This episode today is we’re going to talk a lot about the journey towards ultimate success and um, as most of you know of this is a space that i do a lot of work in in first, the personal development space and success space and um my guest Today shares a very special success story, so we’ll definitely going to dive into that and uh he’s a returning guest actually to the podcast and is a therapist five times international award best seller, probably six by the time we’re done this show, but at least five at Least five now uh he’s a speaker, a coach, a publisher and to top it off again is world record holder.
I’ve not had a guinness world record holder on the show, so i can officially say you’re my first right, so he continues to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands through an emotional tale that has provided insights on how to determine one’s worth and create a life Worthy of happiness and success with his international award winning best-selling books, including the better way formula.
I think that was his first book, the better way formula principles for success.

Our guest has garnered worldwide recognition in collaboration with folks like kyle wilson.
It was three-time world and three-time world series champion todd stotlemayer, who you and i shared a show with serena brown travis, as well as les brown himself, and finally, he has studied over 52 of the top super achievers in the world in the past decades.
To be able to build his amazing success program, and he joins us today to share in this episode, folks, which is episode 76, the journey towards ultimate success, robert j moore, welcome back to the show how you doing buddy – i am good and uh here we are We’re we’re sharing a little bit of thanksgiving monday, canadian stuff thanksgiving gobble gobble.

It’s been a long time since i said that, but um it’s exciting, i mean i’m working a lot of the hours right now to be honest with you, but i simply put you know.
I mean just because i’m working a lot of hours don’t mean to spend time with the family.
I spend a lot of time with the family just working about 18 hours a day.

Really, that’s all yeah, not much okay.
You know, i guess it’s safe to say that when you’re, when you’re an entrepreneur and you’ve got the type of responsibilities that we do um there are days that the hours are extremely long and um.
You know i i go to bed and i see you on messenger and i get up and you’re still a messenger, i’m like oh yeah, what happened in the last six hours, uh and that doesn’t say much for me either because um you know most days.

I get or nights rather i’m between five and six hours, which you know is not enough morning.
I went to bed at four o’clock this morning, or at least went to the couch at four o’clock.
I probably rested my eyes around 5 30 and i was up around 7.

yeah um, but i got i got this big event coming up and and i i got a lot of things to prepare for it.
So i mean when you got some big things happening.
That’s your biggest stretch that you got ta.

You got ta thin yourself out at that time and make sure everything’s happening.
Yeah, yeah and rest is important too, because you want to be able to think clearly.
So, even though you’re you know you’re putting in those hours, you know, i find that when i i get tired um and i start to lose focus.

That’s a sign for me to uh.
Go get some shut eyes, so that, and i always find that when i get up and especially early in the morning whether it be 4, 35, 5, 30 that i’m so much, you know cleaner and clearer, uh, uh thinking – and i guess i get so much more Done at that time, frankly, i well that’s the best time for me to do.

Things is between five and seven in the morning, yeah um, but when i get three four hours sleep, i’m i’m really geared up ready to rock and roll all day.

I mean i got ta, be careful because i mean, as you know, when i was getting the guinness world record, i mean i had covet yeah.
You know i had covered at that time.
The residual effect from that i guess was gerd, which is acid reflex.

I still have that, and i haven’t even slept in my own bed in three months because of it, but i’ve been you know: i’ve seen the doctors plus i’m sharing stages with some of the top doctors in the world coming up um and i get to know A lot of different people, a lot of different things, scopes down the throat checking there there’s nothing wrong with me.
Is you know what they told me it’s the way i was eating, so i was supporting the community by buying out all the time mm-hmm and it was actually doing effectively or wrong to me because i was causing me to have acid reflex so, like the pizza, Oh not good, no well, none of that is good, and if you want to have long-term success, your diet is definitely one of the big things that you have to look at so fast eating is not good, it’s not good! Absolutely well! So here we go.
Let’s dive into some of these success questions and then there’s a lot that you’re going to share with us about what you’re working on but um.

You know you have an interesting uh journey uh to your success.
So why don’t we just take uh, and i know most of our audience may have heard it before, but why don’t you give us a close notes version of your journey to where you are today, robert? Well, it started off with uh.
I was a drug addict alcoholic for many many years i was in and out of jail for 16 years from all my wrongdoings, i lived on the streets for seven years and i don’t mean living on the couches.

I mean living in the street.

Stealing clothes are the people’s laundry laundry mats, putting their mind didn’t matter if it fit it.
I made it fit to keep warm put the snow over top of me and woke up, go to the beer store the next day, but i mean there’s only so much of that you can handle yeah.

