The truth about selling cats and retaining dogs.

Hello, my name is nola walsh from nwa conquer what you chase sales training first off.

I want to thank you for the opportunity to speak at the upcoming nada 2017 in new orleans.
I know i’m excited my session would be the truth about selling cats and retaining dogs.
We all want to put the saucer of milk out for that stray cat, but eventually, after we get that one sale from that stray cat, we want to turn that stray cat into a loyal puppy dog.

The gives us residual business and census referral business as well.
The way to do this is to create a presence, a presence customers feel a part of customers want to feel present when they’re dealing with you when they’re at the dealership, with the salesperson with the staff, they want to feel that they are the number one priority.
I’m going to talk about having a process that flows that customers enjoy participating in.

We are the business the customers need to follow our process, not the other way around.
I’m going to talk about how to create a culture that the staff accepts, that your employees, except and are excited to participate in and that customers love to be a part of create that culture.
I’m going to talk about engagement before and after the sale.

How that truly creates repeat referral business, engaging with the customers and I’m going to talk about how all starts with leadership leadership needs to appreciate their staff and also create a customer service experience no bulge look forward to seeing in New Orleans.

Thank you very much.

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