The Top 5 Ways to Increase Your Work Energy Tips from the trenches to

Good morning, Brandon artisan president of champion strategies bringing you another artisans tips for today.

Hey you know what no matter, what we do when we’re talking about being in front of the room or going on the box here and getting ready to teach train, give advice many times we’re not at our best.
People can see it not only in your facial expression, but your tonality, and also how you cover the room, so just wanted you to think about some things: how we can increase our energy and just make sure that we’re keeping our sales career on track.
Now I know some of you like to use caffeine.

Coffee is a big thing, as you do know, and there’s all types of drinks that people use throughout the day to keep them going, but there’s something so satisfying about working hard.
That day when you go home.
Knowing that you gave it all and that 100 % that you did had nothing to do with caffeine, so it’s just something to think about simply how about digesting something for breakfast doesn’t have to be large, even a small meal right when you wake up in the Morning will give you a kickstart to your metabolism and boost your energy level.

Now experts will recommend breakfast with high protein and calorie, whether it’s eggs or yogurt cheese, nuts, things that will get into your system.
Remember: you’ve been down for a few hours.
If you got your six or recommended eight hours, your body needs something to start moving on so pleased, even if it’s a small one get a breakfast next thing, how many of us and we’ve all been through it? We think we’re ready.

We think we’re organized and we’re really not.
We need to build in every day.
Spending time doesn’t be that long, but a few minutes on your workday I’m getting organized well.

Well, Brandon.
I have a CRM.
I have something inside my Outlook.

I have something that will keep me organized.

Well, that’s true, but can a computer go down? Can any piece of technology just buffer always spend a few minutes, making sure that everything that you’re planning on doing you can eyeball it go through it rehearse it again? All of you know how much I believe, and I still teach about practice practice is the key to anything.

Third thing just want you to think about how about moving around moving around many people are stuck at a desk and getting up and moving around.

Does a lot if you have an opportunity to take a shocker Constitution as we call it some some light stretching something that can keep the blood flowing and the circulating.
There’s many speakers that you may have seen watched on TV that present their presentation while they’re standing up one thing, if you ever noticed that they have an open dialog is on the radio.
You want to look at that.

They only did their three hour for hour shift standing up with the mic in their front because it opened up the diaphragm and their inflection their tonality.
Their energy would come across.
So when you can try to get up as much as you can and move around it’s good for you, it’s good for the people that you are presenting to whether you’re in front of the room situation, whether you’re in a sales situation with your guests or your Client another thing: how about following what we call the 20-20-20 rule if you’ve never heard of that, if you spend a lot of time using a computer, this rule comes in to place.

In other words, we want to always make sure that our eyes stay fresh.
So, by looking at something 20 feet away for about 20 seconds, every 20 minutes keeps our focus.
Our eyeballs flowing you’ve heard many stories, read many reports about how people come up with different human deficiencies when we have to stay in front of this screen a lot now.

Why do I bring that up because of the current virus? A whole lot of front of the room speakers have to use this box now and they’re not used to it, and they spend too much time staring without breaking away and giving their eyes and opportunity to exercise and relax.
And then the last thing put get enough.
Sleep get enough sleep.

There are so many people that try to burn the candle and you can’t burn that candle.

But for so long it’s going to crash on you.
If I gave you a statistic that only 20 percent of Americans say that they get on average about six hours, sleep straight, that’s not enough! This body is a machine.

It’s the best machine, that’s going, but unless we do things to the body to keep it at tip-top shape, it’s going to be hard for you as a front of the line.
Speaker teacher educator, leader of any sort, if your team, if your client of the people that you’re trying to address, see that you’re not at their best they’re, not going to buy anything of the story that you’re thinking so just want.
You to think breakfast doesn’t have to be that much organized as much as you can get organized move around.

We call it a constitution.
I at that heart 20-20-20 rule.
If you’re in front of this screen a lot and please shut it down, you have to shut it down.

If you can find a way to stick to some of these tips, that energy level will rise, and you will be better for it, your clients will be better for it.

The audience that you’re in front of will be better for it.

So once again, branded Hardison president of champion strategies, as always in party make it a champion.

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