The Reid Method Insider Podcast: The Power of Meaningful Conversations With Engel Jones

sail set angel yeah you’re there.

Oh, my goodness.
I can’t believe this welcome everybody.
It’s Everett read in the studio tonight with episode 32 of the reed method inside a podcast.

We are about to have an amazing conversation about the power of meaningful conversations and that this conversation in this episode is as a result of a conversation I had with our special guest, a very short 12 minute conversation I had with our special guest joining us tonight.
Live from trinidad and tobago holds welcome Angela Jones to the show.
Thank you.

I appreciate that tremendously.
Well, there you are so I am here right now because we’re snow, we got snow and it’s cold, and it’s messy here and you’re in Trinidad Tobago with the sunshine.
Like what the hell is up with that, because everyone is always so shop, so I said hey, let me put on a shit and not just wear my Phoenix right.

Thank you.
You know that would have been too much if you’re in a well folks.
It’s episode.

32 of the reed method inside a podcast we’re.
This episode is about the power of having meaningful conversations and Angela Jones.
Our special guest tonight was born and raised in a twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago and loves great conversations he’s an entrepreneur, life coach and the podcast whole host of the 12 minute convo.

His passion is to help you find yours, your own, unique, real self.
After having a foul 9:1 episodes in three months, he uncovered yours, a tool used to reconnect you to hidden passion and purpose which is essential to creating your brand.
Your brand Enzo believes and lives the principle of zig ziglar, where he can have everything in life.

You want with enough help and helping others to get what they want.

Welcome to the show my man desire.
I am so so I the first question I have and votes.

I was on NGOs, podcast 12-minute combos a few months ago, sometime in late 2017, and I don’t even know is that what my episode number is.
Yes, sir, yellow oh wow, see I’ll have to write that down the 1195.
So so mine is podcast.


I did not, I still don’t know how you found me or contacted me, but that’s irrelevant now, because we’ve done that, but I wanted to when you were done.
I wanted to invite you on my show, but you were so busy doing all these twelve many conversations around the world with all these special unique guests.
So tell me: what possessed you to start this whole journey possessed.

Is such a strong word when you’re doing that? I’m doing my friend I have this Turing assist.
Steering I was definitely steered to do this as it began where we were creating lead magnets, our business.
The podcast was one of the lead magnets that connected me to so many other products, specifically what I listen to via two podcast at the time, one being very instrumental in changes in my life, which is the beef Ramsay, show, and then the second, which was entrepreneur On fire right and one of these podcast point, it is again Zig had this has this tool that teaches you how to build your business and you that business around seals, administration and leadership, operation and marketing you needed to create your funnel and part of creating that Funnel is identifying to the top there what’s going to bring visitors to you yeah, so I was doing that for three brands: my brand, my wife, Amanda dunes and my mother Cassandra Jones, and in doing that I attempted to do one podcast before this podcast.

I wrote it was crazy funny when I listen back to it.

Alright, the name of it was going to be called the Jones Imani show, and you know I got in there started that then I shoved it then Amanda rotar books.
She simplifies health disorders and so many other things through poems too rhymes.

So I said: hey you need to create this right.
You need to create this podcast and you know it.
She did a few episodes.

Then she showed that around that time.
What I was doing is something around an online community led by Erin Walker, where I would meet weekly, have conversations young man in there all the men as well.

That would help us and help us cool on what I’ll call the right track.

So there are always people in this online community and I was thinking to myself.

It would be cool if I could speak to each person right and I came up with this format and I started here.
Meanwhile Amanda is podcasting and then she shoved it and then I said it’s time to do my podcast, I’m very competitive, competing against your wife.

I said this goes to beat John Lee Dumas as the sword count in 2016, and you know we were preparing for this conversation and my wife and I and she expressed to me the importance of expressing, when I say, beat what I meant right and I identified Quickly in life that, in order to get the skill you so desire, you need to do a lot of it.
Some people say you need to do 10,000 hours yeah.
I decided that I’ll go after John Lee Dumas as episode count and have fifteen hundred and eighty-five conversations in my first year of podcasting from marched December, and the story goes on my goodness.

