Hey it is 12 o’clock eastern standard time.

It must be time for an artist’s trip live on wednesday.

We do this every wednesday i have my class go to lunch and we try to feed you with different knowledge from different people from all parts of the country.

Today’s guest you’re going to love this these gentlemen are outrageous and they find a way to turn coffee into it.

So, since we only have a few minutes, i want to give them as much time to be as wacky crazy informational as they can.
So we have with us, fred and lou the car guy coffees, how you doing gentlemen.

We are wonderful, it is a pleasure to be here brandon.

We are excited to be here.
We’re excited to share some news with you.
We’re excited to you know, just see what we can create with you: it’d be fun.

How about you look like you’re out on the lot? Yes, i am, i’m excited just got done with a great meeting with the guys and uh just just excited to get out here help some people out and uh try to make make the world a better place with all of our smiles and all of our our Fun and all of our joy yeah just fill out our joy everywhere.
We can i’m excited about it.

We are brewing solutions, yes, and all you got ta do is get you some.
I like that.
So if we look at this brewing solutions, if you can reach back, you got that new hire.

That’s never been in the automotive business before.

What’s one thing, what’s one thing, you think that they need to be comfortable and consistent, so the customer can see confidence with them each and every time any any special tricks of the trade that you folks do with your people.

Ah, i wan na step all day long, let’s go luke okay, so one um eliminate the thought of you being comfortable right now.

Right now eliminate the thought of you being comfortable because inside of this business, where there is no limit to the success that you can have, you have to be in a constant state of growth, a constant state of stretching a constant state of elevating where it is That you can go and what you can achieve right so, once you’ve reached one level and you find out wow, there’s another level, there’s another guy that outsold me in a different city, if that’s possible for them it’s possible for me, so eliminate the thought of comfort Because that’s something you have to do for your customer uh, we as people we as professionals, uh, we we will fight tooth and nail so many times as a people for comfort, right and so many people will say the most comfortable place.
The most comfortable we ever are is right before we’re dead, huh and okay.
I don’t want.

I don’t want to be to a place where i don’t feel.
I don’t want to be to a place where i’m i don’t.
I don’t feel myself excelling or growing, and a customer is going to fight their their best to be as comfortable as they can as possible and sometimes, if they’re, really listening to your advice, some of the things that have them where they are has them dissatisfied because They’ve been fighting for comfort where, if they stretch a little bit, they’ll actually be happy with what they buy and if you, as a as a professional, would stretch a little bit, you’ll actually be happy and fulfilled with your results.

But so many times we start to see some great results in our business and we’re not we’re still not fulfilled, because we know that we didn’t maximize ourselves.

We did not.
We did not actually give everything, it is that we have, and so we still feel empty.

We’re still searching uh for something else when we actually never looked within to find out how much is really in there.
You know what i mean and – and i know it’s exciting to to to know that if we want to make sure that we eliminate the thought of being comfortable, we’re going to find ourselves being able to do the harder things easier.
If that makes sense, you know what i mean makes that makes you complete like, and i agree you have to embrace the uncomfortable and that’s something that lou and i we definitely as a team.

We’ve learned to do that.
We everything that’s uncomfortable.
We tend to reach for because we know that the uncomfortable is going to help us feel like we’re constantly growing and that’s our whole mantra is to keep growing you know, and – and we want to do, that – we want to do that not just for us personally, But we want to share that and give people and new team members on our team, the feeling of hey there’s a lot of growth that i can do here, not just professionally, because it takes more than professional to be good at this job.

You have to be good personally, too, you have to work on yourself when you find the courage in yourself and that’s what we want to train our guys onto.
We want to make sure that they’re getting taught how to be a you know, understand life and be better about be a better person.
If that makes sense um.

No, you could do that great sense, yeah now fred, but i see where you’re sitting fred.
I see some headphones, so are you in some type of uh internet bdc right now or is that your office? This is my office? I actually do the financing um.
You know i’m the finance manager here, but i also do a lot of these.

We do sell training motivation.
I do daily one-on-ones with my guys.
I do daily videos with them.

I believe that everybody on the team needs to be able to help, and you know if i sit back in office and do nothing all day long except for spend paperwork, then what am i really doing? So i have a lot more to offer for one.

That’s not what i’m best at i’m really good at it.
Don’t get me wrong, but what i’m best at is talking to people encouraging people helping people grow, because that’s what helps me grow, because when i see it’s just like anything else, you you plateau out.

If you’re not feeling, if you’re not growing anymore you’re, not reaching out, so i try to do a little bit of everything.
But well you, you said two things in there here we have.

You know my sales manager, my general manager, everybody’s with the team.

