The Walk Around

over one year with conquer you.

This is Noah Walsh and we are on the channel conquer use sales meeting and what we’re gon na do in this module.
On today’s episode of this week’s episode of the sales meeting, is we are gon na? Do a walk around, and so this is how I would do a walk around right here.
So follow me.

Everyone NOLA Walsh here and we are on the course, the channel conquer you sales meeting and in today’s module in this week’s module.
What we are gon na do is, I am gon na give you a knoll Walsh style walk around.
So do me a favor and follow me so five things that I’m gon na cover in a walk around our safety features.

I’m gon na cover things that I think are cool.
I’m gon na cover things that a lot of other customers like on that same product, I’m gon na cover things that the product shines above the competition on, but most importantly, I’m going to accomplish and I’m going to touch base on the options and the features that I know the customer sees as value that sees as convenience and satisfaction to what they’re trying to accomplish.
So this is what I would do want to walk around right here.

I’d say mrs.
Walsh, thank you for coming in today, you are looking at this 2014 Rubicon.
This is a true beauty.

You will not see another one like this on the road.
This is a head turner to 2014, it’s the Rubicon, which gives it the rear, locking differential among some other features, but this also has a lot of off-road equipment added to it.
So once again you will not see another one like this.

Now these two roofs come off, so you can have it as just a front bikini top or you can take the whole back roof off.
Also now the cage on top is great, for, if you like doing, camping or outdoors, that can also screw up, it is screwed into the top of the vehicle, but it is on these bars right here, I’m not easy.
You can do that with the hand from another right here.

You see we have the 37 and a half inch good gear off-road tires.
These are actually Kevlar, so therefore they are bulletproof.
So if you are out off in the woods in the mountains out on the trails, there’s a good chance, you aren’t going to get a flat tire.

The vehicle sits up high.
It has a six inch lift along with the 37 and a half inch tires, and so it does have the running boards that make for ease for you to get in now.
What you’ll see a lot of people don’t like about? The jeeps is the smaller mirrors.

It does make the visibility a little bit tougher, but these are for trails.
That’s why they make the mirror smaller, because these vehicles are still made, even though they’re trendy, even though they’re popular they’re made to go on the trails.
Now this has a banks, air induction.

So what that’s going to do for you, mr.
Walsh, is that’s going to give you more power out of the games and it’s going to give you that power when you’re, truly living life and remember you’re, not just buying a product you’re buying a style of Life and you’re, basically buying into a club you’ve, got all the Moab industries that all the after markets you’ve got the seven standard, seven slot grill, which is standard on all Jeeps.

You have the KC lights and you have the winch.
The winch is great.
Sometimes it’s just fun to play with let the kids play with obviously make sure that you’re there with the mr.

Walsh, but at times you also may need to use that to move something in your trail, to move something out of your way or to pull yourself Out of a tough situation, so mrs.
Walsh, this is the outside of the vehicle.
Next I’ll show you the inside, but I’m not going to go to the inside of the vehicle today.

But if you see I touch base on a lot of different things, I know the mirrors are gon na come up because you guys who know me know I have a jeep.

I complain about the small mirrors, but I understand why they’re designed that way so now – and I’ve taught this in other training modules when mrs.
Walsh, when that customer gets in that Jeep and they’re like wow, the mirrors are small they’re gon na realize, oh but they’re Small for to go off on trails, I touch base on the tires I touch base on the stuff that was added to it and I also touch base on it.

It’s a unique vehicle and it’s an experience so whenever you are giving that walk around, make sure you’re touching base on those five points, and those five points are what you like best about the customer about the vehicle safety features on the vehicle.
The features on the vehicle that a lot of your customers tend to like and consistently talk about how it’s a true convenience for them.
What your manufacturer wants to state about the vehicle, but, most importantly, it’s all about what the customer values about the vehicle building value on that and making it a fun presentation where you interact and engage with the customer once again, Noah Walsh on this conquer you sales Meeting go out and conquer you .

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