As the record will show you, you did a thousand and one that extra one just to make sure that you didn’t miss a thousand in 2016.
That was crazy.
My friend we were, we were aiming at getting over a thousand for sure and on that night, that particular last night, which was December 4th 2016 things just started falling apart.

We lost about 7 to 10 people that just jumped off the schedules, with extremely good reasons.
Like there was a death in a family, someone didn’t make it home.
It was really great reasons, but again the power of a conversation and there’s one woman called Wendy Williams, that when I wanted to stop having these conversations, she came on and started connecting these other people, and that was very instrumental and on the last night she connected Me to like five people in one hour right, my goodness, and in doing that she had someone – and it took me straight thousand and one conversation in one year in your first year too yeah just to clarify it was in three months, so really yeah.

What happened ever others from March 31st right I launched, and then it took me up to September and I got 276 episodes and I was about to give up – and I was in Tennessee at the time at a conference held by Dan Miller, the name of the Conference scooting with excellence and his daughter Ashley is teaching on personality types, personality assessment, who’s, the disc specifically, and it’s as I was zapped by spike by lightning and it sounded like hey.
You said you set out to do this goal and you shouldn’t give up, and at that point I started writing in my trusty yellow pad what would be required to hit 1585.
So I had 76 and then I added 1509, and that was the beginning of setting that goal to have so.

It all starts with a 50 cent notepad yeah.
It does yeah yeah, it’s it’s amazing like and if we dig deeper as I love to do as a child, one of my earliest childhood memories is that, like I, like, everyone will tell you.
It always has a pen and p4 pencil and p4 close by Wow.

It’s intriguing to see that connect.
Well, we all know you and I both know that people who write their goals down and are more likely to achieve them rather than just thinking about them and talking about them.
But those who literally start writing down notes making a list prioritizing putting timelines on things.

So you had you had a goal.
You had a number in mind, you had a timeline.
You had a deadline for that matter, so naturally you walk it backwards.

It’s no different than selling cars.
If you want to sit out 20 cars or 25 cars in a month.

How many of you have to talk to you know how many test drive so many presentations, etc, etc, etc, and to get a certain number of you know to get the end result, and so there’s so many lessons in what you’ve done and which attracted me to Just you know to when I saw the number and you just mentioned you’ve so tell the audience.

What number are you up to because I saw 17:21 this morning you told me to weigh more than that yeah.
What so, with the podcast will one of the things we love to do is definitely build a treasure chest of episodes.
So usually we build episodes and then we release so there’s always a lag between what you hear and what has been done already.

So what I did is in September on September 19th December 12th.
I set of goals.
I have 800 conversations this past year, 2017.

So, with those added conversations I got to 1987 conversations, thus far, we’ve released up to 17 hundred and twenty-five hours at the time of this recording because he has a process we need to edit add stuff to it.
Make sure things are clear.
Big up to my guide, Frances kielbasa Yahoo, at its the podcast he’s done an amazing job thus far, and you keep that man very busy.

Yes, he, yes, he does well.
So was there one or two conversations that you had? That’s to doubt our it was there any that shot you, because, after talking to 1987 different people from different parts of the world, there must be something.
Is there one or two that stood out and shocked you and why a good question so there many conversations that have impacted my life, a disclaimer just that there’s so many and we’ll speak about this later, just in terms of the uniqueness of individuals, one of the Scenarios that did occur on Thursday, 13th of October 2016.

That fascinates me to this day is episode 220 HP, backed by 224.
What happened in that night? So one of the reasons I jumped in here to do this podcast on this level.
One of the reasons is that I believe that if you did something repeatedly consistently you’ll find yourself that answers the questions that you think are true will then be come true.

So I’m having these conversations, I’m tired, I’m doing like 20 Addie right and I had a Nikolas snap on now said: get Nikolas snap.
There was some challenges and we flipped and flips pieces.
I think I missed my mastermind meeting got him on and then I said I had a break.

So I said: okay I’ll go! Take a nap! It’s one of my things, power, naps right – and I meant this.
So I got in bed my wife.
She power naps right, true right.

