The Reid Method Insider Podcast: What Sets Top Sales Performers Apart? – With Anthony Santangelo

welcome back folks to the reed method inside a podcast, it’s episode, 36 and in episode, 36.

We are about to chat about what sets the top sales performers apart.

Is a luck is that scale, or is that mindset my guest for this episode on the United States mmm? Thank you so much again, it’s a privilege and honor to guest your show again for the third time out of 36 episodes – and I just really appreciate or friendship will develop here with, will back sometime the winter and so we’ve seen some rapid growth and transformation of View within the last three years from the automotive, auto motive sales rep space when you were selling cars with Nissan thousands of cars by the way, via current role as a sales trainer.
Well, it’s an interesting question there.

Every you know one of the things I refused on Facebook and I even called it a fake book and I was wrong audience.
I was absolutely wrong and I stunted my growth and I was successful, but I could have been more successful if I stepped out of my comfort zone and stop being so stubborn.
I was a national sales recruiter and trainer for automatic security training.

The number one automotive recruiting company in the country, we all do Facebook and I’d – be able to go on Facebook, and I go on Facebook live three to five times a week, and I share with my audience different things.
Well, as I started doing this this past July, a gentleman his name was Marcos Roscoe, who has its book famous calm.
He had approached me via social media and said I’ve been following your posts on Facebook, and I want to put together a book collaboration.

Titled 10x mindset habits and I want fellow 10x oerstadt her followers of Grant Cardone to be an author in the book and he said.
Would you like to write a chapter in the book? I said to him.
I was like I who me really to write a chapter in a book.

I never really thought about that before and I gave it some thought and I called him back less than 24 hours later and I said absolutely honored to do this and he said you’ll be one of 10 authors, I’m going to write a chapter as well and He’ll write one and I’m gon na have eight other people, fellow ten Xers or in the chapter Marcus, and I are the only two that have known a motive background.
The other eight are entrepreneurs real estate investors and one is in the roofing industry as well on, and so, but that’s kind of how it started the power of social media.
So there’s a perfect example.

I would be having this third podcast talking about my appeared on the show t on Facebook patient.
I wouldn’t have that if I need to step out of my comfort zone in get on Facebook on social media, cuz Marcos never would have met me and then, while I’m on the topic, you and I never would have met if it wasn’t for my Twitter account.
As well and that’s how we discovered mate and SP be a guest on your podcast actually, a year ago, this month was our first one that we did you.

I hate you looked it up.
That’s good! I only said I love math when I hate algebra.
I might be on them, so why did you choose to participate and share your perspective on the impact of having the right mindset? Well, one of the things that in my career was you know when my head was screwed on straight.

In my opinion, there was no one better than me.
You know I was able to earn customers like do the right thing.
I was very privileged and honored to to be right from the top 1 % in the country with Nissan North America for CSI the last five years that I sold in the trench.

But when my head was done, my you know, then I was a worse person than where I was worse than a rookie salesperson and it doesn’t matter about talent and I don’t I don’t believe in luck, I’m a poker player.
As you know, I’ve rolled – and I don’t believe in luck at all – I think everyone eventually gets dealt the same amount of hands in the same type of cards.
So it’s a matter of overcoming that and not going lawful talent, and you know what get learned and all that it’s a matter of.

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that, yes, I can do this? Do you believe that, yes, I want to overcome the naysayers, because we all hear the same negative noise, as Tim Grover says, but it’s a matter.
Are we gon na change the tune or not, and we need to change the tune and that’s what you have to do and when you do that you have the right mindset now you can go out there and achieve success in anything to go from the automotive Industry, the real estate industry, jewelry insurance, whatever it may be, we’re all in sales.
Even people, McDonald’s are in sales everyone’s in sales and if you have the right mindset and attitude now, that’s kind of flow to the customers that customers gon na see here, body, language or tonality.

Your spirit, that’s how you’re gon na earn customers for life.
So in the book you spoke about – and I have to read – read read each chapter today and oh my goodness number one.
I learned a lot about you and it was very, very powerful.

So you speak about going reception, successful people to be how their successes came about and the assumption that they must have had luck or fell into riches or whatever.
Why did you think it was important to make that that statement in the book? Well, that’s how I started my chapter out.
You know every success story that you watch them TV or read about online.

They don’t start with that person being in an opportunity and they chose to capitalize on it.
I think a lot of people in this world.