Okay, but you said two things in there: fred that uh i’d like to drill down on, because there may be some sales people out there that want to look at a career as being a manager, a leader, a coach, helping other people.
I heard you said daily one on ones: yes wow.
Why is that important, especially with somebody? That’s new wow, you know it’s it’s important because you know.

Sometimes, if you don’t have a daily 101, you just kind of get put in a corner.
Almost you know.
So you may go days of without feeling like you’re doing anything, you start to lose the traction you start to feel like.

I don’t think i could do this it’s overwhelming, but when someone can sit with you every day and it doesn’t always have to be about hey how’s sales, going it’s about hey how’s life, how’s home life, you know i have.
I just try to talk to them.
I try to let them know that i’m here for you, if you need some help, i’m not somebody! You can’t talk to i’m somebody.

You can talk to i’m somebody that can’t encourage you.
I have plenty of experience matter of fact.

I might be able to learn something from you from this conversation.

So let’s have a conversation.

So that’s what it’s at! That’s what it’s all about with your team.
I, like it and lou out on the lot there fred said something about daily videos.

So explain that to us what i didn’t hear anything you said: okay, uh.
There was something that fred said that, besides the one-on-ones with the new hires, there are daily videos.
I’ll put it this way.

I watch on saturdays exclusively around the country to see what sales people are doing and i from atlanta georgia, where i’m at i don’t see that many people doing that much at all.
They may take a picture of the delivery wow, but man getting them to do.
Maybe a walk around getting them to talk about a special on a v.

I love it when i hear daily videos, how do you folks get your people to do that on a daily basis? Well, it’s a big key is trying to make sure that you keep it in front of them and that you keep building up their confidence um.
I guess to continue the the shaping of it, a customer or not a customer, a salesperson or a professional um.
In order to find that place where they’re effective, they have to get uncomfortable and the key is we’re always challenging them not to stay comfortable, not to stay still, not to grow stagnant, not to grow mold.

If you will right and so that that’s the biggest thing for any time with video, that’s why you probably see what you’re seeing is that there’s so many people that are just uncomfortable, putting the camera in front of them.

I right here you see this guy this hand right here.
I am one of the biggest ones i like producing from behind the camera, rather than being the person that puts the camera in my face.

So, but i but i do know that, and especially as as i get encouraged to from battle buddies, like my brother fred, you know it’s that you have something of value to share, share it and it doesn’t matter where it is uh that it that it necessarily Goes from there, it’s not really that it’s about me, it’s more, for who it is that’s receiving it and getting them to the place to where they feel comfortable getting uncomfortable is why we, we do uh, see less of that inside of our market, like if you’re Looking for it on saturdays right, they’re, just uncomfortable with putting themself out there, but having a culture where you’re constantly creating that stretch inside of them that hey okay, we’re here, but you can do a little bit better.

There’s uh there’s so many things that we use for accountability in our own life, but here in our business to make sure we’re checking up on them.

Hey did you? Did you post that video hey did you know, did you actually uh reach back out with that? Testimonial, did you actually send a video of the car that you’re talking about right, so many different things that we use for accountability um, but a big key part of all that, just like your first question would be to say to that new person coming in is Hey you’re going to need to listen to people that are going to make you uncomfortable with where it is that you are in order to go where it is that you’re supposed to go.

So let me show you how to do this right in a lot of cases.
We we initially started training our guys and showing them how to do it from the perspective of the dealership reaching out into social media land right, and then we cloned that into it.
Being them, but when us as managers uh jumped in there and really said you know what we’ll go ahead and put ourselves out there too, we’re not going to get the up.

It’s not going to be us that that really works the car deal, except on the back end uh, but um we’re going to show you what it’s like we’re going to build our brand, we’re going to show you how this is going to work and if you’re, You want to see the results that we’re having inside of your business, well jump on just do what we just did right so leading by example.
Uh turned a big key, also um that helped the culture start to shift to where they’re doing that.

Okay, thank you for that and i’ll go back to fred.

Now, uh, all of us around the nation naturally are dealing with uh.
This covet situation, oh yeah, but many dealerships to me are using that as an excuse.

That’s just me: yes, so if we just took covert and put it out in the parking lot, where do you think the best opportunity in this digital age, for a sales person to still drive business? Wow? Here’s where i was going and i was trying to get fred to go that way.

That’s why i said i thought he was in the bdc.
Do you have an active bdc, because i’ve ran into some dealer principals and general managers? That said, bdcs don’t work, i’m not paying that money.
For that.

What’s your feeling in this time of covet, i think that bdcs are great um, but i will tell you my store.
My auto group.
We do not have a bdc um.

The owner does not believe in it, but here’s what we do and here’s how we counter that and then i’ll go into um.

