have made the pivot pretty good to remote test drives or delivering the vehicles home, but we we initially right from late March and all through April.

When we were closed, we were, we were physically closed for the sales department was physically closed for about six seven weeks.
We still feel that the sales calls we still feel that the electronic leads and we still provided quotes and we still close deals over the internet and the phone and by sending documents, and we mostly delivered everything once we reopened, but we still sold the car.
So we were, we were basically adopting on the fly and you know falling because we get chat, leads anyways right, you do have phone calls and leads anyway.

So what difference does it make if you’re delivering the car you’re just piling up the sales right sure they can come in and test drive the car during the time that we were closed and we weren’t bringing them cars? But now that we are reopen, you know we quickly deliver those vehicles and people appreciated.
We found that some most people appreciated the process that we were actually not just put in the sail above health care.

Mmm-Hmm, very good.

The next of the last thing, because we’re almost out of time here with that we had Jim Ellis Automotive Group, we’re gon na have a great month.
We were one of the first in the southeast five years ago to already have the selling online.
So when this covert hit, we were just operating them the way we normally would.

Thank you what we’re experiencing in the United States, it’s a whole lot of dealerships that can’t keep their place.
Sanitized yeah boyee get something.
Consumer confidence goes down because we don’t know if you’re going to be open or closed or open and we’re picking up additional business from people that have given up on that hometown dealership that they used to do.

Do you find some of that happening in Canada that some operators just can’t stay in business? No, because the the the regulations here are a little bit more.
You know they’re not really up to question when, once we trust the leadership that if the government says okay, you know we’re mandating mask we’re, mandating no test drives or a mandate in this policy.
Pretty much everybody adheres to it right because it’s in the interest of us all – and we see it in the results we see it, which is why we’ve been able to reopen right and we’ve been able to go back now to stage three in most places.

So we typically don’t question that and – and they will have regulators out, if you don’t follow those rules, because it’s not about you as much, you know we’re in the mask or taking this set.
You know if you want to go and get yourself sick.
That’s one thing, but you don’t have the right to get other people sick outstanding.

I like that.
I like that now I know you said that you were working on a couple of things.
Pet projects.

Can you expand on one because I think one dealt with leasing or something didn’t yes, so there there are two main things that I do.
The one is sales mindset, principles and I fundamentally believe before any dealership, and I think one of the things you we talked we started this conversation was about is really the mindset off of sales teams, managers owners sales reps, if they’re not in the right place in Their mind about their true capabilities, and you know what the potential really is.
They would never truly realize, doesn’t matter what technology you add, what you implement, what processes the people themselves, the human being, has to be trained or have to be able to realize their own capabilities that they can do what much better than they currently are, and then, Once you know that course I offer that course it talks about also nine principles or ten.

Then I’ve developed the least performance blueprint and the least performance blueprint is for dealerships like the ones you mentioned, that are lesion that are financed in.
You know people four six, seven, eight nine years that literally transforms these organizations, because you know we show you how not just to lease the car today but how to set up your second third.

Fourth deal, then you’re gon na get two three four more trades.

There’s more parts, business, more F & I business more CPU business like it’s! It’s it’s up to its multi millions of dollars in three years, and I’ve literally built out this formula.
That shows what happens when you lease tenth just 10 % more than you’re, currently doing excellent.
Now, how long have you been thinking on this project before you released it? You know I I was actually doing this I was I was drawn out of my chairs.

I was at the Lexus dealer selling cars and because of the systems that I had implemented there, all the lexus dealers and toyota dealers were calling me and saying: hey we hear you’re, the guy.
Can you come out and teach us how to do it outstanding? So that’s what i did and then it evolved from being in person to online as well.

Oh well, if someone wants to hear more, how can they hear about you? You got LinkedIn yeah, so definitely on LinkedIn.

I respond to my messages.
I get messages every day, so ever old, read on LinkedIn or the read method on LinkedIn.

We connected here on messenger on Facebook, so there’s an average read analyst and a reed method, page and ever old, at the reed method: calm ever old at the reed method, calm and my website, the reed method calm.

So you can’t well before we let you go ever know some of the people that are out listening, saying, good information, but he’s in Canada good.
Could you tell them where you from well, I I was makin born South Manchester went to warmers boy school in Kingston.
The oldest school in the entire Eastern Caribbean – oh yes! Yes, it is it’s almost three hundred years old and yeah.

I’ve been in Canada now for jeez, 34, 35 years, okay, but I’ve traveled extensively across the US all across North America and the Caribbean doing my training in my seminars.
So I’m ready, when you guys, are, if you want to transform your dealerships and transform your sales teams into realize an ultimate success that you’re not chasing clients every day and wondering where your new client is coming from, where the deals are coming from.
I can show you how to do that.

Well, I want to thank you every forgive any up your lunchtime but, like I said I know my students are.
Couple of them are out the door they’re looking in wondering what’s going on.
Yes, we do.

Thank you for your time and hey, be safe, stay healthy up there and keep rockin and rollin and folks.
Once again, you need to check out this leasing.
I don’t know if you caught some of the things he was saying, but the one thing that perk my ears up with CP – oh, oh man, I can get me another CP, Oh vehicle, I’m with you.

Thank you for being with this.
Today it was fun.
Thank you.

We should do this again sometime soon, yeah.
Let’s do it again.
Alright, everybody else, Brandon artisan with another Hardison’s tip, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

Thank you, sir.
Take care.

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