The Live Automotive Sales Training Event of 2019

Thank you for joining us tonight this evening on a truly monumental, live sales, training, interview, presentation, broadcast event.

Whatever you want to call it.
My name is Noah Walsh.
I’m gon na be the host this evening with conquer what you chase sales training and I have the pleasure of having the top two automotive sales people in the industry with me tonight on this live presentation on this live broadcast and, if you don’t know them and You’re in sales, I feel sorry for you, but the great news is: we’ve got them both here tonight to share their nuggets, what they do to reach the numbers and milestones they reach on a consistent monthly basis month in month out for years and over a decade For both of these gentlemen, so this is a real treat tonight.

It’s a true honor for me.
I’m humbled to be able to be the one to bring this together, but it’s never happened before.

First off Frank: will you give a little background about yourself and tell us all who you are who doesn’t know you yet who doesn’t know me? Yet if you don’t know me, that’s my fault.

That means I’m not out there enough.
So that means I’m not to start posting more and doing more to get in front of people, but for the four or five people in the world.
That, probably don’t know me obviously just kidding I’ve been if he has a hande, the world-famous Piazza Honda for 19 years selling cars shaking hands, kissing babies.

I actually pretend, like I run for office every day, I’m looking for people’s votes every day.

So you know.
That’s! That’s where we’re at that’s that’s, who I am same place same store.

That’s key to do big numbers too.
People need to be able to find you right.
So if people don’t know where you’re at or they can’t find you they’re not going to be able to buy from you and they’re, not gon na be able to refer to you so staying in the same store for you know for your whole career or most Of your career is definitely beneficial for it, but I’ve been here 19 years, I’ve been selling 100-plus cars a month for the last few years here and it’s all repeat, referral business I’d say about 90 % of it and it just grows and grows from there.

You know people are always you know.
How could you do these numbers? It’s impossible.
You know the car guys that are selling you know 15 cars a month and have to go through every.

You know, internet lead and take everything from start to finish.
Well, the process is that we have and that you know shirali implements to is we already have a relationship built with the the client, the customer, the community? If you don’t even know them, they’re referred in to you, so they already feel comfortable.

Seen me on facebook, they see me with my family.
They see everything that we’re doing here at the dealership.
So it’s not like you walk in and you don’t actually already know of or know about somebody.

So that’s: what’s making my process a lot easier being out there in front of everybody, so everybody does know who I am no, that’s.
That’s a beautiful share, an amazing thing and, and I’ve seen you and you’re definitely great at doing what you do, and so our next is is the champ.
So I kind of look at you guys.

It’s like Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig right yeah.
I kind of favored Lou Gehrig because he was just always solid right.
We never get a tenth of the respect that Babe Ruth got, but he was always solid and I mean you know: god bless his soul.

They named a disease after one that he played with seven years of this career right, so yeah, monumental, stats like you guys do and he was terminally ill and they just didn’t know it at the time.
That’s why they named it after him, but the the next.
We have you know, I think that the reason is is who’s.

Next is Frank’s tagline hashtag, whose necks and oli it’s like.
You know, I’m the greatest in the world that reminds me of Muhammad Ali right like like what you have done Ali is, is amazing.
The way both of you hold your character but give us a little share about who Ali Rita is – and you know your favorite part about you in the business and really what kind of got you to this point thus far: yeah Matt first person, I want to Thank you both for being on here.

It’s a pleasure to be on here with both you guys and you know, for those you don’t know me, Ali Rita.
I saw seven Cadillac in Detroit market, I’m a Frank fan, I’m an old fan.
You know I’ve been doing this for about 18 years now.

You know I had to start over in 2010 dealerships.
I was working that closed down, so I had to start over and everybody knows if you were an otter understand.
You know what we went through into two thousand eight nine, and you know the people that made it through it, I think, are really surviving and that was uh.

You know tough time for everybody.
If I started over in 2010, men and and just you know, put my heart in it and put my soul in it and said that you know I had no other choice but to succeed, and you know I didn’t set out to you know I didn’t go Out to set any records, but you know just being involved with my community being involved.
You know, uh, you know hands-on with everything that happened in my community.

I mean those are the type of things that they that got me to where I’m at so you know everything that I do is built on relationships.
My business is slightly a little bit different than Frank’s Frank, a genius at social media, I’m learning so much from them, and I got my notepad notepad here to take some more notes from himself, but you know, I think this is gon na, be great man, I’m So proud to be here with you guys.
Well, as I said, I couldn’t be more honored to be the one to host this, and I want to thank all.

I can’t shoot out all everybody who’s joining us and has given us some nice shout outs, but we have 91 live viewers and if you guys didn’t watch Frank’s video, this is going viral share this right.
Now I want everybody to share it.
Yes, I wan na drop course messages for you on one locus for everybody: Sharon Sharon Sharon – this is you’ve, got two of the best in the business right here with you tonight, the two best in the business I mean, there’s, there’s no I’ve never seen any numbers Like it that I hear 40 50 cars a month, that’s impressive, you guys do a hundred cars.

I was telling Holly before you got on Frank.

