The Secret to Handling: “I want more for my trade.”

Other day for today’s seals, thought is tack on the objection I’m gon na sell it on my own, or you guys are gon na put in a lot ask for some large number.

So it’s kind of the customer wanting that sales people would say retail versus trade-in.

They want to pay, they want us to pay retail for their trade, so let’s just get right at it.
I call this one, the trade in laundry list.

It’s been done for years.
I think many trainers have named it whatever.
They want to name that I’ve just called it.

The trade in library lists so here’s my purse, so it requires a pen and paper which I’ve got pulled up.

Where do a little bit of writing and then we’ll what summarize, so we start off with.
You know hey, it seems like that.

You guys would like to get more money from the vehicle, and you know what you’re not different from a lot of people.
In fact, it sounds like you’re human beings to live on this earth, because just about everybody that comes in here, we’d like to get top dollars with their vehicle, their trade.
We would in fact morning at top dollar for our other vehicles out there as well, and whether you do sell it on your own or whether we sell it.

There’s gon na be some things that we’re going to end up doing to get top dollar.
For that, or to at least try to get top dollar – and let me just go room with it and hopefully help you, I don’t you do decide to sell it on your own, so the first thing you’re going to have to look at repairs now you had Mentioned that you needed new tires, and we agree it’s in desperate need of tires, whether you trade, it or not, so tigers can go for minute work, four to eight hundred nine hundred thousand dollars.

What type of tears would you put on? Okay, so you would put on the ones yeah around 600 bucks now the other thing we noticed on the vehicle – and I don’t know if you had mentioned or map it, there was questioned or dings on the passenger side.

So I don’t know if you were in a garage or maybe where you work, that people are opening the door into you.

Unfortunately, we’re gon na have to get those fixed, it’s 20 to 50 dollars a ding.
You had about ten of them.

Let’s just use in this case a couple of hundred dollars.

Is that fair well, we’ll say, because there were so many sometimes the paintless dent repair person will help us out a little bit if we’ve got a large amount on one vehicle.

So, let’s in fact, let’s just use honor, so we use honor now the other thing would be a detail.

The vehicle you had mentioned that your kids, you run around with them yet small, kids and they’re in there, and you can tell people – will be in the vehicle, it’s nice and rice, nice and it will clean up.
However, it’s going to need a full detail and they’re gon na have to wash wax it.
They’re gon na have to go inside the little crevices and get some of the food and things out of there, and we all know that a car that smells good looks good stands tall is going to demand more money.

So what do you think? A good washing, vacuuming waxing polishing fine detail inside that vehicle is gon na cost know they can cost actually up for two three four hundred bucks.
You might be able to get it done for a hundred.
You could do it for yourself or and have to pay for the materials, but let’s just use the hundred figure, okay and then advertise.

So you want to sell that baby you’re, making payments on them right now.
Anybody’s making payments on the vehicle obviously wants to sell it as quick as they can, so they don’t have to make another payment on the vehicle that they don’t really want any more advertising.

That vehicle has become a lot more efficient.

You don’t have to put it in several newspapers anymore.
You can put it in Ankara, comic arbitrator, eBay and let the whole world look at it.
They’ve got packages for as low as zero dollars all the way up to three four hundred dollars.

Depending on how many pictures you want to put on there, so oh you’ve done it in the past and which package did you chose on car on cars? Comm? Did you choose? Okay? It was the hundred fifty dollar package gotcha all right, so one hundred fifty will put down there now discount people that are on auto trader card calm, as you mentioned, do you think they’re looking to pay top dollar for the vehicle yeah in most cases, they’re? Looking for a deal they’re looking for some type of a discount some people, I’ve got a brother-in-law that rolls around on those always just looking for deals on certain vehicles because he just likes cars.
So what type of discount do you think you’d end up? You know happy to do to go ahead and move forward with the sale.
Okay, so you may be up to do you’d be willing to do up to a $ 500 discount, whatever you listed it for then there’s also something called the the cost to your time.

So we said that you know whether you detailed on your own that you’re not going to do that.
You know that someone else do it, but the advertising itself is gon na is going to take a little time to list with the pictures and taking those photos and run the the description.
But the real time is going to be with answering phone calls night or day tax emails and then that’s really just the probably beginning part of it.

Then you’ve got to make the decision where they have to want people to come to your house you’re going to go meet them at some designated place, which would take even more time then you’re, obviously going to have one demonstration.
Drivers you’ll have some people that’ll make offers that maybe you could not do so, there’s going to be some times where you’ll go out of the house and we show that vehicle and you just spend maybe a half-hour hour.
So what do you think your time is? Gon na be worth during all of this okay, so you three four other bucks: okay, all right, let’s just use 300, then now.

Lastly, there is a tax credit, so you’re getting ten thousand dollars for this trade, and I know you want to closer to 13 thousand dollars, but the ten thousands of dollars, even if you got just the ten thousand, that helps y’all quite a bit because, as we Mentioned earlier, the ten thousand dollars is not taxed or you get a tax credit, so you’ve got a thirty thousand dollar vehicle, roughly you’re, looking at so you’re only going to get taxed on twenty thousand dollars versus thirty thousand.
Now, if you don’t trade, the vehicle and you’re going to get taxed on the thirty thousand dollars, so you’re from the state of Illinois taxes, six out, six hundred and twenty five dollars, six point: two five: so it’s six hundred and twenty five dollars.
So that’s gon na be the amount of money that that you would forgo in savings and then the last lease payments, so it takes typically sixty to ninety days to sell it vehicle you’ve already got a payment of three hundred dollars a month.

Let’s just say you sell it.
Super duper, duper quick and you sell it in one month and so you’d only have to pay a three hundred dollar payment on there.
So, let’s just add these up and let’s see what it ends up coming up to.

So I’ve got the six hundred.
I’ve got the nine hundred thousand I’ve got fifteen.
I’ve got the tax credit of the six and a quarter.

So that’s gon na make it two thousand twenty five and then I’ve got the three hundred dollars of your time and the three hundred dollar payment.
That’s another 600! So we’re talking 20 650 and we’re giving you $ 10,000 for the trade-in.
So that’s like effectively getting twenty twelve thousand six hundred and fifty dollars and you were hoping to get thirteen and we all said 13 stop dollars Joe I got ta tell you.

It seems like a lot of time, a lot of effort, a lot of work on your part, just to save three four hundred dollars seriously.
Now I know what you like the vehicle.

What do you see? We put all this shot behind you, so you can go and start and join the car.

How did you guys want to title it bill or William and then that’d be it? They may give another objection and you we move on from.
There hope you, like the sales side of the day, .

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