The Reason Most People Have Crappy Jobs They Hate

Hola is Brian Maxwell, your success, coach for the generation of change and, as we end off 2014, and we get ready to head off into 2015, I’m gon na ask you: do you know anybody who you know is just sup struggling to make ends meet and all They want for christmas is just a a career opportunity that allows them to be able to.

You know, make enough money to be able to provide a better lifestyle for the family.
They want to be able to make enough money where they can begin to invest in their future and in their retirement, and they also want to be a part of a team.
They want to belong to something that is doing good in the community or in the country or in the world in general, and if so, they’re not alone, and if that’s you you’re, not alone, you see right now.

We have your millions of men and women that are struggling, they feel hopeless, they feel defeated.
They feel like.
There is absolutely no way out of this rat race.

You know those rats there in nose or mouth wheels and they’re spinning, and it’s like no matter how hard or how fast they run in it.
They just continue to stand in the same place, and I’m here to tell you that there is a way off of that contraption, and it starts with this.
You see the best way to break yourself.

Free, like I like to put it in break out of the matrix, is.
The first thing you have to do is a believe that you are capable of living a more fulfilling purpose, field and profitable life, and I’m here to tell you that you are so you’re uniquely made when you were made, there’s only one you they broke the mold There may be other people that look like you that favor, you may even sound like you, but there’s only one you and knowing that you’re unique you’re special you’re, one of a kind that you give you some confidence to put one foot in front of the other.
One, so you know what I am somebody and I am capable of making something out of my life, because i’m here to tell you folks, i spend time with some movers and shakers i mean women that are making millions of dollars a year and many times I The right people who are making you know ten fifteen thousand dollars where you’re not like anything, is wrong with that.

But you know there’s two totally opposite ends of the same nose and I’ll share with you.
The thing that separates those that are the millionaires are the successful ones that society we have it versus those who seem to be struggling, it’s about as thin as this piece of paper.

It really is, is paper thin.
What it all boils down to is confidence and a belief in one’s own ability and capability to succeed.
You see what it takes me to be able to do it outside you.

Having that belief, now you have to learn what it takes.
There’s a process that everything is like baking a cake, and I was talking to my son’s a little bit ago.

You know the ingredients need for cake.

Is flour, water, eggs? Now? Could you take those things and just you know, could you take three pounds of flour? 4 gallons of water and 15 eggs and throw them together in a big bowl mix it all up and put it in there to make a cake.
You could nap times out of 10, it’s gon na taste like crap, but if you have a recipe where, if you take three or four cups of flour, you take three quarter cups or maybe I wanted to have cups of that water or that milk.
And then you take three, maybe four eggs and you add a man.

You find the right combination.
You mix them now.
You come out with a extremely good, takes, tasting cake and that’s how life is it’s very similar, which means that, in order to be successful and achieve anything, no matter what it is, if you want to be an architect, you can do it.

If you want to be a doctor, you can do it.
If you want to be a lawyer, you can do it.
If you want to be a sales professional, a successful, top-selling superstar, you can do it.

You just have to learn the process.
You have all the ingredients around you, the fact that you’re living breathing – and you have some ambition.
You know you have a desire to do it.

You’ve got the greedy, so that part is there.
You know on your counter of life.
You have everything you need to be able to to be able to make this this cake of success.

Now it’s just about fighting the process and knowing how to mix the right ingredients in the right amounts to get what it is you want and I’ll tell you you can have anything in the world that you want.
If you help enough other people get what it is that they want, and that’s one of my favorite quotes from Zig Ziglar.
So you know once you find the ingredients and the best way to do that is by finding someone who has achieved or accomplished what it is that you like to achieve or accomplish, and you want to follow that process.

It’s like.
I was told years ago in order to be a good leader.
You got to be a good follower and I didn’t understand what that meant at that time, but now I want to snack in order to be a good leader, you have to follow in the footsteps of other great leaders and there’s an old quote.

That says that only a fool learns from their own experiences.

I prefer to learn from the experiences of others, so make the decision that eight you can live a better life, be that you have all the tools needed that were blessed upon you by our Creator.
To achieve that, and then see you want to just go out there and find the process find someone buy yourself, a mentor main target woodsman considered at one time, one of the best golfers in the world.

He has a golf coach, no kidding coach beat him and golf, probably not, but it’s hard to see yourself in the picture when you’re in the frame and many times you need someone kind of helping the steer you and guide you and let you know when you Off tilt a little bit when you’re, not on your square, okay, um, the same thing with like find a mentor find someone to help.
You encourage you and that’ll be honest with you.
It’s not gon na just be a yes man or yes, woman, but it has really got your your your best.

They want the best for you, okay, one of the things that I offer to many of the people, the students that come through my training crisis that I do because, yes, as everyone knows um, I help people start their careers and relationships with companies that are looking For talented people, and many of these people are diamonds in the rough you know, I don’t like anybody that has extensive experience in sales.

I want to open book.
I want somebody that has a desire and a driving a belief in themselves in their ability, and that way we can help mold and shape that person and when we put them out there into the to their employer into their new career, they take off and they Flourish and the same can happen for you if you’re interested and just learning, you know what it takes, whether it’s from how to create the right resume um, you know, how do I interview with sizzle that gets them to remember me and call me back or you Just say: hey Brian, listen, I’m looking for an opportunity, i’m looking for a career opportunity, i’m tired of working jobs and jobs.

Tears for just over broke try to work in jobs.
I really want to get out and make Evan.
Let me know and I’ll help you out any way that I can you can shoot me a message on facebook um.

You can shoot me a message through youtube: video either, which way or just send me a direct email that Brian Bri, a in a sport, ssince, amperes and Paul owes an Oscar is an atom ours and Robert dot us Brian export dot.
Us shoot me a personal message and you and I go back and forth and I’ll see what I can help your what I can do to help you go to the top other than that here.
You need your special.

Your perfect keep tuning in cuz we’re just getting started, and I’m gon na help.
You make 2015 your best year of your life.

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