The perception of Value is not Price, yet Experience

Hello: everyone knoll wall, shear from NW, a cockroach, a sales training wanted to invite you to come visit me at the upcoming nada in Las Vegas March 31st through april.

Third, i’m going to be in a booth with fran Taylor.
We’re gon na have michael’s rillos going to be there also the come see come see what we have to share come see.
What we have to talk about come see what we have to the knowledge of nuggets that we have the business, but i want to invite you there up here at st.

George Utah, which is great that nada, zip Las Vegas this here, I’m only an hour and A half from Las Vegas.
I was part of the reason that we picked st.
George Utah to move to where we knew no one and we wanted a different climate.

Warmer weather, different atmosphere, love Michigan, nothing bad about it, but we’re ready for a change.
It’s a big world out there so go conquer it um, but come visit us.
The booth is 5815 n.

Like i said, i’m going to be there, fran tail is going to be there and michael cyrill is going to be.
There he’s helping us up some technology.
Fran is has been a mentor to me, and I appreciate that and those of you who are lucky enough to have had a conversation with Fran or go to one of his workshops.

Frank has a lot of nuggets, a lot of knowledge in the business, but what I want to talk about today was value and people talk about value, content, value content.
I read all the time.
Facebook linked and articles everything all over the place websites, but value customers appreciate value.

Let me give you an example here: ok, let’s say I take my beautiful wife out to dinner who’s filming this right now.

Let’s say I take you out to dinner and we have a 100-dollar dinner: ok, expensive for some modest for others $ 100 dinner great service.
They refill the water constantly, they bring the drinks out right away.

There upbeat they’re, enthusiastic.
They got a great attitude.
They bring your appetizer out then, shortly after your appetizer, you get your salad.

Shortly after your salad, you’ll get your meal.
Everything flows together.
Ok, so I like tipping for good serve.

I appreciate good service.
I coach and train good service, and so I get that waiter or waitress I’m going to tip them forty dollars, 100-dollar bill; ok, so my bills, one hundred and forty dollars.
Now, let’s look at the flip side, I get the same exact meal, I go with my wife, but they don’t refill your water.

They forget to bring out your drinks.
The appetizer comes out with a meal, the salad comes out with the meal, they don’t come back and ask if you want anything else, they don’t try and upsell.
You I like to be up sold that shows that they’re a professional, their sales person, they don’t try and upsell you, and so I’m going to tip 20 hours, which is still what they say is a good tip twenty percent so now which one’s the better value.

One hundred and forty dollar meal that tasted the same is 120 dollar meal, 140 dollar meals, the better value.
It was a better experience.
You enjoyed it more and guess what, when I had that one hundred dollar meal, I’m going to notice that wilted piece of lettuce, I’m going to notice that something wasn’t right! I’m going to complain and when me and my wife leave we’re going to look at each other and say gosh, that service was horrible.

We know where not to go next time.
You want to go out to eat the rare occasions that we get date night.
We know where we aren’t going to go to eat and that’s what I want you to do in sales is.

I want you to create an experience to create a process that the customer it just flows and the customer enjoys it, and the customer feels like a king in a queen and they enjoy it and when they leave they brag about you and they’re excited about the Meal and they’re excited about the money they spent because you’re going to be happy about that hundred and forty dollars you spend compared to you, add the same meal it tasted the same, but the process was poor that you’re going to complain about it and that’s what You want to do to your customers.
I always teach that if you give a great experience and have a great process and take care of your customers and you’re in their presence, they know we’re a good salesperson.
Is they know where to find a good salesperson? Now, on the flip side, if you have a poor SS create a poor presentation, you have a poor presence, it’s a port just all over poor.

They know where not to go next time they shop for a car.
That’s how I was hashtag, the traveling car salesman.
I traveled from here in st.

George Utah to ann arbor michigan for 19 months, and i did that work in two weeks a month worth the last two weeks in the month and i still top five top ten in a big store of our city.
Fort ann arbor michigan number 34 store in the nation.
I talked about this all the time he probably seen it before, but I created an experience that people became addicted to.

In fact, I teach the 12 days of influence, which I learned from my coach Ben scamper.
The 12 days of influence and when I learned these 12 aiza influence, i looked at the 12th was addiction and my customers were addicted to my process.
My customers were addicted to the feeling they were going to get when they came in saw me.

My customers were addicted to the fact that i remembered little johnny and last time they got the blue explorer little Johnny had three goals that day or little Sally just came from her dance recital and she was she was one or two to in her makeup and How cute she looked, and I remembered all that I was in their presence, I create an addiction and that’s what I want you to do with your customers cuz.
I talked to Tyler tan, so I brought him up on my last video.
I talked to him today.

He’s a horse just 30 to 50 cars a month um, but he shared a letter that he found a mine before he ever met me on facebook.

I was there working as a super sale and he found a letter i shared on facebook, and he used it verbatim is he’s like.
Is this okay and I’m like yeah like that’s? Why i post that stuff on facebook like if it works, use it, and this is a guy who does it and he goes? You know you don’t have to find out all this new creative stuff.

You just have to use.
What’s working for somebody who had success with it – and I posted that on my group that you know when I would send out that letter – I’d get 20 to 30 phone calls and i would sell seventy percent of them.
And you know i was going after people.

A year early before their lease was up six months early, depending if it was a two or three-year lease, where I felt might be some equity there and I went after them and everybody would say, you’re crazy.
Why are you doing this you’re just going to piss people off and no it’s not because if they call guess what I’m gon na have a conversation with them, I’m going to keep that rapport in that relationship going and I’m going to know where they’re at in Their vehicle, so i know when to go after them, so I caught him by fishing, I, through the worm out there and, if they’re interested they bid on and if it was a good deal.
I was able to snag them, and another thing i want to talk about is: I just got off the phone with Chris bukol um, who just who made a move like me, it’s been close to a year, something like that.

It’s been a while his wife.
Just finally moved in and he’s auto pros in Columbia, South Carolina – and I said Chris – I’m going to do a live stream.
Tell me one thing that you want me to talk about my video and so, where he’s at they’re out there a one price store and they make sure that they’re ten twenty percent less than anybody in the nation they scour the internet, they scour autotrader cars.

All this stuff for all these cars are posted, but they have a 699 doc fee and he said that’s his toughest objection is overcoming that 699 dollar doc fee.
But if you build it all together, you mix it up.

It’s like a cake batter and you mix it up and you show them everything that they’re getting and you show them that the true value NF 699 – that’s really kind of coming out of the price.
If you show that to them, they’re going to appreciate it they’re going to see the value in it, so Noah Walsh, NWA conquer what you chase nada March 31st through april third, come check me out: booth.

I look forward to seeing you there and I’m out .

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