So i mean i guess i got tired of doing that.
I had epiphany, i went to detox and my journey began.

I didn’t know it was going to begin like this because a lot of times i went to detox.

I was only fooling myself and only went there for a week.
I’m fine, i’m good.
I’m no problem.

I’m ready to go this time.
I actually wanted to help.
I don’t know what changed about me, but there was like epiphany and, like i said it was just.

I wanted to change.
I’m clean and sober 15 years now, just over in september, was wow and you know what i’m achieving goals like there’s no tomorrow and i’m only achieving them for successful reasons.
For myself not to impress other people.

You know i mean it’s like my education, my education.
I didn’t know what i wanted to do didn’t know where i wanted to go with it.

So i said you need education to work, so i went and got my grade 12 and i said well that was kind of neat.

I, like kind of enjoyed the learning aspect.
You know i finally got this, so i wouldn’t got my social service worker.

So what age did you get your grade? 12.

20 years later, i i’m a little slow on the uptake.

I guess well, well you don’t look too slow from here, robert, so well.
I speeded that way.
Well, trust me and it’s not how you start my friend, you know it’s.

The race is not won at.
They start in line right.
So so congratulations to the! So! That’s a good first lesson, success lesson right there you know 16 years in and out of jail living on the streets for seven years.

You know to to stealing clothes to wear and alcoholic drug addict and at age 32 to get his grade 12 folks, which helped to put so what did that do for you and that when you achieved that grade 12 diploma or you graduated grade 12? What did that do for you? What triggered for you then looking at the situation having your grade 12 doesn’t really do anything for you exactly, but it was a step, though it was a first step for you yeah for sure i mean it was.
It was something i was honored to have um, but i actually because i did it so well and i was actually focused and it’s like i’m a go-getter, i’m the kind of guy.
That’s go there.

You give me a you.
Tell me assignment’s going to be due next month, i’m going to have it done in four hours.

I mean it’s just the kind of person i am.

I have to get it out of my way.
It’s just kind of i have to drill it like drill to get it done well, i was always helping other people in school and i ended up winning the lieutenant governor’s community volunteer award.
That was my first part of success right and it’s like wow.

I got this, i didn’t even know what it was and i also got nominated because i i did like 2500 hours of uh community service hours i actually got nominated for order of arroyo award.

I didn’t even know what that was.
I didn’t win that one at the time, because i went against the mayor and i lost.

Of course it wouldn’t look good if i went against the mayor, but i mean it was a good challenge.
I mean i didn’t even know what it was anyway, so it didn’t matter at the time.
Then i googled it.

I said people nominate me for that wow they are huge, you know and after realizing it.
So so tell me what are when you look back right now: you’ve had some failures and you’ve now had some massive success.

When you look back now that you’ve had both perspectives, what does failure mean to you? It’s uneducated, you know someone’s uneducated on knowing how to make that that situation better.

I mean you could look at the situation and do it totally differently as opposed to the way we did it and still still have a better outcome, but it would still mean the same thing at the end.
You know what i mean, but you’re, just knowing more knowledge on how to do it.
So there’s a lot of people out there who are thriving to have success in their life and some are late, like you and your yourself or me for that matter, uh in in you know, we’ve in some ways i’ve always been successful, but i’ve never measured myself.

As ultimately success successful on because there’s certain things that i you know certain bars, i raise that if i don’t get it, it doesn’t matter what i have in between.

I don’t i you know to me: it’s not successful enough.

That’s right, um, but you’ve.

Obviously, along this way, so along this journey to where you are now, you’ve actually had some resources and help.
So what resources helped you and you think, can help the audience that might be in similar positions where they’re late, starting out with their education, they’re late, starting out with their success plan they’ve, had it tough on the streets financially emotionally uh, you know what resources you Think can help helped you that could help them well.
Obviously, i had to switch my mind onto an entrepreneurship, but in order to do that, i need to learn me so i i continued my education and got my social service worker diploma.

In my dictionaries degree, my ba in psychology, my master’s in counseling psychology – and i didn’t do that – to impress anybody.
I did that because i wanted to find out why i was being the person i was so when i finally figured out that.
Okay, i’m doing this this and this plus, i debrief all right to uh to a counselor every few months, and i would make sure that i had the inner peace as you will um everybody calls it something different um.

So when you’re looking at success when you’re looking at the the stuff, i did, i wanted to make sure that i was comfortable in my own skin before moving ahead.
That was one of the biggest things yeah.
So let me ask you um.