Then I talked to you and I’m like this.
Guy is a champ and I’m like he knows it.

That’s what I like best about you, isn’t this guy’s a champ, and he knows that, but I said he said he had a slow Saturday.
He did 15 and he called me back on the drive home.
I’m like five car days.

I wasn’t talking to my my kids or even thinking about anything else, and you were just like a regular guy.
That you know is all I had three good prospects, I’ll follow up with my Monday attitude, but you say, and you knew you could do more.
So I mean what these guys bring to.

The table is absolute phenomenon.
They, they are the goats right.
They are the the Tom Brady’s, the Michael Jordan’s LeBron James, whoever your person is, but they bring that to the table.

So I want to hit you know first off because you said that, and I think this is very important.
Is you said that you do 90 percent repeat and referral business word it the other 10 %, because a lot of people at your level with being with one store the time in the business and the amount of cards you do, don’t even think about new leads Right, like it’s or keeping up with with what you in front of it there’s times in the day that I’m bored and I’ll just go into the CRM and see if there’s something in there and call a random customer, or something like that.
So you know people the first words that everybody’s mouth, when they call me, as always, I know how busy you are.

I have time in my day I can do it, I can still leave launch.
I could still go on Facebook.
I can still post pictures about cars.

I could still walk around and do a video about a car.
I still do videos for customers before they come in, so they feel more comfortable if they’ve never met me before.
So when I hear people say they don’t have time, they don’t have time, because that’s that’s the biggest excuse I’ve taken out of my repertoire right on time.

I’ll, never you’ll, never hear me say it.
I might start saying, and I stop because I all that is, is the number one excuse that I always used to make for myself.
I don’t have time, I don’t have time.

The reason to me and Ally can get to the numbers that we have is because a we have the hunger to get it right.
We want it so we’re gon na get it, and then we have the drive.
So you can’t just want it right.

You have to have the drive to be able to go out there and do it every single day.
Every morning, you’re not always going to wake up and be at a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.
So you got to figure out a way to get yourself up to the the high numbers that day right, you can’t walk around like a four all day.

You know one expect you’re going to sell 10 cars or people that are gon na want to be.
You know want to be with you if you don’t love being you and that doesn’t come out, nobody’s gon na love being with you, you know, and then, on the other hand, we have the belief right.
You have to actually believe this.

You can’t just they can’t be around around rah, you know and you pump yourself up and then you know you go in and something derails you and you lose your belief.
You know it’s like it’s like.
Listen through a song get out you’re all fired up for a couple minutes, because you hear this, you know great song on you know on the radio.

You know something something that pumps you up.

Some, the fires, you up all that that fades away after a little while right you that that song is not going to carry you through the whole day.
But your belief in what you’re doing and how you’re gon na actually dominate the day with your hunger and your desire and your drive is, is what gets us to where we were where we, where we’re at right now, you know so it’s it’s.

It’s really the belief that you can do so.
The people who say you can’t do it.
There’s no possible way well, they’re the people that are never going to get there anyway, right they’re just going to be stuck in what they’re doing every day.

But then there’s people that they really want to know they learn.
They want to understand the processes and to me I keep telling everybody you know, stop questioning how how you get to a hundred cars.
You need to know how you can actually scale your business from where you’re at right.

Now, that’s the that’s the pertinent question right because you’re not going to go from 25 to a hundred like that, it doesn’t work that way.
But in the last five years I’ve been able to double my business.
I went from five years about fifty some cars.

My nickname was actually fitty, which actually ate me up for a little while, because I knew I was better than that right.
I knew it and I just stopped making excuses for myself.

I had some things happen in my life, somehow some medical stuff that I went through, and I told myself that I was gon na stop making excuses for myself and I was gon na go in and put in every day.

So, in the last five years, I’ve I’ve doubled my units and I’ve tripled my income, just by coming in every day, with a work plan, a drive, a hunger and the belief that I can do it.
I always had this number of a hundred my head.
It was like a hundred hundred, you know, and it was always just something that was out there, but until I put together a plan and actually put it together, how I was gon na get there and scale my business to where it’s at now.

I could have never achieved that level.
You know that’s amazing and talking about notes.
I’m you’ll always see me on a live stream.

I know right, I’m learning from you guys and I trained sales people and that’s what I do and I was pretty good till.
I saw your numbers and I I ran in the corner and yeah yeah, but yeah, but everything is relative right.
You know what I mean.

So it’s not that your numbers weren’t good.
It’s just like you know you.
It’s like Bryce, Harper or Philly.

Now he’s trying to compare himself to Babe Ruth right like how do you do that? You know you just need to be the best version of yourself now and be willing to grow, and if you can teach that to somebody, then that’s where the sales trainer? You know it has the biggest you know the biggest impact on their owning industry right.
You need to actually be able to explain how you did it as a salesperson right and show somebody how it’s relevant today.
You know that’s a day’s market.

This is the way that we’re doing it.
This is the best way to do it to me.
You need to be a better marketer any more than you do a salesperson in this industry right unless you start it 19 years ago, if you’re starting out now to get a name for yourself, I would concentrate more on the marketing you’ll.

