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on a Wednesday to the 17th a month is half over we’re here bright, an artisanal with Hardison’s tips.
Just to talk to you a little bit about some of the things that may help you for today and moving forward and not going to keep you long because at 12 noon today and my special guest Rebecca Chernykh Chernykh.
So she it’s a consulting firm.

Who will be talking about some of the best practices in the F & I aspect when it comes to the automotive environment, but this week I’ve been working with desk managers and sales consultants on the trade process.
You know as well as I do inventory is low for many dealers who got caught because of the current IRA situation, wholesalers and auctions.
We can come up with a whole lot of reasons why things are low.

Hertz announced this past weekend that they had close to a million vehicles that they wanted to unload and if I was an independent, I would have been in line three days ago before that announcement lining up.
But let’s look at the positives if you are struggling and if you’re a manager looking and listening – and you happen to be a sales consultant – I don’t know what your pay plan is.
I don’t know how well you drive yourself to achieve to be a winner, because you have a financial goal that you’re trying to reach.

I don’t know any of those things, but I do know if I’m in a sales meeting, if I do know that I have some personal goal and dreams that I want to reach.
I do know that if I’m in front of a guest and it’s Showtime and I’m gon na give them the best that I can give them, because you have to sell yourself before you can sell anything and in this bond and rapport, they tell me that, in Order for me to take your product, you have to take my product, you, you have one right there, but many salespeople forget the basics.

They get lazy, they get sloppy.

Yes, I said it and I’ll say it again: you’re lazy, you’re sloppy! I don’t care about you and the used carpet manager.
You don’t get along.
You can’t make any money with him.

It’s a waste of time.
It’s raining outside it’s too hot.
Whatever the excuses.

Do your job now, whether you have some type of documentation that you need to print out, or maybe you pre-printed some out, you need to take the guest with you to their vehicle.
You need to take the guest with you to their bill.
If you just shortchange the process and say got something with the VIN number about how many miles you got on, it got your keys I’ll, be right back and you hand that to the team member manager who’s going to be assessing the vehicle.

That’s a waste of time, no matter what the guest has thought, because they looked it up on their device, so they have a hardcopy book, that’s the price they still want.
You didn’t move them one iota and I hear it every day when I go to dealerships how many of you take the guest with you when you’re going to inspect their vehicle a hundred percent of the time.
How many of you do that? And you know that when you hear somebody say all the time they’re lying so if they tell me 80 % well, maybe they’re doing it 40 %, but you must find a way unless there’s unique situations someone is physically unable or handicapped you.

We can clearly see that, but if it’s too hot, if it’s raining, come on, think you have an overhang you have in the back where the technicians work you have somewhere to take that vehicle to take care of that process.
So just make sure that you’re doing the right thing when it comes to that process.
Now another thing: what are you looking for when you get to that vehicle? Remember it’s an external and it’s an internal many times.

I’ve seen sales people just walk around the vehicle with the guests and they do not open their mouths they’re, assuming that, maybe if I just touch something the customer may regurgitate to a whole lot.
Well, what happens if they say nothing? What do you do? Are we opening up the hood? Are we opening up the declan, the rear of the veal? Are we actually looking for starters? Are we looking at the wheels to see if the wheels have been scraped? All of these things are important and if you don’t have a form that you take, I hope you don’t think you’re depending on this, because it’s gon na fail you all the time.

In other words, we need to get the customer involved during this process.

Even you would have to agree if you’ve been doing it for some time tires.
Many times are the biggest thing.
Do you use a tire gauge, so you can show the customer why we do what we do and what we expect and what the cost may be and how come they have you’re missing good opportunities when it comes to the interior.

Are we looking at the headliner? The smells rips tears, checking the air checking the radio.
Are you doing? Yes, your basic jobs? Oh, I’m sorry, you don’t even turn it on or you’re sitting in the passenger seat, and you don’t have the customer turn it on and have them read it to you.
All of this is part of a good process.

Now some of you out there may have a form and at the bottom of the form it may ask for the customer to sign mr.
customer miss customer in order for my manager to know that we went through this very important process.
I just need your signature here, I’m not asking them by anything.

I just told them that part of my team work is that I do this, you sign it.
My manager knows that we went through it, so he or she now can put the price on the vehicle.

If you are putting notes on there, please make sure that it’s illegible or have a conversation with the person that is going to really assess the vehicle and let them know some of the things that you have seen.

Do you have the courage of your conviction with that customers, trade before you give it to the manager, take it out for a quick spin to the back to a technician, because you noticed something and have it go up on the lift? Oh I’m sorry.
That’s a little bit too much work now for those that are involved with some type of third party like KB B, and you give them what we call an instant cash offer.
I see.

Oh it’s a very sensitive time.
We need to sit down after we inspect it and go over it line by line now some of your stores, they let the managers have one, but if your job is to do that, there’s a reason for us doing it.
What happens if your store has an app on your phone and they require you to take pictures at certain points of the vehicle? Don’t get lazy, there’s a reason for this.

This is why we have team work, but there’s a lot of money that we still can make on trades.
If you do your job and as a salesperson, if the desk manager does not get up from behind that computer and go and spec’s the vehicle for themselves – and they just go by what you do, yeah we’re defeating the purpose all the way through, but once again Bright and harness – and I just wanted to touch on the trade appraisal, because I don’t care if you are one of the best luxury manufacturers to one of the metal or lower or independence.
We all do a bad job when it comes to inspect trade.

So with that said, twelve o’clock twelve o’clock today Rebecca churning we’ll be talking about F & I and some of the best things there so for the balance of the morning, Brad and Hardison, as always in parting, go out and make it a champion.

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