let’s brew, what’s up everyone following our subprime here, i’m here with three people in my team.

I got two new guys in here.
What am i going there? It is, we got we got block, we have blockade, i’m not going to call you blocky.
I did that with you i’ll call you blake all right.

I’ve got blake and then we got mr brian over here.
Welcome to the team.
It’s brian right man.

This thing kissed me mess.
I looked up.
I thought he’s right so adrian i knew i hate right.

So guys how’s your day been so far all right, so you learning stuff today wasn’t a lot to learn from that way.
But you learned about phones, have you got on call commander yet they got you set up yet not good for you.
Man make sure you grind those out enthusiasm on the phone is key man, they hear it, they feel it.

They know when you’re smiling.
They know when you’re, not so body language even on the phone is huge and that’s something i’ll always tell people to make sure that you, when you’re talking to somebody that you’re not just sitting and faking it because they feel the thing stand up.
Just like you.

They were in front of you if you feel like you, need to move, get enthusiastic, get them smile smile in his keys, the most important thing you wear every single day, especially in the car business.
Guys, i’m telling you when people see your smile, they smile back with you.
So keep smiling how’s your baby doing fantastic.

He uh is actually crying a little bit more than usual, maybe an upset stomach or something yeah colic.
That’s what my girl said about it called baby [ __ ], and they can’t communicate separately, yeah right yeah.
So that’s all.

They know how to do yeah yeah, it’s like every, like every 20 minutes like i had them falling in my chest last night and i asked my girl like: do: babies have nightmares or something like soon as he fell asleep.
He popped right up and started screaming.

He was almost asleep.

He probably did have nightmares yeah, i’m gon na give you one more tip too, and i mean whether you take this or not.

When you put a baby to bed, don’t be quiet people do it all the time.

Babies are not used to quiet.

Think about this inside of a belly when they’re in there it’s loud bro, it’s one of the loudest places you can be so when they come out.
It actually gets quiet when they’re out so, but also when you, when you always quiet around a baby, every noise you make they’re gon na wake up.
So if you get them used to falling sleep with some noise in the background, whether it’s music playing tv on it gets them to where one they’re, supposedly more comfortable, but two that they’ll stay asleep.

Whenever you have people come over or something like that.
So you don’t make them and then, if they do especially not right now right now, you want everything what’s up baby, but eventually, when they cry, you want to let them cry, because they, if as long as it doesn’t last long because sometimes they do that, just To get attention, sometimes you got ta, let them given that because then you give them too much attention and they every time they know that all at this pride you’re going to come to them period, whether they don’t mean anything or not, they just want you to Come over and look at them right, but they’re human beings just like us, we have natural needs right.
So there’s nothing wrong with.

I know.
Sometimes it feels bad to be like man, i ain’t gon na go and check, but you got ta.
Do it man, they just kill me that’s the hook and then another tip i’ll, give you when they get to toddler age, and they start wanting to get out of bed when they get out of bed, do not even say a word to them.

Grab them by the hand, walk them back to bed, tuck them in, don’t sit there and hang out and walk away, even if they get up 15 times at night.

Do that for a couple nights did it? I did it.
My son never gets out of bed after that ever because he knew he wasn’t getting the attention he was looking for, stay awake you coming and talking to him nurturing them.

You just put in the bed you’re, not playing, you just see, and you go right back now: you’re kind enough to walk them back, don’t not even mad.
Just and just walk away now, they’re not getting the attention they were hoping to get it’s a tip i’ll.
Give you remember that it’ll work it worked for me.

My son still goes to bed and sleeps all night long he’s 17.
I love it! No, but no anyway enjoy that, but one more tip i’ll give you is grind it out, get some phone calls in and get some appointments boys all right.

Let’s go all right got frank.

Rizzo y’all’s heaters burn it up in here i can smell it.
It smells good, ah how’s, that burnt dust, yeah buddy almost like burnt hair.
You know what i mean you know dust mostly is skin particles and stuff like that anyway, so but yeah, you guys have a good day today.

How’s the appointments going and i’ve got a couple set up for this, that’s good.
I know you’re looking for something, i’m glad to hear that guys, we’ll keep rocking anything new in life.
What’s going on christmas, coming around the corner, you guys getting ready for that.

Yeah! Do some shopping today so right now, man we’ll have some fun happy holidays.
My daughter’s gon na do the one-two channel issue really yeah video that i want to see that there you go, she’ll probably dominate it.
She’ll, probably look at you like dad.

Whatever have fun make sure you put that video out there all right, well, cool, awesome, team, awesome everything is good, but yeah.
Oh, let me get cody in here, real quick cody.
Did she shut the deal? Of course you did bam, she’s, taking delivery tonight right awesome! Good stuff, so we just got just one more deal right before the end of closing.

That makes me happy.
It was kind of a surprise, deal paul kind of told me about it.
I didn’t hear everything and then they show i’m like.

What’s going on, i thought we weren’t and they’re buying the car so we’re getting ready to do some paperwork.
Get them signed up, love it.
They are fully protected loan.

They have their gap, they have their warranty.
Of course they have everything that they need to make.
This work, so i’m excited about that folks, charles higgins says video is glitchy.

I apologize man.
My signal has been kind of bad at the dealership with the wi-fi and then when i get onto regular signal it kind of cuts in and out.
So i do apologize for the shoddy video today guys but hope you guys are having a good day either way.

I appreciate you guys all for jumping on and peeping it out, but man, i love the team.
Everything is cold outside, but my dealership is hot they’re.
All doing their thing even on days that are slow, folks, always exude happiness.

You know you, don’t you obviously want to coach people up and let them know what they need to do to get to the next level, but understand that your team is always trying to do their best.
Just like you are, and sometimes their best maybe needs a little bit encouraging and they can get to that next level.
Sometimes they feel like they’re doing their best.

Sometimes you can just point them to a slightly different direction and they can take that direction and they can go somewhere further than they thought they could.
So i’m sure it’ll work out keep growing, keep growing, keep growing, just like charles higgins just said right there.
I love that he’s exactly my mantra.

He knows what’s up, but folks, knocking us down here long so understand that it is beautiful.

The world is your life is no matter how bad you think.
It is really think about it.

It’s not that bad! You can always find light somewhere.
Look for that, love that you need you’ll have if you have family, find it in your family, even the little things.
If you have work partners that you are absolutely just flabbergasted by people that you just love that you know that, are your partners in crime at work make sure that you get with them and you you know, you share the love there and you find light from Them because they will encourage you if you encourage people, they’ll encourage you back and the more you do that, the more that people around you are doing that, the better your team is going to be the better you will be, the better life will be so keep Loving keep growing look for that light.

Don’t forget folks, forgive all the weight of unforgiveness.

Let it go, it does not matter.
Let it all go no matter who gives you problems, no matter who did no matter what thing that you failed on.

Let that all go, because your future is not determined by your past is determined by what you’re doing right now keep working hard right now to get towards that future that you want that light that you’re looking for one foreign hero, you guys have a great day.
Let’s brew: .

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