See me with my brand everywhere my telephone number, my goofy thumb.
I got goofy thumbs everywhere.

I got sponged thumbs.

I got supply, I got thumb trophies.
I got thumbs everywhere.
Everybody remembers the guy with the thumb.

Car go, see, Frank Creneti guy with the thumb boom.
So you really want to be a you want to be more of a marketer on those two get the customer flow coming in, because that’s what you need to do, big numbers.
You need flows of customers.

You know, like you, have cash flow to come in to make money you need customer flows to come in to you know, to be able to do big numbers same thing.
It’s all about the pipeline being full all about the pipeline and thank you for sharing that.

So I want to go back to your your statement to ollie kind of on what you shared and that is being active in your community, and you know I only had one other today, Frank – and I had our second conversation other than tax in that.

But we spent thirty five minutes on the phone like I felt like I knew Frank for 20 years.
Right, like I didn’t feel like.
Oh, this was a stranger.

I don’t know what to say only you and I have had the privilege of speaking over a dozen times yeah and you always talk about being involved in your community and you’ve done a great job with that and you live in a unique community.
You know I mean a good example of that is what Frank is talking about.

You know the first time he’s talking to you.

It’s like your friend he’s, like your friend from you know, 20 years ago, so Frank and myself, we are the same person outside the dealership as we are in the dealership that huge people don’t understand that.
So if I run into one of my customers at a grocery store, I’m gon na be the same person that be seen at the dealership, and people don’t understand how important that is to have customers feel I that that natural feeling, where they can talk to you As a friend, I talked to Frank numerous times over the phone and in him, and I feel, like we’ve been friends forever, and it’s only been a couple years right so because we’re the same person, we know who we are we’re not trying to pretend we’re someone Who were not we’re? Not one person at the dealership and a different person in the community we’re the same person throughout and we know exactly who we are and, like Frank said, we’re the best version of ourselves.
We do believe I mean we believe in what’s possible.

We believe in ourself I mean we absolutely love what we do.
That’s the difference, we’re not waking up in the morning saying oh gosh.
I got to go into my office or oh gosh.

I got to go into the dealership, I mean we absolutely love.
Waking up in the morning – and we do so and and that and that goes to being involved with the community.
I love going to these functions.

Frank will tell you, I mean these the Delco foundation that he’s doing he love attending those things.
I mean look at that.
He loves going through those functions.

I love doing the charity events and – and the difference is you’ve, got to remember when you’re getting involved with your community.
You can’t have the motive of I’m gon na go, sell somebody something we’re not doing that.
So we’re not talking about getting out there and sell people we’re talking about, get out there and be active, get people familiar with who you are as a person.

First, then, the sales person – second, you know you were not out there.
You can’t show up at a charity event and expect to walk out with 10 sales, but you can expect to walk out with a hundred friends.
That’s the difference! That’s your mindset and the reason why most people quit know the reason why they quit is sales people we this instant gratification.

We want to walk into a place in and say.
Well, I wouldn’t put my time in this journey back and I spent two hours there and I got nothing out of it.
So I’m not going back.

Do you think Frank would’ve gave up you think I gave up ten years ago when I started going to charity events and got zero out of it? No, we had a plan, we had a five-year plan.
We were out there building relationships, building our brand name building.
Friends, more importantly, so when that person comes into the dealership and they’re talking to me, it’s the same conversation that I have with them at the grocery store and or at the ball game, it’s the same person we eliminate.

This is the most important thing.
We eliminate risk when a customer feels that the risk has been eliminated and it’s not a business transaction.
Then there you go.

You got a friend for life and I’ll guarantee you Frank and myself.
We probably make 80 to 90 percent of the decisions in our office.
Based on what we advise that customer to do because we’re involved with community because it’s a relationship, type sale, so you know people just you know a lot of people say well.

How do I start? How do I get out there? Where do I go get started and anything that you like? I mean if you like, sports, get involved in sports if you like, gardening, get involved with gardening, but you have to have the right mindset of getting involved for the right reasons and it’s not to sell a car stop approaching.
People like you need to sell them.
A car and approach them as a friend relationship, just like anybody else in your life, you build in a relationship based on you who you are at your best period.

It’s all it’s all and just add to that point: it’s really all about what you put in to the community like we.
We didn’t form this charity to get anything out of it.

Business-Wise we run at we drive, we help run a toy drive in the in the in December months for for Christmas and the holidays for everybody, for four kids down it down at all.

Local hospitals and the toy drive just blew up so me, and the partners that I have John Porter Mike mahalo and a bunch of other people.

We came up with an idea we’re like man.
We need to give back more, not just toys right.

So you know one of our the president of our charities, like he’s like man, you we need to perform that we should just for my I’ve, been think about it for a while, let’s just form a charity, I’m in a hundred percent whatever it is, I’m in All in one hundred percent and it’s a lot of time, it’s a lot of it’s a lot of my own money.
I donate I put my money where my mouth is.
I put my money into everything that we do.

That’s my charity.
That’s where all my my charity money goes most of my charity.

