The Reid Method Insider Podcast: Social Media Branding With Shawn Hays

 okay, Sean.

So here we are Sean again last episode: it was episode 18 of the reed method inside a podcast, and if you remember, we tried to do Facebook live that day and didn’t have much luck.
I didn’t work out too good for us.
Didn’t know it did, but we’ve learned a lot since then and uh a lot we’ve become techies.

Well, maybe you have we’ve had to.
I mean if you want to do this on the Facebook world, man and and stream live you better figure out a way right.

Absolutely so here we are, but thankfully I have somebody helping me so I cheated a bit anyways, so I’ve been really excited to talk to you again.

Last time we were on, we had a great audience who listen to the podcast and share the podcast, and we discussed quite a bit about car business and success principles.
We we actually drove into seven principles of sales success, part of it out of a chapter in my book.
I think chapter 3, where I delve into some of the principles required for ultimate sales success.

So I just wanted to welcome you to the show again.
I know you’ve been a busy man, so thank you so much for joining me again.
Oh it’s my pleasure man.

I really like your show.
I like what you stand for.
I like what you do, it’s kind of cool that we can have two different countries representing tonight.

You know three different countries yeah, so all the snowbirds, some Canada bar down in your part of the neck of the woods.
Now they are, they are they’re very white.
I know literally half of my clients are down there now because they all leave you can always you can always tell them.

There were the people walking around with red skin, they always get burned anyway.
So in this episode of the reed method inside a podcast, this is episode 25 and I’m very happy that Sean is joining with me.
Sean Hayes, you’re, a car guy from st.

Augustine Florida and I’m everal Reed.
I work with Lexus of Oak Hill in Ontario, Canada and the author of the reed method book and the host of this podcast to read method inside a podcast and on today’s episode.
We want to discuss personal branding representation and how social media and community involvement drives.

Businesses for sales and sales reps in their organizations, whether it’s car sales or what-have-you, could be selling doors or whatever the bottom line is personal branding is becoming pretty necessary and I think you Sean and Dave, and a lot of the guys in your group are pretty Much the best of that right now so you’re the best person to have on to talk about that how to get sales.
People like myself and the auto business and other businesses to drive more business towards success, using social media branding.
Look in today’s market, okay, first traffic is dead.

Can we all just come to the conclusion that people someone into your dealership, going to multiple dealerships? It just doesn’t happen the way it used to okay, the stories your grandpa told you and all that about how they could sit out there and wait for customers that those days aren’t coming.
The average customer goes to one point or dealerships now: okay, if that’s the case, you need to get your name out there and tell people what you do for a living.
If not you’re gon na you’re gon na suffer your paychecks gon na suffer your business is going to suffer and your employers going to suffer yeah.

Absolutely so, there’s a couple of points to this that I’ve noticed and I’ve studied it in recent months.

One is, clients.
Are shopping obviously, from a salesperson? We know that, but in order for the salesperson to get ahead of the game ahead of guys like yourself, Sean who you know is killing it in your marketplace.

They need to create that identity for themselves, because if, if he, when they come into your showroom, they’re really looking for that right person, you could be already Pro trained who that right person is on the web ahead of their visit and my dealership we’re getting clients Calling right now, based on our google reviews and asking for specific reps based on their google, the amount of google reviews we have in the amount of google is that sales rep has and that’s who they want to deal with.
So the other point is: clients are not necessarily looking for the logo on the building anymore as much as they’re.
Looking for you and me all right, so you represent in Augustine, Hyundai very well, so really they’re coming there a lot because of you.

Well, that’s I! I really believe that that’s I I’m an independent contractor inside my dealership and luckily my owner looks at it that way as well.

He gives me every tool I need he gives me the computer.
He gives me paper, he gives me staples, he gives me, you know the phone he advertises for me.

So, at the end of the day, my job is to fill in the gaps yeah.
I have to look at this.
Is it I am an independent contractor within his organization, and so I need to do all the necessary things to get my name out there.