What i think, because i do i think bdc’s are wonderful um, but we train our guys to be bdc people um, because we’re no longer i’m not you don’t.
I don’t think that you need to hire salespeople anymore.

I think you need to hire human beings that care about people, human beings who are willing to put work in human beings that are looking at something bigger than just the next step right.
So we we train our guys every single day how to brew solutions.

So we sit down and we have them, we we teach them how to use phone scripts to the t.

We we record, we grade them on it.
We do it on a daily basis.
We focus on that.

We focus more on phone skills, probably than lot skills.
A lot of skills come natural because i believe cars sell themselves.
You have to you have to sell yourself.

So when you are honest with people and the process processes them properly, when they get here yeah it is the process is key and we have a beautiful process for that and that’s something that we’ve developed over the years and we’ve really, i think, keyed into it.
Really well do i think bdc’s work.

I think that there’s some places you have to have bdc’s um, but you know here we have 10 guys at each location.
So that’s 20 total guys they’re facilitating over a thousand leads a day, they’re they’re going through and making phone calls they kill it.
They do a great job, i’m very proud of my team.

I think that sometimes they take dips.
Everybody has dips, you know, and then you have to go in there, just re-encourage them um and just let them know.
Because phone calls are tough.

You know, they’re, you go through a lot.
Anybody any bdc knows anybody who knows if you have massive leads that you have to go through a lot of dials before you can make that appointment, but these guys they they’re encouraged.
They understand the numbers they understand.

We do everything by numbers, but yes, but brandon.
I agree.
I think that if you need a bdc, i think that it’s silly to say that they don’t work because they do because i’m but this, because that’s basically what i work here, working right, that’s what we have here, but it’s ours, but our sales team is also The btc, so it’s kind of like we we’re teaching them two skills at one time outstanding and lou lou hit on it again, just a couple more questions because we’re we’re about five minutes: uh remaining uh digital digital.

That word is used a lot in our industry.
Digital digital yep uh, you probably have in your market some dealerships that do not have a good digital presence.
If there once again are some so-called middle managers or dealer principals listening.

What what are they missing out? Is there one thing that maybe lou you can say yeah, i i don’t.
Why should i pay that vendor for that digital? I i don’t need that um.
What would you say to that? So then your name is not in the hat for options in the digital market, mr owner um, you have to create a digital presence, no different than uh.

Yes uh, then our sales people individually have to, but the dealership must otherwise you’re not going to be present.
In the marketplace, the market has shifted, digitally right it that’s where the information is and the customer uh, no matter what the situation.
I do believe that covid heightened the the need for a customer to seek a solution without meeting a person physically um, but that didn’t get rid of the fact that before kovid people were understanding, you’re going to need to connect people to this and they’re not going To want to meet you, people didn’t like sales people before covid.

You know what i mean.
I didn’t like that before you got it, you know what i mean and and so because they didn’t like sales people beforehand, um they were trying to always find a way to get around them.

They web md themself into a car.

You know what i mean and because, because of that culture um, this only kicked it up a notch, and – and so because of that you still have to take care of employees.
You still want to take care of people and you’re still, ultimately making the trade of dollars for the commodity, the the dollars for the car right.
That fundamental function is still happening uh, but there is a new way to do it and it’s click.

The button you got it, you got it anything that you can add to that.

You know i totally agree.
You know digital, it’s something that if you’re not part of you’re gon na eventually start to fade away.

You know it’s.
Okay, there’s a lot of there’s a lot of business out there in a multitude of ways.
You know we all see what carvan is doing.

We all see what they’re doing they have their own market share, but you know one thing: if you’re a dealer now it’s, why not get a part of that market? Why not have those deliveries at home? Why not offer that? You know it may take a little bit more.

You know back inside for you to have to get stuff done at the dealership, but you end up gaining a lot more clients.
You end up gaining a lot more reputation, reputation.

You know your people are going to love what you’re doing they’re going to see that you’re more than just a guy who’s, just trying to sell people here.

Just give me my car deals: you’re trying to service people and you’re trying to help the human people out there.
Just hey.

I want to serve you.
I know that things are bad out there.

Let me help you get what you need without it being difficult for.

You very easy excellent.
Now you hit it, you hit it on the head, so here’s where i’m going because uh for about the past 20 years i’ve been trying to get dealer principals, general managers, sales managers, even sales consultants, to understand that your brick and mortar is part of that community.

They don’t have to come in.

Why don’t we go to them their house, their workplace, where they go to golf they’re still going to purchase a car? What’s your feeling about that, or do you want to have all your people around, so you can micromanage it? That’s a funny question of i mean i really looking at it.
Everything that is being said still is going to go back to that place of comfort.
You know um you’re, talking to your dealer principles and they don’t want to adjust where they’re comfortable doing business.