First of all, everyone is presented an opportunity everyone’s better than opportunity in life.
Whatever made me a question, it’s used to capitalize on it.
I think a lot of people turn away from opportunities and give up on them because they feel they don’t have the outright upbringing because they weren’t raised the right way.

They didn’t have a silver spoon in their mouth.

They didn’t have the right, lasting and great nationality and that’s all a bunch of baloney.
I don’t believe that whatsoever.

You could be given an opportunity and you choose to capitalize on it.
You take it and you run with it and it doesn’t matter about what happened, as I told him my training class today, as I’m right now in Hagerstown Maryland and back at a Hagerstown Ford.

The second time I’ve been here great organization, great management – and I taught my trading class today, the first day of training, but I graduated the more get them hired at Hagerstown.

For it is you can’t live backwards? You can’t be sitting there blowing on past results and when you favor only think about it, audience that when we get upset, we get angry.
We get depressed when we get resentful, it’s because we’re lemon freaking backwards, and you can’t do that and that’s what people in the he lived backwards and say well, I did this this and this or I didn’t do this this, where I grew up this way or That way, so I can’t – and I won’t and that’s a bunch of nonsense and that’s why I started my chapter that way that you know.
Obviously it’s everyone’s given opportunity, but you gon na be have enough courage and have the guts to capitalize on that and the only person that can stop you from doing that is the person eating up in the morning.

You brush your teeth.
There you go.
Your parents played an integral role in your success today, laying a foundation for you, so were there any specific lessons that that you learn through that whole process on that time, with your parents? Yes, very much so my mom Donna, my mom passed away at 40 years old.

She died of breast cancer.
Breast cancer.
The technology was not as advanced back then, but she was that was diagnosed in 1984 had surgery.

It came back in 1884.
I was seven years old, they came back and 88, she had surgery and and then in 92 had come back and it spread to her leg and those next two years I was not Sean.
My the worst of me died in 1994.

I was 17, my sister Lori was 13 and my sister Joanne was a few weeks from away from turning 11 and before she passed away.

Obviously, her passing when I was 17 verses 7, which he initially was diagnosed.
Breast cancer was a pretty big difference there and back then my mom, it’s without question that she is she was.

She would give me a lot of lectures and boy I received them.
You know at the time we were living in remote Pennsylvania and driving a half R to Valley, Forge Pennsylvania for school, the school I had went to and she would really come down on me about different things about you know, doing things the right way, and you Know median different things and at the end, all I know at the time was I just we make an excuse.
Just I didn’t see how those different things that she was telling me back.

Then it’s not what you say: it’s how you say it but moves the heart wags the tongue, never things she would say.
I had no idea how they were gon na end up developing in my life as an adult with it, and she always ended those things.
Anthony I love you and God has a plan for you hopeless.

They don’t beat up afterwards.
You know, but he kind of taught me those lessons and they all I talk about on my training classes, I bring a little Donna Santangelo in the training class about it’s.
Not what you say: it’s how you say: who’s the hard wax that’s wrong.

So that was like that my dad Tony uh, he he does to call me Sonny and my dad.
Still to this day he calls me Sonny, and so he calls me he was a heating ventilation and air conditioning person and then he closed the swimming pools and he still opens and closes the occasional swim pool here and there, as he kind of goes back and Forth in Florida at Sylvania, my dad taught me about seven years old.
You say Sonny if you’re gon na do a job, do it right or don’t do it at all, and I always remembered that growing up and I kind of focused on that as I went through school and I was a very average student, which is what we Call it a automatic, recruiting and training best of the worst and that’s kind of how I was with it, and but I did always hit my homework all trying to work hard.

I played sports.
I was huge in the sports playing baseball football basketball street hockey, but I loved that – and I kind of moved into that.
Well, I took that work ethic and I kind of moved that into my first career, which was construction.

Now I went to the construction field of my childhood friend, Jamison Glennon Jamison, and I have known her since were five years old or frays apart in age he’s three years older than I am and we went the construction and I failed – and I felt literally my Heart was there ever old, but the speed wasn’t well.
Jamison owns a construction company now on several world state investments.
Obviously it worked out for him, so I moved into that in that field and I founded that and then I was given an opportunity by the church.