Okay, it is important.
Reviews are important.
You need to if it’s one of their friends, okay, here’s them say: I’m going to go, buy a car.

You want them to have thought of you right.
So the only way you can be the best sales.
I think I sold this to told you this on your last show.

I think you can be the best salesman in the world, but if nobody knows what you do, okay, you’re not going to sell much.
So I think, especially in today’s market, where you have less foot traffic, it’s very important to get your name out there and tell people what you do.
So I see what you’re doing on sales hustlers and where you’ve encouraged a lot of the followers to create a video or to create a little bit of a branding or you’re gon na be teaching them how to to create their own brand to represent.

You know what special you know: authentic proposition or value they bring to the marketplace and for their clients.
So that’s really really good so tell why do you think so? Personal branded matters so much more today.
Well, back in the day people used to go to dealerships, they don’t so.

I need I found out a long time ago that I noticed it.
I got into the business to no.
7 and I noticed the traffic every year going further and further down.

Okay and it’s very, very important that you work on repeat business, customer referrals and then, if you do get people that want to buy a car, they got to know who you are alright.
So I said seven months ago I said I got to get my name out there hey.

I have to make a splash because there’s a lot of people that I knew were coming into the dealership that I happen to know that we’re buying cars from other people because they weren’t asking for me because I didn’t let him know what I did all right.

So I said: okay there’s going to be no more of that all right, gon na, be no more of that.
Okay, I can’t have another person, another neighbor or somebody come into my dealership and buy a car from Bill.
Okay, I’m not gon na.

Let that happen.
So I’m going to basically devour my marketplace.

That’s what I decided to do.

I wanted to blanket it I wanted to take over dominate.
I read the book 10x.
Yes, and then that was it that set me off and garyvee.

Okay, those two people right there together um.
They really got me jump-started, okay and they and I had to take what I did every day and take it full, go full throttle.
Man, don’t stop.

Okay, that’s one card on therapy right, yeah! That’s the problem! A lot of us just sit back and we wait for things to happen.
Yeah, you know no mass drivin me.
I just needed that jumpstart I needed somebody to say: look, you can be the greatest.

You just have to have more activity.
So so here you go now how and I’m glad to hear that your owner has adapted to it well and is willing to support you, because a lot of organizations still are skeptical and you know how the you know: ships already some don’t like to environments in Advertising or to be innovative and one of the things I know for a fact, is that the answer to the future and for those people who want to be successful is innovation and marketing.
So your innovative approach, your marketing concepts, you’re marketing yourself, you’re a brand.

Now you know I’m a brand now and that’s what people like and people.
You know it’s gratified when people recognize me and say: oh, you know, you’re the guy from the read method or in your case you’re the car guy right.

That’s what you want to be trusted.

I talk a lot about authenticity and I talk a lot about a guy who offers solutions, not just selling cars, because cars or computers or whatever you’re selling, is the byproduct.
But is it an a real solution for the clients, and sometimes you know, depending on what you’re selling and what you’re offering your your solution may not be the right one for the client and it’s worthwhile saying that sometimes to them, you know what you’re looking for Is not exactly what I can offer you, here’s here’s somewhere else, here’s something else that works better for you, because I find in my now 28 years, Shawn, if you can believe us this past August 20 years in automotive, eight years in advertising and marketing from 25 Years ago, people still reach out to me today to ask my advice and that’s the type of thing I you know, loyalty and base that I see that you’re building well, thank you, and that was the goal.
Obviously in sales you don’t want to go out there.

I mean cold calling sucks.
Can we just be honest? You know everyone I mean who likes to sit on the phone all day.
Right I mean look, I’m just going to be honest with you.

I know we sit here and tell people like pick up the phone dial, dial tau, and I know that and look I’m not saying that the phones don’t work.
But I’m saying at the end of the day, can’t we try to not have to just sit there in Coke all day.
Can we figure out how to generate business other ways? I think these other ways are more creative and interesting.

