All righty good afternoon to you, so it must be 12 o’clock eastern standard time, because i’m here, brandon barton, a host of partisans tips.

President of champion strategies.
We do this every wednesday i send my class out to lunch and instead of me consuming something, i give you an opportunity to hear from the industry’s best.
We are honored today to bring back someone that we had on earlier and we’re going to have a conversation about something that’s really troubling me, but we have no walsh all the way from the other side of the mississippi, so no say good afternoon.

I know it’s morning in your place but say good afternoon to the folks on the east coast hey good afternoon, everyone.
My name is noel walsh, i’m from nwna conquer what you chase sales training, i’m stationed here in saint george, sunny st george utah, which is about 110 miles from las vegas.
So that’s my main metro area, four miles from the arizona border, but i’m a 20-year car veteran been in the business.

My whole life before that i worked in in the wash rack, prep department, cleaning cars pulling them up, and then i got into sales.
When i was 21 years old.
I’ve had my sales training business since 2010, hard to believe it’s already been a decade and a lot’s changed since then, but when it comes to selling, i think really very little has changed, and so i think we can have a great conversation about the importance.

The power and the impact that a hands-on, powerful walk-around can do for not only your sales but also your gross, and then your you know your future previous customers and repeat, and referral business.
Okay, beautiful! Congratulations on your uh 10-year anniversary! I i like that.
That’s beautiful! But here’s what i’m really pressed against.

I read an article noel and it said that looking at today’s society and how they would like to purchase um that really a product presentation walk around, really isn’t necessary.
Just let me test drive the car.

We do have covet.
I don’t need you the sales professional in there when i come back, then i’ll make the decision.
If i want it or not, um.

What’s what’s your personal thoughts, if somebody just said hey noel, give me stock number one, two, three, nine! I want this one right here, uh, what what’s your opinion about that? You know well, um, you know always use things like great choice.
That’s a very popular vehicle.
I have a lot of other customers that have interest in this.

You know similar vehicles, and so what i say is that’s excellent, we’ll get you set up for a test drive but first off.

Let me show you some things about the vehicle right, and so then i always ask, and what i teach in my sales training is, is find out what they were driving before, what they liked about that vehicle, what they wish their previous vehicle had and really what Attracted them to this vehicle, so then you know what points to touch base on to where you can say all right before you take a drive, you can have your six feet, distance.
You don’t have to touch anything.

You can wear gloves wherever you’re at whatever the customers you know, climate is to that.
Whatever their comfort zone is but start talking about some things.
Hey folks, do me a favor.

You know open the door.
Do a butterfly i mean, that’s, like you know: sales walk around 101 from the 40s.
You know is butterfly the vehicle it makes it look bigger.

It makes it look grander and then start by just doing a walk around presentation.
You know, i always say touch base on on five points.

What the customer’s interest was in that vehicle? What you like about that vehicle safety features, i don’t care if they’re, you know 16 or they’re 89.

Everybody wants to know that they’re safe in that vehicle, if uh you know unthinkable, happens, no one that no one plans on getting in a car accident um.
You know what other customers liked about that vehicle and then really where that product, that vehicle shines, outshines the competition and so use that opportunity, and it gives you the opportunity also to take a little charge and have the hey.
You know, mr jones, do me a favor have a seat in there.

How’s that feel and you’ve got power.
Lumbar see that button right there.

Third button on your left yep push that up push that out.

So that way you can get comfortable.
Do you go on long drives? You know it gives you the opportunity to really, i always say the the feel of the wheel seals the deal but you’re.
Just here’s.

I’m gon na set the keys over here.
You grab the keys, you take it for a drive and then let me know what you think.

You know: that’s not that’s not sales sales person, ship, salesmanship, that’s clerking, and so you really take control of the process in a way that makes the customer feel empowered and really, once you investigate you’re able to identify what the customer likes and then point out.

Those features huh you’re, a golf league.
Do me a favor.
Will you go grab your golf clubs? Are they in your trunk? Are they in your car? I want you to see how well they fit.

You know the hands-free liftgate.
You know touch base on all those points.
That’s it uh, two important things that i got out of that uh you’re, getting them involved.

