okay, folks, this is episode.

81, our 81st episode of the read method, insider podcast, and tonight we have a very special and entertaining guest on the show joining us.
Our special guest is definitely passionate and willing to do almost anything now.
I’m scared that involves helping inspiring and empowering others a self-proclaimed course junkie, and i know that, because i’ve been on the course with her, she has been she’s been taking different courses for over 30 years as her love for learning runs very deep she’s, an empowerment coach Workshop facilitator retreat leader and international best-selling author folks, as well as a guinness world record participant and meditation expert.

This variety keeps her very busy and entertained, but does not detract from her focus, which is to help her clients find their ease and grace in a peaceful and harmonious way.

Well, folks, it’s indeed fun to welcome our special guest marianne pageant to the show.
Oh, my goodness, i feel so amazing.

I love that introduction.
I feel like i have a lot to live up to now.

Well, can i just show you my mug? Oh yes, can you tell them where i got this mug? Well, maybe you should tell them where i got here.

You got that mug.
Is it yadi.
com? Yes, www.

com? Can you spell yadi because i don’t want to misspell it y-a-a-h-d-y dot-com there you go.

This came to me straight from jamaica people, yeah and love.

What meditation teacher doesn’t want to have this look at that perfect.
So just so you know this is this is emeralds, let’s call it hobby, part-time puppy, part-time hobby, you can get it on yada yada and you spotted that mug right away, peace of mind right off the bat we met uh.
We met in a course and and uh everyone’s speaking and i’m and i’m going through the through my phone with the uh website.

I’m going, oh, my gosh.
I got to get this mug.
Are you kidding me? It’s amazing and it came right at christmas.

I think it actually arrived either christmas eve, because i don’t know if they did post or it was the day before it was like boom and i’m like yes, yeah just in time for all those special hot drinks on christmas, of course, and i do teach meditation So it’s with me all the time right how appropriate that’s awesome! Yes, so well, here we are folks.
We are going to talk tonight about the importance of self-empowerment, and this is a very big deal because you know um one of the first things i want.
I want to ask – and i think a lot of a lot of our listeners will say well what is self-empowerment anyways like you know, what is it and why is it important? So self-empowerment is a little like self-love, not a little like it is.

It is self-love that it encompasses that as well, and so why do we need it? You know if we all loved ourselves enough and if we were all self-empowered and think about if you’ve ever gone to like a tony robbins, or any kind of you know course, especially with tony he’s so rah-rah-rah, and i actually just did one with him this week.
So you feel amazing, you feel empowered, energized, you’re, powerful you’re ready to go.
The best part of you has has come out and now you’re ready to take on the world.

Well, who doesn’t want to feel like that every day? Right absolutely who doesn’t want to feel like that every day, and so can you imagine an entire universe, an entire world of people feeling good about themselves, not having any any issues.
You know the path to self-empowerment is a little lengthy right, sometimes for some people and for others not as lengthy but there’s there’s some work to be done and not everyone’s willing to do it right.
So, there’s these deep wounds stuck inside of our bodies – uh, you know so it’s important to do some energy healing it’s important to do.

Massages it’s important to go on vacations, it’s important to read books courses, um! That’s the reason i do it and and super important is to have a coach of course right.

Yeah variety sounds like having variety is, is important in self-empowerment.

It is that’s how we get there but being self-empowered.

If we all had, if we were all self-empowered, we wouldn’t have any worse, we wouldn’t have any well, i don’t want to say we wouldn’t have any drama we we’d have some, but probably not not things like words like that’s pretty pretty nasty right.
So when it comes to personal empowerment, does that begin with or involve self-awareness, absolutely self-awareness? That’s what it’s all about! It’s all about self! You know, so everyone thinks.
Oh, i’m going to be all empowered and i’m going to do this and i’m going to go out and i’m going to control this person.

I’m going to tell him what to do and i’m going to need this from him and her, and i’m going to need that and it’s not it’s all here.

It’s all about you, the only person in the world you have any kind of control over is yourself.
If you think you have control over others, you’re mistaken, because even even the ones that are a little susceptible to suggestion, let’s call it even they will eventually leave you so yeah.

