The Secret to Closing…Do you have a plan?

I got a sealed spot of the day that has to do with processes and following each step in the process.

So, let’s use an example, let’s use an example of if we were traveling from Davenport Iowa to Los Angeles California.
So if we were traveling to LA from the Davenport area, what we could do is just jump on 74.
Take that to 80 80 runs west and east, and we could take that out.

West and eventually we’d, probably get to LA at least we’d, be headed in the right direction.
Now, if we hadn’t planned that trip, several things probably could happen is one we would get lost along the way, get frustrated and just decide to stay where we’re at or decide to head back home and just forget the whole thing forget the whole trap.
The other way is we possibly would continue to head out west.

We make lots of wrong.
Turns we get lost, it’d, be an upsetting trip.
If our family was with us on the trip, we probably have a lot of a lot of whining.

A lot of people upset a lot of arguments that type of thing we eventually would get to LA, however, because the whole process took so long and it was an unpleasant experience, we probably decided hey.
You know what we’re never going to do this again now, there’s a those would be if we had not planned now.
Let’s say that we had mapped it out and planned.

We said: hey, you know what we’ve got some relatives we want to visit now in LA.
However, along the way we’d like to make some fun stops, we’d like to stop at some different destinations along the way and have a little bit of fun.
So if we plan this thing out, we would know exactly when we were gon na stop.

We drive for eight hours four hours switch drivers then drive another four hours for an eight-hour day.

Stop in South Dakota, maybe see you know some different, sights the Badlands or something to that nature and then take off the next day.
So we would eventually get to LA we’d get to LA on time, possibly even ahead of schedule, because we had stopped and we’d had it planned out.

So well that the trip was smut was smooth, it was exciting, was fun, had a blast and you know what we decide anyway.

You know, let’s do something like this again, so that would be the trip to LA now.
If we take that same trip – and we make that – and we look at that as analogy for following the sales process – it kind of it’s the same way – we could make a sale by just greeting a customer and just kind of working our way through it with No plan no direction, however, the same things would happen if we did that with no plan, no following no direction or no process for the sales process.

What could happen is it gets stalled? The customer gets frustrated and just decides.
You know what I’m going to leave here and go to someplace else or just decide not to do anything.
The other way it could go is that we fumble and we move through that sales process.

We do eventually end up making a sale, but there’s a lot of wrong turns, there’s a lot of kicking and screaming.
There’s possibly people getting upset heat the conversations and we make the sale.
However, you know you as a salesperson and the guests both decide.

We don’t ever want to do this again, so it just be a one-time sale and in automotive sales we’re looking to have customers for life.
So if we followed the process, it would be like that trip to LA that we had planned.

It would be fun.
It would be exciting there would be a good time had by all and at the very end of the process we decided.
We liked it so much that we’d like to do business again with this client and they’d like to do business again with us.

So doesn’t really matter whether again, what your sales process is, it’s following that process and go ahead and plan in that out and realizing that, if you follow a process, it makes everything smoother easier and can lead to customers for life.
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