She continuously in bed like she’s supposed to be and she’s in bed at this time, and I cool and I lie beside her and I said I have someone in an hour time and I get in there and I oversleep.
Oh, my goodness, she weeks me and I get up she says: don’t you have a podcast fly out of there get into the cubicle where I podcast and I’m there and I’ve missed the guy that I’m supposed to.
And then I have episode two 24, which is Michelle the thing that occurred that really got me spooked at night, when Nick expressed his earliest childhood memory.

He said that he was four years old and he remembered that his I think his his parents told him they were having a brother.
They brought home their brother, something like that right and then we go on and I’m like.

Okay, cool cool all right and then he said you know what dude like.

I live in Florida and we had a pool in the backyard and one time I fell, India, when I was 1 year old Wow I was like wow.
He said I think I was under there for 8 minutes, my goodness I knee, but him across and perform CPR.
They thought it may have brain damage, but everything was good.

So I was like alright cool.

That’s amazing right then, as I said I went.
I slept overslept missed the guy and then had Michelle right reached to the question now.

What is your earliest childhood memory and she says when she was four years old.
She remember, remembers falling in the pool all my goodness and she was under there for like six or seven minutes and she saw the glistening water and in her mind she thought she could breathe and she was breathing.
But they fished her out and she said that she remembers seeing in an angel just just like deer, and then she goes on to express that in times of darkness.

In times when it seems as though it’s impossible that you always remember, you can still breathe.
I’m like no do you know Nick’s now, my goodness, that is too coincidental.
The mouth speaks my friend, so the ability to connect dots to connect things in life, and I mean they’re in two different parts of the world, so it was really intriguing, definitely yeah, something that stood out episode, 223 and 224 long folks.

There you go check out episode 223 and to 24 on the 12-minute combos, with Angela Jones, a couple of very intriguing and interest in and coincidental conversations you’re on the reed method inside of podcast tonight.
It’s episode, 32 we’re Institute in Toronto and you obviously saw my friend are in Trinidad and Tobago.
This man is telling me he was gon na wear a t-shirt.

Just do annoy me some more, you know when I go outside, I got ta clean snow and ice off my car.
Okay, that’s what I got to do in the mornings, so you can go dive in the ocean right, but more power to you.
So part of your realization and branding is that one conversation can change your life, and I know you just gave an example of one or two conversations that turned up to be so coincidental of from people all from two different people happen in all the world.

Is there one of those conversations that impacted your life or someone you know and and and why someone you know, let’s start there, so I’ve had many people express how I mean just recently a great friend crystal Dixon.
She told me that in preparing for her children’s school, the next day, she’s I’d includes and she’s listening to the podcast and she’s like, I immediately wanted to start a podcast right just from the inspiration of the conversation and we’ve got that we’ve.

I’ve got the value of what can occur where people appreciate you and what you produce so we’ve gotten cards all the way from the coolest lands that you know, write the Trinidad and told if you were jokingly so but yes, you know, we we’ve seen appreciation.

So much what we’ve seen as well is individuals are using the podcast as a warm-up to their audience.
So you get to know whoever others a bit deeper, which is which always helps it always helps in feels when you, when you’re selling, something if I connect to who you are through a deeper conversation, it resonates a lot more how the conversation that is impacted me.
One added throughout there is one that is an inspiration for all of this a bit if you would, which is that conversation I eventually had with John Lee Dumas, which was episode.

1090 Johnny Dumas is a a tremendously successful podcast in the space as to what he does and how he shares what he does.
I always promote him open heartedly right, so it’s your fire calm.
You could check out everything you need to the podcast there, but it’s how I connected with him, I’m speaking to one guy and while on the podcast he says at the end of it.

He says you know what you remind me of guy called John Lee.
Do you know of him yeah? He said you know what I think you should have him on your podcast, because when he started, podcasting you’ve reached out to him to have him on his podcast and he came on again.

He was episode, one that was in a ninety, but one of the things I do on my podcast is, I say: can I offer an interpretation to the thought picture you created in my mind when you express your earliest childhood memory? I was a bit nervous, but to see it connect even in his in that conversation, ever oh yeah, we created an impact.
It created a confidence.
If you would that what you’re doing and hearing his responses, what you’re doing is really like.