I’ve kind of experienced that, where you know people will come to you and make you believe that they value your opinion, a lot and they’re listening and they’re for you they’re on your side and at the first opportunity they actually bail so yeah.
I can attest to that so speaking about that, though, you hear all the time that nothing changes unless you change.
So if you want to live the life that you can imagine that you can live that you should live um, then you must be the one to take control as you’re saying so is taking control of your life.

Just you know nice sounding cliche, or how does one go about taking control? No, it’s not a cliche.
It is maybe a little bit now cliche because we’re talking a lot about it, just not everyone’s doing it.
Yet you know people think! Oh you know.

I went to i went to a yoga class and i’m all zoned out now well good for you, that’s not enough.
That’s not enough, like you need to do other things, and it’s not.
You know those 30 minutes of yoga or or those 60 minutes of yoga or even those 90 minutes of yoga.

That’s great and that’s a fantastic practice for you.
I actually i couldn’t last 90 minutes.
I actually have had 90 minute classes and i’ve taught them, but i i’m trained in kundalini yoga, which is a very unique type of yoga and there’s a lot of focus on breath, work and so on.

So there’s always meditation involved with that.
So you’re, probably looking at an hour or so of yoga and then maybe half an hour of meditation.
Let’s say i’ve also gone to new mexico where i’ve been in the mountain desert and we’ve done three days in a row of meditation.

So it’s pretty, it’s pretty fantastic, but you know, and those are beautiful things, but that’s just not enough.
It’s like if you go to one course.
Oh, i went to tony robbins just for instance.

Oh i went there.
Well, that’s not enough.
It’s not enough to do.

One course no, no, it would be great if it was no.
You always have to be consistently learning.
I mean, i think so yeah especially leaders yeah.

I don’t think it pays anything to do one course.
You have to be in a consistent, uh or avid learner to really take yourself to another level really, and you have to immerse yourself into it.

It has to be a part of your life.

Like you could you know people say this is like a walking meditation.
It’s like a life meditation.
You could be in the person.

You are in a meditation where you’re you’re, not so reactive um, where you’re calmer, where you make clearer more defined decisions um, you know – and so you know with with the last year being as unique as it has uh we’ve encountered an extra need for mental health.
Mental health depression anxiety is rampant more than ever before, like, i would say, probably 75, at least of my clients are anxiety and depression.
You know i i definitely can attest to that, because one of the uh, a colleague of mine in the uk, just started um a movement called men able where it focuses on men’s mental health in the automotive space that we are in and amazing yeah, because it’s Such a big deal, yeah man, abel and uh.

His name is stephen whitton and we met in vegas on our last speaking, engagement there and then we’ve continued discussion since and uh he’s been on my show, and i i don’t covet kind of just set this off, because you know you send a bunch of men At home, with no work and can’t go into the dealership and for a lot of people, it’s it’s an escape.
Work is almost an escape from their other problems right.
It is, and if you take that away and they’re not earning their money and they’re, not feeding the family and that’s just going to drive people some people crazy, so i can certainly i can turn on this on understand so um.

I hope it has done a lot for a lot of people, yeah yeah.
Some i mean it’s done.
It’s done very good for zoom yeah for some companies, so facebook yeah, absolutely but uh other people haven’t handled it so well and uh.

I guess we’ve all been trying to see how we can reach out and how we can.

You know, touch and uh contribute to others and uplift others and encourage people to you know be you know strong, and you know try to you know tough it out.
So to speak, because i get this a lot too uh almost on a daily basis.

You know what are we going to do for another month and how long is this going to go on so but anyways? Is there a process? Is there a process, a step? One to et cetera to to self-empowerment is how does one start? How does one know that they’ve even started? I don’t know that i do step one step.
Two, it just uh it just so depends where the person’s at so like.
If i’m doing a one-on-one session, of course, i’m going to customize it so you’re addressing whatever level they’re at by now by today’s standards, pretty much everyone has heard of meditation, even if you’ve never done it you’ve at least heard of it.

Yeah 100.
Coming to me for a session you’re going to get meditation, so that’s for sure, and i’m sending you home with meditation homework to do on your own as well, and we even did the meditation.
I think i was just telling you we.