Okay, look somebody told me the other day.

Overall, it wasn’t the other day.
It was a couple months ago they said the the common, the word okay, that the speech or an email, okay, a video is worth one point.

Eight million of those words well, one video is worth one point, eight million words, then why the heck do I want to put words down on paper or call people.
I want to put videos out right and I think that’s what’s got so much traction.
It’s like look.

Not only is your content got ta be good, but if you keep doing it all the time, you keep your you’re, putting your face in people’s bones and in their computers and in front of them in at the end of the day.

Okay, that’s what we have to do.
We have to be seen.

You have to be known, okay and – and that’s really – my focus has been the last seven months to blanket my marketplace.

Okay, let everybody in my city know what I do all right.
If I let everybody in my city know what I do, then, when they think they’re buying a car they think of the car guy man, and that was basically that’s, why I wore sunglasses people say well, why are you wearing sunglasses? People need to see your eyes? I said no, I need to have something specific, that people remember: okay and that’s where the sunglasses came in, so I think they’re gon na buy for two reasons: Shawn they’re gon na buy because you wear the sunglasses they’re gon na buy because they’ll remember the phrase.

The car guy, the car guy and that’s Brandon yeah, they might not remember Shawn but they’re gon na remember the car guy right, yeah they’ll be on their porch having a drink and say: let’s, let’s go see that car guy tomorrow now that’s good! I I love it, so i watch you quite often when I have the time and you and I are up at some ungodly hour every morning, working and getting the day ready.
So you know, as I say, early bird gets the worm.
So I guess that’s.

Two of us here but know that those are some great points Shawn.
So how do you use this now to build your customer base because, ultimately, we’re talking about building a customer base of loyal what I call raving fan: clients, okay, wha? I did a little different than some guys out there.
Okay, and I did that on purpose.

Okay, a lot of guys go out there and they splash they splash with 199, come on down here, check out this car right and they advertise the car they advertise.
The dealership, but everybody does that ever and if everybody’s zigs I want a Sat okay, because I’m not gon na be unusual or interesting.
If I’m doing the exact same thing, everybody else is doing right yeah.

So I said you know what I want to take a different approach.
I’m going to be the expert okay, I’m gon na show all my customers and all the city that I know a lot about car sales.
So if you’re gon na buy a car, why do you want to go from anybody else, but the guy that knows the most about car sales right, and so that’s where the videos came in the videos came in to be an expert in my field to show People out there look, you don’t have to buy from some chump.

Okay, you don’t have to buy from some guy that you just it happened to be his turn to go up next.
Alright, if I show you I’m an expert and every day I teach my fellow man I give to them.
I give my time and give what I know.

Okay, I tell you how to buy a car.
I show you that I’m.
What am I trying to say that I’m an honest guy yay and I have ethics? Okay, that I care about people? Why wouldn’t you want to buy a car from me right? Kalila really comes down to? Is that Karen right not just taking money and take in the Craig sale, but actually showing that you care and you offer different solutions and you do things a different way where people say huh that all the guy or the other sales person didn’t tell me about That and because I remember those those folks that went to seven dealerships and still bought from you in that one video and they you know, they told you about that experience, because the the six other places are selling all the places they went to.

I bet everybody was kind of doing the same thing right and you were different.
Well, that’s what you have to be, and that’s that’s why I said you got a Zig instead of zag, I mean if everybody’s doing one thing, but really the marketplace has already told you.
We don’t like this one thing yeah why’d I have to.

I want to go down that same road and keep doing that one exactly so.
What you’re doing now is is kind of my second point.
We want to talk about creating the great a great purchase and service experience, so you’re out there with your marketing and your innovation and you’re, bringing in a lot of these clients to the dealership, but you also want to keep them coming back.