This is another thing that affects and that whether people enjoy short-term or sustained long-term success.
Have you had anyone along the way that inspired you or or who inspired you in the beginning, while you were, you know, making your success pathway or who who has inspired you lately, i’ve studied 52 of the top achievers in the world um and what started that Journey was this, is this is a hilarious guys please? This is hilarious.
You know this.

I was at an event and there was a guy who was dressed up kind of you know to me.
Like raggedy, you know i mean look like he was there.

He really needed to be there, and this might be an opportunity.

Here’s a guy, he smelled a little kind of uh like he was on the farm or something like you need a shower.
Let’s put it that way, and i was talking to him and he didn’t give me any inclination that he was somebody okay.
This is a lesson learned on my in my head.

So, needless to say, i said, keep in touch with me.
I said here’s my facebook add me to it.
The guy added me to it.

I seen the face.
I seen the hat net.
While it happened to be the operations manager, i think, could grow rich.

He just happened to be moving a friend that day, you know.
I mean it’s like what just happened here.
You know what i mean like wow.

Oh, it was like whoa.
He ended up becoming my coach.
My first coach, so don’t be judging books by the cover or the smell, so true, yeah um.

So now that you’ve had a bit of success, how do you celebrate success? I mean because ultimately, you have to look back and reflect okay, here’s where i was 15 years ago.
You know, i know you’re married with uh with a beautiful family and uh.
You know you’ve got a nice home and and stuff.

So obviously i know a little bit about you.
We’ve met a couple of times in in person.
I was actually too big for your car uh.

You were too big for my car and my car is not small yeah.
I know it’s actually yeah.
I forget which one it was but uh, because i don’t know yeah cause you up just upgrade to another level or something i have no idea which one you know um but anyways.

Yes, yeah he’s a big guy in case you can’t tell – and you know – and i and i have a relatively big car and for some reason you know it was a little tight for him but but anyways.
So so how do you celebrate success? I mean see.
I don’t stop working but i’ll celebrate by treating the family um.

I mean they put up with me working a lot of hours.
Sometimes i just sleep on the couch um and – and i just i mean i don’t really get cranky.
I guess i mean, but i i can get a little out of source at times, so i mean i like to treat them.

I mean if it wasn’t for right now the clover that would have already paid for florida trip mm-hmm and we go down there for like a month at christmas time and celebrate christmas down there, and sometimes we do for two months.

But what i do is when i’m down there i still work.
I still got to make up that money.

I just spent yeah, but i allow them to enjoy themselves right and i allow that, like i’ll spend time with them, but not as much time like maybe not 12 hours a day, but i’ll spend so much time with them.
But you see the thing: is i fired everybody on my team two and a half years ago, because i didn’t think my business was jiving as much as i wanted it to so.
What i did was when i fired everybody.

I learned all the aspects of my business now i don’t recommend doing that.
If you don’t have money yeah, if you’re, just starting out only if you have money to back you up for that year right and i tell you because it gets costly.
So i hired all these different coaches and i made sure i understood the aspects of marketing made sure that wherever i was weak, i wanted to learn so now i mean i’ve held some really big events and i filled the rooms.

You know, because you learn a lot by yourself and i remember actually, when you were going through some of those transitions, yeah, um and uh, trying to make some decisions for sure so congrats and i’ve been to one of your events, uh.
Actually, my office, my award is on my thing: there online, the one up here, the the one here – yes, yes, i i, i won one of those at one of your events and serena uh charles brown was there and met a lot of great people at your Event, so we actually gave you this one here for that.
Oh nice, you actually gave me this on stage uh.

It says outstanding event award for robert j moore, congratulations on being the first in canadian history.

I remember that presentation, that’s right! So we know that you work a lot, but tell us if you, you know when you go to bed officially and you get what is the first hour 60 to 90 minutes.
Look like for you, because we always hear about these rituals of the most successful people that there is daily rituals and there are things that they do first in the day.

What is that like for you at the start of your day, the start of my day? Basically, i get up, and i just walk around to loosen up the blood and and always have a nice big, eight ounce of glass of water.

The reason why i do the water is because it up helps open up all your organs right helps them function properly.
So i make sure it’s alkyne, water or or spring water um.

If you’re in the right area, you don’t want to go to an area like detroit and be drinking the water of a spring water because it might not be so spring might have a different kind of spring to it.

You want to be careful where that’s coming from, but needless to say i uh and then i pray.
I do a little prayer because i am i’m a man of god too right.