I just did a summit last weekend and we did um well, we tried to implement a little more and then we get a little behind, but we did do some meditation in the actual summit, which was fantastic and um.
I’m now trying to uh well, not trying.
I’m actually putting a program together, uh and it’s it’s almost done and i’m taking it into corporations uh.

You know for their wellness program so whether whether these corporations are ready just yet, but i think there’s they’re going to have to be ready soon.

There’s an awful lot of talk, and it’s not you know it’s international.

Now, it’s it’s huge! It’s and it’s necessary, and it’s everywhere and corporations should embrace this huge, huge.

It’s it’s huge, so yeah, i’m gon na i’m going to actually put together.

I was going to just do it live, i mean live on zoom and then i thought you know what i will give them a live, and then i will also, i think, we’ll we’ll call it like meditation monday.

We’ll do the live on mondays, or you know as much as i can on mondays i’ll.

Do everybody on mondays? No we’ll do some recording so i’ll.
Do it that way as well, but so speaking of meditation mondays.
Yes, how about we do meditation for the night.

Excellent, let’s, let’s make this our meditation monday.
Look at my drum everybody! It’s a steel drum and it’s awesome.
I got it at a wellness, show it’s beautiful, wow excellent! So let’s just do a little meditation, yeah, um yeah it’ll be a couple minutes, okay, great! So for for everyone, if you could just come sitting up, you want your neck straight, and you always want your spine straight just because of the movement of the energy.

You want to close your eyes.
I will keep mine open, otherwise the entire show will because i will go off and i won’t come back for half an hour.

So that’s not good.

I will keep my eyes open and also i’m going to play some music on my drum.

So i need my eyes open for that so yeah i’ll close my eyes, okay, but i can close yours but i’ll watch the time in the next on the one eye.
No, it’s! Okay! It’s only going to be a few minutes.

Don’t worry because i do meditation minute with marianne, so we usually do a one-minute meditation, we’ll make it a minute and a half this time.
Okay, great so inhale and exhale and inhale and hold the breath for a count of two and exhale and inhale hold the breath for a count of three and stay with that.

do , do , , do and inhale and exhale, and one more time inhale and exhale one last big inhale and exhale open your eyes.

Shake it off shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake shake all the negative energy off yeah and try not to slap my lights, that’s good! That would be good to be fantastic.
Thank you so much for letting me do that.
Isn’t that lovely! Oh! Yes! Absolutely! Okay, let me move that, just in case i have to flap anymore.

We always want to get rid of the negative energy and always shake it off positive energy, as we can, you know what we always want.
Everything that comes with meditation is so amazing.
I mean i’ve been doing it, for i don’t want to have to say this, but close to 40 years, because that’s okay, that’ll just reveal my age, but yes and i’ve been teaching it for probably just a bit over 23 23 plus years.

Yes, i love it.
I love it.

Look at you doing exactly what you love.
That’s awesome, love it love it love it.
I would love it got to have it yes, so i will be.

I will be writing a book.
Robert keeps bugging me about when i’m going to do it, but i’m writing a book a little i want to.
I want to create like a little pocket size, meditation books, the kind that you would buy at like the airport and take with you on the plane, because you need to come down because you’re crazy, because you’re scared of flying no not now not no yeah.

No, no, not not for a while.
Yes, i’m also going to actually i’m going to be putting out a series of self-empowerment books, so each one will be called self-empowerment and then it will have a subtitle, so the first one may be self-empowerment letting go uh.
We’re also going to do one for um self-empowerment, young adults, uh self-empowerment, you are enough, like there’ll, be a whole series, there’s gon na be 12 of them.

So that’s what i have in mind wow and to complement also my one-on-one coaching, as well as my courses.
So my courses are also called self-empowerment and then each one is different and they match the books.

So look at you at 12 series, uh, self-empowerment, uh book series.

Yes, yes and i’ve only ever done live and then first i’ve been doing in-person courses and retreats also forever.
But this is kind of sort of new to me.
The whole zoom thing, but i’ve already done the courses over zoom.

So i like that uh, what we’re looking at doing now is to create some uh recorded ones.

Just because then, then we could make a a more reasonable price and then it’s more affordable for everyone yeah, and then that way you can cater to a lot of different audiences.