So you know you don’t want to do all this work, all this groundwork and happen, buy one car and not send their friends or neighbors or referrals.
So what do you do to create the purchase? Experience that make them say yeah? I didn’t just buy from him because of his sunglasses or because he’s a car guy, because he looked after me great once, but the next time I need a car.
I’m gon na go see that guy well, that that comes down to the purchase, experience ever old and how you have to make it special for them.

You got to have empathy.
They’ve got to understand that you you’re, not just in this, for a transaction.
Okay, I want them to understand that look, you’ve got to be authentic, okay and you got to be real with people don’t put on the cheesy thing that some people do, that doesn’t work.

Just be yourself, be be be honest with them.
Have empathy, listen to them? Ask the right questions but listen: okay and then, while you’re through the process and give them that million dollar walk around, you know find that rapport that you can build on the test-drive, okay and then and when you’re, when you’re presenting the numbers to them.
Okay, take the time, explain it to them.

Here’s the thing I really believe in education selling hey.
I really believe it some people old school get, I just don’t they just want to cram people in cars.
I think if I educate a buyer hey and I treat them the right way like I care they’re, going to be lifelong raving fans.

For me and that’s what I want in today’s market, you want raving fans.
Okay, you don’t want customers, you want raving fans.
I want you to leave my dealership and I just tagged you on your new car through Facebook, okay and you run home.

All your friends see your new car because I tagged you and then they’re commented and then I tagged them.
Okay and then we become all one big group and you follow me and watch my videos every day right.
I have my customer base watch my videos every day ever I mean how crazy says would they have another car from anyone else? You know I had a guy the other day I sold a car to now.

I sold him a Genesis, probably four months ago.
Okay, no, he wasn’t my customer at that time.
He turned in that day to my customer.

He is the vice president of sales for AT & T, okay.
He literally, I told him what I’m doing he was so interested.

I tagged him.

He watches every morning.
Every morning he watches my video and he came in the other day and bought another car, but priced it out of three other dealerships.
He said, don’t worry Sean.

I will never buy another car from anybody else.
Just match the price.
That’s what that’s just his exact words in fact, he’s probably watching it tonight so good hello, but that’s the point we have to you have to win these people over, but not with a fakeness.

It’s enough entik side of you just show them that you care.

You know what I mean: that’s all they want yeah, so authentic solutions, creating that great purchase and service experience is what your your formula is.

Basically so here’s the other point.

I wanted to touch on the third point of this episode: the reed method inside of podcast.
This is episode 25 folks and I have Sean Hayes with me: live from Florida, st.
Augustine, Florida home of the PGA.

I’ve actually been down there, Sean working in my advertising days, so I’m very familiar with st.
Augustine and I’d love to be there right about now, because it’s four degrees here so but anyways we want to touch on Lisa and Lisa is actually my specialty at Lexus Of Oakville, where I hang my hat you of the day, it’s a whole new thing for me, where I create multiple deals and most of my business through leasing, because it’s it’s different in Canada.
I think the percentage we do 70 Lisa.

What sort of percentage do ya? What sort of percentage do you guys do? They’re, probably about 35 % yeah yeah, we go 70, we do 70 % and when I started the process after returning to the automotive industry, six years ago we were at.
We were a much slower, let’s just say that we were a much lower percentage, but it is the way – and I heard you talk about it.
The reason I decided to bring it up in tonight’s episode is that I heard you speaking about it once before on one of your episodes and here the way, folks for all you guys who are bringing in your clients and working hard like Sean, is to build This customer base, now that you have this customer base if you’re not familiar with Lisa and know it inside and out it’s time you do because that’s the next way that you can pretty much capture a huge customer base.

Instead of having to sell a new customer.
Every time, every four or five years or over three years, believe it or not, guys I can tell you, I have a formula.
I have a whole system where some of my clients are renew literally every year, some in eight months, seven eighteen months, and these are clients that are in three four five year leases.

