The Secret Rules of Goal Setting

Hi today’s sales thought of the day has to do with goal, setting and goal planning physical I’ve heard several definitions, but ones I like the best.

Are these just simply: it’s a target target with a completion date or a really cool one.
That I heard was it’s a dream with a timeline, so why would we want to set a goal? Well, I think most of us know, but let’s just cover it again anyway, by having a goal, then we have something to shoot, for it also allows us to be able to see where we’re at in that particular process.
Let’s say, for instance, we’ve got to be able to make a certain amount of money, we’re going to use sixty thousand dollars.

Well, if we’re halfway through the year – and we know at the end of the year that we want to achieve that – sixty thousand dollars.
We can see where we’re at see if we’re on track, if we’re doing something like, for instance, climbing Mount Everest and that’s our goal is to climb out adverse well when we’re halfway there, we know we’re halfway towards our goal, so it gives us really a way To measure where we’re at which will keep us more motivated as we’re striving towards the dream of the timeline or that target next, let’s talk about the lucky 13 rules for setting goals.
So again, these are combos of information.

I’ve learned over the years from several several trainers and it’s a mash-up of all of them.
Let’s go through them and let’s see what we can achieve with goals a so rule number one find some quiet time and sit down and figure out exactly what it is.
You want brainstorm any things on the table, write it all down.

This part puts a fire in your belly.
What’s exciting you, what is this an area that you’re, maybe fat up? You’re like I want to do better at this, I’m sick of this.
It’s time that I do this and in our particular situation, let’s choose something: let’s say that we want to make more money: hey I’ve been struggling living paycheck to paycheck.

I don’t want that anymore.
For myself, I’m gon na make more money this year, / tip it needs to be measurable.
Since we’ve been discussing the automotive business, let’s say that in our first six months in the automotive business we made $ 25,000 or the equivalent on $ 50,000 and this year, when we say you know what I want to make another $ 10,000, let’s shoot for $ 60,000, so you get something that’s measurable, something you can wrap your arms around it you’ll know.

If you make that amount of money, it’s a rule number three.
It has to be controllable.
It has to be something that’s within your power, something that you can actually affect and that you can actually change a good example of something that’s not in your control would be.

You want to get taller.
I want to go in the NBA, so I’m hoping that I can get a little bit taller on five six now and I’m hoping to be six four by the end of the year.
Yeah, it’s just it’d be nice.

If that was the the way you could do it, but you just can’t, in fact, if somebody knows how to get themselves that much taller I’d like to know about it myself.
So let’s use the goal of its measurable we’re going to use $ 60,000.
It’s controllable because we are, they commissioned business of automotive sales, so it’s very possible we’re not limited in our income, because it’s really up to us more sales equals more dollars.

Rule number four: this is a big one put it in writing.
Goals are 42 % more likely to be achieved when they’re put in writing.
I’ve heard several trainers with people over the years.

Talk about why you want to put it in writing one of my favorites.
Is it crystallizes it in your mind? It crystallizes just think about that crystallizes it which means it coats it over.
It’s something that sparkly and it sticks out its crystallized.

In your mind, I’ve also heard of you think it inked it put it down.
It helps if you review it daily and that’s the nice thing about having it written.
You can put it in real nice writing.

You can put it on on different places throughout your your home or where you’re going to see it throughout the day.
In that way, you can review it each day and you can see it and visualize it we’ll talk more here at the end about visualizing number five, it has to have a completion date and that just makes sense, especially in an income goal.
At the end of the year, then we can get our w-2 well, we can look and see hey.

I did’t eve that sixty thousand dollars that that I had set their goal for so our bill is gon na, be sixty thousand dollars.
It’s it’s controllable.
It’s something! That’s measurable: it’s got a completion date.

We can put it down in writing.
So, on January 1st or we’ll say December 31st of 2020, I will make sixty thousand dollars number six know what you’re willing to give up.
You know what there’s no such thing as getting more in life, without giving up a little a little bit so you’re gon na have to give some things out.

Maybe you’re gon na have to give up if you’re in the automotive business maybe have a lunch.
With your fellow salespeople or your colleagues, I mean not the best idea, maybe take plants out to lunch.
Take the people that are buying cars from you.

You can discuss.
Referrals it’ll, hopefully lead to the business in the future.
Maybe you go out and prospect, you go to take a business, some some lunch and that can just help you in the business.

Also, you know something else you might have to do is give up staying up late at night.
Maybe you like to play video games till 2:00 in the morning.

Well, now, you’re not gon na get a lot of sleep.

You’re, not ready, so fresh gon na be hard to make that extra ten thousand dollars when you’re running on three or four hours sleep.
So again, you’re gon na have to give up the lack of sleep or or doing things that are keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep.

Also, maybe it’s Sun Friday night you go out drinking with your friends.