So i do a little prayer and i want to make sure i give credit where credit’s due so i’m grateful to be with uh, be waking up and i get two feet in the heartbeat.

Not only that i’m not drinking and – and i and i have people i’m able to talk to because back in the day there i didn’t, i couldn’t talk to people.
I was so angry, [, Music ].

Well, that’s a good ritual! Well! Those are two good things.
I mean well three anyways uh, getting your body going circulation is good right water.
I do that every morning as well, alkaline with lemon and in prayer, uh or or meditation.

So those are three things that i think most successful.
Super achievers include uh.
Some do a lot of other things.

Well, try to get me do meditation, but i i end up snoring two seconds later so because you’re not sleeping enough, that’s why i try not to i’d, probably fall asleep too.
So tell me to close my eyes and like the only times i close my eyes is to sleep yeah.
I i why it’s intentional i wind down at night time or whatever time i go to go, lay on the couch i’ll put something on that’s you know.

Whatever, sometimes i only have an interest in what’s on it’s just something in the background, i sometimes i only put my head on the back of the couch and i’m already out cold yeah yeah, i’m kind of that way, but but that just goes to show your Body needs rest and and when you’re definitely in your mind your mind is working working non-stop, so um, so so robert.
What do you think i mean now that you’ve gone through? You know you had a first, you know a rough 17 years and for the last 15 years, you’ve turned your life around in many respects, and i’ve and i’ve witnessed a lot of that transition since knowing you for the last probably three four years um.

What do you think? What have you identified to yourself that you’re world class at that you’re, so good at that nobody? Does it better than you right now, i i got a knack for helping people get out of their own self, like being stuck no matter where they’re in their business.

I mean i have a knack to up brandon the person uh, i’m very business orientated and i come up with things right outside the box that, like even even raymond aaron, i mean he’s a new york times, bestselling author.
He talks about the stuff.
I do.

He says robert’s an out of the box thinker, i mean the stuff he does.
He draws attention because he’s always thinking outside the box, which is true, i mean i know how to get people to that next level.

I put this way i just got hired to promote a book and it’s in spanish.

I can’t read spanish, i mean, but i will promote it well.
That would make uh two of us.
I won’t be sending you the book anytime, soon, no [, Laughter, ], um.

Well, that’s good! So what do you? What do you love most about what you do the fact i get to see someone actually smile and understand it right.
I mean when i see someone else, and sometimes i don’t ask for nothing in return.
I i mean sometimes i’ll put someone on the podcast and i’ll pay in my own pocket just to because i know that audience would do them justice right that their message is warranted with that audience that the people that that person deals with or the person itself Right would benefit from it.

So when i see someone smile, that’s the ultimate dream right there.
It’s all humanity, that’s awesome! So if you lost everything and – and this is right back over yeah exactly well – you almost you know it’s almost like.
You knew the question, or you said, but yeah if you lost because you’ve heard about all these stories about or the saying, anyways that a true entrepreneur if they lost everything, you could take all the money away from the most successful people, leave them with nothing and Literally in a year or less they’d have it all back again.

You know why i look at failures and opportunity to grow.
You know you look at it.
You look at anything, negative, anything failure, um, a true entrepreneur, will understand this.

It’s an opportunity to grow you’re.
Obviously weak in an area if you’re gon na fail right.
So if you take everything i have today, i guarantee you within three months i’ll make six figures again guaranteed.

So so so, if you were to give you know a process, let’s say that there were one or two.
Let’s say there were three things you would do, robert because i i think i know three things i would do, but let’s say that you lost everything today.
Obviously, your family is still healthy and and and good, but aside from that, your success, your career and you need it to start over.

What are what are the three first things that you might do? Well, let’s put it this way: you never lose your connections right um.
I built the connect connections that i have with some of the top people in the world.

So i hear they’re having an event, hey, listen! I would love to be on that event.

How do i take part of it don’t be shy to ask someone a question like les brown, for instance um.
I ask him questions all the time his daughter, i coach, you know, but if you take all that away from me for me to start again, i still have the people i’ve actually invested into and they invested into me guaranteed.
It would be back to normal in no time i mean every session with the money right now with covid everybody’s saying: oh, we don’t have money.

We don’t have money they’re, finding the money to hire me, though yeah figure that out no absolutely it’s i mean you make some great points i mean, and some of it is is is fundamental, but a lot of people still don’t do the very basics, and one Of the things i’ve learned and that continue to amaze me doesn’t surprise me anymore, but it continues.
But it amazes me that my a lot of my biggest success or my success journey has been primarily because of others, and people come out of the woodwork who you least expect from countries and places that i wasn’t even thinking of 100 percent.
I wasn’t even thinking enough that that reply and say, oh, my goodness, your show, i had a gentleman who i started coaching two months ago and he said to me, mr reed, i’ve been following you since 2018.

