The Secret to Retaining Automotive Training

Today about the reasoning or the why, behind personal auto salesperson, training or past, it really came about with my own experience in the car business, I’ve been in the automotive business since 91, pretty much all of it in sales, and we would go my sales team.

I was a general sales manager.
My sales team myself would go to trainings.
We come back with the best of intentions of everybody memorizing all these word tracks and using them on using them with guests and being successful with them and for a lot of reasons you get back, and you know the dealer world gets crazy and, and you know What hits the fan and the next thing you know, you’re, just back to your old habits and you’re, not using any of these good word tracks and these good concepts you’ve learned.

So I always thought it’d be nice to have somebody come in the week afterwards and call you up and just take it for 20-30 minutes through the material that you had learned and basically just hold.
You accountable make sure that you know that you’re going to get that phone call or that that that skype, video that they’re gon na have you do roleplay.
So that’s really what came about people have said.

Well crisp, like you know, why can’t a dealership just do this, their self and it’s if they can again it’s just sometimes it’s difficult managers can get spread too thin.
Business comes first, so a lot of times.
The train don’t kind of go by the wayside.

It’s no different than a person trying to get into shape, hiring a personal trainer.
Personal trainer can do a couple things for you, one they’re going to give you that expert advice.
So now watching maybe you’re doing the exercise 90 % correct, but they show you a few things you’re not doing correctly and that just helps helps you with your growth and your your physical training.

Also, the real thing is they’re holding you accountable.
You know that trainer is going to be there at 6:30 in the morning.
You’ve already paid them in a lot of cases, so you want to make sure that you that you’ve got you get there.

You’ve got somebody, that’s counting on you to be there.
So that’s another huge reason why it works really really.
Well, it’s not a huge moneymaker.

It’s just more about helping dealerships, retain the training, so they can reduce their overall trainin expenses, so they don’t have to go through the initial training over and over and over again .

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