It’s done it again as Zig says you know, if you have enough other people get what you want.
You will in turn get what you want and for sure that D was evidence of that very powerful.
So there it’s all experiences.

You never know what experience will come out of each podcast or each episode and from each guest, so that is very, very powerful, so creating a brand of yours.
What does that mean to the average person listening and thinking about stepping out? I most definitely so.
Yours stands.

Why, oh, you are S, stands for your own, unique Korean self.
I have.
I have something I’ve seen where individuals say your own unique self like yours is there, but sometimes when they repeated, they say your own unique surf.

Instead of your own unique, real self – and I think the real is so important in that acronym, so your only real self is what I believe is necessary to understand to then create a brand.
I believe that is what gives you the power to go through when times are challenging and people around us a and why are you doing what you’re doing when you yourself are wondering? Why am i doing what I’m doing yeah I’ve done with the podcast is connect questions that can bring the insightfulness to understand that who you are created, even as a child to be will definitely help you as you go along it’s called year, and when you build A business around what that is or who you are instead of mimicking others because of what they have.
You always find that there’s a joy which is one of the wealth principles right joy and happiness that goes on and goes on and goes on, and that is the importance of creating a brand your own, uniquely yourself.

Now that does extend into other acronyms, which we build as vision, mission and values, which is your nucleus statement, your own unique rheostats, but it all starts by asking these questions.

These self reflective questions that that we don’t like to answer sometimes, but it’s so necessary to go back and reframe and understand who you are and understand that the things that may seem as mistakes were really the foundational blocks set up for you to become all you.

Can be so those are those lessons, those mistakes or lessons for sure did the shuffle take a particular trend or theme once you got attracted or once the types of guests started to come on, like you know they did.

It shift a certain way because of who you started to attract that’s a great question.
Yeah most definitely I grew a lot like go back and listen to episode, one I would be, and sometimes I do right just bring inflection.
You know I would be like so my questions.

What is responsible for us connecting and then I’ll go straight answer like cut dried shut poom.

What does that make you feel they don’t even relate those, but it was necessary to go through that, but definitely, as I grew and started to have more conversations and I was open to feedback and just opened what could improve and doing the P and four thing That we podcasters need to do, but don’t do enough, which is to listen to ourselves if you’re having challenge hearing your own voice, listen on to expeed, it helps tremendously right, but it’s it’s it’s that it did change who i attracted yes did change the theme of The podcast, I think the podcast is really Center, focused on the insightful part, and it’s it’s the part.
I do love the most, that’s connecting it connecting the dots from who you will to you to you are and who you can become because you never know so.

You had an idea of this 12 minute convo series, and then you had all these listeners and idea as of right now January 2018.
A lot of people, you know, would have set goals and want to execute and start a plan or, and just like you did, you start and stop the podcast series two or three times what advice would you give to those people who you know have this idea? A brilliant idea and may have those stumbling blocks along the way reflect in what one more time and sir, you know, I’m very ambitious, I’m very hardworking as well.
I can say that thank you and I’ve seen the value in that yeah.

However, I’ve seen the value and stopping and reflecting yeah then planning which has been something took me a while.
Sometimes I regret a bit not doing that.
Yawn yeah, I would suggest to do.

Is that a listening, listen to the podcast, it may seem like a plug.
I guess it is yeah, so listen to the podcast.

It’s the free thing like there are a thousand and more episodes there with individuals that are expressing their uniqueness, go in there and see the power of it if not and you’re.

Looking for something a bit closer check out, the workbook we created, it’s called yours, your own, uniquely yourself, it’s available on Amazon but sit with the book answer those questions, because in answering those questions you will be able to draw that line that connects.
It may be blue in the beginning, what sit with it and sit with yourself, because if it’s one person that’s been there right through the journey, it’s yourself and as you go through that you know, you’ll get to the point where you start creating your own unique Real story, and then you understand how and why you should go on with more and if that isn’t working, where we do have accountability groups that you can connect with us for and see if it’s a good fit.
So I’m giving three options, but all options around the idea of set like stop like like we’re going so fast.