Money goes, but I’m not doing it to get anything out of it.

It feels so good right when you know we see you know a family that we just sent down to the beach.
You know for the weak little girl, you know that went through cancer.
She’s recovering now said the family down to the beach, and the community sees that.

You know they see that in you.
Why would they want to do business anywhere else like they’re gon na want to send people into you, but it has nothing to do your mindset can’t be going to you know a charity or go to you know a sponsor a football team or something like that.
You’re gon na get instant business out of it.

You actually have to grow it.
You got to be able to cultivate it and all these rights.
So many people, the problem, is they get a little bit of resistance or they get.

You know a little bit of pushback and they quit they quit they quit, though, in the market and quickly went out.
They quit doin charity where they quit go in the community events, if you, if you’re going to quit that that easy you’re, never gon na, make it to remain any business, we’re not going to get that instant gratification that we want.
But but I mean the way we’ve been trained in this business.

It has just been wrong.
You know I mean you think about it.
It’s been wrong, so so yeah we’re trained early on to say here you go just go, get another one and this whole thing of go get another.

One is a one-night stand you’re, never gon na build a career out of there.
There may be a job that you’re doing while you’re going to school and then maybe temporary, but if you’re looking to build a career, there is no one day stands.
There is no go get another one.

There’s there’s building relationships with people and you’re not going to do that based on one visit you’re not going to do that based on ten visits.
I’ve been a charity events 15 times and maybe sold nothing, but I didn’t go for their reason.
I went there and I made friends, but I guarantee you what’s going to happen the fifth time, the sixth time people are going to be looking for you, people are gon na, say: hey where’s, Frank.

Why is he not here and then, when you get to that point, that’s when you know that you’re building relationships based on the person that you are not a salesperson, no other motive.
No, I love that and that’s kind of the old adage.
You know you teach a person to fish or you give a person a thing to eat for a day right.

You Peter Kurten, want to push for a lifetime, is, if you personal lead, they might make a sale.
If you teach a person how to prospect and grow their business, they’ll create an illustrious career.

Like you, two gentlemen, have it’s a real quick? Is you know you said real and genuine? So when you’re going – and you guys are doing these things, it’s not to get Frank kronite out there internally Rita and let everybody see how great you are it’s doing the right thing and knowing that the right things will follow up.

But that’s not not almost.
You know: that’s not genuinely your your ultimate reason for doing right, you’re doing it for the right reasons, and then you follow up with it.
I love the five-year plan.

You both talked about in five years, how you transform and most salespeople quit or most people in general, quit before 42 right at anything, and so you guys pushed it through and grinded and maybe didn’t always see the results.
But you kept going.
You believed in yourself.

You focused, and you you know you conquered from there.
So with that being said, I want to thank all hundred and thirty live viewers.
We have right now hit the share button.

Everybody we’ve got Frank, Creneti, Ally, Rita right here tonight on this live stream.
The two best in the business maybe of all times, and so you know what I want to ask you and I’m going to ask I’ll, leave this and just flip it around real quick.
But who do you professionally? Who do you attribute your success, accomplishments and your laurels? To I mean first, you know I got to think my mother, of course, for raising me the way she did.

You know, I’m I’m a kid from inner city Detroit.
I went to Detroit Public Schools.
You know pretty much raised by a single mother, you know, III, you know, maybe maybe things were stacked against me and you know the love and support and compassion that I learned from her is what I carry with me every day.

So that’s where it starts, and you know I’ve had a couple mentors of my life.
I mean I’ve had the privilege of working with some amazing people and early on, I worked with a guy named Jerry turfy, who was all about relationships selling, and you know at the time.
I didn’t know that that was a term I didn’t know.

That was a thing it seems like.
This is something new that has been coming out here with social media and everything.
But you know I watched him, do it and people come in and see him and you know getting involved with community and he’s I mean he’s been, you know a huge figure in my life and of course everybody knows Damian.

You know he came into my life in 2010 and you know the one thing I’ll say about Damian and what he’s done for me? It’s not so much Damon had taught me how to sell a car, and he didn’t teach me tactical things in words and word tracks and none of that stuff.

Do you only think he taught me how to do is be a better person.
Be myself to be a better person, and he taught me how to be aware that was the biggest thing I took from David is is how to be aware of my position.

My customers position, my customers current position, their future position.
I mean just being aware of my surroundings and being aware of what’s possible.
I never never would have found them that I can hit 60 cars.

Like Frank said earlier, you know I didn’t know that 60 or 70 or 80 or 150 was ever possible when Damian had me, write it down and say, write down your goal, write down what you think and I wrote down 60.
The first time I wrote it down – and I was probably averaging 40 45 – and I said man if I could get to 60 man.
I would be the happiest person in the world and as soon as the frame touch up on this earlier about believing as soon as I wrote that down, I actually believed it and when I believed it it happened a couple months later it happened, and then I Talked to Damon and he said well, what’s your next number, what do you feel and I knew there was more and then I get to that next level in that next level in the next level, and I never thought I was going to set a record – I Never thought I could sell 200 cars a month, but I believed after that, after after seeing what he can do – and he made me aware of what’s possible and all the young people watching this and all the people coming into the business right now, you you they Have an advantage I mean this is an amazing amazing time for people to come, and we didn’t have this.

