The Science of Selling on Social Media – Tools to Increase Sales

Morning Brian Maxwell here another hotel, another city, coming out to do some.

Some sales training for a few dealer groups out here in New Orleans Louisiana.
But what I want to talk about this morning is selling on social media.
Everyone knows that social media is by far one of the, if not the most utilized forms of communication today, and everyone knows that social media is a powerful tool for generating sales, but yet very few sales people actually use it, especially in the automotive industry.

When I go into dealerships, I hear everybody talk about how they know that fact: the power of Facebook, the power of Instagram, the power still of even using Craigslist of using LinkedIn.
Everyone knows it even YouTube, but very few use it.
Why? Because I hear people say well yeah I tried the social media thing and didn’t work for me when I say well, what did you do? Well, I took a picture last week and I posted it up and no one came in and I didn’t get any sales.

That is because it requires far more than just a one-and-done in order for you to be successful at it.

I want you to think about this.
Let’s think about McDonald’s.

Mcdonald’s is one of the most popular companies in the world.
Would you agree there, children two years old, three years old, know where McDonald’s is? Would you agree that people worldwide, if we took the word McDonald’s and just held up the show, the golden arches, that people would know who they are? I’m sure you would agree but answer this.
Why is it that every hour of every single day, McDonald’s, is on your radio they’re on your TV? They have a billboard in every city in every state, throughout this great country.

Why? Because they over stand the fact that, with all the hustle and bustle, going on every day that general public has a small small space for new information, should I say, there’s always things being bombarded and so for something to catch our attention through all the D ad Vert aizen’s and all the things going on every day.
It really has to jump out or it has to be consistent in order for you to generate business, use the social media it more than just one posted a week.
One pulse today.

It requires an ongoing effort, meaning you want to use it three to five times a day.
Take pictures of the new models that you have on your on.
Your life take pictures of any good pre-owned vehicles.

You all just got in on trade post about any specials that you have going on.
Take videos of yourself doing, walk around on different makes and models.
Quick short kind of brief walk miles, maybe three to five minutes detailing the really hot features or the hot selling points of that particular product.

You do it and you post it to your YouTube or you share it on your social media, page and you’re right.
If you do it one time, one week, the odds of you getting any type of high results from it are slim to none, depending on how many people on your network.
But you want to learn to hedge your bets.

If all your family and your friends support you to where they say you do the way you feel they do, and they know that you work at a particular dealership for a business.
Let them know contact your mother, your father, your best friend your spouse.
Let them know hey, listen when you see me post things about this particular dealership, robot a product.

Do me a favor like it and share it for me like it is share, because what happens when they like it and they share it, guess what now it’s exposed to their network and why do people stand on line I’ll get? I use myself, for example, the business that I generate.
I own a sales training company that worked with major dealer groups nationwide.
Now, how is it that an individual that has 15 employees is able to stay busy and then many times beat out these mega super big training, conglomerate tech companies? Why? Because of the content that I put out constantly putting out helpful content similar to this video things that will show people – hey, I’m not just some fly-by-night person coming here to put a video up.

I’m sharing real world tips and methods that work, and once people realize that you know what you’re talking about, they see that you’re consistently putting out information sharing information.
Then they regard you as a trustworthy, credible resource.
Now they feel more comfortable, doing business with you, but it still requires more than just pictures and posts.

Once I put up pictures and polls now, I began to reach out and make initiate contact with people very few times of my booking deals based on somebody.
Seeing a pose and just picking up the phone calling me many times it requires when I see a like, or somebody on my staff, sees a light or sees a share.

We need to reach out and contact this person or make a phone call to this establishment, or if I initiate contact with somebody, I can direct them to my social media, page or direct them to my web page or to my blog, which shows the area of Expertise in the content share, so it’s gon na require you to post three to five times, at least on a weekly basis, consistently and guess what it cost.

You zero just a little bit of time YouTube when you put those videos up they’re there forever and when people go to Google, they google, where to buy a Chevy in New Orleans, are where to buy a PT, Cruiser or whatever vehicle you want to use.
In your particular city, okay, so when you tag your polls or you create your page, put your dealership name in it include your name in it, make sure that you use consistent keywords, whether it be a a particular maker model.
You know f-150 Dodge Ram 1500 with your Dillon doesn’t make it key word make it have good keyword density.

So I highly suggest you read different polls watch videos on how to market on social media, but more than anything else use it leverage it.
It works.
You have to be consistent.

Imagine when you get a lead from somebody online, if you’re able to go to social media, look up and find that person’s page and shoot them on rent a message directly tell them.
I’m thanking them for submitting a request for information on your company website and you want to be there to help them out and then based on that setting up some type of phone call or a face-to-face appointment.
You take what so cold was warned because they initiated by submitting a request, but you take what’s a cold lead and now you turn it into a warmly, because guess what, through your social media pages, you get a chance to see with each other.

It looks like they can see your other videos and different things.
Maybe if people buy vehicles from you take pictures of everybody you posted up on your page, you tagged them in it with hey.
Thank you for joining the ABC dealership family.

Hopefully you enjoy your new blah blah blah you post that up.
You tagged a minute so now, when people when you’re referring people to your pages, they see different customers that you’ve done business with.
They see your expertise and your knowledge about the particular vehicle branded jerk.

That you’re working with they can see your face.
Therefore it creates a lot more familiarity and helps the customers feel more comfortable.
So, at the end of the day, social media will work as hard as you do, but if you think it’s just about slapping up a picture without any concentrated wording, a good credit, bad credit, no problem come see me I am at the dealership today.

My name is my contact.
Number is my direct email is come see me, everybody rise.
Let us help you or whatever is you want to add into it, but making sure you have a good call to action in your posts? Okay, use social media leverage.

It again.
I do webinars teaching automotive sales professionals how to use this to increase their sales.

Five, ten fifteen, some even additional fifteen units per month that they’ve increased the amount of appointments that they’re able to set that are coming in just by leveraging a couple of steps on social media so be on the lookout for the webinars coming up morning.

Anything else check out the other videos I have here and one anything else like it share.

It click follow subscribe and you know join me on this journey as we continue to change the paradigm of Sales Consultants.
You and I continue to work together to help your sales career go to the next level as we make it a much more pleasant experience for the customers coming into our business, I’m Brian Maxwell.

I appreciate you for checking this video out.
Hey stay, positive, stay, productive and you know hey stay focused.
I look forward to seeing you at the dealership.

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