That’s right right so got to get the love out to as many people as possible.

So another element, um or component of personal empowerment, i think, has to do with uh having a positive mindset and yeah.
I think you have one.
I think you do.

I think you do, but but many people don’t right.
So you you say: well, you know yoga or meditation and they’re like you, get all this negative talk and no participation or you know no one wants to try anything new.
You know that people don’t like to try things new.

Sometimes, so how does you know? How does a positive mindset or what? What does it take? You know in terms of mindset for someone to make this shift.

You know taking some people’s minds and trying to make them positive.
It takes a very long time it doesn’t have to though it doesn’t have to, but you do have to immerse yourself into it.

So um, you know when i was younger, i had i had you know self-love issues, obviously herself.
You know self-worth issues like any regular teenage girl would and so one time uh it’s funny, because i did this recently again and i and i teach it all the time i give it to to girls to teenagers.
I do a lot of teenagers right because there’s been also a rise in suicide with teenagers as well, so huge, it’s hugely important to address the teenage sort of component there that they really have a tough time um coping with this i mean, can you imagine you Know i i had a hard time being a teenager and we we didn’t.

Have you know this? We didn’t have a walk down, we didn’t have anything, i mean we were crazy, yeah and, and still we thought we had issues um, so um yeah, so um positive, mind yeah.
So one of the things i i did was i took a journal because i have probably right now that i’m using, i probably well, i can see eight of them here.
Eight of them are here journals i have one by my bed.

I have one in the living room and i have at least one in the card just in case i’m somewhere and i need a journal wow.
So i am continuously writing in journals, whatever whatever so this particular exercise was.

I said: okay, i am gon na learn how to love myself.

If it’s the last thing i do so, i took a journal and i wrote i had to write a minimum of one page.
So one page that would be a minimum that i would have to write.
I love myself.

I love myself.
I love myself.
I love myself now, that’s not enough, but it does hit the neurons in your brain a little bit, so it does help.

It’s not the only thing i did, but i did do that.
I remember one day was so bad.
I think i wrote 13 pages because it was just such a tough day wow.

I did this for a year and three months and then i just kind of stopped.
I guess i felt better about myself and i loved myself more so you know i’m not super woman.
Well, i kind of am but no i’m not super woman.

So i’m i’m human, so i have my days and my moments but for the most part i’m pretty comfortable with myself.
Now it took me, you know quite a while, and you know, writing in a journal is again not enough, but that does you couple that with a gratitude journal, so you’ve got to have the i love myself journal the gratitude journal.

The goals goals have to happen, goals have to be ongoing.

You have to do goals, i do goals every new year’s ish, so it it could last sometimes for for two weeks.
I have i write down 100 things.
So is this why you have like eight different journals? Is a theme for each one, yeah yeah, you know most people can’t even keep one journal all right.

Eight things in the journal, you’ve got eight separate journals.
Yeah one is for one book.
One is for the other book: one is for um.

This course one is for the other courses, so i was in.
I was on a course, and i was already um.
I was already booking my next coaching, slash course with robert, so i was doing that while i’m listening to tony and then i’m doing my stuff and i’m like okay, i’m gon na do this and then i’m doing something over here.

Then i’ve got this.
Then i put my courses together right that if i get an idea, oh this is a great exercise.
I got ta do this, you see now i have to rethink everything because i’m used to doing things in person yeah and we can’t do that.

There’s no touching.
There’s no nothing like we.
You know we have rooms and things, but we we need to come up with different strategies, different ways of getting to people right when it’s on.

However, zoom is amazing because i get people all over the world, which is my favorite thing right, yeah, so with with that said, with with the zoom and people all over the world.
How have you found uh self-empowerment um, because it takes self-empowerment for a lot of people to come on zoom or to engage in? You know this this medium to communicate? Yes, um to learn from home.
You know even students and teenagers that you talked about learning from home.

You know it’s, it’s a huge adjustment for a lot of people right.
So how does in the world that we’re living in right now, uh, you know how does one adapt a little bit more or what can one take away from today’s talk on how to help through these tough times come on to a zoom? Zoom is easy.
Actually, it’s it’s uh, it’s an easier way for people to sort of pull back and you give them time.