We didn’t have any of this becoming.
We had to learn this on our own, so they young people coming up right now.

This is the right way of doing business, Frank, and I support you, we’re here we’re doing this, because we feel that there’s a better way.

We feel our industry deserves it, and you know just being aware and believing what’s possible, it is just gon na.
Do amazing amazing things for our industry no spot on, and you know once again thank both of you for doing this I mean you guys are super busy.

You both have families, you both have households.

You both have commute all these things and you guys are giving back there’s no compensation, it’s just because you want the business to be a better place.
Everybody talks about this like it’s the tagline, but ultimately I always look like really.
What are, what are you doing and what, where do you see the holes in the in the business, because there’s a lot of good people in the business correct, there’s a lot of great people in the business.

So if so Frank you share with us who, who do you attribute your success accomplishments and ultimately, your honor, my mom, my mom used to sell door-to-door Avon and I used to go with her and I would listen to her sales pitch all the time.
You know and her persistence you just in it and it like ingrained that in me from when I was a young kid, you know it always.
You know it’ll always be someone, you know just I’ll always be talking to people put myself out there, but it’s crazy.

I got a lot of people.
Ask me: you know who were my men, our sewer, the trainer’s, that I listen to it’s crazy, but I actually believed that I was able to get to the big numbers, because I didn’t listen to all the train that were only telling me what the ceiling was Right so there’s a lot of trainers that say: hey you know: 25 cars, I’m off 30 cars and wealth 40 cars a month, and I get what they’re doing they’re trying to teach to the masses.

And you know: that’s that’s where everybody you know thinks that the big money’s add and that’s you know, that’s what they’re trying to lift everybody up from getting so you know the 10 car a month to you know 20 to 32 scale.

It I get it, but I believe that if I would have listened to a lot of the trainers that were telling me that was my ceiling, I would have been patting myself on the back the entire time when I got there rather than when people would say.
Ah man you’re doing a great job 50 cars.
You know I would take it in for a little bit, but then I would I knew there was more.

I knew there was a way, so I figured it out myself my own way so in ways.
I was my own manner, I I I had a lot of mistakes along the way, but I figured them out.
I figured out a way to overcome the obstacles I figured out a way to get my own pipeline of customers rather than you know, rely on internet leads, or you know, standing at the door.

You know there’s a bunch of salesmen that still stand outside of every dealership, but you know at my dealership I called in my doorman.
I mean they just opened the doors for my customers all day.
Hey you’re, gon na see Frank, no problem.

Let me open the door for you, rather than they should be in doing a social media post, doing follow-up figuring out what they can do in the community to grow their mean to get their name out there, like that.
You know, like me, there’s a lot of new guys that always star new girls start to come into like.
Ah, we want to be just like you, okay, great, no problem.

You need to know what it took to actually get here.
You know you don’t just show up post a couple things on Facebook, throw a couple cars up on there and stand there in the world.
You starts coming in to you.

You know this is this is a lot of hard work, you know and once you get the once you get the machine flowing, you know you become the hunted rather than a hunter, so we’re both kind of in the same position you know managing our day.
Is you know the it’s more, you know we’re just trying to delegate you know to get everybody through the day.
You know get a man get them out.

You know make sure they’re having a great experience customer wise and when I say get them in and get them out, we don’t sure cut the stuff.
That’s important to a customer they’re going over the car, showing the dealership building value with everything.
That’s the important stuff, a lot of the other stuffs, not that pour it into a car deal anymore.

There’s a customer over here that wants to buy something.
There’s a salesperson over here that wants to sell something, and we put up all these little barriers and obstacles to slow everything down.
We just take the process and take all the fluff and all the BS out of it and give everybody the real right there and that’s what makes the process great that’s why people want to refer people in that’s why people want to come back and buy cars.

I get referrals from people that have never bought a car from me before they’ve, never even stepped foot.
In my dealership.
They don’t own a Honda, then they were born a used car from me.

They refer people in to me all the time, so referral business is huge.
For me, we have the mean alley of the same methodology.
We just go about it a little bit different laughs in my businesses, pre-owned cars, so Ali does mostly ninety-five percent.

You know new car business, so a referral business from your Ahmet is huge reputation is the biggest thing not just in a car business buy the used car business.
You know we step up.
We take care of any problems, there’s problems a coop door.

Today I take care of all of my own problems.
I see sales people, the littlest thing they run to a manager every time the littlest thing they run over the service department.
I step up.

I get involved.
I always tell everybody, I’m not here, just to sell you a car I’d, never see again.
I want to be your guy, I’m your guy.

You have anything automotive question, anything about insurance Body Shop, anything about anything.
I know so many people.
I get.

Customers call me like listen, you seem to know everybody.
Do you have a plumber? Absolutely I got a plumber, I got a tow guy, I got a plumber, I got an electrician, I got a general contractor.
I got a wallpaper guy.