I go what it’s back when we you and i were on stage together exactly you know.
I had a gentleman who called me and uh.
He goes we’d like you know, i’d like for you to coach me and he was in greece and i so you just don’t know, and if you continue to work hard like you do and put things out there and serve others.

I mean.
I fully believe if you help other people get what they want.
You’re gon na eventually get what you want.

You know, there’s a simple rule.
Eric thomas was amazing when he taught me this, i hired him for six months coaching.

He taught me a valuable lesson.

He says be the first to get up in the morning, be the first to get that content out there give it to him for free.
He says it’s like going to the grocery store.

You go to the grocery store.

We all go to the grocery store.

They always have something out there to eat, and it’s free all you’re doing is picking up that cheese and cracker said.
Oh, that tastes good right over.

There is 4.
99 right on that shelf.
You’re doing the exact same thing: if you’re giving away things for free you’re entitling people to come to you right so now, if you, if i’m giving all this for free, can you imagine what i’m going to give? If you actually pay me, it’s amazing, huge um.

So, let’s come back full circle.
What advice now that you’ve gone through this success journey right? What advice would you give to your 20 year old self? Now, what advice i give to my 20 year old self stay to your true value, don’t become someone else become yourself, learn who you are and if you want to be an entrepreneur, remember one thing: there’s a lot of hatred out there there’s a lot of good Things out there find the happy medium and just run with it, because you know what there’s people that want to be the stuff that i’m doing and they got me on pedestals, don’t put me on the pedestal.
I might fall and fall with you.

I i said i here’s the way i deal with this 20 years old.

You look at the situation where you want to be always look at the top where you want to be.
What below that do you need to accomplish in order to be there now look at below that, so it’s like being a soul, say i wanted a phd what school and what credential? What prerequisites do i need to actually fit into that? Then i go downwards.

Never go this way up because you’re just chasing a dream.
Well, absolutely because success is a step-by-step process right or always look at yourself, 10 years in advance yeah, because a lot of people who realize who shoot to success and get to the top.

They often fall because they really don’t realize how they got there or who, along the way, help them to get there right and the.

What is i mean the who actually along the way, is just as important, if not more important than the.
What? Because you know, i again i’m doing this show uh 76 77 episodes later i’m scheduled all the way to 80.
Already with a guy that i think i introduced you or somehow uh you were, we shared a show with him uh todd sobermeier, so he’s back, yeah yeah, so he’s back again in a couple of weeks, uh he’s got a new book uh out and uh we’re Gon na be talking a lot about that and his success so um so we’re both.

We both have a lot to be thankful, for you know, being um able to have access to people world-renowned people such as les brown and todd sodomire and many others.
You know um who helped me.
Personally, i mean uh, mr tom hopkins, who is now retired.

I can’t believe the amount of time the man gave me.
You know in person, you know believe it or not putting yourself out there.
You never know who’s watching you yeah.

I used to do facebook lives a lot and let me just say this for a minute or two, because i want to express the fact that if you’re, given a problem and a solution to that problem, people need to hear that that solution, you emphasize a little Bit more structure on the foundation and everything for it.

I’ve had people like writing.
Beau come to me, i mean he’s a two-time heavyweight champion of the world.

Hey, i love what you’re doing and i never knew who the guy was before.
I saw him on on tv.
I didn’t think i would ever talk to him.

The guy did a forward for me afterwards, nice yeah, you know well yeah, that’s a big boxer.
He one who knocked out mike tyson yeah yeah.

I mean that’s his plane to face the hand, mister yeah, that’s his game right.

If you can knock out mike tyson, i think you’re doing okay in boxing, even if it’s once you know um.

So one of my last questions before we uh dive a little bit into uh your upcoming event.
I know you’ve got uh you’re excited to share a little bit about that um and also we wanted the audience would definitely love to no matter.

I’m just excited to be here, no matter what no it’s good! I’m i’m glad to talk to you because there’s so much we always uh.
We have a lot in common.
We also have a lot of opposites and you know we have a lot to share we’re on a success journey.

You know simultaneously and we are happy to always uh reach out whether we’re doing something informal or informal to see how each other is doing.
So i do appreciate that about you for sure we’re seeing each other’s struggles.
Yes, oh absolutely, absolutely right! So so one is here.