Hopefully, you know, whoever is facilitating the course isn’t going to force you into some sort of participation that you’re not comfortable with yeah.

But if you make the first uh class or two something a little easier where it’s one-on-one one with yourself, where you’re writing down things and you’re, not so much interactive right away, i find that a little easier until people get into it and then eventually it’s it’s Hard because you create an energy, i’m a big energy healer, i’m a reiki master.
I do ehf um energy healing facilitator, so i do a lot of energy healing and so as soon as you create that nice loving, safe environment yeah on the zoom with the people, you know even even the ones that are super quiet and uncomfortable.

I never force people to do anything i mean, but i want i.
I want to encourage you to participate because that’s how you will get the most out of it right again, we’re not just going to sit here and watch while everybody else just does the work you have to do some but yeah.
You know it’s.

Okay, it’s everyone kind of moves at their own speed, and so you want to make it safe for everyone, but it’s actually a really great place and then you should see people just like eventually they’re like and then all of a sudden they unleash – and it’s like Holy smoke was this: the same person that came in the first day.

It was tight, you know, and so they start to feel safe, because you know a lot of you know.
People have lost their jobs like there’s all kinds of horrible things that people have lost.

People um relationships have been a disaster zone, you know and not all has been bad.
You know for me, um.
I had like a full, a full-time career, and that has changed because that has kind of gone a little different for me anyways and then this kind of came up, and i got so busy with this – that i just i couldn’t do.

I still kind of tried to participate a little bit with that, but yeah it’s it’s um as long as i’m empowering people, i’m happy yeah.
So so you know with the adjustments that so many people have had to make.

You know with work with work-life balance.

Today, with being stuck quarantined, homeschooling, you name it um.
What do you recommend to those people who are like so much going on now that it’s and it’s literally all under the same roof? That’s right, and it is tough, because all the families are now stuck together.

You know what, though, for me um: this has worked out really well and it has for a lot of other people and if you can find some time to just connect with yourself and be okay with that i’ve, i’ve taken advantage of a lot of courses.

I’m almost scared to say that out loud, but i have because there’s there’s so much out there now and they’re so much more reasonably priced because they’re on zoom, we don’t have to fly anywhere.
We don’t have to pay for the hotel.
You know already that in itself and the course itself is usually a bit cheaper, so um, you know, courses get a coach, get a coach.

You know.
Take this time to be with yourself.
Read journal, learn how to meditate.

If you haven’t yet there’s so much, you know if you don’t know how to meditate, certainly come to me, but there’s so much other stuff out there and that you could.
You could certainly learn how to meditate anyway, any anywhere anytime, but take that time for yourself and see, because i think we’ve also been given this time for a reason right where you know, because at first it’s frustrating because at first i was like okay yeah.
This is good, i can sleep in a few days.

This is kind of tired.
You know i work, i work long hours at work, okay and then i i have other things that i do.
I’ve always been doing this on the side.

So i’m just like.
Oh, my gosh, okay, some sleep would be good.
I actually slept 13 hours every day for the first seven days, and i haven’t done that since i was a kid i don’t think and the only other time i did it was because i was so busy with this with the summit that all last week i Was a little not not 13 hours but maybe 10 for a couple of days, just catching up, but it’s time for you take that time for yourself and say: okay, you know what let me evaluate my life.

Let me see where i’m at um.
You know if you’re, if you’re unhappy, i don’t want to stay in the relationship you need to.
You need to certainly assess that on your own but um.

If you’re unhappy with your work, you know uh or you’re like wow, i’m so happy to be home or i hate being home.

You know.
Sometimes people need to change their homes and they don’t think about that because they don’t have time they’re at work they’re.

Never at home now it’s time to address.
Oh my gosh: where do i live like look at all the people look at what’s happening with real estate, i’m also a real estate agent as well.
So look at what’s happened with real estate.

Everything has flipped, so toronto is no longer the big okay.

Well, okay, there’s some people buying now, because the prices have come down a bit, but look at what’s happening around the gta outside of the gta cottage country.
Is i haven’t seen this ever? I don’t think i mean there like: the prices are outside of the city, are just insane and they’re having the multiple offers that well sometimes we have them here too still but yeah.