Well in the automotive.
The business Saturday is a huge day for the car business and for sales people.
You want to be fresh, you want to be sharp that morning and that whole day, so going out on Friday.

Nights might be something that you’re gon na have to give up, and going with that is rule number seven.

No one has to go through face if you’ve got a pure pressure from your buddies, because you’ve got this drink at night that you go out on Friday nights and you watch some football college football games or you discuss your fantasy or or whatever it is you And the girls go out and and you you discuss different things or do different things you may have to give some of those things up.
You may have to know that that’s gon na be an obstacle for you, and you tell your friends ahead of time.

We’re not gon na go out or you just don’t show up, don’t think that you’re going to go out for one or two drinks and still be able to go home because the temptation you just need to keep that away from yourself we’re talking about video games.
You like to stay up late.
Maybe you get rid of your xbox for a while, you go put it away.

I don’t buy any new games.
That type of thing, so you’re gon na, have to give some things up and you’re gon na have to know the obstacles that you’re going to face on the things that you’re going to need to give up.
So you can achieve those goals.

Number eight be clear and be specific: it’s it’s not enough.
You know number one.
We talked about figuring out what you want and we said: hey we’ll just we want to make more money yeah.

You know here, one more money, there, three more money, there’s five bucks! Oh, you were expecting a little bit more yeah again.
We did that when we said – and we want something measurable – we want to make $ 60,000 a year.
Rule number nine make sure you’re realistic and you’re achievable.

Now our goal was to go from $ 50,000 a year to $ 60,000.
Yes, it’s pretty realistic and achievable.
In fact, I’ve heard that the average person can mentally see their self going up a 15 to 20 percent of income a year over a year so again to think you’re going to go from fifty thousand dollars in the automotive business.

After only being in for six months and going all the way to three hundred and fifty thousand – and I know people that are making that right in the market here in the Quad Cities, USA, there are people that do that, but they’ve got a huge client base And they’ve got a skill set that they’ve been building up for years, so make sure it’s realistic and achievable.
Okay, so rule number ten tell me people that are gon na support you now.
This is a big one, because a lot of times what we do is we tell our good friends and we tell our family members.

We want to get that support and we want to tell everybody and I’ve heard this kind of go both ways.

How you tell everybody, because that kind of puts you behind the eight-ball and you’ve got to do it? How would you tell people that are very even for one showing that you respect a lot of times? What will happen is they’ll.
Tell you these statistics that laugh at you they’ll say: hey come on, you never work out.

You can’t stand to work out.
I’ve asked you a million times to go to the gym.
You never want to go so they start telling these statistics or they start telling.

You about things that are gon na make you want to give up a little bit on that goal and make you think that you can’t achieve that goal.
So I would only tell people that you know we’re going to support.
You tell people that maybe are like-minded.

Maybe people if it’s a losing weight, that’s the reason why there’s Weight Watchers, Jenny’s, Craig, there’s groups, there’s there’s CrossFit groups that type of thing, because they know they can support each other when it comes to auto sales, maybe find a like-minded colleague that just started with You that wants to work on their skills and has some similar goals to to try to do better this year in 2020, number eleven make sure that your goal doesn’t hurt yourself or hurt others.
I heard Jack Canfield say one time that hey after you leave the seminar I want you to go out and by six o’clock.
I want you to vandalize 15 cards.

Well, Peggy, it’s measurable its controllable, its achievable.
It’s got a timeline, but it would hurt others.
Obviously, you don’t want to do those types of things and also make sure you don’t do something that would hurt you.

We talked earlier about not staying up late and in making sure that you attended to yourself.
Well, you would want to do things like stay up late, then over over drunk caffeine or maybe take some type of a stimulant drug.

That’s gon na affect you later on and actually harm you physically.

So again it can’t harm herself or can’t harm others number 12.
This is a big one as well reward yourself in increments or at the end of the goal, when a young buck salesperson that was in the automotive business started out, somebody I know pretty well one thing he did was: he would set goals weekly, see we’d set These weekly goals of selling say five cars in a week four cars in a week, and if he would hit those weekly goals, he would give himself weekly rewards.
For instance, maybe it was a couple of different CDs.

This is back in the age when people actually listen to CDs in their cars.
This person would go out and buy these CDs for their self, maybe buy something that was a little frivolous, not super expensive, but something that there was a reward.
Maybe a new tie.

Maybe a new dress shirt, maybe a a nice, a nice pad a watch.
Some do to that nature then even set bigger goals in six months.
If this person achieves this many sales, then he would go out and buy a leather jacket or a gold necklace.

Something to that nature, you got ta reward yourself, and it doesn’t always have to be that either it can be other things as well again reward yourself, it’s important.
It reminds you why you’re shooting for these goals and also whenever you pick up these pens and these things they almost become touchstones, because they remind you of achieving those goals and it kind of gives you strength whenever you set goals in the future.
Some different type of goal you realize you can do those those those goals and achieve those goals, number thirteen, and that is review the written goals daily.