I had grown up in to sell at flea markets and I never experienced sales before at this point.
I was nine years old and I am NOT per tuned to sell, cushions and redwood furniture and fireworks and Christmas trees in flea markets across Pennsylvania.
So I would load up a weight of echo box trunk and travel up to two and a half hours wake up early in the morning and started selling him.

I started learning a little bit what sales meant back then, and I learned obviously the ocean getting beat up on the price of the flea market, knowing that cash was important because there was no square card readers back then and checks.
I took a few checks and learned the hard way that they weren’t real.
So, but I ended up going through that, but the problem with flea markets, emerald as it would be in Canada as well Hampton year-round, because nobody in january/february come to buy things at flea markets.

Are they Lois? You abraeve like some of the folks here in Toronto.

Right a little bit tougher to do that.
Well, is August of 1997.

I finished up a pretty successful firework season there and it was the second week in August and Jameis his parents patent John Glenn it that I’ve known again since I was five years old.
They had a trailer down in Delaware and they said to me if he, why don’t you come down for the day? Take the day off, I was working seven days a week back then Jameson’s working but come out for the day.
With this place – and I said okay – I will so I was Wolfen the beach with Pat and I said the Patterson pet.

What do you think I should do? I don’t know in price, please a couple more weeks of flea market sales in but come Labor Day.
All the kids would be back at school, and now I’m gon na have a little bit of a slow time until Christmas tree start up Thanksgiving weekend.
So I got a couple months here.

What do you guys to do, and he said to me, said why don’t you some horse and I started laughing at him? He said what’s so funny, I said: well, those guys are scumbags, you know and he stopped me on the beach and we were side by side at night and he grabbed my arm and he twisted my body to his and he looked at me.
He said if those guys would like that, how much better would you me know my favorite actor? One of my favorite actors is Tom Selleck and I love Shoaib Luke once and I love magnum p.

Obviously I’m sure you remember that ever might in the pie.

Oh yeah, I’m so he’s known for his moustache, but he’s also known when he says something wise and smart and of course the people on iTunes won’t be able to see this, but on camera.
Here they yeah has that smile that that he does that with it.
Well, Pat does the same thing when he says something very wise and smart, just minus the mustache.

So he’s looking at me, I’m looking at him, I’m 20 years old, here’s a guy I’ve known since I was five years old, but I used to call uncle Pat Nate Joe and his wife, Jen uh, and I smiled at me – and I said: okay I’ll take You up on your offer.
Well off.
I went circling ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer because there was no indeed and zip recruiter in Craigslist Facebook and all different things back then, and I was calling the or chips well.

As I talked about in the interview process, most Clark viewers are looking for an experienced car salesperson.
Well, I started feeling the rejection and I interviewed somewhere between 12 to 15 car dealerships.
I had went into and 11 to 14 times.

I was told sorry kid you’re too young, no experience, no job will call you don’t call us we’ll.

Let you know why? Don’t you go to college? You know it’s rejection after rejection after rejection and then I ran into Devon Lisa and I met Terry biaggi, w sh and Terri interviewed me.
He liked me and told me to come back later and be with Jo Bush, who was the owner of Devon Nissan.

I came back, Joey was busy, I met with Jeff Marcus and they said we’ll call you nine o’clock that night long story short.
I called them at 8:58 because I was chomping at the bit sweating on the inside and Jeff eventually picked up and seen.
You start Monday and Akana.

That’s how I started in the car industry.
Well, there you go and we started at similar ages.
I started a nineteen he’s did after nineteen, you started with number 20, so I see I saw.

I saw a quote in your book where he said you remember that that time frame in your life, when the favorite part of your day was sleeping, yes and because took away a lot of of the pain of losing a mom at the time.
And you know, maybe you needed some direction and whatever anymore goddammit, so the construction business, but you know you’re most comfortable time, was when you were asleep.
So how did you make the transition? You know you shared with the audience already losing your mom and, with you know, growing up with you.

If your sisters and what was there yeah with your two sisters and and then you know sleeping – was your your therapy so to speak through that time.
So how do you you know? 30? My agents from you know your path to success.
Well, there was a couple things there.

You know, as I basically was watching.
My mom die right in front of me as she was having seizures in the hospice care and all those things there.

You know there was a lot of thoughts in my head and I played football back then, and I felt like the only way that I could really let out.

My frustration was just to hit the living stuff and out of the first and other side of the ball and I loved to hit hard, I still their team.
If I catch you, you’re gon na feel it.
I wasn’t fast, but I hit hard and that’s why I went through that and kind of tried to almost push my problems onto that halfback.