You know the craziness of a few.
You know a year or two ago that we had that they’re having that right now, which is fantastic yeah.
I actually want to move out always so now the prices have gone up and i’m like okay, no, it’s just yeah you’re right! It’s! It’s unbelievable! How things have shifted everything is shifting.

I don’t know it’s.
It changes difficult for human beings to handle right, which is another reason.
So you know once these people start going back to work.

That’s why i’m saying the wellness programs, i think with meditation – and you know some sort of some sort of empowerment.
Coaching for people is going to be necessary because people are looking more and more for this, like the need, is there, you know everyone is scared, they’re anxious they don’t know.
What’s going on.

They don’t know what to expect.
That’s a lot for a human mind.
So a lot of people have had have done some self-assessments and family assessments and career assessments, yep home assessments and and – and you know, with the adjustments uh that some people have made to move to cottages, for example, or move out of town they’re.

Getting used to.
Unlike in that environment and many are not coming back to the city, i love working at home, yeah so and you’re right.
Some people like it and you know, people who who have maybe lived uh.

You know either by themselves or just with another person or two as long as their space.
You know you can still have some space at home.
I think it works for a lot of people.

Sure i think, if you can, if you can, you know, i mean i know lots of people.
My girlfriend has three kids, three little kids and both her and her husband work from home.
So one is upstairs.

One is downstairs.
One is doing this with the kids when the other ones do.

You know like they do what they have to do.

Um if the day cares are open.
I guess they do something with that, just to get some space, but i think it’s beautiful.
For me, it’s worked out great uh.

The only thing i’m looking forward to is traveling what you know once the borders kind of open, because i do do international retreats, so the last one i did was in hawaii.
For you know, i’ve done that for a long time, but i’d like to get out there and do more international retreats.
So nice, i’m looking forward to that one day, so yeah i’m looking forward to be able to travel again freely for a change.

Yes, you know without quarantines and this that so yeah um, so so marion tell us three if, if you were to, if you had just met me – and you were talking to me about self-empowerment – and you know, especially in the time that we’re on in right now, What are three things or three things you would leave me with or suggest or as a takeaway meditation for sure i think that’s a given i’d.
Have you do meditation? You know if, depending on where you’re at so let’s say, you’re, not a meditator at all, so we’re going to start you off with three minutes a day.

Everyone can do three minutes a day.

It’s why i do meditation minute um and i have it slapped all over facebook and anywhere i can anywhere.
Anyone will actually listen to me because anyone can find one minute right.

So if you go home and if you commit to three minutes, commit to three minutes and then we go from there and then we move on to 10 minutes 11 minutes 30 minutes so on and so forth, so meditation for sure hands down without a doubt, because That it will literally take your sympathetic, nervous system into a parasympathetic state which basically means from stress to calm and so hugely hugely important, and that time that you have with yourself hugely important uh journal some sort of a uh okay.

If it’s only three things, it’s gon na go like this.
It’s gon na be a gratitude journal for sure for sure.
We’re gon na have a gratitude journal with a gratitude practice.

I’m gon na call that as one because, every morning and every night before i go to sleep while i’m still in bed or while i’m already in bed, i i name off at least five, sometimes 10.
Sometimes it goes into 20, depending what kind of crazy day i’ve had.

So what kind of awesome crazy day i’ve had so you, you uh, start talking about all the things that you’re grateful for who who who you’re grateful for that day? What events have happened? You know what you’re grateful for and then same thing in the morning, so you start and end your day with gratitude, because that shifts everything it actually takes.

You know gratitude can actually make your body go from acidic to alkaline, like that’s how awesome it is, and so can the meditation with the breath work breath work hugely important because it exercises our lungs right when you go and you hold that breath for a while.
It actually helps to expand your lung, so you want to be able to up the capacity up level the capacity of your lens and then another journal for sure, and that’s going to be a self-love journal.
So in there you’re going to put things like.

I love myself because today i did this and i love that i did that um uh.
I forgive because forgiveness is huge, so i’m gon na because you’re only giving me three things and it’s and forgiveness is not a separate, a separate journal in here and then i’m gon na i’m gon na combine those two with the self-love.
Otherwise i have a forgiveness journal and that’s separate, because forgiveness is huge um, you know people who can’t forgive they create cancers in their body, so we don’t want any kind of negativity that we don’t need.

