The Secret to Uncovering the 5 Spoken or Unspoken Concerns in Sales

Purchased higher ticket items like an automobile there’s certain things that sound, maybe like objections, but they’re, really just either questions possibly concerns or conditions.

But let’s talk today about concerns so there’s typically five spoken or unspoken concerns that a customer has when to purchase in a vehicle house, some type of high ticket type of item.
The first one is is that’s the right product.
For me, for instance, is I’ve never bought a Honda before is? Is this a good product? Maybe then they’ve never purchased a SUV.

They’ve always bought bans.
Now they’re going to move over to the Honda Pilot they’re wondering if that’s the right vehicle for them.
So is this the right product also, once they decide on the right product, it is going to be the pilot.

Do we need all these features? Do I really need the leather? Do I really need the navigation, so they go through these types of concerns.
The last three are: is this the right place? I’ve heard good things or bad things about this particular store.
Is this the right place to do business with also? Can I afford this? Is it going to fit into my budget? I see this ticket party some of those vehicles, fifty sixty thousand dollars.

I wonder what that equates into a monthly payment and then, lastly, should I buy now or should I hold off yeah common things that come up in automotive, real estate insurance, a lot of items that are high ticket items or when you’re purchasing some type of a Product or .

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