You need to stop and reflect as to where do I intend to go with what I’m doing now and that changes that changes a lot of things? What we do with our goals effort is that every end of year we did it a bit late this year, because we were partying all the way and listen you didn’t invite me to that party.
I don’t want to this time.
You know people were like hey.

You did a thousand and one that’s great yeah, but it wasn’t like.
We know that right, like yes, man, hey when we set a goal, there’s no rewards for second place.
If you don’t hit, I hit it and again I hit it together with the fire.

The team and everyone that came together I hit it, and I’ve got that goal this time, so we partied all the way through.
But what happened is January.
We sat down and we set goals are wrong.

I mean you could just type in Zig Ziglar born to win.
Pdf and you’ll find this weird.
He has two wheels.

One is the business wheel and one is the personal wheel.
The personal wheel, surrounds mental spiritual career, physical, personal, financial and family, and that’s what we built goals around that first and then we build goes to business, our own sales, administration, leadership, operation and marketing.
So I would suggest that, for those I have their goals.

The thing that we’ve done ever that’s been very effective is to do one thing around each of those goals, like one thing not like when I just got into that, I set out like 15 goals for one thing, for Mentone at 15, for spiritual at one thing And we focused on being consistent with that, and so the one thing I picked up or gathered from this this past uestion was you’ve.
Had all you’ve had these hurdles, you stopped a couple of times.
You took a break, you thought you analyzed, you know you took some advice, but you didn’t give up yeah and that’s the fundamental difference there.

There are the two sets of people, those who do not start at all and then those who start and give up – and I think these are some very – very valuable lessons for the audience’s.
Yes, because it doesn’t go as planned.
The first time doesn’t mean it’s not gon na be great.

You just need to make an adjustment or you just need to analyze and do things a little differently yeah when I, and so I’ve been in debt, and then I got out of that.
That has been a major part of what I do and how I do it being out of debt in 2013 I visited Tennessee Nashville.
Is it Nashville yeah? I think it’s well.

The Ramseys organization right for a conference called untrue leadership and DMZ.
So I’m listening to the Ramseys podcast and a year later, a MIDI from these residents right like again the Lompoc group, which is his business residence, I’m the air right looking at him in his face right, the power of a conversation right.
But that being said, the last night he took us out, it was freezing cold more than any Caribbean guy should be in.

They had these facts that you could like Robin and I keep in your hands and yeah.

He packs yeah.
All right.

I didn’t know about those until that night, but they were great right, but he took us to a location as where his business was, and he said he told us the story in quick summary as to him just about to give up just to bring value to What you just said there and what would have happened if someone I gave Ramses give up that time, how many other people would not have been impacted? Just like me, I wouldn’t have been impacted by what he’s done thus far, all the way in the Caribbean.
So if it was that are listening just to just to bring emphasis on whatever I said, there’s it’s not even just about you, there’s so many other people that will be impacted by what you do and it just goes on more than you can any margin.
Well, there you go so life in TNT is beautiful, I’m sure.

As I you know, you had the the backdrop up there before we started and your family seems very involved, so tell your audience about your unique, real self.
What excites you and drives you, I’m excited by new goals.
I mean I’m excited by growing in a balanced way with my family.

One of those, I think I think happens in the Carribean.

A lot is that you have growth and the legacy model is yeah.
I’m excited about setting up legacy, it’s not an exciting process.

Ya know, because it is tedious because there aren’t many models that are doing it really glad I connected with everyone, because he’s doing it you’re welcome the legacy is so important.
My family is definitely connected, so everything I do Amanda Jones.
My wife I like to call her sweet rice is definitely more intelligent than me and she’s.

The author she’s, the one that makes my womans look great she’s written a number of books pouring sufficient focus on diabetes, the ABCs of diabetes for children, Wow and it’s time to meet your teeth.
She’s, amazing and then they’re.
My two sides – atcha – has Jelena mazaya and gizelle is a lot like me, Amaziah lot like his mother.

So it’s a mix that you cannot imagine to have in one home, but we keep the sugar and reformatting for the way.
We do things, hopefully that we can grow right, hopefully that we can achieve these goals and that they can see a model that they can follow.
Very very nice story indeed.