Yes by touching sitting pulling.
I i i i i love it and to me: that’s where that mental ownership starts to really becomes a little solidified in their head.
It was always a vision when they saw it on the phone, but now they’re sitting there touching they’re pulling and now the anticipation of the test drive to me is becomes more amplified absolutely we’re in there and now they’re starting to picture and you’re getting their their Imagination, working and now they’re thinking about the golf trip up north or what have you um, they’re thinking about taking the kids to the beach they’re thinking about the the girls weekend? What you know, whatever their interests, are they’re, starting to kind of you, know, picture that and imagine that and now kind of feel like it’s like you said it’s no longer just uh.

You know a stock number on the phone, a picture.
You know a 360 view, a youtube video.
They saw that type of thing.

Actually, you know the feel of the wheel seals the deal and you’re engaging and interacting with them and you’re also having the ability to.
Let them know that you actually care and you’re listening, because you know 80 percent of customers feel that the salesperson doesn’t listen to them, and so you get approved that fact.
Oh man, i know we only have so much time, but oh that that that’s another rabbit hole.

I would love to explore about that listening part of it, because, yes, we as sales professionals rather talk than than listen, and i was always taught, and i try to teach others – the customer knows how they want to purchase.

If you just listen, they’ll guide you on how to get them on and off the curb and back to their world there with that.
So i like that one, that’s good! Let me, let me ask you this with this covet situation going on and we do have the hands-free everywhere.

Do you think that maybe some of the sales people are just picking up some lazy habits, or has this always been a systemic problem where sales people, just don’t like doing a feature advantage benefit walk around presentation? You know i, i think especially uh.
Ever since uh you’ve been in the business for a while, so we actually like saw the internet come into the business.

You know i started in 2000, where our you know, web page was basically a copy of our newspaper ad.

You know – and it said lisa ford focus for 189 a month, lisa torres for 219 a month lease an explorer for 289 a month or what have you, and so they still came in now.
Customers are are very empowered, they’re very knowledgeable.
You know i’ve heard anywhere from 10 to 40 hours of research.

The average customer does before they actually purchase a vehicle and maybe not on that specific vehicle, and you know sales people by nature um.
We do like to take shortcuts.
You know i mean it’s something that we all have to be conscious on.

I think that’s why you know that’s why i got into training, because i i do a couple hours of training my day assault.

Yes, off my day, you know and uh i’m saying that wrong completely, but a couple hours of training myself each day um i do just to stay sharp.
In fact, you know when we got ready for this uh.

You know i knew i was coming on.
I watched some of my walk around training on my platform.

Just not i mean i taught it.

I know it, but just to refresh myself.
Sometimes we need to stay up on that and i do think they kind of got to the at the age where everybody wants ai and just go to amazon and just click buy ship and you know they’re done, but really when it comes to a big purchase.

I think they really want that.

They really want that hands-on.
They want to deal with the professional and they really you know they know enough, they aren’t experts and that’s what we’re supposed to be as the experts and show our expertise without bragging, correct, correct, getting them involved and engaged.
Because now, when you get to your desk, it’s not going to be hey, abc motors down, the street has the same vehicle, and i just you know instant message them and they said: they’ll beat your price by 300.

Now they have some commitment and a relationship with you that they’re willing to pay for your professionalism, your service, your expertise, your knowledge and your service to them, and you made it more than just you know, pick click ship and there you you really: okay, okay! Now i see oh yeah, i really do like this.
You know i really do like this feature and i do the benefits from it and okay yeah.
That makes sense.

I see why they do this and you can really kind of mold it all together and now, when you get there, that’s where you get.
You know, like i, used to get the line all the time and people would be like you, you got it so easy man, you must just get all the the lucky customers this and that because they’re, you know, i hear all the time.
When can we get it? You know, like my customers, never say that and i’m like well, because you did not set it up right and there you go you you have a couple of folks, that’s chiming in saying so true, no so so true, so so you’re right with that, let me Ask this: we know that we have all of this technology in front of us as a sales consultant.

