The High Quality Experience Creates the High Paying Ending

No wall share with conquer you and this series of videos I’m going to talk about how the high quality experience creates the high-paying ending customers want an experience.

Okay, they aren’t coming to see you like an amusement park or a zoo or museum they’re.
Coming to see you for an expensive product that they did preliminary research on online that they read some facts on read some articles on got some feedback from friends, family neighbors on social media.
They know a little bit about the vehicle that they’re interested in now.

What they want is they want a sales person to be that sales professional to create a high quality experience.
We want to make an experience that they are comfortable going through, that they enjoy that answers their questions that gives them the facts and the value that they need to make the right decision, which therefore makes it a high-paying ending for you, the salesperson, when you’ve done Everything right money no longer becomes as much of a factor, but you want to make sure that you did everything right.

Creating that experience showing that you’re, the professional that you know what you’re talking about and therefore you will be able to ask for all the money.

You’ll be able to ask for the asking price negotiation and closing are a lot more smooth.
When you create a high quality experience, you will have a high paying ending, Noll, Walsh conquer you .

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