So the one lesson that you’ve learned and one thing that you did not expect now from 1987 episodes of the problem comes.
Is there one thing that you learned or one thing you did not expect that you’ve that has occurred? I honestly thought that asking the same questions repeatedly understanding how my mind go is on his board.
I thought I would have been bored by now, but it really is amazing to see how unique each individual is.

That’s such a good answer, because you can ask yeah asking two thousand people the same question, but you get different answers exactly so.

It’s it’s! It’s a Maury effect.
That’s a good way.

It’s not even a mirror effect right.
It’s yeah thinking it would be, but it’s not I go on like people are like.

Are you going to change the format of your podcast? I suppose yeah I could, if I’m speaking to the same person again someday yeah.

That has been one thing.
Truly, each person is unique, and that is beautiful and I think what the way your podcast is set up is in 12 minutes.
You can capture that magic moment, and you know that story, and maybe most people don’t want to talk more than 12 minutes anyways.

It’s such a busy world, you know, but it only takes 30 seconds to get a good story or to get the one key point and you that says wow you know look what I just learned today.
So is this something that you believed before start in the podcast or starting down this journey that you no longer believe after 1986, 19800 and 87 episodes like you started, you said this was gon na, be the way it was gon na be everything was going to Be you know going there way and it turned out totally different, there’s a model.
In my mind that was created, I guess from what I’ve seen on movies, sometimes where you believe that you get to that point and then that’s it right.

Cinderella shoes fit, and that was it end of story.
I there’s a Reformation, I read every day.
It says it’s something I picked up in one of John Maxwell’s book says: I’m not what I’m supposed to be, but I’m not what I want to be.

I haven’t learned how to arrive.
I’ve just learned how to keep on going and in podcasting this last year.
You know sometimes I’m.

I was tired right and I like I got this song right and it sounded like we just keep going and going and going and going and going and my son would say boomerang write because it’s the thing.
I learned that I’m not I’m not amping myself up to stop.

I’m opening myself up to keep on going and going and going amazing.

Is there I like this question.
I asked this question last week to Les Brown and I think the answer led to an outpouring of emotion from him.
What is the one thing that you believe that others think is crazy yeah? So I get to listen to your podcast, so yeah.

I saw that question right yeah, I believe many things that I think are doesn’t me think is crazy.

I believe we’re all connected one yeah, well that that nothing is impossible.

That sounds cliche right, but I do believe it more than anything as the one thing I believe, that’s crazy, is I someone on the podcast that said something that describes something that I kept in my innermost part of my mind or my heart, where they said truly, When you’re born it’s just you a weakening from sleep which meant that life, as we know it is really something that is a continuation of something else that we don’t understand or conceptualize, and I do believe that that’s the reason for really emphasizing on you, reflecting on Your earliest childhood memory and who you were as a child, because it’s really really fascinating, that you was so confident in who you were as a child.

And then you get through the world which is school and the newspapers and the TV ads and everything that goes with it, and then you stop believing, and you start believing in what others say about you.

You start believing in what and how you should look.
So the thing that may seem crazy is that one thing to me that God created you with everything you needed to have, and that was done and designed before time, and that is the thing I would say is crazy.

Well and indeed a very profound answer.
That’s restore anything that exceeded your expectations or disappointed you along the way.

Disappointments are always rerouted in my mind, to build on so no disappointments.

I would push them out here.
What I would see is the thing that was really fascinating is the outpouring of support for a goal.
Yeah a lot of people ask me: how is it possible to connect with one of those people I connected? I messaged only me messaged every person.

I use LinkedIn a lot, probably like 90 % on this, but you can see that yeah.
I use LinkedIn on this year goal previously.
I use Facebook the previous year.

I had a team that was doing that this year.
I messaged everyone – and I focused on podcasters this particular time but was intriguing, is the support.
My friend like I’m this guy on this island.