We have all types of analytics of how people would love to purchase from where you stand in the dealerships you see on the other side of the mississippi, and it must be the same on my side here too uh.
Do you find still some sales professionals struggling with even doing a product prison walk around to send that video to a guest? So they can be more aware of the vehicle that they can’t see, touch because they’re away from the lot? Do you have problems with sales people doing walk-arounds? You know i’ve been working on that for four years, pushing it hard to all my clients, whether it’s dealers i deal with whether it’s coaching clients that are in many other industries and automotive as well.
I’m like you’ve got to do video, especially now with kovid.

Do a video? Have your friend help you get a uh, you know, selfie, stick um set it up on uh i mean you can set it up on you on your desk on a computer or something like that.
Your phone get a tripod, there’s so many ways, but do that you can personalize it and you know before then it gives you the opportunity hey.
What was it you like most about this vehicle, i’m going to put together a short presentation for you and then you can say: hey you’re a golfer.

Let me show you this right or and butterfly the vehicle, but you know when you make it a moving presentation.
People really appreciate that i think a lot of sales people are scared and oftentimes people are afraid to do videos because they’re afraid of the naysayers.
You know i’ve done a lot of videos, i’ve done, you know hundreds of live videos and there’s always a couple knuckleheads who just say stuff in there and at first it kind of bothered me a little bit and now, if everybody liked it, it must not be Genuine enough, because not everybody’s gon na, like everything right, some people like chocolate, ice cream.

Some people like vanilla, ice cream, some people like mint chocolate chip, but getting over that because, like anything once you do a couple of those videos and maybe have a partner at work that you do it with or have a manager that you do it with.

And you send that out once you do it for a while, it becomes easier – and you know the perfection is in the imperfections when you make mistakes or you flop on a word here or there.

Oftentimes people see you more real and genuine, yes, and so that that doesn’t hurt you know don’t take 50 takes, i mean i’ve got.

You know.
I’ve got like 2 000 training modules on my platform and some i probably only shot like 2 100 right.
I don’t do 50 takes a video, i do one you know, and that makes me better because i’m prepared and do things like for our call.

I mean, like i said i you know i’m teaching i’m talking about my own content stuff.
I teach all the time.

I put some notes together just because it made it fresh in my mind, but i mean i i think that’s so important and it’s it’s it’s becoming, especially now with the coveted net.

It’s becoming a necessity that, like anything, the further you put it off the worse yeah like, if you say, hey, i’m going to work out tomorrow and then up work out next week.
When you keep getting heavier, you keep getting a little bit more.

You know lethargic right, a little bit, more lazy.

You’ve got to get on it because it’s the way, the you know the way the business is going and growing, and it gives you the opportunity to really personalize it and then, when you send them that video gives you the opportunity to call them back um and Say: hey: what did you think of it? Was there you know? Did i touch base on what you said you’re interested in it shows them that you’re listening? It shows them you care and they feel like.
Well, you did it.
You just did a personal presentation for them in the comfort of their home.

Yes, because how many other sales consultants that they already call texts or communicate with that, did not do that walk around so you you’re right, but there’s one other thing very big, because somebody uh bounced out on that too uh, i’m looking behind you and i see That 33 – and we were talking about it before we went on air uh, do you think mr bird really cared who liked and who didn’t like his performance on any night over the history of his career? No, he he just kept doing his history either you like it or not.

It’s it’s.
My thing and one of the listeners said out here: yes, no you’re right, you have to learn to ignore them and just keep doing what you do.

So i’m glad you touched on that because i do feel there’s a whole lot of salespeople that do look around and say yes, they’re going to mock me they’re, going to make fun of me they’re.
Do your thing and you’ll be amazed because a whole lot of our brothers and sisters aren’t doing it at all yeah and you know uh when you exceed from the pack and you excel, you will exceed from the pack right and your results and your income and Your sales and your quality of life and your home in your car and the places you can eat you know, eat a a good meal in that, and i always say, like hey, you know you’re making four thousand dollars a month.

You will not believe how great your lifestyle is when you make eight thousand and then when you learn how to make 8 000, you will not believe how great your lifestyle is when you make 12 000 and if you’re, hungry and you’re passionate, then you’re going to Get accustomed to those type of things we’ve been in the business for a while.

