Too many 15 car salespeople?

Hi chrishelle room here today.

I wanted to talk about an item.
That’s on our training menu that I’ve been getting asked quite a bit about, and it is our turnkey sales recruiting training and personal coaching program.
What it says on the sheet here is that it’s you get five hiring events you give one week’s worth of sales training in four 30-minute personal coaching sessions.

So let me explain what it is actually before.
I explain.
Let me just tell you: if you need salespeople, you need to have them trained.

You want to make sure they’re followed up.
However, you don’t want to pay any money for that.
Then this is probably not the program for you, because those three items are big items.

Things that you know are things they’re going to make your dealership successful and they do cost money.
So we’ll do those for you, but there is a charge for the service and our service is world class level.
So because of that, we’re going to charge more than possibly the some of the lesser quality programs that do this, so the five Heineman.

So, let’s pretend that you go ahead and sign up for our program and that we’re gon na we’re coming out the week that we’re going to come out that we know that two weeks prior to us coming out what we’re going to end up doing is we’re Going to end up doing all the advertising, for you we’re going to do all the coordinating and the scheduling we’re going to set up the the events we’re going to make sure the people know where to go and how to get to your dealership.
And so on.
That Monday, when we show it to the store, we’re going to have typically a three o’clock 3:15 event, whether six fifteen of them that Tuesday we’ll have a couple different events one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and then that ones that will fuch will finish Up with our last event, the Thursday part of Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, we will be doing.

The interviews will call back the people that we deem worthy of bringing back for interviews and we’ll do some interviews with them.
And we, like the sales management team to be involved in that interview, we’ve screened out most of the the people from the events.
However, if they don’t want to be that’s that’s fine, too how we would like them to be involved, because they’re going to be working with these salespeople, the once we select the people that are going to come aboard that Friday, we’ll have our final.

Our final line, reviews and we’ll know who’s coming aboard so that, following Monday, when I come back to the store, let’s say that, for instance, we had it narrowed down to ten the candidates and we hired five of them on that Monday, they’re gon na start, a Week’s long worth of training and your normal or your existing sales staff is, are welcome to attend that event as well.
It’s come aboard.
Obviously, you’ve got to have floor coverage, but you can bring those people in as well so it’d be training for the whole staff.

As well as just the new hires after that weeks, long training the following week and then the next three weeks, the new, the five new hybrids, are going to have four four 30-minute personal coaching sessions with myself or a staff member to hold them accountable for the Training material they learned the week prior ninety-four percent of people forget what they hear in a week believe it.
The stat is 64 percent forget what they hear in 24 hours.
So if we don’t review our notes, write things down, tell them what we’re gon na hold them accountable for and then actually hold them accountable for the material most of the time.

They won’t that people won’t hold their self accountable.
For that.
A lot of people hire personal trainers when they can work out on their own.

They could go to youtube.
Look at the videos watch them do it out of their house.
However, you hired that personal trainer to help hold you accountable and for their expertise as well, but a lot of its those are self accountable in today’s day and age.

If this is something you think might be for you, please contact me Chris younger’n, my personal cell numbers, five, six three six by about nineteen hundred call me, I will leave some contact information on this video as well.
My email address.
We hope to hear from you.

Thanks, .

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