The Truth about Selling Cats and Retaining Dogs

Hello: everyone, no walls here with NWA conquer what you chase: sales training and in this series of videos, I’m going to talk about the truth, about selling cats and retaining dogs.

Now we all want to get that cat that lead, that Internet leave, that phone customer that customer on the lot.
We want to give them the saucer of milk to get their attention to give them something of value, and we want to bring them inside and make them a house cat.
And eventually we want to take that house cat and we want to make it a loyal, puppy dog, a loyal puppy dog that stays by your side.

That loves you that listens to everything that you say and listens to your every command if you’re just constantly selling that stray cat, it’s going to be tough for you, because you’ve got to win that cat over that customer /.
Every time with something of value, you got to put out that saucer of milk and get that cat comfortable to want to come inside to want to do business with you to know, like trust and respect you.
Those are the four keys to build a relationship like I said before.

If you can get all four you’ve got a home run.
If you get one or two, you can still put a sail together after we get that stray cat, we get it inside.
We need to teach that cat to become a loyal puppy dog, a fan of ours, a friend of ours, somebody who wants to come back and do business with us, somebody who will tell their friends and family and neighbors and their whole network about what a great Experience they had doing business with us, so in the next couple: videos on conquer you we’re going to talk about putting out that saucer of milk, getting that cats attention getting that cat inside and eventually turning that cat into a loyal puppy dog that gives you repeat, Referral business from their friends family network neighbors, everybody they know so that eventually you don’t have to bring that cat inside all the time, but you’ve got that loyal puppy dog sitting right next to you, get back, get ready to learn and always conquer you .

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