That was number four is to write the goals down it crystallizes in your mind, when you think ink it and you can review it daily and it can’t be just reviewing the goals.
Just don’t read them, and just I will achieve $ 60,000 by the end of December 31st.

It has to have some emotion, it has to excite you.
You have to actually visualize yourself, sit and think about how you’re gon na feel.
What are the emotions that are gon na that you’re gon na feel when you’re achieving that on on New Year’s Eve? One of the rewards is a we’re gon na go to New York and celebrate watching the ball drop.

If I can achieve this on that particular day, so again you can kind of combine those types of things and then, whatever your rewards rewards going to be, you can visualize that reward and visualize that feeling and credit even bring those emotions to yourself almost as if You’ve achieved it almost that you know, whenever you achieve it at the end, you kind of say this is how I thought it would be.
This is what I thought, so those are the 13 lucky rules for goal-setting that you need to follow.
Lastly, let’s cover the five biggest mistakes: most people make when they’re setting goals and number one set their goals too high become discouraged, quit and decide, you’re not going to do them again.

We talked early on about being a new salesperson, the automotive business and we’re going to set a goal for ourself of three hundred and fifty thousand dollars and again it depends on the market and it depends what you’re selling.
I guess, however, in this market here it would be unrealistic and it would be something that would probably discourage you.
I do agree that you should shoot for the moon, and sometimes you hit the stars.

I’ve heard that quote as well.
However, you don’t want to get discouraged, so you need to you, can always readjust and if you’re on track to make seventy thousand dollars, you can readjust and go up to seventy-five or eighty thousand dollars.

However, I would say guard against going to too high then be realistic, because that one of our rules number two, the second biggest mistake most people make.

Is they don’t have a true commitment? No fire in the valley, no passion.
It was just kind of something that I was just open.
That could do it.

That’s the reason why it’s a very beginning number one figuring out what you want sit down and have some quiet time brainstorm within one goal you want to achieve.
Maybe let it sit and let it kind of let it kind of marinate for a couple of days and then go back and see.
Are those really things that you want? Are they really something that lights you up? That puts that fire in your belly that you’ll do no matter what Tony Robbins says we get our must in life, and if you get yourself to a point where you find out what you want – and you say I must quit living paycheck to paycheck, I must Lose weight I’m sick of this.

If you get to those aha moments, those I’m in the gutter solo, I’m sick of this type of moment, you’ll you’ll turn that into a must and then you’ll achieve it, because you’ll have that fire so ruled memories.

So the second mistake: most people make no commitment.
No fire in that valley number three.

The third biggest mistake most people make.
Is they don’t put it in writing? They gon na write them down.
They don’t put those goals down.

Then you can’t review it daily.
You can’t sit and look at it each night or each morning, and one thing I didn’t mention that I will now that we’re talking about putting goals in writing is take advantage of your subconscious.
Mind your subconscious Minds extremely susceptible to suggestion.

The first yeah 15.
20 minutes in the morning and the last 15 20 minutes at night before you written ready to go to bed your brain waves get yourself into a state, workable suggestion, so take advantage of that and that will help achieve those goals.
So again they have to be put in writing crystal Isaac.

It’s a number for friends.
Family they’ve got good intentions or just anybody.

That’s you feels an authority when you hear them tell you that you can’t achieve it, or you hear the statistics that are stacked against you, a lot of times, you’ll negatively.

Let that influence you – and you said you know what it was just kind of a silly goal anyway.

I’m think I’m being kind of stupid and you let that self-doubt leak in and then your dreams dashed and you just let it go and there’s a lot of people that have this music inside of them.
They have this goal.

They have the skill inside of them that who knows it, but maybe left untapped.
I mean who knows, maybe you’re a rock star, maybe you’re you can make Jimmy Page look like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about when he plays a guitar or Eddie Van Halen, and you just never even picked up and tried the guitar and who knows? Maybe you denied the world of the best music guitarist.
There was, or is it’s a number five? They don’t reward theirselves upon completion or in increments.

Maybe it’s you’ve been working hard.
Give yourself a spa day, get a massage, releasing stress, get a get a steam bath.
Hot yoga, those types of things, so in conclusion, we said that 87 % of the people out there don’t have any goals at all and 10 % actually do set goals, but 3 % are the ones that set girls the right way.

So the question is: are you going to be a 3 %? It’s not hard.
I just gave you the lucky 13 rules that you need to follow for success and remember those three percenters.
They make 10 times more ten times more than the other 97 % combined.

So there’s a huge pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for those three percenters that follow the lucky 13 rules of goal-setting.

I wish you luck.
Let’s make more money in one.

Thank you.

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