Good morning to you, it must be five o’clock in the morning because it’s time for another edition of artisans tips, i’m writing.

President champion is glad to be with you.
I know you’re trying to get to work so for our sales people we’re going to hit you with something quick.

It may not relate since we deal with major account key account up and down the street retail automotive.

But today we want to talk about door-to-door sales.

We’re continuing that we started yesterday because i got an email and they said well, i do do it adore and you’re talking about automobiles and everything else.

So, let’s continue on with that now, if you pick it up from the last video, let’s talk about the rejection as an opportunity, just a rejection, you see.
Rejection is a part of the door-to-door sales job.
In fact, let’s not really sugarcoat it at all.

It’s a big part: door-to-door sales is not an industry for the weakened spirit, easily discouraged.
It takes true tendency to have high door-to-door sales success rate and willingness to endure the occasional door being slammed in your face.
It’s gon na happen the key to understanding that none of its person, some people either just don’t see the need for your product or they just don’t feel like uh doing business with you.

I don’t care how you spend it.
You’re gon na hear notes.
There are a thousand reasons why customers might be interested in what you’re selling, but most of them may have nothing to do with you.

You only control those things that you can so teach each rejection as a motivation to better your door-to-door skills techniques and learn what works.
What doesn’t work? Look at each rejection as a learning experience and small steps not only improve the salesmanship, but really the thick skin.
If you’ve heard of that term before be sure to read the signs, however, sometimes it’s best to accept and know and move along and there’s a sense of uh wasting everyone’s time or a non-starter.

So every door-to-door salesman worth their salt has experienced hundreds, if not thousands, of rejections.
Take it all in stride, learn from each encounter and grow as a sales professional, get to know your products paying points now keep in mind.
We only have so much time.

So your questions should be as high gained as possible.
That’s your job because you are effective getting into the door, so hopefully there’s a script.
There’s something that you’re going to find a way.

Is your product in need in their household or you may have been trained? That you’re not leaving you’re going to force them to love it.
I don’t know what your door-to-door situation is, but questioning is the key.
There should have been some type of appointment setting anyway before you went out and ran this event.

But let’s just look at this you’re with the guests.
Here’s one of the questions i would ask: will your product help them save time? Does it say valuable time that it can be better spent in other ways? Does it add security in some way it is dependable, and can i get it anywhere else? Are there major features to help me as a game changer in my mind as a prospect, or are you the only one with this technology? Another great way to address your products, pain points is to use the pain, funnel put your prospects in your own shoes and let’s mirror ourselves to find out what’s going on in their lives.

Remember it’s not an interrogation.

It’s a conversation! The more you talk in a conversational way in their home, the more information you’re going to pick up you’re going to see, especially if there’s children or a spouse around you’ll, know exactly where the pain points and how your product can position.
If it has an opportunity to position that that’s what you need to be sticking with be mindful of how aggressive you sell, as this can turn many people off, especially in their home, what day of the week is it should we do this at another time? Pay attention to the body language, the facial expression, the breathing from the guests, other physical clues can give you a good window of how this presentation sit is going and at the end of the day, it’s not just about making a sale.

It’s about creating a lasting fulfilling relationship on both sides, because we as human beings, give out references referrals to people that we see value in.

If i were doing door-to-door sales, i’m going to make sure that they love the product that fits into the world.
But let them talk about you and your professionalism, that’s where the value comes in once again, brad at artisan president of champion strategies for our heartaches tips for today, and as always in party .

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