So there are ways to do it.
I do coaching on this and I’m participating.
You know I can speak to this with the knowledge, because I’ve participated with Toyota and Lexus Canada in focus groups in developing ways to increase lease renewal rates.

So I just wanted you and I to have a little discussion about that to share with the audience and how now that they’re, bringing in business you know with social media, branding and marketing and all the different ways that we’re talking about how to actually build their Database faster and keep their database well, if the average person buys a car and finances it for 72 to 77 months, their training cycle is going to be four years all right, probably right.
So, if that’s the case, you know, obviously leasing is going to keep them in your dealership, more okay, everything’s under warranty.
A lot of the things are covered everybody’s happy every two and a half years in your case, a lot sooner, but in my case every two and a half years.

They basically get a new car.
Now a lot of people are scared of leasing or they don’t know understanding, and that and that’s it you’re scared of it because you don’t understand it, that’s it.
I agree because if you were on, if you understood it, it’s the better way to buy a car.

Okay, why do I want to buy a depreciating item that makes no sense right? I know I know I sell cars, so I shouldn’t say that, but I believe at least I have 3 leases.
Ok me, my wife and son.
I don’t buy cars, I will not buy a car, it makes no sense.

Ok, it depreciates! I’m going to lease him.
I’m gon na use what I use okay and then I’m going to get a new one, because my wife, she wants a new car every two and a half years.
So why the heck? Do I want to take a negative equity hit every two and a half years right, exactly and what’s affecting this a lot more today is when you get fender benders or accidents and you’ve financed a car for five six seven years, and even if it’s repaired, you’re Stuck driving around a car, absolutely I mean who would you rather take the depreciating hit? You were the manufacturer, okay and I, and in the case where an accident happens.

When you come to trade that car into me, I’m gon na pull out Carfax and see it has a car wreck on it and I’m gon na ask you about it and of course you’re going to forget about it, because that’s what everybody does, but then I’m Going to ding you, instead of dinging the manufacturer in a leased situation, it wouldn’t be on you, it’d, be on the manufacturer.
You could wreck it four times it doesn’t matter.
Yes, everybody, hello, yeah, yeah, I’m here, okay, I am I’m here.

Yes, I’m here yeah no problem; no, I don’t worry about it, let’s, just let’s just rock this thing, man.
Yes, I live it now.
I came back to the other home.

So yes, I am it’s it’s just like it froze up on you.
You that’s gon na dear Cheryl Shawn.
Do you offer everyone or how people if I believe whether you do or not absolutely well? First of all, here’s the key you have to mention this earlier.

You got to mention it early on okay, because this can’t be something that you’ve mentioned at the end when they don’t want to agree to your payment or a purpose.
Okay, you know, and it looks like you just kind of threw a Hail Mary and said.
Oh, I got a great idea, you know to mean, so this has to be something that let it calm you sprinkle in at the beginning.

Okay, so before you even talk about pricing or anything like that, you know: do you guys drive a lot? You know? No, we don’t drive a lot great great.

How often you treat your cars in these are two key questions you can ask to maybe formulate some information and, if they’re great prospects, which I think by the way, everybody is a great prospect for lease.
But a lot of times I just preface it by saying you know those are two important questions that people can be convinced easily to lease okay.

So, if, if they don’t drive much and they like to trade their cars in every three years and what the heck are, we purchased in a car for okay, they’re, not going to get the value out of that car they’re going to be negative equity and if They they’re like well, I pay cash anyways for my car.
Well then, that’s that’s silly too, because you just bought a depreciating item.
That’s you’re not going to get your money out of so I like to sprinkle in leasing early, and I just say what have you thought about leasing and they say they’ll either say no, no way I’ll, never lease or oh yeah or no.