One last question is: i know, you’ve read and started 52 top super achievers in the world um you and i are among several of them who we now you know, consult with or coach with or who guide us along the way.

What are what are some of the best books or, if you were to re, refer uh a book or two or three to the audience on success? What would those books be that have impacted your best way to say this is not to be biased.

I mean i love my books, get magnetic entrepreneurs like 75 of them out there so yeah, but not to be biased, check this out.

You want to know what you’re dealing with in your own life.

Okay, what inspires you so is it tony robbins? Does his words inspire you? Does it les brown? Is it uh, jim, jim rohn? I mean what inspires you something’s going to inspire you.
I would say you know what, if they’re successful, there’s a reason why they’re successful grab one of their books that inspire you, because it’s wrong for me to say one book, one book, one book, because everybody’s individually different.

So you got to look at the situation.

You got to mind map it, okay, what is they doing that i’m actually attracted to so grab that book that you, you obviously know they’re successful in and find out what ticks them? What what makes them tick.
That’s what i did when i did 52 of the top achievers.

I took a piece of each of them to make the person i am today absolutely and there are so many great books out there.
I’m i’m just finished uh my 37th uh book um on audible.

Okay, i listened to that quote yeah.

I knew it would be: okay, i’m not reading 37 books, i’m i’m i’m a slow reader driving your lexus yeah.
Exactly i i’m a slow reader.
At best and uh i mean reading my own book and proofreading it five times was painful enough, so yeah no doubt yeah yeah.

Well, the editor keep telling me go back and redo and rewrite i’m like, oh, my god, but anyways i mean it took me 12 times for my very first book yeah now.
My very very, very, very first book was uh, there’s more to life by robert j moore.
I used my last name as a sentence there.

It was.
It was the shittiest book.
I’ve ever wrote my life, but look at where you are today, though right.

I have to do that though, but, but you know, you know one of the things that you know it inspires me every day, but it also leaves me in in total.
Awe is when the first episode of this show.

I had no clue the first few episodes of this show.
Okay and like, if i told people that the start of this show was was me grabbing my one of my counterparts.
I i a young gentleman i mentioned.

Like literally half my age, i could be his son um and i said matt: let’s go.
Do the show um this podcast thing because they’re telling me i need to do get, get out there and do something – and i said: okay you’re, a younger guy, i’m i’m the seasoned guy in in the automotive space.
Let’s talk about um, the automotive space um and the evolution of the automotive space and what it looks like from your perspective being in your 20s and what it looks like from my perspective, having been in it over 20 years.

That episode is still the number one.
Listen episode on the show amazing right like every day all over the world, people are clicking on listening that episode.
So i give credit to matt.

Okay, because he’s the uh, you know, he’s the one that dresses like a model and uh look like a typical hockey player.

So i i say yeah, it’s all credit to you matt, but starting was a big deal.
We started that show and from literally asking and seeking to find people to ask them to come on the show.

Now it’s the complete reverse, where they’re in my my inbox is filled here with my books with requests to be on the show right, but you have to start and and and i hear i picked up a lot from robert here – you definitely have to you know, Get your mindset and your perspective clear and you have to start starting, is a big part of our success plan.
If we don’t start, and yes, you can expect the failures along the way you can expect the downtime right.
Yeah failure is a part of this growth process.

Folks failure is is, is a part of success and i actually did a talk.
I do my annual talks at uh, humber college and georgian college and in my sales mindset course, and i talk about failure being a part of success because what it teaches you are the things that you need to learn more look at the situation.

Did you know sales before you started right, i mean you had to learn sales exactly and now you’re one of the top people in lexus for sales you’re, actually teaching them how to do it.

I i yeah.
I teach people all across canada and all across the united states.

When i started the entrepreneur book, i was actually given discounts and begging people.

Look, you know your story’s really good.
It was like being a con artist or something you know like hey.
I think you’d be really good in this book.

Well, i can’t really afford okay we’ll give you a half off yeah i mean it was like.

It was crazy liz tree lizzy, i did do you know lizzy yeah she was.
I was on her podcast online, which has a radio station yeah.

Well, lizzie is watching and she goes same here.
My first show was so horrible.
I wanted to delete it.

I can imagine you can imagine because her and i talk quite a bit about things and yeah – well: yeah lizzy, but now she’s a star right, yeah, she’s, rocking it now yeah uh, so marlene, uh, pat jenn, pat jen.
Now, please forgive me yeah, i’m holding the phone up here because i forgot my glasses, so she said robert is so amazing yeah, so so hello lizzy, thank you, hello, marlene, uh, uh simone! Thank you, uh sean howard.
Thank you very much.

