The Future of Automotive Sales in North America With Ryan Holtz Part 2

the history, I’m Michael Jordan Wayne Gretzky they’re amazing.

I mean they’re amazing in their own right, but here’s the thing, skill for skill they’ll both admit – maybe they weren’t the best in the sense that these guys just had the attitude to keep shooting, keep, shooting and and and they knew that if I keep shooting eventually Things are going to go, you know, they’re gon na go into the net and they’re gon na go into the into the you know has a goal right yeah.
These are two guys two and I just built antenna school and talked about Michael Jordan as a cleaner is how how he’s defined yeah Wayne, Gretzky and Michael Jordan.
These guys actually loved to practice.

Absolutely they knew that if they practice well no different than the salesperson.
You practice in every day in your you know, in your routines and it’s true what is today, you know in technology because you’re right, you know a lot of these clients come in and they’re.
Some of them are more educated than the salespeople.

That’s right! So here’s the key and and I’ve seen this now Jack sorry did.
I have to interject on this.
Yes, this is not a matter of some here Y here is the deal and, let’s let’s say this quote: ego is the anesthesia that deadens the pain of stupidity.

Cuz, here’s a Z, oh all, right! If, if I’m a car buyer, if I’m a customer and I’m coming in for that specific Lexus model and I’ve been researching that particular model for three to six months, the chances the chances of me.
Knowing more about me on that absolutely no kind of going back into your point, you’re very right, so kind of going to the practice mode of it right.
Here’s the thing that I have now you know sales people today to be successful in the auto and here’s something that everybody.

No, if you want to be successful in it’s one of the reasons I sell 200 vehicles a year is if the minute they pull up in your parking lot: silver, because you’re only gon na see them maybe two times you have to be prepared and you have To be ready to close, this is not a chance where they’re gon na come back and you can, you know, go to go to two or three or four places you could do.
The first place they visit could be the last place they visit, but the bottom line is you won’t mmm if you do not impress and if you’re not ready or if you’re unprepared and if you don’t cancer, hope in hell, because you know it’s just they’re.
Looking for that right person, so the fact – and it leads so much online – they’re ready to go they’re just looking for the right connection with the right person – hmm, that’s it! That’s! What’s gon na close the deal, so I talk a lot in my training about the experience, whoever creates the better buying experience or the purchase experience and the service experience ultimately wins more.

Absolutely okay, because you don’t need to sell the product per se anymore, they’re already sold night way before they come to you.

They already know they were, and you know I give quotes and they’re saying.
Well, that’s not what it is on the website or the I.

I got a different all worked out: the payments six different ways upside down, so you need to be prepared and you need to compete service and an experience build an experience and that’s what you do.
Ryan, I can – and I can see that is when, when you’re speaking and coaching and mentoring, you’re delivering an experience and that’s why you’ve had the success that you’ve done because you’ve enjoyed, because you read in this atmosphere and and that people people like here’s.
The aspect, though, ever we have to talk before we end this podcast, because it’s still out of all the interviews I do, I think it’s the most important part is that you just said.

I sell two cars a year.
First of all, the rate to engineer, in the background, make sure you take steel for a real nice dinner after this cuz, this guy’s making some dollars.
That’s number one number two is my god like two hundred cars, and these are not cars.

You hear that he works at the Lexus dealership.
This is not spin not afford.
This is not a Mazda.

Miata like this is a Lexus which I like to say is an upgrade Toyota, but don’t get upset with me everyone’s joking, but I’m.
I really am in amazement because I’ve witnessed you for years and you have this certain swagger and demeanor about you.
That is you.

Make it look really easy and I know that’s a really like you know generic statement to say, but you do make it look easy, so I’ve actually kind of sat back and said: let’s: let’s do it a digital, deep dive, if you will on on ever read Because I’m like, how does he do it, and I noticed that you’re, very tactical, with everything that you do, I know and and I’m gon na go to the uniform mentality, Steve Jobs – I am a strategist indeed, yes, yeah yeah, Steve Jobs wore the same thing every Day, Mark Zuckerberg wear the same thing every day.
I noticed you got your nice Caesar cut, lined up, you got the silver and gray going in and you got the white shirt.
That’s almost like you know.

I see you in a white, a white button-up, almost always alight I’ve ever seen.
You wear was probably great.
So is there certain things for you that you say this is going to maybe a take less energy here, so I can give more energy to the service that I’m giving the customers.

But how do you do it? How do you? How do you deliver that level of service, especially when you know the customer knows, like you said up to 90 % of kind of what they want to buy yeah I’ve summed it up and I’ve written blogs and yeah podcast and share with my it comes down To two or three times, four key things – and you have to be committed to you – know, deliver like spirit, hmm, exceed expectations and I deliver value and can end convenience and chance for clients bottom line.
I see me and and his thing off the 200 vehicles.
Here’s another, you know stack stack of the 200 vehicles.