A wide receiver is what I was trying to do and then, as I moved in the construction, you know I was failing at it and get back to your point there ever.
Oh, you know there were seven hours.
I would sleep from 11 to 6 in the morning like 6:00 in the morning I was like yeah, I’m so relaxed, and then I got up at 6 o’clock and had this picniced knot in my stomach because I was failing, I was struggling and you know, as A teenager, I don’t seem suicidal thoughts I did, and now here I was at 18, 19 years old and the construction, and I saw my good friend, Jamison excelling, which, by the way Jamison actually didn’t want my mom.

I did not have my driver’s license at the time I was at my dad’s shop cleaning up and my permit.
There was a knock on the door, j-mo Janos his name was you don’t hear? Did he said we have to come with me why he said I’m dying, I see he’s actually the one that told me my mom died, which might sound kind of odd to the audience Ariane.
How would a non-family member knows before you? Can I tell you something? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I know you Damon how for 36 years we talked, we actually had dinner together three weeks ago and it’s tough to get.
He owns a company.
So it’s tough to get him alone to do things he’s married with three wonderful children, we’re able to spend time together right before our birthdays, which was cool and the way I really overcame.

That was really the month before my mom died.
I was out at the Grand Canyon and we went on a hiking trip and I remember saying to myself out in a tent God.
If you’re real, you got ta bring a piece here.

So I know my mom’s gon na die at some point and I need to be able to figure this out and I had a piece when she passed, but then that war – and that was fine for me.
So, as my sister’s you know, Laurie would try to clean the house and try to take food which I would bury her head in books and that’s what she how she dealt with the pain.
My dad well Toni kind of went off the deep end.

A little bit, but I understand he lost his life too, and I get that you know with it and he went through that.
Well, I was able to heal from that, but then moving into the construction field that hurt started coming back again and suicidal thoughts came back again and the way I overcame that was really by mindset.
I had to make a personal decision at a mental commitment to say you know what okay, I was done, a couple bad hands in life.

So what what do you do now – and I didn’t know at the time – but this was 1996 to here before I got in the corner straight, but little do I know.
Five years later I wrote a quote.
I can’t change the past.

Only do what’s right in the present to make a better future and that’s what I started doing.
I started focusing on the present to make my few better.
Who cares what happened in the background in the past there, and that goes for everybody out? There is listening iTunes, stitcher SoundCloud or on Facebook live here.

You know who cares if you had a mistake in the past, if you had at the vorc, she had a broken engagement, you weren’t the best parent to your kids.
You got fired from a job, maybe how to do you I maybe or arrested you know, there’s some celebrities out there that have a record but they’ve been over canaanite.
You know and that’s what you have to do.

That’s really what the mindset comes in.
It’s not that luck or skill.
Well, that’s well said so: we’ve we’ve gone through life’s setback, axiom.

Ah, the dating issues, the job search, obviously you’re here today, if tremendous success years later this mindset and as your chapter in the book says, isn’t so people can say well, I’m lucky to experiences you know, but I’m not sure for you if it would be.

Certainly, Monsieur clearly that they step to uplift you and to help you, so you never know how this will affect you, but even through the adversity came for success today.
Yes, absolutely, and I give my mentors a ton of credit from where I’m at today you know I had the best management staff that I started, that with in my career, Brian Anderson, Tara, Vig, Lee Timmerman, Jeff, Marcus Joe Bush and the late George, the boys.

So I missed dearly my mentor March 23rd of me five years that he has been gone.

Unfortunately, as much and you know back in 2001, I was four years in the car industry and actually go back a little bit in 2000, the 1998.
I met a girl and we started dating and in 2000 and October of 2000 i propos’d – and here I was three years in the car business.

I was a Top Gun, evany Sano, all my way to make six figures, plus she here in a March of 2001.
So obviously, actually, technically, actually, 17 years ago, this week, ever thinking about booking here March, 8th what they do, it was the second week in March my seventeen years ago, my world came crashing down and my fiancee ended the relationship and I loved it.
I did and it hurt it hurt like frickin hell, it did and my numbers started to drop well.