What was the first thing? Your managers told you to do: hmm buy as much get as much stuff on credit as possible because they wanted you.
You know they wanted you hungry.
You got it, you got it no um all of those things, but i won’t scare people with it.

But yes, i i had a manager if you weren’t, uh uh, mortgaged up to the hilt or had five kids.
No, he he wasn’t hiring you.
He wanted to make sure that you were hungry and would be back uh tomorrow.

I i i would agree with that.
Then out of all the stores you deal with, are there any one dealership or dealer group that takes walk around serious? Maybe one store goes against the other store, or do they try to do things? Have you seen anything like that at all? You know.
I know how your group does that um.

I really don’t think they compete against other stores like in the group but um.
Some of them will have contests.
I do have that and i and i try and promote that that’s something too, that i think a lot of sales people are afraid of is is doing the walk around because they think that they’ll look silly or you know billy will say afterwards.

Oh man, you didn’t even touch base on this, and you know this and that, but once again like we talked about, there’s always going to be the naysayers.

You have to go out and do you because nobody else is going to do you and most people want to see at their level.
But you know, exceptional is the exception to the rule, and so you know be exceptional at what you do don’t be afraid to do it once you do it a few times you get comfortable with it right and you know the feel of the wheel, always seals.

The deal i love it, no, you hit it.
Let me ask this: as we’re winding down, then certified pre-owned versus a new vehicle.
Do you switch up in your training when it comes to that type of walk-around, because we’re talking about two different vehicles here, um? You know, i think, probably 90 percent the same, but you know touch base on the miles hey for the year.

This is low miles or hey, even though it has higher miles.

That probably proves it was expressway miles, plus, wear and tear you know, you’re, obviously going to touch base on.
On the 176 point, inspection or whatever the manufacturer is doing touch base on 10 things that that does not everyone but say so.

You know not only do they put new wiper blades, you know rotate the tires change the oil this on every single one.
You know they make sure the tires are at specs.

They make sure this and make sure the air conditioning works right.

You know and touch base, so i would still give the same features and benefits as far as the actual product, but i would, rather than i’d, spend more time on really what the certification gives that customer and why it’s become so popular beautiful.
That’s that’s what i was trying to get out for some of the younger sales people that may be listening or something be certified pre-owned.
If we can get comfortable with your manufacturer’s program, you do have documentation, you do have the check sheet.

That’s signed off by the technician service manager.
Sometimes you can see what they did to bring it up to to be certified trip interruption.
But but that’s where i was going with that, because i had a a customer that came to uh one of our stores in atlanta because of the covid.

They got moved out of the almost your area louisiana with the hurricane and they came this way and they went with their family member to a store and they were looking at a cpo.
But the person never said anything about the certified pre-owned program.
Yeah the bumper-to-bumper warranty, you know that is usually for 12 months, 12.

000 miles the you know what, depending on the product, you know six years, 75, 000 or 70 or 100 or whatever the case is powertrain warranty touch base on that this also i’ve done a lot of my training gives the salesperson the opportunity to prep the finance Department, because this is certified – and it already comes with this warranty – my business manager is going to go over some other options and since it’s certified you’re going to get a discounted price, you can make that a bumper-to-bumper warranty.
You know um, you know premium care, ford called it or what have you, which is nearly a bumper to bumper this many miles.
It gives you the opportunity to really prep and promote that department also and really creates value in it, because now, when they’re, looking at a cpo, that’s going for 15, 000 and they’re like well wait, i can get the same car down the street with 1500.

You know uh for 1500, less that has 5 000 less miles.
I understand that, mr and mrs smith, the reason that the cpo costs more is because a b c d, e, f g right so you’re really getting more of a value rather than it just goes in the shop.
They you know make sure it runs good.

They they, you know, change the oil and throw it on the lots, put it on front line yeah, i’m like it really goes through.
They make it like new and that’s what you’re investing in to never say buying, i always say use the word.
Investing i like that.