I have a guy for everything, because you know what I want them.
Calling me for everything.
I’ve been given my cell phone number out.

They gave me the cell phone number, like God, created me to be a car salesman for eight four, three, six, eight nine thousand.
They handed me that number when I walked in to get a cell phone, I didn’t ask for it.
They just gave it to me, so everybody in the world thinks that’s the dealership number, because I’ve been given that number out text messages in that number.

When I had somebody’s phone in my hand back in the day when you had a Bluetooth it in by hand, I put my name, I put my number stored in your phone, Frank Honda, so they’d always be able to find me at any time.
They call the dealership at six o’clock in the morning phone starts ringing.
I never say hey, this isn’t Piazza.

Honda is no.
Second I’ll transfer you over by three way call them right into the service department.
I want everybody to have that white glove.

Bentley customer experience right so full transparency when you come in here, 100 %.
It’s your buying process.
It’s not my selling process, I’m here to make sure that you know we walk you through every step that you need.

Not everybody needs every step.
I see everybody teaching ready to sell.
You have to do this this this this this order.

You absolutely do not people hate getting put through steps.

They don’t want to do that.
It’s their buying process, let them dictate what it is and you can walk them through everything.

It’ll go for a much easier process.
Watch me referrals, people that want to come back and buy a car for me, so they give them.
My cell phone number out forever.

Transparency just want to be their guy.
I have a guy for everything right, so you want to be their guy, for everything.
So Frank is the same guy outside the dealership, as as he is in the dealership, people don’t understand how important it is.

It’s that’s.
A hundred percent important you have to be genuinely people can smell.
Phony people can smell fake right if you’re, a sleazy salesman or you’re.

Just somebody trying to sell somebody something you know and get them out of here and just make some money.
It’s not the way.
It works, you know what I mean, then you are just turning and burning customers.

Okay, but Frank you’ll get 15 % of them right.
You don’t get a percent closing ratio up! That’s what you’re after yeah.
That’s what you’re, after I’m after 80s and 98, and a 90 closing closing percentage in the other and the other 10 % is because you chose not to sell them the other 10 %, because it wasn’t the right time.

It wasn’t the right vehicle.
It wasn’t the right customer for us.
Well now I mean I, I had a girl here today that the payment would have been almost $ 600 a month and she definitely couldn’t afford it and she wanted the car and I sat down to her.

I went over her budget with her.
I explained to her why $ 600 a month is gon na get real old, real, fast, plus insurance, plus minus maintenance, plus plus right, if they’re and then then you’re gon na hate this car you’re gon na hate the process.
You’re gon na hate, the dealership, you’re gon na, be aggravated in me.

I said I’ve done this a long time.
Let’s take a step back, let’s not make it the emotional decision right.
Let’s try to figure this out with logic, so we’re coming back tomorrow.

We have another car picked out, it’s two hundred and fifty dollars less and love the insurance is less on a cheaper is cheaper on the car.

We’re probably you’re gon na end up going with that car.
She can afford it it’s in our budget.

But to me I almost like to be the dr.
Phil of the dealership right.
I want to make sure that I’m given everybody, you know the not just here’s the payment you can afford it push push push, push push, it doesn’t benefit anyone, it doesn’t benefit.

Anyone doesn’t dealer sales and benefit and she’s gon na respect and love you more for what for what you’ve done, because at payment in three months, we’ll get old and that person is going to come back to you.
And there is that when you did this to me, so how do you explain to somebody that you did that? So you became the adviser, you became, like you, said the doctor, Phil and, and you know, she’s gon na love and respect you more for that.
No you’re spot on there and that’s one of your favorite words we’ve used before in previous interviews is advisor right is, is what do we all go to TripAdvisor we go to this yeah.

You know we’re looking for an advisor who know who has data that we can see and we’re not just you know what won’t you gentleman talked about.
I think Frank touched base on it, but customers can tell when you’re just trying to sell them right.
Commission breath – and I remember when I looked at a customer and they walked in and I was like how much can I make on them, or how can I sell them when I switch my mentality to how can I serve them right? I sold twice as much, and I made like Frank said three times as much great.

I had a mentality shift right like I wasn’t about.
How much can I make right? You know better.
Maybe the feel person when he’s just the money is just a byproduct to your success.

If you’re a successful person, the money is always gon na be there.
So you know people want.
I never shy away from talking about money like people who really want to have a money conversation, I’m okay, I’m very comfortable businessman.

I can have a conversation about money, but at the same point money is not the shouldn’t, be the driving factor right you’re, your baby with you you’re up in the you know, Game seven of the World Series and you got to you know, get a double to You know to run in you know two outs in the bottom of the ninth: are you thinking about your contract? Are you thinking about your next? Contract? Is a great player you know.
Is he thinking about his next contract next you’ll know you’re the task at hand.
What does the task at hand? How do we accomplish getting it done right down right, so you can’t be worried about what the monetary goal is.

Money is very important.
I know where all my money’s at it’s invested all over the place, but at the same point I don’t concentrate on the morning.
It’ll drive you nuts, you know absolutely drive you nuts.