I sell annually, half of them, if not more, are to the same clients that have had only in the last year or two I’ve actually created systems.
You know and again I’m a strategist.
I actually don’t talk to many people that walk through the door and exactly it’s not you know, kids with my experience is the last thing I want to be.

They don’t want to talk to us.
How do we take ups, so I manage a portfolio.
I’ve been able to create a portfolio, and I offer solutions to these points.

So half of these clients, Ryan mm-hmm.

I did right because I creates they don’t know when they’re going to get the call as a matter of fact, hoods of them are enough.
The last six years, and if a year goes by and they’re not offered an upgrade by me, they’re wondering what happened.

They’re now conditioned to my way of to drive any of it clear every two years, even if you’re, in a four-year lease or three early.
Hmm, the topic we have so I’m I got a package with what I call it an ultimate solution and I send out a simple email with a proposal.
Lid point structured, similar payment, increased safety, increased features increased.

What’s the mouth in your car.
Has it been in any accidents if I can create upgrade you to a new car, keeping it and similar within this? Which code would you like to take em, hmm and I never asked if they are interested in doing it? I asked which color would you like to upgrade to, or would you like to try a different model? Hmm, so I create the solution and sales people are out there selling.
Hmm, I created buying experiences and solutions so that the client doesn’t have to worry about going and shopping here and shopping here and go through a process that they don’t like.

I create a process of convenience that literally there they can say well ever oh this time I’ll, try this color I’ll, try this model, you know, etc.
So it’s all about building relationships, and I offer more than the value that I deliver an offer is not necessarily in the automobile, not necessarily in the facility of you know the the mega structure or the you know the the building that we have, but more in Me the value is at me because they know that I’m their go-to guy, hmm okay, if they need something for their, you know to send for their daughter or son graduating from University or another family member, even if they’re not buying it.
On the call editors, car clients actually call and ask Mike absolutely right because you’re not because you’re north you’re, an authority, you know I’m a yeah and the best and the best and the best defense is offense and your you’re ready you’re already throwing the ball down.

The field before they even know they’re gon na get there and that’s your doing and and and that makes you look like so many amazing things to them, and this is what I don’t understand – the automotive industry – and you know please, you know, listeners buy this book.
Ego is the enemy by Ryan holiday.
Ego is the enemy, because everything that you just said ever old has nothing to do with ego.

But as his servitude and the bigger problem, you can solve the more money you make.
That’s that’s his bare bones.
That’s the reactor reality right, and I learned this at a young age too, because I said if I can solve again, if I can, if I can, address and assess a problem and figure out a solution for it, the money’s gon na fall honey.

It’s gon na come so when I hear things and I hate these statements and everybody who’s an automotive, professional and – and they say these statements, I’m gon na – say right now, cuz, I know I’m not gon na mince words you’re stupid.
When I hear the statement move, metal, you’re an idiot – and I hear the statement – um – let’s sell – let’s sell, let’s crush them.
I think stupid because on the other end of those statements or your customers – name Jim Bob, Avril Ryan, Sarah Ashley and they’re human beings – and if we talk about behavioral psychology, nobody wants to be sold yeah, we want to be guided, we want to be helped, and I just I don’t I I say it out loud man.

Maybe you can clarify for me a row, but people have an issue with this and they don’t like.
When I talk to groups there, it’s like they don’t want to get their minds around it like absolutely – and I don’t know if I’m preaching to the choir, but not only absolutely right – absolutely of course right now that I’m going to be delivering next week.
Hundred and twenty automotive sales professionals – and it’s all about the mindset it’s on the sales mindset – I’m not going out there – I’m not going to teach them how to sell cars.

Hmm I’m going to teach them how to change their thinking mmm how to build those relationships.
How to get to where I am you know, multiple six figures, 200 plus vehicles in a in a premium brand or whatever the brand that they they’re offering.
So I’m going to teach them a psychology.

Not just you know, I’m not trying to be Baha.
First thing would be the product or service that you absolutely will be passionate about number two: invest in yourself: hmm from a personal development, the cornerstone of your career, okay, things like that.
So those are just two of the things: anybody, okay, but okay, Avro.

Let’s back up, though, hold on and sorry to interject, because I really wanted me because I want this to be a dual interview and here’s.
The reason why I go to a Lexus dealership, pretend I’m the customer.
I don’t care what dealers Lexus dealership right across the country, don’t care what major city yeah tell me this.