I like that, all right before we get out of here um, i know i tried to give you an opportunity to talk about some of the things you have upcoming, but one more time for the sales people, but i don’t want to steal your your line there, But but what about the wheel and the steel of the deal? The feel of the wheel seals the deal? I came up with that when i was training in detroit at uh bob maxie, because i do have some clients still on the other side of the mississippi and uh.
In detroit, one of two four dealerships in the city of detroit and my dad’s famous line was um, because i learned under my dad, my dad was my manager for my first year.

Is the cars are the stars? The cars are the starters and the feel of the wheel, yeah that seals the deal love it love it.

No, oh, i know all about this car.
Let’s just you know, go sit at your desk and you give me your price.

Well, let’s take a look at it first and really make sure you’re comfortable with it right, you’re a tall person you’re a short person um.

You know this and that let’s make sure that it feels comfortable for you uh, you know: do you have your spouse um? You know if they’re going on a test drive: hey, are your kids at home? You know run it by there.
Have the kids hop in it.
I mean the best thing to do is: have somebody drive the vehicle to their place of work or their spouse’s place of work right, neighborhood right now now they’re, getting the peer pressure from everybody else is doing all the selling for you.

So you got it.
You got it you’re, looking at it so to wind it down, then still feel just like.
I still feel that the product presentation walk around is still an integral needed part of the sales process it shouldn’t be eliminated at all.

I think, as much now is ever, if not even more, for the simple fact, otherwise, it’s just going to become all about price.

Every dealership on your block down the street across town has the same products at the similar prices, and so that gives you the opportunity to build a relationship to show them that you listen and you care to show your professionalism.

And it keeps you sharp too, because who just wants to sit there and say hey? This is what we can do where you take it today.

What if i give you another 500 off, will you take it today? There’s no sailorship there.
You know salespersonship and um.
So it really gives you the opportunity to build on the relationship to show them that you listen to show them, that you care to show your expertise and really gets them engaged in the process.

And now it’s not just about the dollars.
It’s like.
I want to buy from noel walsh, i want to buy from brandon hardison.

I want to buy from abc motors right because i feel like they care and they listen there.
You go what you got going on anything going on.

Give you an opportunity to talk about yourself, your organization, yeah, so nwa sales training.

I do have my conquer you online sales training platform, like i said, nearly 2 000 training modules, tons 60 hours of content, uh test out questions, multiple choice on every single one, so i’ve been uh doing very well with that, especially with with kovid um.
I do also do in-house training nationally um.
I do do uh coaching.

I do that for for dealer groups, i do uh, you know i’ll run meetings in the morning via zoom call uh via conference call.
However, they want to do it.
Whatever technology they have um.

You know it’s funny, dealerships are, you know, have more technology than anybody, but they always have the worst technology.
You know like their wi-fi is always the worst and they don’t have plug.
I go in there and i’m like oh man.

I’ve got to go up to like best buy or something and some attachments i’m like, but um.
So now i i come stacked with just all types of plugins and everything but um.
So i do do all those things if they want to reach out to me.

Uh noah walsh, you can find me on facebook, linkedin instagram, twitter, um, i’m out there youtube i’ve got a lot of.
I’ve actually got uh.
Probably you know probably 40 minutes of walk around training on youtube.

Beautiful just did noah walsh, you know if you search an old walsh, uh walk around um you’ll find me they can go to my website, nwna salestraining.
com and feel free.
To look me up on facebook.

Uh message me um.
You know i’m not quite at 000 friends and if you’re in the automotive industry, i basically take uh.
You know, take everyone on as a friend but feel free to message me and if you’re interested uh reach out to me and um.

I know my stuff, i’m passionate about the business.
I know sales people – i grew up in it and you know i’m not uh, i’m confident and i’m good at what i do.
I love that, ladies and gentlemen, know walsh very confident, and i will end it with this.

It’s something between noel and myself, but he’s going to be a guest tomorrow at one of my friends that are in the area that i’m at and uh we uh crossed paths more than one way we were members of the georgia speaking association, the national speaker, association, We’ve worked together, but uh tell big dog hi tomorrow when you’re on your show.
Ladies and gentlemen, no walsh, i thank you.
My time is about up, because i can hear my students rumbling out there.

We need to get them back in so, as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

Thank you.

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