You got to have your goals.
You got to see where you’re at you got to be able to push your.
You know, push your income, the different levels, but you’ll do that by being successful.

So if you concentrate more on just your success, then you do the money.
Then you know it’ll work out a lot.

Money is just a byproduct and it’ll come.
You know, it’ll come back, I mean in this business.
Everybody knows that money comes with quantity.

You know the manufacturer chases the units, the dealership, chases numbers they chase the unit.
So why are we not thinking the same thing? You know that mini deal might be the bonus deal.
That many deals.

Three many deals you might get three more referrals and also you’re in the bonus program.
So all the young people are what I would.
I suggest a lot of people to do is stop chasing the actual number stop saying on my 12.

I need to be at 14, I’m at I’m at 25.
I need to get to this number just forget about the number for a minute.
I never know where I met throughout the month.

I have no idea where I’m gon na no clue, no clue no clue, and then I got ta give that credit that I got ta.
Give that credit to Damien, though, because he told me not to micromanage my number you can and and and it’s actually changed it makes me so much more relaxed.
I don’t worry about it wherever I’m just gon na sell as many cars as I can.

It doesn’t make it different.
You don’t want that number to dictate what you’re doing.
I don’t want say that oh, I need three more to hit a hundred.

I need three more to hit 120.
I don’t care it doesn’t matter.
It’s gon na fall where it’s gon na fall.

I’m gon na help that next person so for people saying that I want to get to this next number and chasing counting the board every single day.
That becomes your mission.
Your mission is to get to this.

Don’t forget about that! Just cancel that for now try it like this for a couple months, don’t think about the numbers and just help the next person in front of you and I promise you you’re gon na do better.
Well, you know, I like that how your philosophy lined up on one of your previous comments and you guys are both spot-on on philosophy.
But you talked about that about networking.

Right, don’t go to one event and say I got I gave out ten business cards and I’ve got five names and I email them and I call them and I tack them – nobody got back to me.
So this doesn’t work right and in the same thing, with your number right, you know I’ve had conversations with both of you because it is salespeople.
What do we ask each other right? Please, nobody got out right, like I used to do it.

I used to do a Facebook post and I’d be like oh man, I only got you know 25 likes on this post man.
I must have lost my juice right, it doesn’t matter right.
All you need to do is keep putting yourself out there.

People are scrolling just because they’re not liking they’re.
Seeing me every single day, I’m in your face my used car manager sitting on his phone today and he’s scrolling through and I was laughs and he goes every frickin post on here’s for you.
I thought I was on your page and he wasn’t he was just on his page yeah.

I just want to keep myself out there right right, one everybody’s newsfeed, if they befriend me because I’m on their newsfeed, I’m okay with that, it’s not a big deal.
I still love you.
If I see you outside the store, I mean you know I’ll, say hi to you too I’ll shake your hand, doesn’t matter just you aren’t interested and what I was doing, but I’m gon na put my family stuff out there.

It’s not all work.
If you go on my Facebook page, it’s not work.
Work work, work, work, that’s maybe 25 % of it.

What am i doing in my family? What am i doing with the Philadelphia Eagles? What am i doing? You know with with the community what are we doing with our charity? These are all things that you want people to know right.
It endears you to a person if somebody’s already feels like they’re your friend, because they are, I spent probably 20 % of the time.

Talking about a car when they’re here the rest is all I seen Anthony, was at the zoo or your wife.
Yesterday I didn’t even know Anthony was at the zoo, but one wife.
It was yesterday but they’re following me right, so they see it all day.

They want to talk about stuff there do you feel like they’re, your friend, and they are.
You know this is the new.
This is the new friendship right, so I would never be able to really know I’ll lead a way that I I know him now.

Even though we have good phone conversations – and you know – we’ve grown our friendship in the last year and I hope to grow even more if it wasn’t for Facebook, so you know it’s like.
If you, you know, you were out at a restaurant and somebody wave to you, you know, and you just kind of shun them off.

That’s what Facebook is.

Somebody comments on a post that you’re doing and you don’t comment back.
You know it’s like we.
You got a wave and you didn’t.

You didn’t respond back to that person.
I’m gon na get up.
I’m gon na walk over I’m gon na, say hey how you doing great to see you haven’t seen you in a while.

You know what can I get you? You know a drink at the bar afterwards or you know we’re hanging out how’s the family.
You know you want to have a conversation, so you’re doing the same things that you do in real social life that you’re doing in social media.
I don’t, I don’t think everybody really gets that like this.

This this is social interaction.
You’ve explained a lot of people on social media.
Can you explain to them the negative things that they put on Facebook? Excellent? It hurts them a lot.

So what you’re? Next to write this, but but you were all positive things things about your family, but sometimes I see these posts with people posting.
Just I don’t know, there’s so there’s so there’s so many times that I want to go in on some people’s post right, but you can you know I.
I have a Facebook.

I have a Facebook, ten commandments, that I wrote and one of them is never never.
Never ever no matter what in anything talk about politics, because it doesn’t matter right.
All they’re gon na do is put this off hey if your customer base, no matter what side you pick you’re, never gon na have you’re never gon na you’re never going to be able to win.