I don’t really know much about it: okay, good! So before I get pricing, I’m going to explain what leasing is okay and how it benefits them, and how so many more people in America are doing it nowadays because of the benefits of it.
Okay – and I tell them, look when I’m back there getting pricing, it doesn’t hurt me one bit to put this on on the page too, so I’m going to have a total out the door cash price, I’m going to have a finance option with 16 different ways To buy and I’m also going to put a lease option on there or you also: okay, all right, Leeson, first finance in and cash try to discourage her in my demographic with a little belongs here, for example, where our dealership is rather per capita income share of The nest World Series so she’ll have money to spend inside hard cash.

They want, for example, yes, you’re gon na find me the insurance company, beginning hailed or a car that you dropped.

You know tens of thousands of dollars on versus I’m in that discussion left between the leasing company and your insurance company.
You cannot put a huge down payment down or you’re, not you know and so ruled it’s a forty or fifty thousand dollars.
So it’s a much more secure way, o investing your money elsewhere and especially with the low interest rates available today with honestly of like.

Why would anybody, even actually the first place, is beyond me? So I always wonder, though these penalties will that actually run away.
The dealership, do you find that a lot of them we form an orbit or maybe even up to speed on the full benefit? Whoa? No, absolutely not I’m ever old, and you know if they were.
We probably have a higher lease penetration, but you know I a lot of that comes from they’re, not trained properly on it, okay and if they were trained properly on it, I think they would understand it and then be able to convey it to a customer see We don’t want them to out there bumbling and stumbling and telling customers about it if they don’t feel like they’re comfortable with it.

That’s something that you have to it’s not selling it, but you have to become you know and if you’re not confident in it.
How are you going to express it with confidence to the customer you’re? Not so you’re going to bumble and stumble okay and you know, unfortunately, we need to train people better on it and they have to be educated because customers, I believe once they see it in black and white okay in front of their eyes, broken down with from An educated salesman who knows how to convey it they’re going to not all the time you’re still going to get your stubborn people? Okay, whatever a lot of times thing, the salesman he’s just selling the payment, you know he’s not selling, why it’s better for the customer.
Unfortunately, he’s selling, would you pay less money? Come on man? That’s not it, that’s not it.

That’s not.
You know a benefit.
I mean that is, but that’s not it.

You didn’t really go into.
Why I mean a lot of customer.
Are a lot of customers saying? Well, I don’t own anything, you know, I don’t know anything well if you can break that down to them and explain to them when you finding us with the bank for 77 months, you don’t own anything either.

Okay, hey you know, and in fact it’s worse for you, because now in three years she came and trade out of that Bank.
You owe more than what it’s worth and you’re responsible for it.
So I just love leasing.

I think leasing is the smart way to buy it and believe me, another thing is, I least three vehicles myself.
So I tell my customers look.
I wouldn’t do anything that wasn’t smart for me right why the heck? Would I lease a big one? Yeah I’m like look, I I can show you right here in the computer at least three of them.

Do you think you think I’ve been in the business this long? You think I’m stupid? No, I’m not! So I’m only going to do with best.
For me and my family right, so that’s why I’m so passionate about it.
I think his salesmen understood it.

Okay, they could explained it better and have passion behind it and passion cells.

Right I mean I don’t.
I haven’t purchased a car literal, a literal purchase, and you know ten years, okay, once I found out, I had to get the car business first to understand what leasing was and why it was better for me.

I never understood it.
You know I just thought it was like running car, but it’s really not.
I mean you know, but that’s the way some people think about it, and you know what the 80s were terrible for us with leasing Emeril.

You know I mean there must have been some bad manufacturers doing some bad things, because it put a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, and you know it’s different nowadays, but it’s hard to convince people right off the bat man you have to you have To know what you’re talking about , you know you know ever what you were saying there yeah, that’s that for the manufacturer, but that’s not bad for the client, the client, the client had a two-year commitment to something you know and they don’t care what It’s worth in fact, you can even say it to this.
What do you care for what it’s worth? If you owned this thing in two years, you own that depreciation? Okay, now the manufacturer, does you give the darn thing back? If you wrecked it four times it doesn’t matter.
Okay, you you, you just go pick you out a new.