My direct manager at the time was a Miss Lee Timmerman and we now actually is an owner of an infiniti dealership.
He owns infinity of West Chester Pennsylvania, which is about ten minutes from my house, and he pulled me out of training one day and now you know four years three and a half years in the car industry and he said to me he goes Anthony.
I need you to so, of course I did you know your numbers are dropping but, more importantly, I know that he loved that girl.

So much.
What can I do to help? What can I do to help you here hand? I said leave, thank you buddy and your support means a lot to me.
I’m live there a hard time, and here was the difference and I’m hoping sales managers and general managers are really listening.

They were principals here, Lee Timmerman and the rest of the management staff.

There you know Jeff, Terry Bryan and George and Joey.

They didn’t just care about Anthony Santangelo, the car salesman that so Carson Devin Nissan.

They came an to see gentle person and we had a client back then, who was a psychologist, a kind of a psychologist and they said we’re sending it to him.
We’re gon na pay and I talked to him and was able to work through things here.
But the thing I’ll always remember about about that management staff.

Is they cared about me as a person and the numbers were dropping and yes, I had to make them money.
And yes, I had to make money myself, but they were sensitive to it and then it led he struggles and the frustrations and the pressure of the manufacturer having to put out units take over the person.
So they didn’t give up on you.

They didn’t give up on me didn’t give up on main I didn’t give up on myself.
I wrote, but you know what, if they gave up on me, they started browbeaten me didn’t figure out what made me tick as a person.
Maybe I wouldn’t be a national.

Sounds recruiter training I know if I felt would have sold 3,500 cars my career, you know and that’s why I always will appreciate so much what they did for me and they’re aware of this their work, my book.
They know I talked about him in there and I want to throw Chuck the Santis in there as well, who was the senior sales person at dem a Nissan truck.
The sanest now was the general manager of conquerable Nissan with it, and I want to throw my best friend in there David Ginsburg.

He goes started with me, some together in 1997.
He now works at Vulcan plexus.
You know what I could one of your competitors, but he’s he’s in Pennsylvania know so good in having for Pennsylvania with you know, their support was also very much appreciated, so sometimes you have to drop back and put I like that phrase that I picked up in The book from wasn’t your friend George, or was it a source that was George, you know and guys you know, and anybody watching here give some parts and, like George, did voice and sure people are watching that had the privilege on out of the know, George, he Left this way too early at 49 years old and yours, you always had a way.

It’s haunting me off the ledge.
You know everyone you experience since you’ve been in the car business for all these years.
You know it’s the 10th of the month and you got to deal yeah you’re go for your last five.

Now what now? What that’s one of my favorite managers, Mohammed Larocque, he would say well sure it’s always had a way of saying no and they’re grasping at straws.
Don’t worry about them make fun here.
Sometimes you got to drop back and punt it’s a marathon, not a race anytime.

I told to George, as he drove his 60 mile one-way commute back and forth from Britain New Jersey to Devon Bridgeton, the X in Pennsylvania burst into Ardmore Pennsylvania for all these years yeah.
I talked him on the phone and he always put me back together.
The next day I either sold a car or cars or, at the very least I set up two appointments, because my head wasn’t on my ass anymore yeah.

You know that’s what he did and that’s why that’s where I got their phone, putting this drop back and punt.
He also said which I forgot to put in the book with the second official will have it.
You have to put the square peg in the round hole, he also says, and he would this – and he was just a great closer of people.

He understood would made people tick and was able to figure out a good way to earn a customer for life and many times I watched him on tosh.
0 is what I’m doing right now.
I talked about George every week in my class.

Well I thank you.
So much for sharing that in the book, because that phrase certainly caught my attention yeah and it was awesome and it’s just George assistant – was an awesome, awesome person.
You know with that and and it’s giving back in his funeral a bro.

Oh, my goodness, there was people there, accounting personnel, service personnel, sales, personnel, people that have not been in the corner street for over 10 years still went paid their respects man.
It was a packed house and a little Church in Britain, New Jersey and round.
You know awesome, it’s all it’s very important and you know what sets these apart in general and people of success, and is it love through life? Experience discussion can help you towards ultimate success and Anthony, and you know most people in their content need a personal, especially in today’s.

It’s so important to do the right for my people to have colleagues and friends such as Anthony that communicate with this sorry authenticity, which is one of your favorite city.
The title of the book, as well as the chapter that you did on mindset was perfect and we integrated the reality of the realities of life.
You know they did the setbacks and mishaps.