So I see all these salespeople on there arguing about.

You know politics, or you know commenting on on things.
They shouldn’t be commenting on like if, if you couldn’t put it in front of your kids or put it in front of your mother, you know then don’t put it on there.

I mean you could be a little quippy and you know a little a little fun with everything, but that’s that’s some of the biggest stuff man using you know, curse words on there you’re gon na alienate your customer base.
Talking about you know, people negatively about people’s religion or you know, or sexual preferences, or there’s a lot of stuff going on in the media right now.
If you get wrapped up and all that degree, you have 50 % of your customer base, that loves you and you got 50 % of your customer base, that hates you.

So I never want to get involved in that.

Had somebody the other day, man you should run for mayor, I’m like that would be the worst thing that I could ever do it.
No, you would win, I’m like no, I would lose well.

These are words I wouldn’t be able to do as much in the community as I’m doing now.
You know as a mayor or a politician, because all you’re going to do is alienate and and aggravate at least half of the people that are out there.
So if you’re in facebook plan right now – and you know you’re one of these young guys or young girls or you know even not young and you’re – just posting – you know rants about things.

I’m gon na totally run out totally wrong and if you think people aren’t watching you have two pages like I have a business page people people see everything like stuff.
A lot of these guys are posted.
I think you said I can’t even I can’t even comment on I’m like, I can’t believe you’re putting it on there.

So I mean people are people are watching, so just just be conscience.
I want a good arguer.

I love a good argument too, but no doubt so it to do put on social media.

It’s not gon na win, you’re, not gon.
Na win, no you’re gon na lose you’re gon na lose.

You know I’ll.
You know talked about this before we’ve all heard.

This line, but somebody’s always watching right like gentlemen, everybody is always watching right and everybody.
You said too about you, know the staying consistent that I was the same way and I went to a conference that you spoke at the the does and I spoke and I must have had 30 people.
I didn’t even know their name from Facebook and they came up to me and they’re like no old man.

I love your videos like your contents on in this and and I’m like well, I shared that in the video that really didn’t go that far right, like I’ve had videos, they see her, but people see ours and I don’t remember them liking it right or it’s Going to be a friend request, but but we’re seeing it, and so it comes back to that in your effort.
You know my new thing is what how I judge people.
I see the energy in the effort they put in right and and their true intentions.

You want it, you want it, you want to change your life right now I mean you actually want to change business and your life right now start right now be the most positive person in the room right now.
Every time you might not be the most talented, you might not be the the the best marketer, you might not be the best salesperson.
You might not be the that’s it any other thing.

If you want to change your life, and you want people to feel attracted to you as far as you, you know hanging around with you or want to be with you or want to referring to you be the most positive person beat annoyingly positive that negative people.

Just they walk where, if you walk on me, hey man how’s it going man another great day at Piazza Honda.
How you been.

What’s this guy doing, man, you know I mean I’m always you always have to have the positive answer.
I high-fived the mirror in the morning boom.
I love being me, I’m getting myself psyched up for positivity, I’m listening to audiobooks on the way in it’s all positive.

I shut off the sports, talk radio I used to get in the car and listen to sports.
Radio that stuff gets in your head, that negativity, philippi, visitorship Frank cooler, talk.

I call him air core talk, freeway, there’s dirt, there’s downtime there’s a lot of downtime dealerships.
Oh we get it.
You get those butterflies in your stomach you’re like I’m, never going to talk to another customer again.

I’m never gon na see anybody.
So you find a group of people that feel the same as you and next thing you know the day is gone and your energy level is down and you’re, not positive.
You know, there’s a lot of don’t do thing that people need to follow and dealerships.

I mean that’s one of the things that you should not be doing hanging out talking about the game for 12 hours.
Hey, I love my coworkers Frank, loves his co-workers and but there’s a time and place for it.
When I go to work, I go to work where we show up, we show up the best person that we can be, like you said, be positive and your energy level and and there’s so many don’t use and and that hit on the head man.

It’s just you know, stay away from a lot of those things and be positive, yeah, I’m the world’s biggest Eagles fan in the world and Monday mornings.
I come in here and yeah I’ll talk about the Eagles for five minutes.
10 minutes great.

I was at the games, I’ve seen you on TV, you know, we’ve seen you touchdown and I got you know first row seats so strategically too.
So you know if anybody wants to see me boom.
They’re gon na see me on TV with the green hair.

I’ve changed my color, my hair, usually game day, but I have one o’clock rolls around.
I don’t still want to be talking about the Eagles.
I want to be dominating my day all day right if we’re wasting time curtain Eagles still, we should be wasting time making phone calls we’re at text messaging customers or doing a Facebook live or training right.

These are all things we’ll be doing, be role playing in the showroom and talk about.
You know what you know.
The quarterback threw an interception, it’s not going to put any money and you can educate yourself with anything now Frank hope you can watch the video you can go on a lot of these trainers.

I mean you can do so.
You can do the educator damage virtual training out there and is yeah.
I get I get drawn into that negativity in that downtime because it can be brutal under we get it.

I’ve been there.

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