You know .
I don’t wait for you know someone to be a year away from the release and are six months away from the release expiring.
If they’re in a four year contract or a three or a five year, contract, whatever term they’re in I’m looking for opportunities whenever there are great in a sentence and that’s every year I get repo, you know everything on all.

There are always create effects for us advised, even in the winter, because things are slower, so there’s always an opportunity once you have a lease portfolios, literally roll up and down that list amongst a month I’ll face the list every month and see if there’s an opportunity Based on expenses, interest rates, loyalty, incentives, great values, looking for a particular car that they may be drivin that you could hold the car to somebody else.
All these opportunities are on the table and you saw how many clients – and you will literally call what I do.

Perhaps on my computer every day and I’ll go up and down those, and once I know what the client is cuz, I sold them initially and I’ll call them and they’ll be in the car Elsie, I’m in Columbus, your new car as they’re driving.

You know a little penalty and I will say welded together new car, because our clients are literally they’ll train, let’s respect when they call them and everything is, and it just good think that they actually like it.
They actually like the idea now and getting new cars.
Well, I would have to say that that’s going to be determined from manufacturer to manufacturer on I’m sure Lexus has a higher residual and a better money factors than some of them out there.

So, like some branch, you’re not going to be able to do that.
Okay, why you know we’re not I’ll be honest in the Hyundai product, I’m not calling you in six months saying it’s time to trade, I’m just not going to be able to do it.
Okay, they have adjusted our Raziel Joules to to resemble more of what they’re supposed to be.

You know, and I’d say about five years ago.
I could do that.
I thank God, was trading people out every year, but they had their.

The residuals were much higher.
They were like 62 % and their true residual when those cars came back was closer to 52 okay, so they took a bath on that.
I think ever old, so they’ve adjusted down, at least with our manufacturer and we’re not trading people at my innovation marketing yourself.

Creating a personal brand because the market is shifting, we’re out there shopping, they do also the shop and at home anyway.
Some like you know, they’re there and everything online and now that they start going out here make sure he never told me about that scheme.
It’s only gon na get more and more important overall, with the features that are coming on these cars and they often changing features.

Okay, you know, I mean if you can get customers out of cars quickly with the advancement of some of this technology.
Who wants to be in a car loan for 77 to 84 months, when these cars will be flying pretty soon? You know my first time.
I appreciate you yeah we’re do tomorrow tomorrow.

Well, it’s it’s.
We have the live event on Sunday.
It’s just a workshop.

We got 15 guys showing up we’re just going to help them brand themselves, learn how to use social media.
Do more videos stuff like that, we’re just trying to teach them, but tomorrow we’re doing the same exact workshop, but not it’s not in person.
We’re doing that in a webinar form we’re doing one for all that are all of our Australian beef followers.

That’s listen this! I got to do this at 4 o’clock in the morning.
Okay, so they can see it at a normal time over there and then I got a work I know, but I got to get up at like 2:30 3 o’clock and then I got a work all day and then I have that same webinar that we did The – absolutely I just want to you know, thank you for having me on and and basically every day I just want salesmen to just strive to be great.
You know everyday just try to get a little better, don’t be satisfied with average or where you’re at right now, if you’re average get better, if you’re good get better, if you’re great be excellent.

Okay, every day, you know to me: that’s what you do.
That’s why you do all this extra work? You go to work all day.
You work your butt off.

Then you drive over to your studio.
You put this on, I mean that’s hard work that requires, you know a lot of dedication and doesn’t go unnoticed in access.
I don’t have to read method method home, send your feedback.

He was on and also 2123 was so fortunate to be in his company and yours.

Thank you again for joining, spend the time to write.
It was my pleasure.

It really was.
It was my pleasure always always support the fellow man and I won bin.
You know we should get together one day and they giving that absolutely man I’ll talk to you later.

Thank you again.
You .

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