What Lexus dealership has a consultant that has a banner up behind them.
That says the reed method.
Now, if I even am a customer – and I say why should I buy from emerald over – you know the next salesperson, everything you just said is what you’re actually doing.

So I guess my my reverse question to you is, and it’s so funny because I hear things like age and you know Ryan, I’m an old, I’m an older person.
So I don’t understand digital.
You, you’ve, you’ve killed! All that, like you, you’re not like even you’ve, been opened up, saying: hey.

I was selling cars when we’re like doing it manually.
So I mean you picking this technology and really said like I don’t care what I have to do, but I’m gon na do it? How do you like, where does the reed method come from, and then, where does that level of self investment come from where you say I do want to be better? I do want to have a podcast and all these things by the way they cost money to do so.
You’re taking your own yeah you’re, taking your own money and investing into it, but that’s also investing into your customers and clients so like where? Where does your thought even come into that to say I’m gon na I’m gon na, take this on myself and and and do that because I think a lot of like I got an email the other day.

Just to give me an example, if you need an example, but somebody basically said Ryan, a tendon when you’re workshops I had a you know, I’ve had some.
Unfortunately, I’ve had some some life issues happen.
It’s kind of set me back and I wanted to kind of execute on some of the principles that you’d mentioned, but that was then and now I want to move forward.

But I’m just kind of in a rut and I’m sure you’ve heard this several times as well.
So how do you get over that right and how do you just say, I’m gon na take step one to the automotive industrial.
Oh, I was the old places like BC and Alberta on the road, if not traveling, for eight years meeting people in different markets and being able to sell in different markets to different different countries, then I did in one market selling up yeah.

It’s not what you were selling it’s, not where you were selling, but it was how and why? Okay and when I would leave places in New Mexico or North Carolina or Medicine Hat Alberta, and I would sell thousands of dollars in ads.
I always asked myself why: why did they buy from me? They’ll never see me again so answering those questions and then, when I returned to your industry, I I didn’t.
I didn’t like what I saw.

I didn’t like what I saw in terms of you know.
The sales process was still old.
You know the technology in cars were, it was Kurt ultra-modern, but the sales process you know, sucked and and frankly with at that time, 20 years busts in the unwanted space.

I wanted to transition in my career to me much better.
I wanted to be totally different.
I didn’t want to be like anybody else.

I was not interested.
I actually had a like.
I was licensed in two dealership working in two dealerships.

I don’t know yeah and I’m sorry to write in the book and nobody knew nobody in your book and I and the biggest thing that I did myself was actually completing that book, because in your life you start many things and you don’t actually finish mm-hmm so That a commitment I mean hmm – and I did that and made the conscious effort.
So the bottom line is, I went back and I made commitments to myself to be better than I ever was and that’s what people can do is to commit and that’s part of what I teach commitment to yourself number one so and it’s my time as best As I can and then Admiral do you ever listen, did you ever listen to hip-hop or rap music? If you ever heard of wu-tang mice, I heard about yes, there’s a brilliant, Caribbean guy in Halifax.
His name is Ross Simmons and he came up.

Whoo tang has an infamous song.
That’s called cream and cream means calendars, rule everything around me and that’s what you’re kind of speaking of you have to also tell my China as a new father.
That’s why I’ve had some messages with you direct messages and asked you did you have any kids, and you said I think you had three right.

Yes, we did two wasn’t a girl, yeah yeah and I just said: how does this guy do everything and he’s and your husband right, you’re married right ever? Oh so you’re, a husband, your father and you’re also doing all this and like I do.
I commend you because, as somebody who’s younger, I’m always trying to pull from sources that I even you know the whole word mentorship.
I think a lot of mentors don’t even understand their mentors because I have invisible mentors.

So I have people I look to they.
Don’t even know I look to them because I just kind of think how is like, if I ever have a day where I wake up and I’m like.

Oh my God, my life is really hard.

I don’t know how I’m gon na do all this today.
I just kind of look at people that are killing it.
I’m like Ryan, you have no excuse, you guys just got ta get you just got to get it done, yeah, let’s say more commitment.

Yes, taking action and discipline.
Yes, so so listen um! I I think we may have to do a part two.
Oh yes, pretty soon, because we have passed our studio time yeah and there are some other questions here.

Some really and what I’ll do I’ll read the questions and we leave it for another episode, sure sure yeah we’ll dive into them, because I think it’s important to touch on the brick to click mentality.
That’s coming now where people are or click click to brick versus click to buy yeah.

You know that new, you know theme that’s out there now and the need for salespeople in in the automotive space, especially with the amount of apps and online.

