To Be Successful In Sales, You Have to Communicate You Are the Product Authority

every one goal: wall shoe with conquer you and we’re on the course value and objections, and in this course I wanted to share something with you.

That is very important and that’s the fact that you are the product authority communicate this professionally.
So, as I said, you are the product authority communicate this to your customers.
Professionally show your customers.

They are that you are the product authority and let them understand this, communicate it in a professional manner.
So you aren’t acting arrogant or cocky or pushing your customer away because keep in mind most customers do 20 to 40 hours of research on a vehicle before they purchase one.
So you need to know what you’re talking about.

I understand this is harder in pre-owned sales because it’s hard to know every make and model out there, but the great news is is anything in the last five years in every segment is nearly the same, but, most importantly in new vehicle sales.
Make sure that you know your product make sure that you know your competition make sure you know where your product stands above your competition and make sure you know where your competition stands above your product.
The reason we do this is because we want to focus on where our product is better and when a customer brings up an objection about a different product that they have researched or they are consider buying.

We know the difference is, and we know how to overcome this objection, so have the mentality that you are the product authority.
Do this professionally communicate this in a professional manner, and your customers will feel confident about doing business with you once again, Noll Walsh on the course value and objections go out and conquer you,

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