That said dots on the map and when I listened to the podcast, I mean give them the the things they need right.
So they listened to the podcast, they saw my LinkedIn.
They probably saw my mutual friends, but then there was support and I think it speaks to the value of setting our goal, because you can set a goal and you will be surprised as to who will support you and how much support you can get all the Way from one conversation to 811 conversations, which has now been in the treasure chest, 1987 conversations with people from all over the world and I’m very thankful for all those that support it well hear hear to that, and I can I can relate – and I can say The same we’ve gone through a full year of the reed method.

Inside a podcast first year we had 28 episodes and now we’re at the point where there is.
There are guests scheduled weeks and months in advance.
Oh and I started with my colleague from work yeah just another sales rep from my office and said: let’s go, let’s go! Do this podcast thing, I had no clue what I was doing, but we had enough to say and you’re right the the outpouring of support.

The feedback and now setting those goals and having Tom Hawkins on my show three times you now on my show last week, Les Brown, I can’t believe it I’ve never had so many video plays and lights and people watching me on Facebook fly obviously they’re watching him, But but but the point is those big goals, yeah and and and and they’re gon na keep growing and we’re attracting all these global people and global influencers from all these different disciplines.
And we just want to keep pushing and encouraging people.
And I see a lot of that from what you’ve done 1,900 any 87 times now and Counting, and I have to congratulate you on your tremendous accomplishment – and I want to thank you very much for for joining me tonight and making this show possible episode.

So any any final takeaways before we head out and you head back to the well: it’s not sunshine there now, but it’s warm a lot warmer than where I would say you know so one of the biggest takeaway from this did you do.
They know that you’re, an island man or you have Island man roots in you.

Well, I think maybe we can figure that out, but ah yes, I’m Jamaican and he’s from Trinidad, but you guys have more money or something does you know? That’s the one thing I learned when I was in high school further than it has oil yeah.
We have coffee and we have coffee and jerk chicken.
We should start selling coffee and oil business great all right.

So my my tree tips tips.
If I would, I would say, go create a brand of your own, uniquely yourself.
I would say understand, secondly, that you should focus personally within and surround your family around your goals.

And thirdly, then possibly like make an impact.
It’s one life and I think, setting big hairy audacious goals is definitely are definitely a good way to go, but it doesn’t need to be to have 1987 podcasts for you.
It could be to drink or have enough other people drink.

A thousand nine hundred.
Eighty seven cups of your coffee that you manufacture yeah so and enter the thing that you love doing and then set that big goal around it.
And let that create clarity as to what you’d like to do or not like to do and then focus on that.

Twenty percent that can create the other 80 % of the life you desire, brilliant.
How do how do people get a hold of you? I know 12-minute combos is your website.
Yes, it is.

Unfortunately, you need to spell twelve minute convoys, but you could type hashtag twelve minute convoys, one to MinC onvo s type and Joe Jones as well.
If you want a ngel Jones in Google, I pop up pretty high.
I haven’t a unique name, but yeah message me a few ones as a hoop at twelve minute convoys.

Calm, our model is pretty old-school like you have to connect with us, and then we have a conversation and then we move from there because we do believe in the power of a conversation.
As do i and that’s why we certainly having this one.

So I do appreciate you before the time tonight joining me on the episode.

Full workers today went to Jamaica for a trip, but – and I stayed back this time, but you know I certainly have to come and hook up with you in Trinidad and Tobago real soon and next up.
Yes, and that – and you know we can go back and have some of that party that I missed, but so so thank you so much and folks, you’ve been listening to the reed method inside a podcast angel Jones was my special guest tonight, as we discussed the Power of having meaningful, meaningful conversations on episode, 32 and until next time, stay tuned for episode.

I’m losing count, then can’t count that high, but last week, folks tune in to episodes 31 and 32, where we had the one and only Les Brown rest Brown on our show, and we are uploading that episode on a SoundCloud, iTunes, stitcher and Google Play in two Parts part 1, episode, 30 and part 2 on episode, 31, so until next time anything any last words and oh wow.
Alright, he had fun.
I had fun and check out angel Jones online.

Thank you so much take care in one denied, okay.
Well, thank you! Well, yeah this party’s done yeah.
You can definitely talk and my eyes are closed.

When you’re shopping snap in the shots, they’re candid shots yeah, those are .

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