The grind in the self realization of everything all came out in this particular episode and falling back to that and keep the knife focused and being able to source out the influencers or the people that can you know before we head out.
You know, I think it’s important that when we go through struggles in life, I wrote that would either inner circle, as you guys have seen here on this episode, as I’ve talked, I wouldn’t be where I’m at today, if I didn’t have the support of good mentorship Good parents and good friends, but a lot of times when the wheels are starting to turn a night.

Sometimes we feel like we’re all alone.

I’m happy buddy, I’m here to tell you Facebook, nation iCloud.
They should iTunes stitcher wherever it’s at I’m here.
For you, you give me a call, I’m a little bit rare.

I dig my phone number out.
I think my phone up, but I return my phone.
My phone numbers.

Anything at all, you give me a call.
Let me know I don’t care if I don’t know you’re, none I’ll still help you.

I just want to give back and serve to others, because I wouldn’t be where I’m at today.

If it wasn’t for people that took the time to do this, and the best thing you can give to someone is not money, it’s your time, give them your time and show them that you really care and that your authentic and real, when you do that now, At this point, you’re gon na be out of change someone’s life, and I just want to tell you one quick story here ever I had a young lady that I trained in Arizona last year and as always, do my 101 evaluations that day and what no it Was hired before I started, she said to me she does Anthony before you say anything.
I just want you to know that.

Four years ago I found my mom on my birthday dead, and I heard you talk about your mom passing away and how you’ve developed closure on that and she started to sob.
She said Anthony you’ve helped me get closure on this with my life and even if I’m not hired, I want you to know it was.
I was absolutely meant to be here and, to me I said the lady I said well, thank you so much and this young lady wasn’t even born when my mom died.

She wasn’t born the following year.
She wasn’t even alive when my mom died.
I wrote, and I told her I said well, that’s why I’m here I’m here to give and by the way, congratulations you’re hired well.

She she reached out to me last month via email, told me she’s doing very well and she’s, not at her exact words.
To me ever, were I’m not sad anymore, Anthony you’ve, developed a mindset for me and now she’s, letting her talent playing the piano and music kind of fill that void and she’s, letting her love an expression plays of the piano and she’s posi affecting lives.
That’s what I want wrap up here is that you could be going through a difficult situation in life.

Okay, you could be going through right now, or maybe it happened in the past and you haven’t developed closure now.
If you have the right mindset and you learn – develop, grow and teach through that when you do that, you have no idea how in the future, you’re gon na positive effects someone’s like, but it might be 20.
Something years later, I didn’t meet this girl until last November, at a dealership in Arizona, so that was 23.

She said over 23 years after my mom died, but I was able to positive affect her life because I was able to overcome a hardship.
So when I cared only out there overcome your hardships, if you need help I’m here to serve – and I know everyone would be very willing to hear from you as well and reach out – that’s why him join forces because they’re the same mindset same culture.
We just want to get a appreciate that, and I just want to reach out to some folks on the while we’re on the subject of giving back Mountain View.

California, thank you so much.
I see a whole bunch of folks listening to Mountain View.
California, Thunder Bay, Ontario st.

Paul Minnesota.
Many other places lots of folks from the United Kingdom recently tuning in.
Maybe you can hammer this one Pisco Pisco a New Jersey, I’ve never heard of it, but these folks tons of folks are in there and in Texas, and I I thought it in compelling to mention this because every every week there’s a whole section of community.

Thank you very much appreciate it very much there.
So thank you so much and you know we had seven with Tina Kelly.

Actually several others see all their names right now.

I just pulled it up here: older boys, Sean Hayes, yeah, Beaver Toyota, st.
Augustine, his partner Benson, one of my students there you know the queer Muhammad is one of my students, Laura Berman, who always gives me love and support Dena Kelly, I’d love.
You Tina you’re awesome, dear Ryan, Benson as well a lot other people Matt here at math, lab Subaru.

I’m sorry, Matt subkey! Excuse me with it uh my good friend who started that as a customer, Karen Crandall, I sold her a corn back in 1998 and we’ve been very close friends ever since then Wow.

Why would it sell yeah so yeah? Well, they you know appreciate it.
Yes, oh thank you very much folks this for tuning in and to this episode, and I would love to hear your feedback in email until next time.

So long as I saved one anything false, be intentional everything that you do there’s always you know I always say: go ball in all right folks, get out there hug, but we’re gon na get back to work being a phenom.

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