So you want to always feed your mind.
Feed feed your mind with the proper, healthy, positive nutrition, always always just like you would feed your body meditation gratitude journal, self-love forgiveness, yes, we’ll call it self-love forgiveness journal and we’ll start there yeah, and there should be some music involved in there.

Some sort of meditation music like i have going now awesome, i love it.

Well, i i mean i’ve learned a little bit tonight and uh would certainly sorry sorry.
I don’t want to interrupt story, that’s just for at home, but if yeah, if they’re allowed to go elsewhere, then i have other things too so outside of that, oh of course of course.
Yes, so let’s say you’re on a trip.

Let’s say: you’re you’re traveling.
Yes, i mean: what would you recommend all of that all of that journals coming with me.
I might, i might only bring a small, i have smaller journals for traveling, because they’re lighter right, like i have heavy-duty journals like this is heavy right and it’s leather and it’s it’s got all my stuff.

So how? How do you reconcile all of that when you have so many journals everywhere, [ Laughter ]? How do you remember what’s in what, because i just do – i know this is for celebrity, and this is for this.
This is perfect.
This is for my books, yep then there’s this one look, look at look at here and look how little these are.

So these are my traveling kind.
Look look how cute they are wow little right, because i don’t want to be carrying heavy things.
I’ve got a lot of travel size stuff that i haven’t been able to use right.

So little little things like this and i like journals, look i have black ones.
I’ve got mermaid ones, look at this, so as an average journalist or a journaling um.
What would you say is the one key benefit or that journaling has has brought to you, wake up and be awesome love it.

You have to surround yourself with this stuff like it’s not.

You know we’re look at this.
This is my favorite saying in the entire world.

I can, and i will that’s right, yeah um! Sorry.
What are we sorry? What was the question i went off on you there for a bit.
I was just like yeah.

What is it? What is what has it done for you like doing it so much? What’s the one thing that says, okay, you know i have eight books, eight different journals.

I do it every day.
I’ve done it for years.

What drives you yeah? It allows me to spend time with myself so and now i have a lot of time with myself um, but i am, i am pretty busy, so i i actually love when i have time to sit and journal um, especially if it’s, if it’s a creative kind Of journaling right, another journal might be for one of my courses.
So when we’re doing the course, then i’m just writing stuff down.
So it’s also a self love.

You know self empowerment, self worth issue also, when i buy myself nice journals instead of i could buy.
I could go, i could go and buy those regular pieces of paper and write stuff on there.
Yeah see the face you made when i said that yeah i could have regular paper sure no problem but um, you know and it does the job it doesn’t not.

Do the job, but when i pick up this journal i get excited because i get to use this one.

You know, because this is the one and then look at the crazy pens i have like.

I can’t even i can’t even have everything here like this is ridiculous.

I get crazy look at this.
I mean for girls, obviously you’re a guy, so you’re not going to get into you could do a whole course on journaling.
I could.

I could, and sometimes i do – and i’ve not met anyone that has eight journals and all the fancy pens and all the fancy themes and covers that’s really interesting, that’s good! I do, and i have i just got because i got a gift certificate and you got more journals.

I got a gift certificate, my favorite store, um, i went to uh homesense and they have these beautiful journals.
So i got a it was a red suede.

Oh my gosh, it’s gorgeous, i know like and then you get excited because now it’s like oh great now i get to sit there and write and then you have these beautiful papers and it’s like, oh, what am i gon na write in this one? Wake up and be awesome that should definitely be a self-love, but because it’s little it travels with me.
Wherever i go right so nice and and it’s like writing goals right, you do goals.
Oh absolutely, i love writing.

I love goals.
Goal setting both are the best right and you can’t just do goals once a year for for the year.
You’ve got to do them once a week.

Yeah yeah, daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals, yeah yeah, to be successful with goal setting, it has to be consistent.
That’s for sure, so, like i still have goals, i still go corporate.
I can you know, i’m i’m a hippie at heart, like look at me with a steel drum my peace lines on meditation.

I have a big peace sign here on my wall.