I appreciate you guys being on and commenting yes see.
They love you robert, so you’ve got some big stuff coming up.

Let’s share with the audience here this big news, uh that i see keep promoting on my facebook screen on my feed.

Look at turning point 20.
, yes, it’s one of the the biggest health converses.

That’s changing the world and they’re going to leave a legacy.

There’s 50 of the top professionals in the world that are speaking on it, it’s being hosted and organized by brian gangle, which he actually is actually giving.
Also credit to the world organization of natural medicine because they’re working hand in hand as sponsors, and that so i mean we got some serious people in them.

We got dr joe fatali on there we got uh t colin campbell.
We got dr wolf, we got the clements, the ballingers, i mean these are top people.

Well, i was actually hired to actually do the book for them.

So 25 of those top people have chosen to actually be in a book, and i was actually honored to be able to be in the book with them and write a chapter in there and be the publisher for it.

So i mean you guys want to talk about challenges.

I mean the thing is when you do a book, it sounds easy.
After doing 75 of them, it’s not as easy as you think, because one little thing that’s put in the book can offset the whole book itself and that’s what happened with this book.

You were telling me a little story just before we started so i know i know all it takes is one little thing to derail the whole project.

Oh, we got ta go through it again, it’s already at the printers right now the book and i’m going to be honest with you.

One individual um wants out of the book for different for their personal reasons.

I’m not going to say why, but it’s for personal reasons and and i’m going to honor that i’m going to honor that because you know why i mean no matter.

If it takes me, another 18 hours to put this together, it’ll be ready for tomorrow and be uploaded and ready to go at the printers again.
So that’s part of a challenge i mean i just got ta look at and laugh at it, and i’ve only had two three hours sleep and i got ta.
Do another 18 hours of work yeah.

Well, i i feel you, my friend and i, and i certainly respect what you’re doing um no one can.
No one can take away the success that you’ve had and because you’ve you’ve been grinding.

I i see it every day, uh and every night.

If i go on, i see you there pop up on my uh feed, so i i know you’re there grinding.
I certainly appreciate everything that you’ve done and i i really have to say congratulations on the your success and sharing your success journey.

So how how can the audience get ahold of you, robert? Like hey, you can go on link and then go magnetic entrepreneurial.

Go on facebook magnetic entrepreneur, um! You can go on youtube and do magnetic entrepreneurial, robert j, moore per se, my own, my own space um.
If you googled any of those names, you can’t miss me.

Oh, i definitely can’t miss you.

You have lots of people here, commenting uh in the feed, so uh.
So thank you.
Uh! It’s uh marianne uh, lizzie jack, vincent yeah um, and i think there is uh simone scott vinson just had a very successful launch of uh his his very first event.

Well, someone said robert.
You need to sleep.
Of course i mean i sleep, i’ll get lots of sleep off for the weekend and shawn howard yeah yeah.

I i need to do that too, but i i got in a little bit of rest last night because i thought it was important just to take the extra day that we got from not working elsewhere, um to catch up and spend some time at home.
But i i really appreciate this show.
So what are your three takeaways robert? What would you want to say? Okay, i’ve been through this.

You know the ups and downs of the success journey, um, i’m enjoying some success.
Now, here’s what i’ve learned and here’s what i would ultimately want to leave the audience with today.

Well, first thing: first, like i mentioned, get to know who you are, who you want to become that’s number one in the world.

I mean you need to either it’s meditating me.
I sleep when i do.
Fortunately, um spend time with yourself get to know yourself.

Mind map the situation, see if that what you’re doing is really helpful to you or is it really hurting you so if you’re looking at number two, you might want to learn to tell your story telling your story is, is one way of doing things.
I mean i’ve learned that you know what it doesn’t matter if it’s a book doesn’t matter if you want to be speaking or not, but if you learn to tell your story um and especially if you want to be an entrepreneur that leads right into something right.
So that leads into the fact that you could be on stages or you could be in books or you could just tell your story to another person and help them engage with you.

You know so now you got a third thing, don’t be afraid to leap into success.

The success is what you make of it, not what i call success, not what everyone calls success, not what the neighbor calls success.
Everybody has an opinion.

Let them have their own opinion, like les brown says, don’t let somebody else’s opinion become your reality right, let’s be honest with yourself: where do you want to be? If, if picking up this thing here and putting batteries in is success, well, then that’s success to you.
Not to me mine is goal achieving.
I love seeing the goals being achieved.

