The Modern Car Shopper Journey It’s a Dealer Journey, Too

Good morning to you, five o’clock eastern standard time for another edition of hardison’s tips, i’m brandon hardison president of champion strategies, let’s get to it for this friday july 17th.

Today, let’s look at the modern car shopper and their journey to your or one of our dealerships across this great country.

The modern car shoppers journey has changed.

It’s no longer about spending an entire day or multiple days, scurrying around a variety of dealerships with the right vehicle.

Instead, it’s about consumers doing smart research, knowing what they want, determining who can best provide it for them.
Then, once the shoppers done their outline under detective board, you can bet that they’re now have dwindle it down to a few dealers and they’re going to drive off into the sunset with their purchase.

In fact, if we look at it, today’s average shopper only visits two dealerships before purchasing a vehicle, so you should be asking: how do you compete? How can your dealership get into that early part of the modern car shoppers journey and make it a meaningful impact for you and your team members? Well, i would say, get involved on the trip shoppers begin.

Their car buying journey, far removed from the dealership setting and in order to make an impact on them.
You’ll need to get them to go to you, your site, because they’re shopping journey has changed, and your journey for your dealership must change as well.
How do we do that? That means that your website should be outstanding.

When was the last time you, as a manager, you as a dealer, principal or owner, has been on your website looking at the navigator tabs.
One of the biggest things shoppers have said is that many times they go to meet our staff or want to see meet our staff and there’s nothing up there.
Oh i’m sorry, there’s a blank picture with a name or there’s no name at all.

Just the picture or there’s no way of contacting any of the individuals by email or any source at all with that, how about the pictures that you have for your vehicles that are online soon coming you, you know what i’m talking about versus having a vehicle that Stands tall and has what the customer is looking for, we have to make it convenient.
We have to look at it as a 360 for the customer.
They must feel comfortable and confident in every aspect of your website.

Now how about certified pre-owned? Do we explain on there what the certified pre-owned program, maybe you’re, not doing a good job on certified premium, but it should explain everything about the program.
That’s there, you should have a vehicle right on your landing page to certify pre-owned vehicle.
Just like you have your specials for the day or for the week now.

These are just some of the things that customers have told us that they’re looking for when it comes to looking at a dealership.
Time is of the essence.
So, let’s make sure your website has everything, that’s looking for it now, we’ll give you one more and here’s where the value comes in.

Do you have your website set up for those digital customers? You know in today’s world of the corona virus.

They do not want to come into the dealership, so do you make it convenient for them where they can do some or all of the transactions without coming in, and you can just deliver the vehicle to them sales and for service picking up their vehicle, leaving a Loner bringing the vehicle back once it’s finished, if we’re not in this game, it’s hard for the customer to take the journey with your dealership, so just wanted to give you a little food for thought.
Brandon hardison once again on this beautiful friday july 17th.

Just wanted to say, go on out, make it a champion.
Thank you.

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