You know platforms that you can literally purchase your car on and then the third thing is automotive dealerships in themselves, with the with the launch of uber, all the different car sharing, apps and car sharing companies hourly rentals metro, all that public.
All that stuff is growing and less and less people, especially younger people, are choosing not to own vehicles.
Ever I’m gon na, say this Millennials and SEO and SEM, and all these buzzwords that marketing people tend to to use the analogy: is this quarterbacks never throw the ball to the receiver? They throw the ball to the spot in which the receiver will be never ever sell.

The car sell the need in which the car will fill period yeah and when you’re, putting out content put out, for instance, I’m selling a van and not to be stereotypical.
But we know that a bands are associated with moms and we know that bands are associated with families and kids and you know there’s soccer practice hockey practice basketball.
So why would I want to put up a picture of a van on my ad? Why don’t I put up a picture of kids hopping into the van or how many soccer balls can be held into the van once you start talking about these micro pieces of content that people are looking for solutions to fill.

You automatically become the authority.
If I get up, even if you look at my social media, I don’t talk about marketing a lot, because if I talk about marketing them, just another marketing guy, that’s talking about advertising and marketing and that’s boring.
Yes, I really try to get personal with the way.

I push out my content and I can’t stress this to everybody.
Be yourself, and you said it best.
David Goggins is amazing, but he said one call I love it.

He wanted to be uncommon amongst uncommon people.
I want to be so uncommon, I’m willing to be alone to do it.
I I’m not looking for friends, I’m not looking for industry people amongst me to pray.

I share that sentiment with you, because a lot of what I do is nobody has a clue.
You see the book, they see the podcast laugh at me, but it’s okay, you know, my response will be.

Joy will be joining next week.
Yes, yes, there you go there and what are the new reports? I just saw this week, and this is all about.
You know fulfillment one purchaser, not sure who purchased 31 copies of my book, so it is what it is.

I got a and another thing I just received an email from an 8th grader.
I know from an 8th grader who said my mom purchased you a book at a tentacle store and you were doing a book signing a year ago and I wanted to be a doctor and she said after I read your book.
I can’t believe now, I’m considering going into sales.

I said, oh, my god, you know the thing is I mean, there’s nothing else to say it’s.
It’s yeah.
I mean you just oh there’s, there’s no words.

I mean it’s kind of beautiful yeah.
I I think the automotive industry is vast, it’s huge, but I would have to say that over 80 % of people that are active in the automotive industry are thinking way too small yeah.
You know I don’t care about cars, but the moment I know that people need something, that’s what I care about and there’s so many options out there to really fulfill that right and people.

Just I gave message all the time there.
People just say: Ryan, like you’re, not really showcasing what you’re doing on a professional level in the sense of how, but I’m just kind of saying my my my my response back is Picasso is, you know, made his paintings? He never talked about his painting while he was painting, I’m painting my Picasso so you’re.
Just seeing that increments.

Yes – and I don’t know – I mean I props to you, but I think one thing and when we come back on with talkable – and I know we’re pressed for time, but we I mean I I just want to know how we can scale what we’re talking about Today, in a better level that people can actually understand – and I think that people can understand it, but they really got ta get over themselves in order to adapt and be able to open their minds to understand it.
Well, certainly so that sets up for another episode that boom pretty soon boom.
Yes, Macon’s one.

So yes in your podcast and your show out west one country to vastly different coasts, East Coast, West Coast and one love ever old, lots of love, all lots of love.
So uh, let’s end it off and then and it will schedule apart to you at some point, you got it my friend thank you so much folks, you’ve been listening to the reed method, insider podcast, with my guest in longtime, you know friend, and associate linkedin buddy And face book: yes, Holtz! Yes, can’t can’t wait to meet again and to we’re gon na.
Do something big live you and me? Yes, I would like to the audience and everybody who’s.

Please check out my podcast called the Rhino show podcast and I I’m always up for people sending any kind of messages or anything to a try notes, one on all the platforms Instagram, you name it, but and I’ve learned a lot from you too, on social media.
You know to thank everybody for like and enter and replying and beam.

So you know I’m learning, and this is this is my this is my beefed.
I mean we could talk forever here, but I for all those people out there just remember this.
If somebody has if something actually likes your PO boost – and this is more specifically on LinkedIn man – just thank them for liking, how nice is it when somebody sends you a message saying everal? Thank you so much for liking, my post and even if it’s not like a heartfelt message, it’s just the acknowledgement that goes away.

I do that now because of you, so I’m learning too, and I you know, that’s how I do it.
Thank you so much.

You can send the royalty cheque at 6 cents like to uh take care mr.
Jamaican, alright, alright, let me know it’s live jolly good night folks take care.

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