Yes and i love seeing other people happy, so i enhance other people’s lives.

You know and that’s what i do absolutely so and i’ll leave a couple tips of my own.

As far as you know how to basically harness your success plan and one of the things that i’ve learned along the way is, if you put something out there like you’ve, been doing and like i’ve been doing, and you start to get some recognition or people start To respond is, i think, it’s good, it’s very it’s just very human to reach out and say you know what thank you.

I appreciate the feedback because you never know who that person is right.
You never know who that person is, and some of my biggest supporters and i’ll tell this right now and i’ll.

This will never change to this date.

In my life, the biggest supporters in business have been total strangers.

People who have got i mean my family will know me for and friends will know you for one reason: right and you’ll you’ll have a lot of family and friends who don’t and encourage you to work as much as you do and won’t encourage you a lot Right, yeah yeah, they simply won’t.
But you have to know within yourself that what you’re, like you say what your purpose is you’re working for what makes you tick, fine, yeah, absolutely, and you know that you’re driven for greater things and when people from different countries different nationalities who barely speak english reach Out and send me comments or emails or call it’s a sign that okay, i’m touching someone’s life literally across the ocean.

Why not right hey outside here three o’clock in the morning, coaching a guy, that’s one o’clock in the afternoon in australia, i mean yeah, so anyways.
We put in our dues, we do our work, we do the work.
Okay, don’t be afraid you got ta.

Do the work success.
It’s not just gon na come to you go forward, not backwards.
Yeah, you got ta, do the work you got.

Ta, invest in yourself.
We’ve talked a lot about that.
Personal development is a big part of my success.

Sales mindset principles course uh and talk personal development.
You got ta, invest in yourself, know what you like, whether you like to read: books, listen books; okay, you have to consume some sort of content.
You know podcasts um, there’s no youtube videos; there’s no excuse for you uh for anyone not to learn okay.

So i wan na uh, just recap and say: uh big thanks to robert folks.
This this has been episode, 76 of which we meant to do a while ago, but due to technical issues, we couldn’t do it, but we did an impromptu show here and we’re getting lots of folks uh on live here on facebook, your friends because you obviously got Quite a few followers here, uh commenting and i want to thank them all for commenting on the show.
It’s we’ve been talking about the journey towards ultimate success with robert j moore and he’s uh five-time international best-selling, author right he’s authored over 75 books or co-authored, at least over 75 bucks uh, his most uh powerful book.

The better way formula principles for success.

Okay is available on amazon and anywhere books are sold and yeah, i’m sounding like an infomercial, yeah yeah and exactly and uh so and robert again is available on facebook he’s always there linkedin um and your website right.
I don’t have a website.

I just said: i’m, you know what i don’t do.
Business cards or websites got you yeah, so so i find them a thing of the past.
So so um entrepreneur, yes, youtube magnetic entrepreneur, robert j moore on facebook or lincoln magnetic entrepreneuring, and when is that big event coming up again, it’s coming up this saturday coming up all right sunday, i’m speaking i got i i’m speaking myself.

You know um reading a book as a comfort, food, nice, nice well, folks, there we go so we always love hearing from you.
So all you folks who are watching now on facebook live subscribe to the read method, insider podcast! You can find it on itunes, soundcloud stitcher spotify, wherever your favorite podcast app is there’s so many now and um.
So you can find us there and you’ll find this edited version of the show on those platforms, but please go ahead and subscribe to the read method.

Insider podcast, we love your feedback um.
We love hearing from you because we have such great guests.
Like mr robert j moore here, we’ve had les brown multiple times, who he’s also connected with tom hopkins todd stallmaier, who you’ve also been connected with and folks todd is coming back um.

I think it’s monday, the 26th uh 7 30 p.
Yeah monday october 26, 7 30 eastern uh we’re going to be talking about becoming the observer and uh.
It’s it’s a part of his new book.

I think this title for his new book uh becoming the or becoming the observer, and that’s todd stalled.
My three time world series champion two-time back to world series champion off the toronto blue jays, and i think the third one was with the arizona diamondbacks yeah.
His dad was a legend too yeah and his dad, i mean he’s, got a massive story.

If he just talks about his dad, that’s a whole episode right, uh mel stottmeyer, um um.
I think he just recently passed away a couple years ago.
So so there you go folks.

This has been episode.
76 of the read method: insider podcast, where i had my special guest here, robert j moore talking about the journey towards ultimate success, and we look forward to seeing you on another episode soon good day, folks and happy thanksgiving canada, [, Music ], you .

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