The “I Need to Talk to My Spouse” Sales Objection

Objections and rebuttals from Congress.

Thank you again everybody for joining this eleventh objection.
I need to talk to my spouse, which is going to come up so often in any industry, but especially in car sales, and when a customer tells us this probably 60 % of the time.
We’ll always they need to talk to their spouse, usually when they make a big, a decision on a large product, a large ticket item.

But we don’t want to push that customer away.
We don’t want to downgrade their relationship.
We don’t want to say you step up and be a man and come on.

You can do this yourself.
Can’t you you’ve got a job man, you kiss your money, you can pay for it.
You can afford that.

That’s the last thing we want to do.
It’s uncomfortable it’s pressuring and it’s old-school salesy that will push people away.

Remember we don’t want to push our customers away.

We want to pull them in.
So my first rebuttal I came up with the idea after I agreed and showed that I always talk with my spouse to when I buy a large item, expensive product, and I talked about bringing that to the spouses or significant others place of work, because that gives Us the opportunity for their peer pressure to work for us, because, when you pull up in that vehicle, other people at the office get to see you as a salesperson.
They get to see how you hold yourself as a professional, but also it’s something that that couples probably never had in their life.

So it’s unique it’s different than all their other buying experiences, but more importantly, everybody in the office now starts to create that peer pressure.
Hey, what are you getting that truck? What are you getting that SUV? What are you gon na get that car? What color did you choose on my second rebuttal, I once again agreed.
I came to common ground and shared with them.

How I also like to talk to my spouse when I’m buying a big-ticket item an expensive product I empathize with them, I made them empowered and feel intelligent, and then what I did is I set up a future appointment because there’s nothing better than having both parties.
There this takes so much miscommunication and can eugen of the sales process of the deal-making process, because now we have both parties there we make sure we’re on the right product.
We make sure we’re on the right train line.

We make sure we’ve got the right color.
The right interior and that everything will fit in their budget.
So therefore we don’t get a call two days later, that says: hey Knoll.

How can I take this vehicle back? My wife just says it’s out of our budget.
She can’t stand the color whatever that case is we get both parties in there we’re able to create a relationship with both of them we’ll be able to get both of them to drive it and therefore we’re able to create more excitement.
Once again, thank you for joining this chapter xi.

I need to talk to my spouse on fifty objections: 100 rebuttals, no Walsh always and forever go out and conquer you objections and rebuttals from Katherine.
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