The the problem is the faucet’s running dry, the well’s running dry and so in any case scenario, when you’re trying to access a well, you have to pour something into it.
You might have to pour a little water before you draw something out of it and it might have to be coming from a different, well um.
If you notice that this one isn’t pulling up the same buckets it used to you know, so the comfort ability has to adjust, you know and everybody together, everybody together.

No, no, you got it.
You got it now, since we’ve been talking, i’ve noticed three times somewhere around your brand.
You always referred back to it.

I heard brew so so tell me: is this something that you do all the time every day with your people? Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee? Yes, it’s a mentality, i do with my family at home.
I do with my friends, you know it’s it’s, it is it’s.
You know.

People say that you got to have an alter ego in a sense.
I i think that sometimes it is a character.

I’m the subprime hero, but really when you break it down it it i i love it.

I love helping.
I love having energy.
I’ve always been this guy, you know we, you know, lou will tell you a story and the story is.

He came in the showroom.
One day he was all pumped up dancing all this stuff and they’re like dude.
What are you on? He goes i’m on car guy coffee and that’s where it all started right there.

Okay, i like it now speaking of that before we wind it down.

Um don’t have to.
If you don’t have anything, but i always give an opportunity for people to if you have a workshop coming up or if you got something special going on or maybe you want to tell the audience or even how to contact you fred, you want to say anything About that you know, there’s a lot of great stuff happening right now.

I’m sure you’ve seen our podcast folks we’re we’re already nine to almost ten shoot hold on a second eight months.
In now we are almost eight months in it’s been going by so long.
It’s been amazing, it’s been a lot of great guests, come check that out, but, most importantly, we’re getting ready to release our first brew of coffee, real coffee for you to have and drink and get encouraging and gain that confidence that you need right.

So that’s what we’re trying to do! That’s what it’s all about! It’s coming out! It’s coming really soon.
We also getting ready to have two new hosts folks, we’re bringing out the we’re going.
He did and that’s why lou’s been dancing and walking around the whole thing, but we have two, ladies, that are gon na, be joining us.

Michelle streets and melissa hannah they’re the sisters of savings they’re coming in to be our second half of our team and we’re going to be starting.
The car gal coffee part of our whole series for for all the ladies to be able to get together and be able to raise up and do some stuff, because there’s some amazing women out there doing some amazing stuff in the car world.
And we need to talk about it more.

I agree how about you, uh lou, anything uh that you wanted to add to to that that fred? Absolutely yes, the the pre-orders for the caffeinated consistency, car guy coffee brew – is going to be available in the next week or so, but right behind.
That is also going to be our uh digital course.
The uh actual consistent method.

What it is that we’ll be teaching many dealers and sales people alike out there spilling some beans, build their presents and maximize it.
Yes, i am spilling some beans.

I got two cups of margarita coffee in me and i’m excited about it, but consistency is key.

If you watch uh what it is that we try to continue to project and the people that we try to brew with these are some incredibly consistent people.
Fred stays consistent, like you heard him just say, he’s only been here for eight months in the digital world, but he’s built such a presence and we’ve worked together as a team to come in and now be on the show with brandon, who you never heard of Us before, because we’ve only we’re doing what we were doing in our local area, and here we are ruin solutions with you, because we’ve applied the consistent method to our business and it can work for anybody, we’re not geniuses.
I promise you in most rooms.

I am the least educated, but man am i passionate and man am i brewing solutions right so darn right? How often is it daily that you’re on? How can people find you go to car guy coffee.
com and you can listen to all of our episodes there? You can click the link watch, our youtube um just go to carguycoffee.
com you’ll be connected to whichever part you want to go to.

You want to go to the swag shop.
Um, buy you an inspiration or a hat um.
You can get you some there um or you can just look car guy coffee on any social media platform.

Any podcast platform will be helping.
You boost solutions, okay, anything uh last minute, fred that you want to.

I just want to tell you.

I just want to say thank you all for watching brandon.

Thank you for hosting this.
Thanks for the interview.

We do appreciate your time.
I know that you’re, a busy man too richard i got ta, get back to work, i’m ready to rock and roll.
I got my guys out here, knocking at my door looking at me, so i know they’re ready for some stuff going on um um we’re having a great day.

I hope you have a great day.
Everyone out there don’t forget, forgive focus fly, so you can keep growing, keep growing.
We love you guys.

Everyone enjoy your life.
Let’s go, keep growing all right, love it.
Ladies and gentlemen, once again, fred sub prime hero and the car guy lou need to check them out any chance.

You can once again brad and artisan with the hardest and tips i got to get back to my class, also as always in parting, you go out and make it a champion.

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