I have this.
This and you bought the peace mug, and i have my awesome peace mug from yachty.

com www.

There you go and all of that, but i can function in in the corporate world.

You know i understand that roi is hugely important.
I understand how that you know how that part works and, and my meditation isn’t all just like.

Oh hey, let’s all just you know, oh yeah we’re just gon na inhale exhale all day now this is gon na actually help you.
This will help you focus.
You will have a clearer mind, you will be.

You will be a better leader if you’re a team leader or you will be a better employee or you will be a better receptionist.
You will be a better machinist.
You will be a better plant manager.

You will be a better ceo.
If you do this, i mean tony robbins.

Does it richard branson? Does it you know oprah, does it these people would not waste their time with their busy schedules meditating if they, if it wasn’t beneficial to them right so outstanding? So how does the audience get a hold of marianne to book? Some of this special time with you? Well, one i’m on facebook all the time, because i’m constantly posting i’m also on twitter on linkedin, i am on instagram and i am – and it’s just marianne pageant my name and uh my uh email, the best email to get me at that’s the best way to Get me just because throughout the day – and you know with with people in the uk and australia and all kinds of time zones um, i’m all over the place, so the best way is email and that would be spiritual touch one one at gmail.

com, that’s spiritualtouchthenumber11! Gmail.
Com! That’s the best way or you could go on my website too, which is www dot.
Sometimes i have to remember and we’ll have this episode on all over the podcast platforms.

Um spotify google play soundcloud, you name it you’ll, find it there.
Uh edited and ready to go, we’ll also be sharing all over facebook, uh linkedin um, all the different social platforms we’ll edit this show and have it up for you.
So we always uh enjoy hearing from you folks and getting your feedback and suggestions, yes and uh, and send send your um.

Send your feedback to insiderthereadmethod.
com and we’ll certainly engage uh marianne and we’ll do so when we post uh and share all the uh.
Her really interesting episode that i participated in and meditated in for about a minute and a half and uh.

This is the first episode.
We’ve brought music in the drum to the show, so you know a little different today and uh.
No doubt uh, you know marianne’s a very passionate, um guest that i’m sure you’d love to get connected with and uh.

It’s not just your regular meditation or regular.
You know session here, uh she’s, very passionate about what she does and has been doing it for decades.
So we definitely want to thank marianne for being on the show and there it is with marianne.

I know it doesn’t even fit.
I should probably put look at look at i’m so not techy, so this has been you know and i’m over 50.

So i was not born into um computers in high school.
They were just bringing high school, they were just bringing computers into the school when i was leaving so slightly over 52.
So it’s okay.

We all learn and we learn different things and we adapt so well.
Folks, so please subscribe and download your favorite episode on itunes soundcloud.
Wherever you get your podcast and don’t forget, while you’re there leave us a review, it really helps us and uh another one of uh, so marion’s email address is spiritualtouch11 at gmail.

com, spiritualtouch11 gmail.
com, so definitely reach out to her.
There she’s on facebook, linkedin, twitter, instagram, she’s everywhere, can’t miss her definitely email.

Her definitely email me, that’s the best.
Thank you.

So much yeah, it’s been fun.
I mean we we have you know.
Marianne here has joined the other, really top-notch guests who has been on the show les brown, who i’m sure, you’re familiar with todd.

Sotomay robert uh has been on steven benson from badger maps, um yeah les brown’s daughter, uh serena brown.
It was the uh she did.
The forward for our book here and what’s the title of that that particular because so this is this one – is magnetic entrepreneur.

So this is robert j moore’s book and i was a co-author there and it’s called self-empowerment beautiful.

Yes, the book self-empowerment and the show today self-empowerment, and we want to thank marion pageant for being on the show.

Thank you absolutely and folks always remember for 2021, always be thoughtful, be intentional and please be safe and i’ll.

Add one from marianne love yourself, love yourself, and can i just say one thing too: whatever your heart desires, do it do not wait for any level of perfection? Perfection doesn’t really exist.
If you want to do it, just do it just do it, that’s what i’m going to do.

[ Laughter, ], all right! Well, thank you.

Marianne looking forward to catching up again soon perfect.
Thank you! So much and namaste everyone, .

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